DeWalt DCGG571B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Grease Gun (Tool Only)

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  • Powerful motor delivers 10,000 max psi
  • High-volume pump pushes up to 5.0 oz./min high-flow applications
  • Up to 16 cartridges per charge
  • 42″ extra-long and flexible hose
  • Innovative pump filter screen
  • Battery & Charger Sold Separately


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The DEWALT DCGG571B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Grease Gun (Tool Only) features a powerful motor that delivers 10,000 max psi to power through clogged grease fittings.

It has a high-volume pump that pushes up to 5.0 oz./min high-flow applications and allows up to 16 cartridges per charge with a single DEWALT 20V MAX Battery 4.0 Ah (Battery not included).

A variable speed trigger offers precise control of the grease flow and the 42″ extra-long and flexible hose is designed for reaching hard to access grease fittings.

It has a bright LED light which assists in locating hard to see grease fittings in low-light situations and an innovative pump filter screen that prevents dirt and contamination from clogging the pump mechanism.

An integrated no-mar foot design allows operators to rest the tool on flat surfaces.

It also has an air-bleeder valve that assists in pump priming after cartridge changes.

Includes: (1) DCGG571B Grease Gun and (1) Shoulder strap. (Battery sold separately).

Specification: DeWalt DCGG571B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Grease Gun (Tool Only)

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15 reviews for DeWalt DCGG571B 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Grease Gun (Tool Only)

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  1. CMV

    You are reading this review because you are (1) considering a cordless grease gun and (2) comparing various brands of them. Let me save you some time and potential frustration: add this to your cart and be thrilled by how awesome it is 2 days later. Also got a lock-n-lube coupler for it which takes it from an A to an A+.Battery lasts forever, easy and clean to load, primes in seconds, makes the most stubborn zerks yield in defeat, long hose, sturdy case, includes battery and charger….nothing negative. Yeah its a couple hundred $ to do same thing as a $20 manual grease gun. But worth every penny. If all you have is a riding mower with 4 grease fittings skip it. But you have a tractor, backhoe, tandem axle trailer, etc….yeah you want this. I tried to go cheap route and got a different generic one and it was horrible. Battery always dead, no pressure for stubborn fittings, hard to reload…wasted $. Just do it right and get this one, be confident you made an excellent choice. And i say this NOT being a DeWalt fanboy….all my power tools are Bosch and Hitachi so i have no battery overlap with this but still think it was best choice. Hitting 30-40 grease fittings servicing a piece of equipment is a boring unproductive chore. Do it in a few minutes and with no mess with this instead 🙂 Is it more of a luxury than necessity? Probably, but you will definitely say “why didn’t I buy this years ago?”

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  2. ~Rod~

    The quality of this grease gun seems top notch. But beware… it is nearly impossible to remove the factory-installed coupler. I’m still working it! Unfortunately, the factory likely used Loctite on it. *Very* frustrating when desiring to utilize a different coupler. If you plan on using a different coupler, such as the Lock-n-Lube, you’ve been warned!Edit: Finally got it off. See photos for tool set-up. Remember, Amazon uploads photos in whichever direction it chooses.

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  3. SubwayRocket

    Greatly speeds up greasing vehicles or machines . What’s nice is that you can have it down at your side while you’re under a vehicle hitting grease fittings and just squeeze the button. Much easier, much faster, less work. You may want to consider wrapping a plastic shopping bag around the body of it when using it. It has a tendency to get grease all over the tool and battery. Also , when you prime a grease gun, you unscrew the tube a little, then release the rod which pushes any air out. If you don’t have the tube screwed in enough when priming, it can pop out and you’ll have a mess . If you know how to prime a grease gun then you shouldn’t have the probs you often see voiced about grease guns losing prime. If it does lose prime, you just bleed it…and make sure you don’t have the tube unscrewed too much (as i mentioned above) . There is a guy on youtube that shows plainly and simply, how to prime a grease gun. The title is ” How to bleed a grease gun every time ” and his channel is DLH Farms . And a good thing to buy with this gun is a Grease Needle , I have the Lumax LX-1416 . It’s cheap, and it will allow you to pump grease into many places that need it, but dont have a grease fitting.

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  4. Kelli

    Honestly I don’t know what to say that is bad about it it really is a nice machine and better than anything we’ve ever had, The price was insanely good First used was easy we put the tube in release the bottom spring open the air vent once or twice and that was it primed and ready to go. This was the 20 V model we were considering the 18 V model and after a lot of homework and consideration we went with the 20 and once we got it home and used it definitely the 20 paid off over the 18 so we’re glad we did the 20 , we chose this because when you pull the trigger and it starts to build pressure you definitely need more power the better for pumping grease out, you can feel it in the engine in the motor so the higher 20 V compresses and pushes just a little better , we also have another 18 V piece of equipment in the 20 has just has more Big help on stuck grease fittings We believe this is a good machine and would recommend it

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  5. Richard

    This thing has been a life saver! Huge relief on tired hands, and it’s convenient. There’s two things that bother me though.1- A manual grease gun exerts WAY more pressure, so if your zerks are siezed, this thing will just purge it out of the top/front instead of break the nipple on the fitting.2- The auto-purge is pretty much non-existent. You’ll need to change your cartridges BEFORE they run dry, or you’ll sit there and fumble with it while it just dry cycles and you have to tinker with it to send grease out again. The coupler on mine stuck and I couldn’t adjust it, so I had to buy a new hose and fittings, but luckily they’re pretty much universal. DeWalt makes some good stuff, and this is fantastic for almost every job.

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    This grease gun is a beast, pushes Lucas heavy duty grease thru any sent on our equipment. Lite is a nice feature, easy to load, sturdy. Exactly as described, delivered promptly, works awesome. Also went with the clip on grease head, makes doing drivelines and loader arms a breeze. We used Lincoln and Milwaukee grease guns at our shop but I am very pleased and give my nod to this grease gun , battery life excellent, no problems at all. Recommend this to anyone for construction equipment, heavy duty trucks and trailers.

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  7. MADD

    A little heavy but nice.

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  8. Trebor Leeks

    It loads a bit different, those that had trouble loading, didn’t push the rod sideways. Most have a tab to hold the rod, this one has a notch in the rod.The air plunger is not spring loaded, you have to twist it like a tube of toothpaste to release air Then it loads fine. Good power, did a complete boat trailer, with one small lithium ion battery. I’ll use a bigger battery, when I test it on the boat lifts that are in the water all year. Even with a hand pump, I have to use a hammer and piston to open some of the zerks.

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  9. JeffH

    We have purchased about six of these on Amazon now and the field guys quite like them. Thing to note is the gun jambs up with what I am assuming is dried up grease even though the grease gun is used every couple days at a minimum. We found a work around that keeps it going, there is a small screen inside that when removed fixes the issue. I have no idea what this may do to the longevity or anything else on the grease gun but so far so good.Pros:- Good price on Amazon- Not too heavy- Easy to use- Decent battery life (about 12 tubes)- LIke the lightCons:- Have had a battery split in two ( I am guessing was dropped though)- The gun jambs up with what I am assuming is dried up grease.Would buy more.

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  10. BA

    Wow! The internet reviews are right on for this gun.Easy to use and prime. 2ah battery powered through 5 tubes and still had juice.My only regret is spending money on a pricy manual pistol grip guns and flex hoses before buying this.If you have multiple wheel bearings to “flush” this makes it effortless.Great price at AmazonUpdateApril 2018: Just lubed my tractor what a joy to use. Brings a smile to my face every time I think about how I used to grease things.Mar 2019. Thought I would add that I follow the recommendations in the YouTube video “How to bleed a grease gun every time!” by DLH Farms and I have never had problems reloading this gun.

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  11. Ken W

    So I bought this grease gun last year in January. Only used it a few times and it quit just recently but the 1 year warrantyhad expired. So I sent it to the repair depot and they wanted up to $112.00 to repair it, or I could buy another new one.I tried to reason with the fellow about the grease gun being hardly used and it must have been faulty to begin with but he would have nothing of that. So I contacted Dewalt directly and explained my disappointment in their product.They sent me a new one…….FREEAwesome company. Awesome grease gun too

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  12. Brianna

    Definitely a game changer if you’re in the construction industry. There’s no more need for hauling equipment into the shop to use air, or pumping up a manual grease gun. Works well, has a great battery life, goes through grease quickly, and had a nice long hose, so you’re not trying to hold the grease gun in an awkward position. Comes with a nice carrying case, and a battery charger.

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  13. JeffB

    All of the specs on this grease gun were the same as our lincoln we previously had, this is still a great grease gun at a fraction of the cost of local. It is definately not as industrial or as much psi as our lincoln ubt is a great alternative at a cheaper price. Like how the trigger is a variable speed so you can control how much grease is being applied. Would buy this item again for the small shop, but will see how it holds up in our heavy duty mechanic shop to every day use.

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  14. Amazon Customer

    I run about 2 tubes of EP2 Moly or high impact grease through this thing each day, 5 days a week. It is a workhorse and very reliable. It will eat up the 1.5ah bats quick, maybe 2-3 tubes depending on grease and pressure. Last the whole week on a 5ah but heavier. Had it over a year now so its a good unit. If you ever have issue with output, take a rag and brake clean and wipe out and clear the grease filter/screen, 2 minute clean and it will be back running. Honestly, if your an operator or mechanic, this thing is worth its weight in gold if you are using a hand pumper.

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  15. Thomas Muir

    I purchased this grease gun for my employer since we use dewalt tools in our shop. This gun replaced a $500 Lincoln which stopped pumping unless it was pumping into the garbage can. This dewalt gun has more power without a gear box then the Lincoln did. We use this grease gun industrially at a grain elevator a very dusty dirty environment and it’s survived bettwe then that $500 gun. The addition of the 4.0amp/hr battery lets use grease our hearts out and not worry. A must have tool for anyone!

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