DeWalt Max Cordless Lithium-Ion LED Spot Light

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  • 3 Bright Leds To Illuminate Jobsites
  • 1 Bright Red Led To Preserve Night Vision
  • 2 Brightness Settings
  • *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18
  • 3 Bright LED’s that illuminate dark jobsite work areas
  • 90 degree pivoting head that provides versatility for lighting work surfaces and allows for hands-free operation
  • Includes a belt hook
  • Over-molded lens cover provides increased durability


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The DEWALT DCL043 20v MAX Jobsite LED Spotlight features 3 Bright LED’s that illuminate dark jobsite work areas; 1 Bright RED LED to preserve night vision, along with 2 brightness settings which provide flexibility for maximum light output or extended runtime.

This LED Spotlight can be seen up to 508 yards or 1,525 feet. It has a 90 degree pivoting head that provides versatility for lighting work surfaces.

This pivoting head also allows for hands-free operation and light to be projected in multiple direction while standing on its base.

This unit includes a belt hook to provide increased versatility for transportation and a hands free use in multiple placements.

An over-molded lens cover provides increased durability and a non-marring surface for the jobsite. Batteries and charger sold separately.

Specification: DeWalt Max Cordless Lithium-Ion LED Spot Light

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Product Dimensions

11.1 x 4.8 x 14 inches

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1 Lithium ion batteries required.


Item Weight (pounds)


Power Source

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15 reviews for DeWalt Max Cordless Lithium-Ion LED Spot Light

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  1. Mark V.

    I’ve worked in many careers including as a home inspector before the great housing crash. I used maglite brand which have been the standard in flash lights for the past twenty five or so years. The flash lights worked fairly well but replacing four d-cell batteries Several times a week was expensive and wasteful. I switched to streamlite rechargeable flash lights which Were great quality but we’re also very expensive. The light lasted about four hours before I would have to plug in and recharge it. I needed about 6 to 8 hours of flash light use per day and having to wait for my streamlite to recharge was a bit annoying. I wish I had this light then! What a difference it would have made in my day to day operations. I have found that the light does tend to tip over if stood on end and positioned on an 45 degree angle. To remedy this I switched to 20volt 6ah xr batteries which are heavier and have a larger base. They even last a lot longer (over 8 hours) than the smaller batteries. If you truly need a great spot light for work or home, this may be the last one you will ever have to buy.

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  2. Hawk eye

    Back when I was a teen, my parents proudly presented me when a Craftsman cordless drill and spotlight combo. The spotlight was a favorite of mine, but it ALWAYS blew out it’s little bulb, just a slight jostle was all it took. After replacing the bulb four times, I got frustrated and left it in it’s case.Fast-forward a couple decades, my parents (yes, they spoil me!!) bought me a DeWalt cordless vacuum with two batteries for Christmas. I saw this on a slight sale after Christmas and decided to get it.WOW. Don’t stare at this thing when you turn it on. Seriously. You will injure your eyes. Even the lower-brightness red setting is more than sufficient to light up a room. While I know from study and experience that LED’s are more robust than bulbs, I still wondered how durable this spotlight is….Well, I had to help my dad replace a pump in the washing machine recently, and this spotlight was a clutch tool. It was left on for just over four hours, and barely used any of my 3 aH battery’s capacity. Also, it was kicked, knocked over, and accidentally bashed around inside the washing machine repeatedly in those four hours. Nothing burned out!So as you’ve likely gathered, I am stoked to have a portable spotlight back in my tool arsenal, and more stoked that I know it won’t burn out if I so much as gently bump it.Given the price of DeWalt’s batteries, this may or may not be a worthwhile purchase for you if you need to buy a battery for this. BUT, if you have one of these 20v MAX batteries, I’d strongly suggest looking into this spotlight.

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  3. James CRNA

    This device only has 2 light settings. The first is a VERY bright white cast. The second is a dim red cast. It would be nice if it had a second white light level that was not as bright. I purchased this product to use it in case of emergencies, like when power goes out, or finding the dog at night outside. A dimmer switch or lower light setting would permit you to keep the light on longer in the event of a power outage, so that you could have enough light to do things in your house at night.The bright white setting is VERY bright. It easily throws light 150 feet into my backyard, and trees a football field away are well lit. Very happy with the brightness, but it should have a dimmer on the next model.It seems well built, and has a similar casing to their other devices that use 20 volt. I bought this light because I have some of the 20v lineup. The tool is very light. I wouldn’t doubt the battery weighs more than the device itself. The adjustable head tilts easily but stays well in place wherever you set it. Nice hook on the neck of it, for easy hanging.

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  4. Gary Thomas

    Over the past year I spent a lot of money switching over to the newer 20 volt Dewalt tools after many years of using the older 18 volt tools for my business. I love all the new tools and batteries. They are a big upgrade except this little flashlight. Without the battery on it, it is very light and feels poorly made. For $49.00 I expected much more. The swivel head is loose and feels more like a $5 kids toy than a heady duty work tool. I love all the new Dewalt tools I have now except this one. I will return it.

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  5. Dave Grohl

    I really don’t understand all the positive reviews of this thing. It’s not bright, the coverage is very small and it feels cheap.I have a $30 USB chargeable flashlight that is like a Night Sun. It’s so much brighter than this with a wider beam. How this product, with a 20V battery, can’t at least equal that is beyond me.I’m a total fan boy for Dewalt 20V products. I own a bunch of them and they all perform well. I’m not a fan of this one however.If you want to buy mine I’ll sell it to you for $15.

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  6. Carl D.

    I love my Dewalt LED Spotlight! It is so BRIGHT it will blow you away! I use it all the time. In small rooms I just aim it at the ceiling and the reflected light is enough to light up the whole room, evenly. Recently, (you’re gonna laugh!) I bungee corded this light to my bikes handlebars and used it as a bike light for a night ride!! It lit the (pitch black) sidewalks up like daylight! I had an existing bike light, but I did this because it was SO much brighter and I because I wanted to make sure I could see and be seen! My Dewalt was brighter than most cars headlights and I had to make sure I kept it angled downward enough so I didn’t blind drivers! I brought a spare battery, but made the 4-hour ride without having to use it, the run time on this light is awesome! In today’s age of dropping quality/rising prices, I feel that this light is a stand out and I frequently pat myself on the back for such a good purchase!

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  7. Kaye Lawn

    Great addition to my husbands Dewalt gear.

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  8. Gaurang

    I own a TON of 20v dewalt tools and thought I would give this a shot because it was on sale but I don’t like:- that there is only ONE setting- the beam is strong and doesn’t actually spread that far out, more like a specific point light- I imagine the battery life would be drained quickly.I also own the DCL050 model and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ONE!! You can adjust two levels of lighting and the spread is MUCH BETTER.I would not buy this model DCL040 but instead would purchase DCL050 ALL DAY LONG!Don’t waste your money on this model 😉

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  9. Trevor Southam

    works as it should nice and bright

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  10. Krzysztof Drazkiewicz

    Great strong light

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  11. JRad McFast

    This is not the brightest or most compact light in the price range, but it was on sale when I bought it and I own several large Dewalt batteries. By purchasing this light, I’ve instantly got a rechargeable flashlight that can last for an entire day (ok, I didn’t measure, but wearing one of my 9.0ah flexvolt batteries, it’s going to last a LONG time).For “110 lumens” this light is surprisingly useful. It has a spot/flood combo beam pattern. With a pencil beam in the middle, it can illuminate things a long ways away. I know that sounds silly for a 110 lumen light, but it genuinely surprised me. The photo is me shining the light to check on some cows.The flood aspect of the beam is also wide enough and bright enough to see everything I need to while walking around at night.I’ve also got a couple 500 lumen flashlights that blow this away though for close-up work. The surprise is that at 110 lumens, I thought this would be barely worthwhile even as a backup. Instead, it’s so handy its become the flashlight I most use even though I have others that are lighter or more powerful.

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  12. Patrice B

    I have it for a year and a half now. I used it for fishing at night, work in construction, camping/hunting and for mechanical. I build hotel and when i work in a room i simply point the light on the ceilling and i can see everything. A small 1.5 amps 20v battery will last close to 6 hours non stop depend on your battery. 6 amps 60v will last 2-3 days at 8hours everyday non stop. Also, even if its plastic, the spotlight is made from good quality. I dropped on the ground over 100 times from at least 2-3 feetsAlso in the picture, the first tree at the right is at 30m/100feet and the one in the far back are estimated at an easy 100 m/330m. I had to zoom in with my camera but its very easy to see with me eyes

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  13. Armando GR

    La lampara es un excelente compra, tiene un alcance de 50 metros aproximadamente con mucha potencia, a más distancia funciona pero va disminuyendo. Si se usa en un espacio cerrado y se apunta para arriba lo ilumina todo perfectamente. Pra cosas de cerca, hay que apuntar indirectamente por que encandila.Como se aprecia viene sin batería y cargador, son con costos extras y nos son muy baratos, si se carece de ellos vale la pena considerarlo por lo que aumenta, además que para uso casero esta muy sobrada.De la duración de la batería, funciona con la tecnología dewalt, es decir, la intensidad de la luz no decae, hasta ya casi cuando se va a terminar la batería se apaga completamente, lo que la hace de muy buen rendimiento por que la batería de 1.5 amperes dura sin problemas 7 horas en su mejor intensidad. Ahora que si se le pone una de 2 o de 4 amperes, sin problemas alcanzaría las 10 horas en adelante.El materia es bueno, creo que podría ser un poco más robusta, sin embargo la ligereza también ayuda, entonces el peso depende de la batería que se usa.finalmente, cabe destacar que una batería se carga en media hora aproximadamente.

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  14. Matt

    its super bright and built pretty tough, makes for a good flashlgiht/spotlight. Only thing is I wish it had a proper waterproof rating. like ip68 or whatever. Although many people say its fine, It still makes me not want to use it in the rain.edit: I came back and added a star, this flashlight is tough. I stopped babying it a long time ago and it’s been fine. I just leave it in my tool bag. I now think it is essentially waterproof. It’s bright, it runs on my drill batteries. It deserves a 5 star rating and my recommendation

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  15. Alexei

    The flashlight model was on sale for $30 recently. I already own several deWalt tools and batteries, so I pulled the trigger. This flashlight is pretty basic – one LED, light pattern is NOT adjustable (bright middle spot with a pretty wide halo around it) and the switch is a simple on/off.That said, it’s pretty well made, pretty bright, flashlight head can pivot up/down and it can be hung on a wall using a metal loop on the back. I’m also sure that it will run for hours on my 4Ah battery.If this is on sale at around $30 and you already have the batteries then this light is a great addition as a backup light or for cases where you just want to be able to set a small light on a surface, point it at something and not worry about wires. I just wish the focus was adjustable.

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