DeWalt DWFP55126 6 Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor

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  • 165 max PSI 6.0 gallon tank (22.7 L) and 2.6 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump. SCFM @ 40 PSI 3.7 scfm
  • High efficiency motor for easy start up in cold weather or extension cord application. [14 ga or larger, 50 ft. (15.2 m) or less]
  • 75.5 dBA noise level for a quiet work setting
  • High flow regulator and couplers to maximize air tool performance
  • Power Supply 120V, 60Hz, 10 amps., universal motor. The air compressor should be located at least 12 inch away from the wall or other obstructions that will interfere with the flow of air


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DEWALT DWFP55126 6 Gal 165 PSI Pancake Compressor features a high efficiency motor for easy start up in cold weather or extension cord application. [14 ga or larger, 50 ft. (15.2 m) or less]. It also offers a 165 max PSI 6.0 gallon tank (22.7 L) and 2.6 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump, which enables long tool run time with quick recovery.

The high flow regulator and couplers maximize air tool performance, and a long life oil free pump for maintenance free operation.

This unit offers a soft 75.5 dBA noise level for a quiet work setting. A console cover protects controls and is removable to allow easy repair.

This unit also features 2 universal couplers to easily support two users, and a ball drain valve for quick & thorough tank draining. It has protective rubber leg covers to prevent marring.

It has a convenient cord wrap for easy storage, and its 30 lb weight makes it quite easy to carry/store.

Please confirm that the drain valve is fully closed before using the compressor.

Specification: DeWalt DWFP55126 6 Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor

Weight32 lbs
Dimensions17 × 17 × 20 in
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17.2 x 16.6 x 20.1 inches

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15 reviews for DeWalt DWFP55126 6 Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor

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  1. Bill P

    I ordered this item based on the features and product reviews. Unfortunately it arrived with a manufacturing defect. There are three main components to this unit: the compressor, the tank, and the gauge assembly. When I went to remove the unit from the box it was clear that the compressor wasn’t properly attached to the tank. It looks like you should be able to attach it by removing a couple of screws, sliding it down onto the support legs, then shifting it over to lock it into place. That sadly does’t work since the gauge assembly prevents you from shifting it over far enough, so to get the compressor it appears you have to remove the gauges from the tank. This is more than I wanted to mess with on a brand new tool.I tried calling Dewalt support but that didn’t go well either. After calling the 800 number listed on the instruction booklet and waiting for quite a while, the lady said I called the wrong number and that they don’t handle air compressors. She forwarded me to someone else. After waiting for several more minutes I finally got through. I gave the person the model number, but then she said they don’t handle that model number compressor.I also tried their online chat support, but after sitting and waiting for 45 mins no representative ever answered. I boxed up the unit and am returning it for a refund.

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  2. mad monk

    I purchased this as a portable unit at my ranch. I have an ingersol shop compressor and a Porter cable pancake which I keep in the garage for small jobs. The Dewalt has been a failure. Not once but the replacement sent (promptly) had the same fault. In each case I unpacked and checked the unit for operation and left it for a period to ensure there was no leakage. After about 3 days of sporadic use the unit started leaking air from with the enclosed pump area. At first is was just a noise then after a few hours it would go from 160 PSi to 0 in a few hours. I have a great number of dewalt tools and all have been reliable even after many years of hard service. The pancake compressor is junk. I will buy a different manufacturer for this light occasion unit. Vey dissappointing

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  3. Easy Rider

    Like all DeWalt products, this one appeared to be well built and better than the competition. Imagine my surprise when I discovered both hose fittings were slowly leaking air when attached to a hose and pressurized (leaking from the joint between the male hose coupler and female receiving end of the fitting). The problem appeared to be undersized ball bearings inside the fitting, which allow too much free play between the fittings, providing a way for air to escape.Rather than going through the the hassle of exchanging, shipping back, waiting for a replacement, etc., I simply replaced both fittings with better ones, which solved the problem. Mine have fewer but bigger ball bearings, allow no free play, and hold the hose fitting very tightly.After reading all of the glowing reviews, I was expecting to be completely blown away by the quality of this product. I’m still impressed, but far from blown away.The important components are all very well made, but leaky fittings in an air compressor is borderline inexcusable from a company with this type of reputation, presumed attention to detail, and supposed product engineering focus.July 1 update- today I noticed the tank pressure gauge is off by about 15 psi. Motor cuts out at indicated tank pressure of 145 psi, but regulated output pressure can be increased all the way up to 160 psi. Manufacturer claims max tank psi is 165. Disappointing to say the least. Maybe mine was made on a Monday morning. Planning on exchanging unit for another one.July 3 update- replacement unit arrived today. Holds pressure well, accuracy of both gauges is dead on. Still plagued by the leaky fittings issue, which I addressed the same way as the original unit. I’m much happier now that I have a properly functioning unit, despite having to change out the fittings… again.

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  4. Josh Bort

    This compressor is really good for the weekend warrior, tank pressure is adequate for a DIY and the regulator is accurate, the compressor is easy to shut down and drain.BUT BEWARE!! When I first used my compressor it would not reach tank pressure (160 psi), I would hear a hissing sound and the pump would not automatically shut off. I checked the relief vale and the drain to make sure they were both closed, they were. So I took off the plastic shroud covering the pump and valve assembly, which was a pain all in its own. I found out there is a stainless steel line coming out of the pump, and a rubber hose connecting the stainless line to the tank. The rubber hose was not properly crimped on the stainless line (the crimp was tightened, but not over the stainless line). I had to destroy the factory crimp to remove it, and I used a 3/8″ Sharkbite crimp to secure the rubber hose on the stainless line. Now the tank reaches tank pressure and automatically shuts off. Faulty assembly, I don’t know if this is a common problem, but that is why the compressor got 3 stars.

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  5. Jim and Yen

    This compressor is being used mostly to run some nail guns and maybe air up an occasional tire on lawn equipment. A lot easier than running hoses to our 80 gallon 220V compressor and waiting for that to pump up. Checked it out real good when it arrived knowing that some other reviews had issues with damage. Ours got here in one piece with nothing broken thankfully. I like the sturdy handle on top to carry it. Weighs 30 pounds. Pretty light. Also has a place to wrap the power cord to keep it out of the way. Three feet on the bottom have a rubber cover to keep the noise level down.LIKE:1.) Light about 30 or so pounds.2.) Has rubber feet on the bottom.3.) Pumps up to 165psi.4.) Sturdy carrying handle.5.) Place to wrap the power cord so I won’t trip over it..👀.Not So Great:1.) Can’t think of anything yet.😃

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  6. Charles

    After much research settled on this one for general air needs around house and garage. Worked perfectly out of the box – performed 15 minute open valve burn-in even though not required on newer units. Left 150 psi in tank to test for leaks – went three weeks still at 140 psi. Use industrial connectors for hoses and tools – not automotive.

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  7. Gabcer

    Excelente compresor, funciona bien para pintar, ya lo probé pintando el portón de mi casa, hay que dejarlo descansar cada 15-20 min, me quedó muy bien. Tambien sirve para sopletear, inflar llantas, y mantiene la presion durante la noche. Fue una excelente compra y lo recomiendo ampliamente, lo unico que no me gusta es que es ruidoso.

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  8. EMS

    Cumple con todo lo que se espera de la marca DeWalt, construcción sólida, buena calidad en los materiales, el tamaño y peso ideales para poder transportarlo fácilmente. Tiene la potencia suficiente para usar con pistolas para pintar aunque por periodos cortos de tiempo (lo he usado con una pistola HVLP).El único punto negativo para mí es el nivel de ruido que produce, similar a estar trabajando con una esmeriladora, para darse una idea.

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  9. Héctor Rubén Saldivar Tijerina

    Que desilución me lleve al comprar un compresor de esta marca, al desempacar el compresor me di cuenta que estaba mal ensamblado el compresor del tanque, tube que quitar dos tornillos y ensamblarlo yo mismo, no estoy seguro si quedo bien, una goma de una de las pestañas que atoran con el compresor estaba rota

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  10. AJ

    its a little bulky because its round which can make it feel heavier then the 30 lbs it is … I still find its easy to handle … noise not bad (75.5 db) much less then my Makita 4 gallon twin tank model also a lot lighter the main reason for buying this unit .. for smaller inside jobs will be using this one for sure … I ran my framing nailer no problem .. did some interior walls … also have done roofing and it kept up with both guns …. didn’t run much either with 6 gallon tank and 165 psi tank pressure doesn’t need to. Unit is oil Free so you can sit it on an angle if needed and u don’t have to worry about it burning up the pump because there is no oil. Keep it in clear area with good air flow and I think this will last a long time … it does have a fan that blows past the pump to keep it cool .. if your pushing it … you will get hot air blowing off the fan so good air flow is important. Takes about 3 minutes from empty to fill up and you will get a burn smell the first time.

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  11. Lorry

    I love this… Now I regret every day I have spent lugging a bulky big tanked one around when I could have had this light little thing. It’s probably not good for a workshop with 2 people using tools all the time, but for just about all hobby and small-shop projects it’ll be fine!It’s light enough that you can carry an external power pack to use outdoors for a while, and It has air 2 outlets which I find quite useful because I can keep an inflator hose permanently on one of them. I’ve used it indoors a few times and it’s not too loud at all.If I have to find a downside, I think I’d have preferred a longer power cord – But that’s all I can think of.It’s really a very good compressor, I wish I’d bought this one years ago.

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  12. Carlos Serna

    Es un excelente compresor, no es muy ruidoso y se llena rápidamente.Cuenta con 2 salidas de aire y la presión puede ser regulada de manera muy fácil.Muy ligero y fácil de cargar excelente para trabajos fuera del taller.

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  13. Sherif

    The compressor works great. It is noisy, but so is any compressor. It is very sturdy and its outlets are strongly built.I use it for light to medium DYI home stuff, like nail guns, inflate car tires, balls, clean up and I find it amazing.Instructions are easy, make sure to drain it properly to save it to maximize its life.

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  14. rakion99

    Excelente compresor de aire funciona muy bien tarda como de 3 a 5 minutos en llenarse el tanque completamente, no tiene ninguna fuga y todo funciona a la perfeccion, el ruido yo diria que es igual a otros que e escuchado y visto, no trae accesorios asi que necesitas comprar unos, el motor suele empezar a calentarse ya que casi se llena completamente lo normal diria yo, no le encontre ninguna falla o desventaja, si buscas un compresor barato y que funcione muy bien te recomiendo este ya que Dewalt aun no me a fallado en nada 😀

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  15. RD Elson

    I got the compressor today and have run it for 25 minutes with the tank drain open to break in the compressor. It appears to run fine but it is quite noisy and has a lot of vibration (spinning clock wise wrapping on it’s power cord. It pressures up to 160 lbs quickly. The rubber hose that connects the compressor to the tank gets quite hot while the compressor is running. UPDATE – I have run this compressor for a few weeks now. It runs well but I would not run it in the house, too noisy but it is fine for the garage.

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