DeWalt DXV09P Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum

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  • Sturdy 9 gallon wet/dry Vac ideal for large pick-up applications 9 gallon Poly container
  • Powerful 5 peak horsepower motor provides just the amount of suction needed to most any cleanup job
  • Ultra durable rubberized casters allow smooth swiveling for ease of movement
  • 10′ Power cord with cord wrap helps reach almost any cleanup need
  • Built-in blower port powerful enough to blow Sawdust and debris from most any workshop
  • Built-in accessory storage bag conveniently attached to the backside of the vac to keep all accessories neatly organized
  • Large built-in tank drain makes it easy to remove liquids picked up


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The 9 gallon wet/dry vac has a convenient handle and large rear wheels for large clean-up applications. It arrives with a dust cartridge filter for small, dry debris and wet materials.

This vac also features a strong handle for easy carrying, large on/off switch with water-resistant design for safe and Quick access, convenient, built-in 20’ power cord and accessory bag to get all your accessories/tools organized.

Swiveling casters provide ease of movement in any direction while a built-in tank drain makes draining easy.

Specification: DeWalt DXV09P Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum

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15 reviews for DeWalt DXV09P Wet/Dry Canister Vacuum

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  1. Mongo The Gamer

    This will make u lol. So in anticipation of all the project clean up going on at my house I broke down and bought a shop vac. Not just any shop vac but a 9 gal 5 amp DEWALT… So, after some assembly I figured alright, let’s test it out!. It works. Amazingly well.. I removed several chunks of carpet… Then I vacuumed the spilled cat food off their little shelf… My IRON pedestal and mortar were there. I use it for mixing herbs and what not… The masher part weighs about 2 lbs… This beast of a vacuum sucked it up out of the bowl like it was nothing! While shaking the hose to attempt to get my masher back, I got too close to the living room curtain…. yup. u guessed it. SLUUUUURP! Sometimes I feel like I am a Grizwald in a movie… I couldn’t help but laugh. The dogs found it hilarious. So yes, this is one potent shop vac. I have a feeling this isn’t the last story of this particular saga… I wholeheartedly recommend this beasty. Just keep it away from the drapes!

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  2. Kindle Customer

    There are four screws that are used to mount the accessories that was not in the box. The customer service line and email line for the manufacturer does not return any of my calls or emails after two months. I have also contacted Dewalt with no response as well. Poor customer service from the manufacturer Alton Industies and Dewalt who puts their name on the product.

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  3. Bruce Brown

    I own 20 plus dewalt tools , luv them , however this vac is well made but gutless. Will not pick up a 1/4 “ steel washer off floor . Very disappointed. Quite operation but poor suction. Even took filter off and tried it , still poor .

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  4. ben storemski

    We do a lot of construction. We have a 16 gallon craftsman which is great for my husband. I wanted something smaller & lighter with the same suction power, this is it. It is so easy for me to move around. I love the hook on attachment bag so the attachments are always with me. I like the place for the electric cord to wrap around when you put it away. The only reason I gave it four stars was # 1 there is no where to wrap the big hose & # 2 the electric cord is a little shorter than I would have liked. BUT this is so worth putting up with those two things. Yes, I would recommend especially for women:)

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  5. That Adorable Ghost

    This replaced another manufacturer’s vacuum, a top-heavy monster that had the incredibly irritating tendency to fall over. This design is quite a step up.The inaugural test was a total gross-out. It involved a six-inch shower drain jammed with hardened (though unused) cat litter. (Don’t ask.) I had to bust up the litter with a long, thin metal rod, place the end of the hose on the drain, then seal the uncovered portion of the drain with my hands to maximize suction. (The drain grate, by the way, is 100 years old. Those screws are set for life, so there was no removing it.) Back to our story: It took a half-hour, but the drain is now clear — and litter had been packed 12 inches deep to a bend. So that’s the level of suction we’re talking about.The second test was on a rarely used second-floor screened porch that had been abused by 100 years of sycamore tree junk. In the past you couldn’t remove rice-size tree seeds from the screening. UNTIL NOW. God in his infinite wisdom took that SOB in a wind storm two months ago, inspiring me to clean that damn porch. This vac cleared all the screens of seeds — the last step that will allow us to actually use this space. It also picked up quite a few stray sycamore leaves and bark without clogging or losing suction.Here are my fave features:– Give the hose a yank and the tank comes toward you. That is: It doesn’t fall over like sad R2D2.– The casters are heavy, sturdy, non-marring and secured with self-tapping screws.– The accessories bag. God bless this thing. My old unit had accessories storage on the tank, and they popped out whenever the thing fell over — which was pretty much on every use. The bag is deep and wide, designed to hold more accessories than it came with. It’s very handy for keeping the instructions with the machine. I appreciate having extra space to stow an extension cord and spare paper bags. It’s also deep enough to accommodate the two extension wands.– Relatively quiet. My hearing is canine-like, and loud noise literally hurts. I don’t need earplugs with this thing. I’ll use them anyway, but I don’t NEED them.– The floor attachment has brush bristles. My old vac had just hard plastic, which scratched and made a terrible screeching noise.– A sturdy rubber keeper holds the hose in place for storage. The power cord wraps nicely around the carry handle.– Nine gallons is a lot of wet-dry vac and frankly more than I need. But I had to get the cat litter out of that drain, and only the bigger models had the kind of horsepower to tackle that job. It’s a big awkward getting the tank up and down the stairs but the carry handle is sturdy and well-designed. Also, the tank gives the heft, I suspect, that keeps the unit from falling over.– Hoping that I never run into a water emergency, but it’s good to know that a plug at the bottom allows easy drainage.

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  6. Ohioan

    I picked this up from Amazon as it’s not carried in inventory at the local big box store, and, in hindsight, I guess I should have expected it to be fairly good sized given the size of a gallon milk jug — and this is a nine gallon unit. But it worked very well for what I needed — and it packs up real well, design wise, and is why I was willing to put out a few extra dollars for this brand and unit. It is a bit loud, but what sweeper isn’t.My only concern was with the smaller diameter of the hose and hose extensions compared to past sweepers I’ve owned. It’s fine. Just means I needed to pick up some larger scraps by hand. Not a big deal. I suspect this unit will last for years and years of lite home use.

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  7. El$@

    Best vacuum ever! Very powerful suction and picks up even the smallest particles. I had a ShopVac previously but it does not compare to this dewalt product. DEWALT is the best!

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  8. Ken

    This thing is quiet and strong. So glad that I didn’t buy another shop vac! The only con is the power cord is short. Had to give it a extension cord. The bag is great to keep the attachments where I need them when I need them.

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  9. happy customer

    Love this vac .I purchased for inside my home .No other vac has worked as well .I always have problems with clogged hoses but not with this guy .1 dog , two cats and 4 grandchildren that visit often are no match for this guy , even sucks up crayons , broken small toys and bits left over from the dogs chewing ie. stuffing and rubber that are left around . Bulky for the house and I use an extension cord as the one on it is not as long as I liked but worth it .Would not recommend to be carried up stairs.

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  10. Ben

    Fait un peut plus de bruit que les shopvac mais très bon produit en général

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  11. kdt

    Great suction, and quiet. I deliberated between this one and the quiet model, and went with this. Plenty quiet for me. I love the cloth bucket for storage.

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  12. John

    Quality built well made.

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  13. Brad

    Vacuuming up all the snow off the ski hill to spread in our yard for Christmas… Duh

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  14. shelby

    Best shop vac I’ve ever had, no big deal 😎

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  15. Diane Grasmeyer

    It was a gift ,has not been used yet.

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