DeWalt DCM849B 20V Max XR 7″ Cordless Variable Speed Rotary Polisher (Tool Only)

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  • Dewalt-built Brushless motor for efficient performance and runtime
  • 7 in. Backing plate recommended for most applications
  • No-load speed of 800-2200 RPM for all types of applications
  • Variable speed on the trigger and dial helps to better control The tool during every step of the application.Spindle Thread:5/8 inch – 11
  • Rubber gear case over mold reduces surface imperfections and improves gripping surface


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This 7 in. Rotary Polisher features a brushless motor for efficient performance and runtime.

No-load speed of 800-2200 RPM with the variable speed trigger and dial allow for use in car, headlight, windshield, fiber glass, gelcoat and glass polishing applications.

The included 7 in. backing plate is recommended for most applications.

Specification: DeWalt DCM849B 20V Max XR 7″ Cordless Variable Speed Rotary Polisher (Tool Only)

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17 x 7.3 x 5.8 inches

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20V Cordless w/o Battery

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15 reviews for DeWalt DCM849B 20V Max XR 7″ Cordless Variable Speed Rotary Polisher (Tool Only)

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  1. Nicholas Thackston

    Someone left a candle on my solid surface counter. It burnt the top of the counter. Sanded down the counter with 220 grit up to 2000 grit then used this to buff the counter to a shine. Worked amazing. Funny I told the wife I bought it she goes oh great another tool that we don’t need and started in. I said I bought it to fix the candle burn on the counter. Never have heard another word about it.

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  2. Cape Winds

    I have been doing auto body/painting as a hobbyist for 30 years. Sometimes you get stuck in what you are using and don’t feel the need to change but since I have been shooting Base Coat/Clear Coat for 15 years now, I always seem to “struggle” after wetsanding and getting all the paper grit marks clear. I eventually get there, but with a lot of work and passes.I had a Hitachi Polisher for years and loved it until the electronics failed. I bought a Harbor Freight polisher which has work fairly well. I decided it was time to upgrade.LOVE the slow start. Just feels better and less slinging of compound. This really feels good, well made, heavy cord.. I like that the control rotary knob has the RPM designated, before I never knew where I was except for feel. And that it stays at the RPM regardless of load is exceptional. I feel like an artist with this polisher.Used it for 1 hour today and really can’t be happier. It is quiet, I love that too… I wish my Porter Cable DA polisher was like this.It really makes compounding and polishing so much easier. It’s one of the “no regrets” purchases!

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  3. SomeGUY

    This was easy enough for me to use as a somewhat novice. Compare to the crummy rotating ones that you can buy at the supermarket, this thing truly does its job. I used the 3M compounding foam attachments with superb results. This 2008 Honda Civic has never had a professional wax job. It has had several hand applications, but they did not compare to the results that this buffer provided.After buffing the headlights and the tail lights I would highly recommend adding something like 303 protectant.

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  4. Chris

    A little bit about me. I destroy polishers. Not intentionally. My work requires that I polish high gloss polyester. Polyester is a very hard and durable finish. It simply shrugs off polishing techniques common with urethanes or other gloss finishes. Because of this it is hard on polishers. I have gone through Porter Cable, Hitachi, Makita, and even Metabo. This is my second DeWalt. (Makita and Metabo in between this and the last one) I forgot how confident and powerful this polisher is. The Makita slow start system is agrivating and after a little of a year of use, when it finally died, I had forgot how much easier it is to use the DeWalt. My last DeWalt lasted 3.5 years, so I have high hopes for this one. I’ve used about all of them. The DeWalt is the best. The last victim, significantly more expensive I might add, lasted all of 10 minutes before suffering thermal shutdown down. Maybe it was just a lemon who knows. But when you need a real machine to polish, this is the one.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    quality product. cannot go wrong with Dewalt . bought an old boat and the gel coat was oxidized. after a cut and polish, with this baby, the boat looks like new. we will use this on lots of upcoming projects.

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  6. PatM

    what can be said about this DEWALT MACHINE its 7 to 9 variable speed with soft start 600 rpm to start to a max of 3500 don’t know what paint you would use a 3500 buffer on but its there. AND THAT IS THE POINT IT IS THERE IF NEEDED FOR. HAS INTEGRATED SPEED CONTROL ON SIDE SET THE MACHINE PUSH THE BUTTON CONTINUE ON. will handle any job you throw at it just nice and easy thi can and will burn paint if not used correctly.

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  7. R.O.

    couldn’t wait to buff my car.excellent product, for then money it is steep, but hopefully this will be my only buffer i will need. Upon start up i knew that i was going to have the control i lacked in previous buffers. From the toggle thumb speed setting to the trigger and smooth not jumpy with power start i knew this was going to be a great experience. glad i got this and and would recommend it highly.lengthy cord, and no ground third prong for the plug. all previous bought buffer was the goplus for $70.night and dayspend the money!!

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  8. JohnnyF

    Love this buffer. Revived the headlights on the suburban. This with the correct cutting compound will do some amazing work on paint and Lexan. I use Meguair’s 105 and 205 combo.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Good gelcoat buffer. It was my 1st time buffing my boat. Buy good pads, If heavy oxidation start with 3M 5711(white), then 5713 (yellow). If light clean up / polish start with 5733 (blue foam). Keep speed down 500 -700 rpm and check progress by wiping abrasive off until your comfortable. Then start speeding it up…

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  10. Brendon

    Previously I have purchased 2 Tradespro 7inch polishing machines. Both were complete garbage. Sent them back and spent double the money on this Dewalt. All I can tell is that worth every penny to buy a quality piece of equipment. This Dewalt machine looks very well built. Looks and feels strong during operation. Rpm selector works like dream between 600-3500. Shaft well balanced. Motor sounds strong. Wire also looks heavy duty well rubberized. Very happy with the product especially because it was on sale for CAD189.99 Big retail stores in the nearby offering the same machine for CAD320 so for the price of 189.99 is a very good deal.

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  11. Mat

    I primarily use this for wood working, log cleaning and sanding. The variable speed is perfect and the ergonomics of the grinder are nice. It’s not light (no 7-9″ grinder is) but it is comfortable. The ONLY thing that I’m not happy about is the availability of 7″ and bigger hook and loop (velcro) sanding pads. No store carries them that big and I have to order them online. I also use a 4″ wire cup brush with this grinder and it works very well. The added mesh to keep debris out of the motor is prefect, just remember to blow it off every now and then. Overall a good product that I’ve used a fair bit already and am curious to see how it stands up over the years.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    So far, about 4 hours of use polishing concrete with 4″ discs. Low speed of this machine was acceptable. Soft start was also useful. Because this is not a purpose-built concrete grinder, the concrete was kept wet separately and the machine was plugged into a GFCI for protection. The two handle options – bale and straight side handles – add to versatility. So far, seems a reasonable low-price option for low volume concrete polishing.

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  13. isoseeker

    Received this product and it looks well built.However the packaging it came in went through hell as the box was mangled and appeared to have been dropped on one end. Hopefully it survived as there is no foam or packaging material in the box, will know next spring when it will get some use. Amazon says they will refund if in spring it does not work, we will see.Not happy about it.

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  14. Phil Presakarchuk

    I always try to purchase quality items, and this definitely fits into that category. It has the look and feel of a contractor grade tool. The speed selection and extra handles for operating the machine are very useful. The machine is heavier than some of the “cheap” versions available, but I think the weight penalty is well worth it. I strongly recommend this tool if you are going to use it for several vehicles or holiday trailers that require a lot of work.

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  15. Serge Guertin

    I bought it for on site Granit and Quartz polishing but the shaft is not aligned.It wobbles and ruin the job.Disappointed because this machine is awesome for the power, for the settings and for the price! Would have been the perfect tool!

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