DeWalt DCW600B 20V Max XR Cordless Compact Router (Tool Only)

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  • Dual LED lights help illuminate the work surface
  • Depth adjustment ring allows for fast and easy height adjustments
  • Electronic brake slows the motor down faster after the unit is shut off; Speed 16,000 to 25,500 rpm
  • Variable speed dial allows the user to match speed of of the router to the application
  • Soft start motor with full time electronic feedback allows the motor to maintain speed during cuts


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The 20V max XR Cordless compact router provides power like a corded compact router while providing the convenience of a cordless tool.

The plastic fixed base and dual LED lights help to illuminate the work surface and provide superior bit visibility.

This cordless router is equipped with variable speed control for optimal bit speed in each application.

The release clamp allows for quick and easy bit and base Change.

Specification: DeWalt DCW600B 20V Max XR Cordless Compact Router (Tool Only)

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8.4 x 5.8 x 5.8 inches

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15 reviews for DeWalt DCW600B 20V Max XR Cordless Compact Router (Tool Only)

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  1. joy

    I just finished building the handrail on my deck and used this great little router to clean up the top rail before the final sanding and stain. It was light weight but packed lots of power. Either size battery didn’t seem to make it top heavy and I’m a 64 yr old women so I really appreciated how easy it was to use…………………. CORDLESS only way to go !!

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  2. photog1514

    Best feature? Cordless…no power cord to get in the way. Used router to cut a rabbet on backside of two ash hardwood kitchen cabinet doors to accept a glass panel. Made a 3/8 wide by 5/16 deep rabbet in two passes on each door. Worked like a champ, no stalling or binding. With no cord to get in way, the chance of it getting caught up and causing the router to tip and damage the work piece is eliminated. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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  3. Casey S

    I use this all the time around the house and shop for all sorts of small projects. It works great and being free of the cord is awesome. I will say that it works best with a larger battery pack. I usually throw my 6Ah pack on and it produces great power. I have used my smaller 1.5Ah packs when space is an issue, but there is a noticeable loss of torque and it may get hung up once or twice if you don’t take your time. If it does get hung up, I appreciate that the unit shuts off and you need to switch it off and back on which protects the motor. Very pleased.

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  4. David B Mitchell

    This is a really good small router, that I use for nearly everything. The motor brakes instantly. It is pretty powerful and handy that it shares the 20V max battery with my other tools. I like the soft start of the motor. The only thing I don’t like is the really easy height adjustment. It IS really easy with a big around the body ring that turns, but it is too easy to move it when holding the router. Need to figure how to lock it down better after setting depth. Great router though.

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  5. mikey

    I’ve been using the corded version for several years which worked great except for being tethered to the wall outlet. The cordless version is so much better. Has sll the features of the corded version with the convenience of mobility. The router is lite and feels good in my hands. I can use my standard and flex volt batteries on it.

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  6. Deward Hastings

    although it won’t replace my corded Hitachi with a 1/2 inch collet it will get used a lot more. Except for production environments where you run ’em hard and continuous the days of the corded tool are over. But you probably will want a second (or third) battery for the occasional “big” job . . .

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  7. HL

    Game changer for me. I use a large Bosch router that I love, but this enabled me to set up a roundover for trim and leave it in as I restored a house. Also super light and easy to use over the Bosch.

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  8. Mike

    Wow…my dream of a chordless jobsite is about to come true. Now this is not a 1/2” router and i am never going to get rid of my router table or large 2 1/4 and 3 hp routers, there are times when I just need to touch up or modify a piece, round over an edge or even mortise a single door. Not having to lug chords or take something back to the shop is a dream come true.Additionally, I have the flexvolt tracksaw, incorporating the router base you can do a lot of routing with great precision…no I don’t recommend doing it on a big piece of oak, but for soft woods the track and battery operated router are quite effective.All this said, if I was not an avid DEWALT user and had tons of batteries I can’t say that I would buy this and then a couple of batteries…for me though the more I can do without a chord the happier I am. DEWALT just came out with a 20 v 1/4 sheet sander and so I am hoping a 20 v belt sander will be on the way soon.

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  9. Francis Boutin

    J’ai le même modèle avec fil et la liberté de pouvoir travailler sans-fil est un pûr plaisir!Compatible avec les bases du modèle avec fil! Content de ne pas avoir à racheter des accessoires à nouveau!

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  10. Jason

    Tried them all. No regrets with this one. The Ridgid was gutless (blew 2 motors) and got tired of waiting for repairs. Makita was smooth but underpowered. Wouldn’t be seen in public holding a Milwaukee.

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  11. Tom

    It’s awesome and quiet as far as routers go anyway. Not as powerful as the corded obviously. But great for flush trimming and round overs. Even if you have the corded one you should have this one too. Seriously.

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  12. Maurice

    This thing is awesome. I have a bigger one for plunging etc but this one is just amazing for edging.

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  13. darrah

    Definitely more substantial in build than what I was expecting, yet still easy to hold and motor runs quiet. The break that stops the rotation on power off is nice too…but above all the lights to illuminate the area you working on are marvelous wish it was on the Jigsaw too. All around great tool for areas cords are difficult to run to. Love it.

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  14. Alex

    Having a hard time figuring out how to make it work but I’m starting to understand it. Never used a router before so I was clueless as to how to lower this thing. Created some majestic door hinges

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  15. Sparkes Renovations

    Love this thing. I only used it to mortise 11 interior door hinges so far, where it worked perfectly. I will definitely get tons of use out of this thing!

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