DEWALT – XR 20-volt Max 1/2-in Drive Cordless Impact Wrench (Tool Only)

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  • Up to 330 ft lbs max of fastening torque at only 3.48lbs
  • Features precision wrench control. In forward the tool will pause before impacting to help prevent overtightening. In reverse the tool lowers speed when fastener is loose to help prevent run off
  • 3 mode settings to complete a variety of applications
  • Dewalt built Brushless motor for increased efficiency and runtime vs. Brushed DEWALT DCF894B 20V max* XR 1/2 in. Mid range cordless impact wrench with detent pin anvil (tool only)
  • Variable speed trigger helps to provide speed control


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The DEWALT DCF894B 20V MAX* XR ½ in.

Mid-Range Cordless Impact Wrench with Detent Pin Anvil delivers up to 330 ft-lbs max of fastening torque and a lightweight, ergonomic design.

This tool also features Precision Wrench Control, which helps to prevent overtightening in forward and fastener run-off in reverse.

This Mid-Range Cordless Impact Wrench is ideal for grooved couplings, pipe flanges, wheel lugs, concrete anchor setting, and many other applications where a lot of torque is needed in a compact space.

This is a bare tool; battery sold separately. 3 Year Limited Warranty, 1 Year Free Service Contract, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Specification: DEWALT – XR 20-volt Max 1/2-in Drive Cordless Impact Wrench (Tool Only)

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8.1 x 3.2 x 9.6 inches

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15 reviews for DEWALT – XR 20-volt Max 1/2-in Drive Cordless Impact Wrench (Tool Only)

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  1. David Derfus

    No it’s not the most powerful impact on the market, but then again that’s not what it is intended to be. It is a 330fp impact that is nice and light weight, but is powerful enough to remove MOST of the bolts you will encounter. I have the (Red) brand mid torque as well, and it is definitely more powerful, but it also feels MUCH heavier in the hand. So basically, you have your compact (150 – 200) fp range for small jobs, your (700+) for your really high torque/rusted bolts, and your (300-400)fp for everything in between. So you might be saying “Why not just get a high torque impact wrench”?! The reason is because they get real heavy, real fast. So if you are just going to be just removing a few lug nuts, just grab your mid torque, and done.

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  2. Webic

    I bought this for changing tires but have to break out the breaker bar to loosen the lug nuts enough (low or high setting) to get them loose enough for this to finish the job. Same results on a pickup or car, but was able to break the lug nuts off my UTV (side-by-side).I don’t blame the tool, it’s a solid tool, just regret buying this one vs. the larger and more powerful one I ended up ordering anyway.Don’t listen to the reviews that say “this tool is plenty powerful and you don’t need the bigger one” and just buy the bigger one.

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  3. Milan Mastracci

    I picked up this Impact wrench with the intent to replace my DEWALT DCF899P1 1/2″ Impact Wrench. The 899 is a much larger and more powerful Impact Wrench than the 894, but I wanted something a bit smaller. The 899 is rated at 1200 ft/lbs which is WAYYY overkill for removing lug nuts and small things. Coming in a half the weight (4 lbs), this tool is a MUST HAVE!! Even though it is relatively small, it packs quite the punch.

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  4. not-so-light-weight Dan

    The size is right, and is comfortable with one hand. Has plenty of tq and was able to get off my lugs. Is it enough for that one rusty bolt from hell? No, but for everything else, this can handle. Will update over time.

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  5. Jeff B.

    It takes out the wheel nuts of my Dodge Ram without any problems. It is way smaller and lighter than the DCF899 which I also have and will now use only on heavier jobs. It is good to have both impacts and use the smallest, lightest one that will do the job. As for the detent pin versus hog ring debate, I have both on different guns and both do the job equally well. I have really no preference, buy the one that will be the less expensive at the time of your buy, that’s it.

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  6. Adam A.

    This impact is about the same size as the older 110-ft-lb model but provides 3x as much torque. I’ve used it to bust off lug nuts, 2-ton tie rod and drag link ball joints, and tons of truck suspension control arms, all of which require 125ft-lb or more of torque. The anti spin feature really helps to keep that power under control once the nut is loose. And its small size allows me to get it into tight spots under 4x4s that traditionally-sized 1/2in drive impacts can’t reach.

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  7. DM

    Great Quality Build, Detent Pin is nice but would rather have gotten the Impact with the Hog Ring (Hog Ring Costed More). Used it at the Track for swapping Tires on my Drift Car, wasn’t impressed with the Torque it put out on a fairly new fully charger 20v 5amp/hr Battery. It does the job but it didn’t wow me what so ever. I felt my 3/8” drive Brushless XR Dewalt Impact had more punch behind it then this. I bought it because of how high the breakaway torque was on it. I doubt it’s as high as it’s advertised. I will say when you add Extensions or a socket over a wheel key it’s torque suffers tremendously.

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  8. Kaleem

    open lug nuts …. or any nut which is stuck and your ranch wants you to use all your strength. Easy to use and has so much power. I used it on lug nuts with low power and it was still enough to open them and close them tight.I wanted to buy the bigger one but after using it I am sure a home owner and a car owner would not need anything bigger than this …. and if you might need something bigger at some random time go rent it do not go for bigger than this one because bigger is also heavy which can make this difficult to work on.

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  9. wj

    I just used the impact wrench to change the tires on our cars. The wrench quickly removed and replaced the lug nuts. The built in light is a nice touch. The socket can be difficult to pull off when the detent pin goes into the hole on the socket. I keep a small screw driver handy to push the detent pin down to remove the socket. If I want to remove the socket easily, I just avoid putting the socket hole over the detent pin. With a small 1.5 AH battery attached, this wrench is amazingly light.

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  10. NKD

    I bought this simply for tire swaps of my car. The 3/8 version would probably have worked, but I figured I’d get the 1/2 anvil in order to future proof this purchase in case I needed it for something more powerful.This does an excellent job with the lug nuts on my sedan’s wheels. It was able to remove them with ease (they were torqued at 80 ft.lbs). With the detent pin, the socket was relatively secure on there and never came off unexpectedly. I did not use a socket with the matching hole for the detent pin and it was still secure on there.The auto/intelligent mode was really handy for my tire swaps. I left the wrench on that mode and it was quick to remove the nut but not spin off when the nut came free. Also when putting it back on it allowed me a stop it as soon as the nut had reached it’s tension where I was able to then tighten by hand using a calibrated torque wrench.This really helped speed up the tire swap process which happens 4 times a year for me (2x cars, 2x seasons) and after only one year it’ll likely pay for itself in the tire swap fees most places charge. Even if only using it for this one purpose, it was well worth it for me.The LED and belt clip were nice additions and work as expected.

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  11. Arvin

    99% of the time this mid-range impact wrench is preferred vs the high-torque version as it has already has more torque than you could possibly need for most applications. It is more compact and lighter than the high-torque version so you can get into small spaces. It has a built in LED light to illuminate what you are trying to work on. Brushless as well for higher motor efficiency.

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  12. philip

    Stronger than advertise by dewalt. It’s heavy a little bigger than it’s mac tool cousin… But very similar. Thee handle is the thicker one… A small con as the smaller handles are the best in the industry. Also the auto torquing works well when doing cross pattern assembly for property torquing… It basically slowest down and pauses when torque is aplied!

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  13. Lucas

    If you are only working on passenger vehicles this 1/2″ unit will break off most bolts and nuts and work for 80% of the car. It will do suspension work as well. Any yard or outdoor use this has plenty of power. It comes down to the battery you have. This is not a good tool for trucks or heavy equipment. The pin type lock can be a lil annoying but just throw a small ball extension on it. If this gun had a extra 100 lbsft of tq it would really be top notch. It is good value and if you already have a 20v eco system this is a low cost purchase.

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  14. Gord

    Have had this for almost a year now and it has got me out of a few jams – used it on a blown trailer tire on the side of the road during the summer and it made the job very quick and easy while in traffic for a very short period of time. It has also changed several tire from winter to summer and back again. It even pulls off the wheel nuts on my large pickup that other impacts won’t.

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  15. al

    Used with 9amp batteryStill didn’t have enough power to take off my wheels, a couple of bolts must have been over tightened or seizedShould of bought the high torque versionThere’s no way this tool has over 300lbs of break away torque like advertised

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