DeWalt DCS367B 20V Max XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw, Tool

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  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Variable speed trigger with 0-2900 SPM
  • Pivoting shoe
  • Bright LED light
  • Backed by dewalt’s 3 year limited warranty
  • *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18


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The DCS367B 20V max* XR Brushless compact Reciprocating saw, (tool only) features a compact and lightweight design to make your jobs easier.

It has a variable speed trigger with 0-2900 SPM. It also offers a 1-1/8″ stroke length, a pivoting shoe to help stabilize as you cut, and a bright LED light which illuminates your working surface.

This saw is designed for both wood and metal cutting. Specs: keyless 4-position blade Clamp, variable speed trigger, anti -slip comfort grip, weight at only 5 lbs, length at 14.5 inches.

Backed by DEWALT’S 3 year limited warranty. Includes: 1) Dcs367 20V max* Reciprocating saw. Battery and charger sold separately

Specification: DeWalt DCS367B 20V Max XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw, Tool

Part Number

Power Source

Product Dimensions

14.5 x 6 x 7 inches

Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required.




Item Weight (pounds)


Voltage (volts)





15 reviews for DeWalt DCS367B 20V Max XR Brushless Compact Reciprocating Saw, Tool

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Charles Cromer

    This saw vibrates MUCH more than any of my 4 other reciprocating saws, or any others I have used. The blade clamp does not hold most brands of blades securely. The clamp, when fully closed without a blade, has a gap considerably wider than the thickness of most blades by Makita, Lennox, Bosch and even DeWalt. Some Freud blades in heavy gauges and all of those wretched Axe and Wrecker things made by Milwaukee are held tightly. But, since I try to never use any of those, that doesn’t help. My older 18 volt DeWalt full size saw holds any blade tightly as do my 3 Milwaukee saws. I think my example of this model saw is likely a rare lemon or fluke. I would guess this would not occur again. I also must mention that the trigger on my saw seems hyper-sensitive. Well, I admit, it is a reciprocating saw and they all will kick your butt if they can. I am still shaking. 😳

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  2. No

    The DCS367 Bare tool is a wonderful piece of equipment to have for a lot of reasons. I bought this to help clear out a plot of land that is overgrown with small trees, saplings and your garden variety chest high weeds.I use dewalts 12 inch wood cutting blades and it fairly easily passes through any size piece within the usable part of the blade. For small trees and large bushes this is safer to me than using a chain saw.I use a 20v 5ah battery with this and I’m able to cut up decent size trees (1 or 2) the size of the one in the picture with one charge. Love this saw!

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  3. Enjuneer

    I love all of my DeWalt 20v/XR tools. I don’t have a single cordless tool that ISN’T DeWalt, aside from the many that I have designed and built myself. I have used my impact professionally many times, in engineering, contract work, for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g at home too. So, I decided, hey, I’m going to buy the recip saw, angle grinder, and the weirdo oscillating tool thing to add to my arsenal of cordless.I am so, just, blown away by this saw. Yeah, sound dumb, it’s just a saw right? Well, I was coming from using a 25 year old, beat to beans and back saws-all (brand not important, the old ones I swear they’re all the same things). The old saws, you had to keep a chock tool on the power line to unbolt blades to change, this saw, you have a totally tool-less change-out, and it take no effort or time. Oh, and you can put the blade in any direction/facing! This thing is just as powerful as my line voltage saw, WAY less bulky, and just perfect! I did get the package deal that came with six blades for varying material for an extra $10 bucks (great deal!) since I know my DeWalt blades are excellent quality.However, when testing, I did note that with a seasoned 20v (5 cell li-ion), the power wasn’t as great as with my brand new 20/60v flexvolt. For those of you who aren’t familiar with power systems (I build them), it’s because of the battery design more than it is an age/abuse thing. The 60v batteries contain three banks of five-cell clusters that operate in parallel in “20v mode”, thereby greatly reducing the voltage drop (through higher current delivery) under high load. I would definitely recommend going with the flexvolt packs for the entire 20v platform. I went with the 6 amp-hour batteries, and I will rebuild these myself when they get old, probably to a better capacity/quality than OEM. They’re probably 18650 or 18635 size cells, I haven’t opened a DeWalt pack yet. Please keep in mind that rebuilding or repairing lithium ion/iron manganese phosphate/polymer cell clusters is NOT for an amateur with a soldering iron! These types of batteries must be welded! BUT I DIGRESS.Aus summary:This is a wonderful saw that’s not bulky while still retaining the power you need/expect from a reciprocating saw. Go with the 60v flexvolt packs (they have switched output, 20v when used in 20v tools) for the longest run-time, and a notable, positive difference in output power. Highly recommended platform and tool!

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  4. Alaskaman77

    I own the previous dewalt sawzall non brushless 20v Sawzall and I figured it was time for an upgrade. I am so happy that i did. I mostly cut small trees and brush and land clearing with this saw and it is truly amazing. I had a day where I used it constantly the entire day clearing out brush, limbs and small trees and this thing never needed to be charged. This tool pared with the Dewlat 20v 6 amp hour battery is a match made in heaven.

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  5. Rustam

    Best Product, the shipping was fast and works great! Looks great 👍👍👍

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  6. Daniel D.

    I’m used to my old 18v sawzall. It survived hundreds of jobs… water submersion, dust, sand, and everything I could throw at it. I’m not being very nice to this new one either. It cuts so much faster, and the battery lasts forever! I love how small it is. I can fit it between studs and rafters. So handy! Dewalt is the best!

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  7. Nathaniel Hawkins

    Good budget, cordless, reciprocating saw. May want to go with Milwaukee for the blades, such as Axe or Torch. Either way, go gingerly on them, give them breaks (heat is no tools’ friend), and they’ll give you more life. Use tap lube if you need it for a lengthy cut–a drop will do you. If your work is over 10 minutes on a regular basis, expect to use 5+AH or 6/9AH FV batteries, or multiple of such.

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  8. Ace Rolerson

    I was disappointed that the trigger lock on my Dewalt sawzall was defective from the first trigger pull. At first I could not engage the motor no matter what position the trigger lock was in. I eventually positioned the lock in the proper “on” position and squeezed the trigger until I heard a small snap and the motor engaged. Now I can’t lock out the safety and have to remove the battery to be sure it doesn’t engage in my toolbox or accidentally in someone’s hand. It’s just not worth the hassle to ship it back and lose the use of it. This is my first negative review of an on-line purchase. Disappointed.

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  9. SJB.Plumbing

    Awesome tool lots of power! Rips through a 2×4, 4”abs pipe and large branches like a hot knife through butter. I also have the larger non brushless 20v sawzall and the 12v Milwaukee brushless hacksaw and by far I prefer this little guy!

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  10. Peter Lawford

    Have used it quite a lot over the last week. The power is so good that it is easy to forget that there is no cord.The four way blade holder makes this a “super tool”. This is the 4th Dewalt Brushless tool I have purchased in the last month. The next will be the circular saw. Because I can remember the old 12v ‘heavy as lead” battery tools I was reluctant to go cordless but I have been converted.

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  11. Edmond

    If you are already invested in any 20v Dewalt batteries this will make an amazing addition. Getting rid of the cord is absolutely a time saver and worth the money. With the right blades for the job this will chew through just about everything.Packs lots of power, but brace yourself for the recoil especially in 1 handed cut applications, avoid them if you can.

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  12. Shaun Clifford

    This thing is excellent!!! Lots of power and a great size. I used my 60 volt batteries in it and cut wood on and off for two hours and still had two lights. I also have a corded sawmill but I prefer this cordless model for sure.

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  13. MLB

    As per other reviews, when I received the saw it was so small. I was skeptical at first until I could bring it to the job site. It is a mini monster! It works really well especially in tight spaces. It does vibrate quite a bit, but in HVAC I am not using it for hours on end.

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  14. Peter the foodie

    I bought this for a big reno I was doing and it was a huge time saver. It powers through nails like butter and has the dexterity for trimming drywall. I am a huge Dewalt fan and have a number of Dewalt tools and this did not disappoint. The one thing I will note is that you really need to use the bigger 5 ah battery. I have a number of the smaller 2ah batteries for my drills but I find that they don’t really provide the same power.

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  15. Roger

    Started purchasing 20 v Dewalt tools, sold all my 110 v tools, this was the fifth tool, purchased it without battery because I had enough batteries.Love this tool, blades are easy to install and can be installed in two different slots, left or right cuts or up and down cuts. Cuts through everything like butter, plastic metal and branches. Batteries last a long time and has tons of torque. I love this tool

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