Dyson Powerful Large Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan, AM08 Model, White/Silver Color

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  • Air Multiplier technologyAir is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project a high-velocity cooling airflow. No blades. No choppy air
  • 35% quieterStreamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM08 35% quieter than AM03
  • Energy efficientEngineered to create powerful airflow using less energy than AM03
  • Sleep timerFan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • Remote controlChoose from 10 precise airflow settings. Curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine. Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 23.1 x 21.1 inches



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Air Multiplier technology – Air is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project a high-velocity cooling airflow.

No blades. No choppy air 35% quieter – Streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM08 35% quieter than AM03 Energy efficient

Engineered to create powerful airflow using less energy than AM03 Sleep timer

– Fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours Remote control

– Choose from 10 precise airflow settings. Curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine.

Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 23.1 x 21.1 inches Air Multiplier Technology Sleep Timer Sound 35 Percent Quieter Remote Control Oscillation Control 15% Less Power Consumed 10 Speed Settings White and Silver Finish

Specification: Dyson Powerful Large Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan, AM08 Model, White/Silver Color

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions7 × 23 × 21 in






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  1. babycat1216

    Cools The Room Fast! Love My Dyson Cool Pedestal Fan! The name Dyson to me means the top of the line in appliances. This Dyson fan is fantastic. At first I thought it was going to be hard to put together but it took me only about 3 minutes. There are just 3 large pieces to this fan. All you have to do is match up the big arrows then line them up together and move until you heard a click. There are 10 speeds! That is unheard of in most fans but that’s the difference when you buy a Dyson. There is a remote control to turn the fan on and off,or to make it rotate side to side. The remote itself is magnetized so you never lose your remote again ! It stays right on top of the fan. Oh yes there are no blades! That is another cool aspect of this Dyson Cool Pedestal Fan! It is cool to look at , it gives your home a very modern vibe. The motor is not loud . The fan is fully adjustable to multiple heights and adjusting is super easy just pull up or push the fan head . The base were the on/ off switch is well lite and easy to read. To help cool off our apt we placed our Dyson Cool Pedestal Fan directly in front of our air conditioner to help spread the cool air around more efficiently and it did a great job. I would get one for every room it does a great job of cooling . Makes a wonderful first home gift or engagement gift. Treat yourself and go for a Dyson!

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  2. reviewMD

    Cool fan with a wow factor! This might be the coolest fan I’ve ever owned…I mean “cool” in the sense of “wow!”

    UNBOXING: I had the fortunate opportunity to sample and review this fan. When the package arrived, it was in a flat (approximately 4 inch thick) square box. The box itself is also fairly light. I opened the box and found 4 pieces. The pieces included the base of the pedestal, the motor unit, the extension arm, and then the…halo. I think the technical term is “air multiplier unit.” But I’m calling it the halo. Because that’s exactly what it reminds me off. You Bungie fans know what I mean. Anyhow, back to the review…

    ASSEMBLY: The unit came with an instruction packet. It showed essentially 3 steps to assembly. Mount the motor unit to the pedestal. Then mount the extension arm to the motor unit. Finally, put the halo on top of the extension arm. That’s it.

    OPERATIONS: The fan can be operated by remote or by the switch at the base by the motor unit. At this point, I went back to the box to look for the remote. The remote is included but tucked away in one of the large card board inserts. So whatever you do, don’t throw away the box before retrieving the remote. The remote itself is white and very straight forward with a power button, and another button for oscillation, a third button for speed, and a fourth button for timer. Pushing the power button will turn on the fan. There will be a LED display at the base. My unit showed “10”. This is the speed of the fan. It goes from 1 to 10, 10 being the fastest speed. You can turn the speed all the way down to 1. Between 1 to 3 setting for speed, the fan is very quiet. Between 4 through 6, the noise is noticeable. On settings 7 through 10, the noise is comparable to my regular pedestal fan being on high. As for the air flow, I’ve read some people reported it to be weak. At fan speed 1 through 3, the air flow is barely noticeable. At 4 through 6, it becomes noticeable and is comparable to the low to mid settings on my regular fan. At 10 setting, the air flow is strong. In fact, I can stand at 10 feet away and feel the air flow. But the trade off here is the noise the fan produces. The other function of the fan includes oscillation and also timer. I found the timer very useful as it can be set to 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, and then hourly up to 9 hours. Also the height of the halo can be adjusted up and down. In addition, the halo can be angled about 15 degrees up or down. These are all nice little touches.

    CONCLUSION: Strictly from a functional perspective as a fan, this unit does its job comparable to regular fans. I think the real attraction to purchase this fan is that it’s unique in design. There’s no visible fan blades. You can put your arm right through the halo. When was the last time you can do that to a fan? This will be an immediate conversation piece when guests come over. It just has that “wow” factor. The only reason I took 1 star off was because of the price of the unit. But if the price is not a factor, I think this fan can make a great addition in someone’s home and give it the extra “wow.” Because of its uniqueness and out of the box design idea, I would recommend this product to the selective buyer.

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  3. CaseyMom

    All I Can Say Is: FANTASTIC!! Before I got this fan, I really couldn’t understand how in the world it could work because it didn’t have any blades to turn and push the air around. After I got the fan, I still can’t understand how this fan works! I feel like a monkey, looking right at it, blowing the COOL AIR as far as 10-12 feet across the room when the fan is on high. I touched the top (which has a magnet for the remote control to attach and store) and it’s a smooth, cool metal. Then I got brave and stuck my hand right through the center, not really knowing what would happen. And guess what? All I felt was cool air! So I decided to get really brave and ran my hand all the way around the center, touching the metal. And still all I felt was cool air! It’s not like other blade fans and doesn’t just blow the hot air into your face. This fan actually blows out COOL air!! Even part of the stand feels cool to the touch.

    I don’t have any small children, but if I did and I needed a fan, this is the one I would get. Back when my girls were little, all we had were the fans with the rapidly moving blades and those were dangerous! I either couldn’t use them or I would have to have the fan up high enough off the floor so my girls couldn’t stick their hands into the blades and chop off their tiny fingers. With the Dyson Fan, you don’t have to worry about moving blades, etc., it’s totally safe!

    I did have to put the fan together when it arrived, but the instructions were clear and easy to understand. The air output is simply AMAZING!! I’ve read some reviews where people said they didn’t feel any air and I just don’t understand that. The fan blows enough air that I’ve been able to use it as a hair dryer!! Which is a nice relief from the heated, hand-held hair dryer, because I was able to dry my hair with cool air.

    The fan came with a remote control that measures 3” x 1 ¼” and as I said before, it sticks to the top of the fan with a magnet that is built in. You don’t actually SEE the magnet. Now you do NOT want to LOSE this remote or you won’t be able to do anything except turn the fan on or off!! The remote has an on/off touch button, an up/down touch button which takes the fan from a low 1 air flow to a high 10 air flow. Even on 10 the fan is quiet!!

    The remote also controls the OSCILLATING and SLEEP FUNCTION. You can set the fan to turn off in 15 minute increments until it reaches one hour and then it goes up to six hours, one hour at a time. I tested it the other night and it turned off at just the right time. I like that function because I can turn the fan on, set the timer and go to sleep with the cool breeze. Then later in the early hours of the morning when it’s cooler outside, the fan will turn off and I will have a wonderful sleep even in the middle of a hot summer.

    You can also adjust the fan up or down with the Touch-Tilt, and it stays put on it’s own. Then you can adjust the height of the fan and it has some sort of tensator spring that also uses gravity to stay in place.

    True story, three days after I got the Dyson fan, our swamp cooler decided to quit working! Right in the middle of summer. Yikes!!! Good thing we have the Dyson to keep us cool. lol

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  4. CannedBread

    A literally cool conversation piece. When I first heard about Dyson’s new-age fan a few years ago, I was shocked by its price tag. But I liked the design very much. I grew up in an era where fans were made of metal and kept in cages so children wouldn’t get their fingers caught in the blades. Times changed, and fan blades were made of plastic. Now, with Dyson, blades no longer pose a threat to anyone, because the Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan has no blades–just a round circle that blows air into the room.

    The fan comes very well packed in a suitcase-like box. It took longer to unpack the components than it did to assemble the fan itself (only ten minutes after unwrapping the pieces to plugging it in). It’s a simple matter of taking each piece and clicking them into each other, per the instructions. Be sure to remove the blue tape at the base or else the fan will not oscillate. You can turn the fan on either at the base via its round switch, or use the remote control that comes with it. Supposedly, it is magnetic and sticks to the fan. The instructions read, “Attach the remote control to the top of the machine with the buttons facing down.” I did so. Good thing I have fast reflexes, or the remote would have fallen to the floor. It DID NOT stick to the “loop amplifier” or to any other part of the fan. This is a shame, because Dyson’s remote is ridiculously small and easily misplaced! However, it does work, as long as you aim it exactly at the base. It adjusts coolness from 1-10, makes the loop oscillate, and sets a built-in timer if you want the fan to turn itself off. If you lose the remote, you will be stuck with the last settings you used, and you will only be able to manually turn the fan ON and OFF.

    As a cooling device, I give the Dyson an A-. It’s shaped like a fan and goes back and forth like a fan, but it’s really just a round vent that blows air. A regular fan with blades actually blows the air more forcefully. Still, the Dyson definitely augments the central air conditioner nicely by pulling cool air from the ceiling ducts and into the room. The blowing sound is loud but steady. This would make terrific white noise for sleeping if you need to block out irritating sounds from elsewhere. The Dyson doesn’t take up a lot of space, which is a plus, and it makes a nifty conversation piece!

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  5. tammyb1970

    The Dyson AM08 is a Awesome fan! I have wanted one of these since they came out so when I was offered one to review for Spark I was beyond excited. My fan came Tuesday morning and I opened the box and

    started putting it together before the Fedex guy was even out of the driveway! It came in a small suitcase style box which is easy to carry and even keep to store your fan

    if you don’t use a fan in the winter.

    It was easy to put together. The parts just pop in to each other and your done. (remember to remove the blue tape on the bottom or the fan will not move. I missed the tape

    at first). It comes with a tiny remote to turn the fan on/off, oscillation control and to change the speed. It has 10 speeds 1-5 you can’t even hear the fan. 6-10 you can

    hear it a little more the higher you go but its still much quieter then a regular fan even at its highest speed. The remote also has a sleep timer that you can set from 15

    minutes to 9 hours.

    The fan is also very easy to clean. Unlike a regular fan where you have to take it apart and clean each side then the blades and put it all back together again. With the

    Dyson AMO8 you can just wipe it down and go. The remote is very small so if your going to use it in a bedroom it would be very easy to put a piece of Velcro on it and on

    a night stand or headboard to keep it in easy reach. (I plan to do this!)

    I think this is the kind of product you really need to see/feel to really understand the difference and there really is a difference!
    Dyson products are a little bit more expensive but they preform very well and Dyson also stands behind their products. The fan has a 2-year warranty (parts and labor).
    I have owned a couple Dyson vacuums over the years and they really do repair or replace a defective/broken item if need be. I see no reason why the customer service wouldn’t be
    the same for their other
    products and fans. If your still on the fence all I can suggest is getting one and trying it….I know you won’t be disappointed!

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  6. upstnyshopper

    Great Fan but Pricey. I was glad to be able to try out the Dyson Cool AM08 Pedestal Fan as a Walmart spark reviewer as the fan is quite expensive compared to standard bladed fans. Overall I’m happy with the fan. First off, let me say the packaging was terrific and the instructions for assembly took maybe a minute! I love the contemporary design of the fan. It has an oscillation feature,and you can tilt the head forward or backward for the airflow angle you want. It also has a sleep timer that you can set to the desired time after which the machine will go into standby mode. The little remote is curved and magnetic so it can be stored on the top of the machine, which is great so you never have to search for the remote. The airflow has adjustments from 1 to 10. Even at 10, the highest setting, the fan is relatively quiet, much quieter at lower speeds. The “loop amplifier” can also be raised and lowered to adjust the height of the fan. At its highest the top is about 55” and at its lowest about 45” at the top. The air flow is pretty good too. I’m actually using it to pull cool air from a/c into another room and it works great for that. Its a sleek looking fan with no blades that has a lot of great features and moves a lot of air. The only downside is the price. If money is no object and you want a sleek contemporary looking fan, the Dyson may be just the thing for you. Its sleek, has great features and a two year warranty, but bottom line, its still just a fan! (I gave it 5 stars because I couldn’t see taking a star away because of price.)

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  7. SSSandANS

    Best Fan I’ve Ever Owned! The Dyson Cool Pedestal fan has been a welcomed addition to our home. The packaging it arrived in was perfect for keeping it safe during shipping. My ten year old son was more than happy to assemble it, and he put it together in a matter of just a few minutes. We tested all of the settings and were surprised at the number of options. Fan speed can be adjusted from one to ten. Height of the fan can be adjusted by the base, and the angle can be adjusted, also. There is an option to oscillate or keep the fan pointed in one direction. The small remote attaches magnetically to the top of the fan. (The remote is small, so we try to keep it attached when we are not using it, so we won’t lose it.) You can view a demonstration of a Dyson fan in use on the website. We found it to be accurate in its description of air flow. We have large rooms and this fan quietly cools our home better than we had expected. Its sleek design is a conversation piece and has been the topic of conversation when quests have visited. (We were more than happy to show them how this fan operated!) With children in the house, we do not have to worry about them getting hurt, since the Dyson is bladeless. This fan is light weight and can easily be moved from room to room. We also like the timer (which can be set from 15 minutes to nine hours.) If you’re looking for a safe, quiet, high performance fan, the Dyson Cool Pedestal Fan should be on your short list of shopping options.

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  8. P313

    DELIGHTFUL! The AM08 Dyson Cool Pedestal Fan, White/Silver – 5 STARS! Super stylish, very quiet and energy efficient too. I received this awesome AM08 Dyson Cool Pedestal Fan about two weeks ago and I haven’t turned it off except when I left home. It was delivered ,packaged securely within it’s own box. Was also very easily assembled by myself. The AM08 Dyson Cool Pedestal Fan comes with a free 2-year limited warranty (parts and labor) and operations manual . The directions were simple and very easy to understand. It also came with a magnetized small but very efficient remote control. The remote is easily stored on top in the middle of fan through a magnet that is unseen. Also the remote controls a sleep timer from 15 minutes thru 9 hours. Also oscillation (turning back and forth) power, and power level (1-10) . I personally like it at the highest level, it is so much more quite and enjoyable than a standard regular fan. No more choppy air, not loud at all , very easy to clean and also doesn’t take up a lot of space. The AM08 Dyson Cool Pedestal Fan only weighs 8.5 lbs. height is adjustable up to 55.4 inches. , cord length 6.6 feet and the blade less circular fan is adjustable to bend upwards or downwards at an angle. . It is very safe to use being it is without blades and most energy efficient and effective in cooling with projection of air flow of a range to 6 meters in any room you want to place it in. Definitely earns my rating of 5 STARS!

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  9. QueenOfInterneShopping

    Dyson Cools and is Cool. The Dyson Cool am08 pedestal fan is really very unique. The bladeless design has been a definite conversation item in our home at gatherings. It looks rather space age. The plastic seemed thin to us but we have had no issues with it. The remote that stores on top by a magnet is a great idea. The speed setting is down low on the pedestal which is a little strange to point at, you need to have the bottom in view of the remote, but for us that wasn’t an issue. I did see that some functions don’t work without the remote so having only one is maybe not so good. Not sure if they can be ordered or not. Having said all this, I am still impressed.
    Our sun-room has an ac vent but it is far from the air handler and delivers little cool air to the room. The Dyson pedestal design actually helped the whole room cool. It draws air from near the floor and pulls it up the post to the circular top where it is released into the room. Science tells us that heat rises and cool air drops so the coolest air in the room is on the floor. We were shocked that not only does the Dyson fan give a more smooth air flow than a traditional fan, it also seems to actually have cooler air blowing from it. In the past, the sun-room averaged 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. The thermometer hangs about 4 ft up on the wall. With a regular fan, the breeze felt nice but the temperature did not change. With this fan we saw a few degrees cooler on the thermometer over an hour. With the slight change of cooler air being lifted up into the room and the forced air now running from the fan, we were quite comfortable sitting there on a warm day. The fan is very pricey, but for us, it’s cheaper than new duct work for the room. I had been told this fan is noisy but I guess this version is a new design and is fairly quiet.

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  10. SuperAmmi

    Amazing Technology. The Dyson Cool AM 08 pedestal fan uses patented air multiplier technology to deliver powerful, high velocity airflow. The remote control is magnetized and sits neatly on top of the fan. The fan has ten speed settings from 1 to 10. Because of the sound level, I was not comfortable setting the speed higher than at 5 or 6. This fan is great if you want something safe to use around children and that is easy to clean since there are no fan blades to worry about. The cost associated with this fan appears to be due to the technology involved which is quite marvelous and impressive. With that said however, the noise level is disappointing and I felt it did not circulate air in my room as well as my ceiling fan did. Even if I compare the Dyson pedestal fan to my Lasco tower fan that cost only around $70 they both performed about the same and my tower fan was quieter. Overall, I like the Dyson fan for its looks, it has a nice, sleek modern design. I like the features of the fan, pivoting adjustable head that actually stays where you set it, sleep timer on remote that you can program to turn off after 15 minutes up to 9 hours. The price and the sound levels are to big to ignore, however.

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