DeWalt ToughSystem Drawers DWST08290

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  • Two deep drawers for hand tools
  • Metal ball-bearing slides for convenient drawer access
  • Side handles enable mounting units onto ToughSystem brackets
  • Stacking latches allow for connection to other ToughSystem modules. Weight capacity – 22 lbs


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This DEWALT  ToughSystem Drawers unit allows you to safely store your hand tools in any of the two deep drawers available.

Ball-bearing slides allow for convenient opening and side latches enable connecting to other ToughSystem tool boxes.

This 2-drawer unit gives you quick and easy access to your tools, whether they’re attached to other units, on a ToughSystem Trolley, mounted on our Van Racking, or in your workshop.

Specification: DeWalt ToughSystem Drawers DWST08290

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21 x 13.5 x 12.2 inches

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4.7 out of 5
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  1. Chad Gaglioti

    Love this system!I purchased all of the tough system boxes and wall racks. Converted them into a van rack system. These things are by far the best setup I have used in my van. I am a professional handyman/renovation guy. I do not know how to make the van any more efficient besides some small tweaks and usage of the space behind the boxes. I have added some foldable arms to one side so I can make more room for large packages.Awesome Job Dewalt!

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  2. Andrew Ward

    Handle broke off. 1.5 moths of homeowner use… Talked with Dewalt about their warranty… . Filed a claim, so-to-speek. Sent Photos.. DEWALT iS NOT EVEN RESPONDING….I WOULD THEREFORE URGE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN BUYING THIS PRODUCT LINE… MANY product physical design flaws. Warranty support seems non-existant.

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  3. Chad Gaglioti

    Love this system!I purchased all of the tough system boxes and wall racks. Converted them into a van rack system. These things are by far the best setup I have used in my van. I am a professional handyman/renovation guy. I do not know how to make the van any more efficient besides some small tweaks and usage of the space behind the boxes. I have added some foldable arms to one side so I can make more room for large packages.Awesome Job Dewalt!UPDATEIt has been over a month of driving and not one issue with any of the arms or boxes. I only have a small concern with the drawers, they are not as strong as they should be. I have to lift the bottom a bit to close. Other than that, this system is working very well for all my jobs. I plan on putting more in my garage with a lot of totes for parts.

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  4. MPFW

    I am not a contractor, but a DIY weekender who uses his tools fairly frequently. I have used cheap tools my entire life but with the encouragement of my nephew’s (both of which are contractors) I finally bit the bullet and purchased just about the entire Dewalt 20v XR lineup about a year ago. After spending thousands of dollars, I needed a portable storage solution that would protect my new investment. I purchased the Dewalt Tough System dolly and several boxes to go with it. I liked it so much I purchased a second dolly and currently have about 12 of the boxes of different sizes. At first I was very satisfied with the purchase, but since then have had several mishaps that have made me question the amount of money I have spent on them and whether the durability matches the price! The first was the air vent that is on the top of the boxes. This vent is meant to equalize the pressure when traveling at different altitudes yet still keep the tools dry with the weatherproof seals. The first issue I had was when I left a couple of the boxes out in the rain. Even though these boxes are listed as weatherproof, the vents still managed to leak even though the vent on top was closed, luckily the box that leaked was one that only had hand tools in it so I was able to dry them out without too much ill effect, but if this box had contained some of the power tools it would have been a different story! The second issue I had with the vent is when it actually came off in my had while closing it. The vents are held on by a “c” clip on the bottom of the vent. If you accidentally twist the vent to hard the clip pops off and the entire vent comes out and is not very easy to get back on. After this occurs a couple of times the c clip is starts popping off easier and easier until you cant close the vent tight enough to seal it to keep water out anymore! The boxes are sold with a premise that they are practically indestructible, this is not the case, especially in cold weather! Although they are built very thick and heavy, the material they are made of becomes fairly brittle when in cold weather, even moderately cold weather. As a result I have had pieces of them (especially the feet) break off from just from the moderate impact of sliding a couple of feet in the bed of my truck while cold. This is very disheartening considering the amount of money I have invested in this set up!When it comes specifically to the DWST08203 Large box there are several key factors that are pros or cons!Pros:Looks great and works well with the tough system dolly storage system.It is large, but not too large! You can fit a circular saw, jig saw, grinder, and all the accessories needed in one box, but still able to be moved around by one person.It is built tough and somewhat waterproof.Cons:It is heavy, even when not loaded with tools. When loaded with tools it can be heavy enough to stress you back, or be too heavy to carry around without the dolly!It has its limitations, especially when cold, and it does not come with the organizer insert that comes with the XL version. You cannot order the organizer, even though it comes with the brackets for it molded into the case!It is expensive for what it is, unless you find it on special!

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  5. Amazon Customer

    DEWALT DWST08810 ToughSystem Music Player simply cannot be beat in this category of radios. Clean and crisp bass is simply the best measure of the quality of a speaker’s sound for me. DWST08810 delivers on both fronts with accuracy and precision after taking delivery of this system today, 30 Dec 2017 from Amazon. I tested it with all sorts of music ranging from jazz, classical, pop, reggae, etc, and came out with a winner each time. Even my 9-year old son could hear the clear difference between this system and the Bosch Jobsite radio we just tested and returned to Lowes after two weeks of use. I purchased Bosch PB360C Power Box to use as radio 80 percent for bluetooth transmission and 20 percent FM radio. However, after about a few days of use, I noticed the performance was subpar with all music within the deep bass sound spectrum. It had this annoying rattling sound that was so bad, I simply stopped using it after a week of use. I went reading reviews of all jobsite radios across the web, including Youtube reviews. Then, I came across the DEWALT DWST08810 ToughSystem Music Player. Essentially, even the critiques had one thing in common that the sound quality and bass was excellent. After about two weeks of research, I decided the Bosch radio was going back and Dewalt is the choice. Dewalt was on sale so I took the plunge. Oh Boy! Am I surprised? I tested the bluetooth, FM and internet radios and my decision is affirmed. DEWALT DWST08810 ToughSystem Music Player is the best radio out there. The sound is as clean and crisp as my high-end Harman Kardon home and BMW system. I am not sure about Bose as some reviewers seem to compare…Bose sounds are not clean and crisp compared to Harman Kardon…anyway, that is just my experience. I plan to use it in my garage mainly when working on my car or doing other work around the exterior of the house. I strongly recommend the DEWALT DWST08810 ToughSystem Music Player. 5-stars!!!

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Excellent brilliant

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  7. Paul Y

    These units have a manufacturing defect which renders the IP65 water/dust resistance invalid. Just as a reviewer noted on the DeWalt website “…There’s a product defect that occurred during the molding process, and poor design QA “quality assurance”. The raised lip on my “LARGE” box has a profound “dip” in it. It’s on both sides of the lower half, and it’s found directly above the side handles. If you run your thumb across them, you’ll feel the dip. It’s even more dramatic when you sight down the length of the raised edge, from front to [rear]…on both left, and right side of the box. When the lid is closed, the lip at that low point, will not compress the yellow plastic gasket on the upper lid.”I ordered this case after reading that review and I can confirm that my case has exactly the problem described by that reviewer. If you want an IP65 case that actually performs out of the box as IP65, then look elsewhere. However, I’m pretty good at compensating for shortcomings in products and I have already come up with a solution. The yellow rubber seal is easy to pull away from the groove that it sits in. My plan is to pack some sort of material (boxboard, strips of plastic, or something) in the groove (under the yellow rubber seal) to make the yellow rubber seal sit out of the groove by a few more millimeters in the area where the “dips” in the side plastic are. In other words, I plan to make the seal “stick out” further in that “dip” area.Many people will likely just send the unit back and get a refund or replacement, but I think it is worth the effort to troubleshoot this issue because the box is otherwise very sturdy and an excellent value, in my opinion. Some may not even care if it is not dust/water resistant. In that case, order one without hesitation.

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  8. DJ Burn

    Bought this mainly for my garage and camping. I’ll start with the strengths:- Good sound, surprisingly good bass, and goes LOUDER than any other Bluetooth stereo I’ve heard- Good Bluetooth range (40-50 feet despite it saying 100 feet) – again, better than any other Bluetooth system I’ve used- Water resistance is a nice feature for camping, outdoor work- Handy to be able to charge your phone while you play musicBUT there are a couple significant and annoying design flaws:- There is a storage compartment, presumably for an extra battery, but it is JUST too small to hold an extra battery! You can’t get the lid closed with the spare battery in it. Pretty dumb design.- The box-type plug is so large that it won’t fit into most outdoor outlets that have a cover/door on them. I use this unit mainly outside and it won’t plug into either my house or garage outlets. Very annoying and the only product I’ve seen with this problem.All that aside, still a great unit that I am happy with.

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  9. Cliente de Amazon

    Decepción total al llegar mi caja hecha en Israel, ya que tengo una que hecho en usa y se ve la diferencia si fueron $300 más lo que pague pero realmente creo si los vale por qué los broches para apilar las cajas de la hecha en Israel no creo que me duren más de un mes le dejo las fotos para que tomen una decisión espero les sirva el comentario

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  10. M Jacobs

    This radio is a beast. Yah, it’s big, but it can go loud. It can play all day and more (4ah battery). As well as the sound quality being amazing too, it’s well worth the investment. I have all DeWalt tools and while the Makita Radio seems to be a staple on lots of jobsites, i’m not investing in makita stuff for one tool. So, while this radio is slightly heavier than you’d expect, you’ll soon forget because the programming is easy, the sound is rad and it *can* go super loud with next to no distortion!

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  11. Benton S

    Works a lot better than I expected it to, and I had high expectations. The stereo works well sitting flat (as pictured) or standing upright. I use this mostly at baseball games and at the beach where ambient/tool noise isn’t really an issue. Using a 1.5 amp battery at 50% volume, I’ve had it last about 4 hours; much longer than I expected! The storage area can just barely hold a 2nd 1.5 amp battery, or the charging cord. It also holds my large phone, a Nexus 6P. The Bluetooth range is impressive, and the reception on the AM/FM is very good. The stereo even has a built-in shutdown when it gets below safe operating temperatures. Nice to know I won’t absent mindedly damage it. My only complaint is that I tend to use it more often in the upright position, which means the display screen is upside down. Not a big deal, as I control the music from my phone mostly anyways.A great product that I’d definitely recommend.

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  12. sylvain

    Le radio semble de bonne connstruction et design originale , par contre les faiblesses , le son est assez puissant mais sa qualité sonore est plustot ordinaire , avec les commentaires je m atendais a mieux mais bon, on est tres loin de la qualité sonore d un google max . la reception est plustot ordinaire probablement du au fait qu il n y est pas d antenne exterieur. et dernier point faible , le compartiment de recharge USB est trop petit pour recevoir un samsung S10 plus et surement d autre telephone avec grande ecran. Mais tout de meme dans l ensemble j en suis satisfait pour un radio de chantier.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    The product is good. Only thing is the arms aren’t level. You can put the case on, but you do notice that the right side is a little higher. There’s no way of adjusting the arm slightly. Seems like they didn’t make a ‘left’ and ‘right’ arm, they probably made one arm and just rotated it for the other side.Edit:1 of the 6 arms has their screw stripped, meaning I cannot remove the screw and adjust the arm. A bigger Allen key does not work because the next size up doesn’t even fit into the head. Note, you use a 7/32 Allen key to unscrew. 1/4 Allen key will not fit into the head. Other than that, the product is good, so I’m just working around the one arm that cannot move. I’m just lucky I can work around it.

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  14. Amazon Customer

    I recently purchased a cargo trailer and was looking for some type of tool box system that I could incorporate into the trailer so as the tool boxes could be mounted on the trailer wall. I had some of the DEWALT tough system boxes already and thought it would be a great if I could use those boxes but some way be able to fasten them to a racking system. That’s when I learned of the tough system rack and I ordered one right away. The rack is an amazing addition to my trailer as I can carry some tools and other things I would need and have them all tucked away secured on the trailer wall. Great system and I would recommend strongly for anyone that would love to have a beat and tidy way to transport tools out of the way of the cargo in trailer.

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  15. Cliente de Amazon

    Tengo aprox. Un.año que compre la caja., y hasta el momento sigue como nueva, a pesar de que le he dado trato rudo. Me he subido sobre ella. (Y peso aprox. 100 kg. ) a resistido sin problemas. Se ha mojado se ha caído, se a enfrentado a la tierra y mantiene protegida y perfectamente seca la herramienta. Tiene buen volumen de almacenamiento, Le he cargado aprox. Entre 30 y 40 kg de herramientas, y las agarraderas han soportado sin problemas. Ahunque en algunos momentos si se sienten como que ya no pueden más. Pero han soportado. Los broches de metal perfectos. En fin. A mi parecer es una muy buena opción para mantener tu herramienta bien cuidada. ( a desplazado a otras 3 cajas que tengo, una craftsman, una stanley y una urrea. ). Se convirtió en la consentida. Les pongo algunas imágenes reales del estado de una caja con un año de uso y sigue con solo rasguños normales del trabajo.

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