DeWalt DCF885C1 20V MAX* 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit

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  • INCREASED VISIBILITY: Has built in LED with 20 second delay after trigger release
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Compact (5.55 in. front to back)and lightweight (2.8 lbs) design fits into tight areas
  • ONE HANDED BIT LOADING: Has a 1/4 in. hex chuck and accepts 1 in. bit tips. No load speed: 0 2,800
  • RELIABILITY: Tools backed by a 3 year limited warranty.Anvil type quick release
  • INCLUDES: (1) DCF885 Impact Driver, (1) 20V MAX* Battery (1.5 Ah), and (1) Fast Charger
  • *Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18


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The DEWALT DCF885C1 20V max* 1/4″ impact driver kit features a compact (5.55″ front to back), lightweight (2.8 lbs) design which fits into tight areas.

It has 3 LEDs with 20-second delay after trigger release to provide visibility without shadows.

This driver offers one-handed loading with a 1/4″ Hex chuck that accepts 1″ bit tips.

Specs: max torque: 1400.0 in-lbs, no-load speed: 0-2,800, impacts/min: 0-3,200 IPM, 1/4″qr Hex drive.

Backed by DEWALT 3 year limited warranty.

Kit includes: (1) DCF885 impact driver, (1) 20V max* battery (1.5 Ah), (1) fast charger.

Specification: DeWalt DCF885C1 20V MAX* 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit

Part Number

Item Weight (pounds)


Product Dimensions

5.5 x 9 x 3 inches

California residents

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Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)


Pack of 1


Power Source

20 volt lithium-ion battery

Voltage (volts)





15 reviews for DeWalt DCF885C1 20V MAX* 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit

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  1. James Kurien

    I love this thing. I’ve been working on cars a long, long time and wish I had gotten one sooner. It makes working on cars much faster and more fun. If you fix or modify cars, think about how much time you spend taking nuts and bolts on and off of parts. Bolts on a car may be 15-24 threads per inch, meaning you have to turn a bolt 15 full revolutions to move each bolt one inch. Now imagine if that was almost instantaneous.This has a lot of torque for a lightweight tool so it can handle a lot of jobs and it’s fairly small and cordless so it can get into a lot of spots underneath the car. For bolts that are on too tight for this tool, I still loosen it with a wrench then hit it with this driver because it saves to much time. Same thing for tightening – I’ll run it up most or all of the way (depending on torque needed) then set the final torque with a torque wrench.The bag is not quite to the scale shown in the picture. It’s cute for carrying a sandwich to your work site, just don’t expect to carry a club sandwich or something with a lot of tomato.

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  2. Micah

    this is an excellent tool. great power to drive screws. i just spent the day building 8 ft tall shelves in my garage, open shelves in my kitchen, and shelves in my basement food storage room. this made the work easy. my hand was wearing out before this impact driver was. the battery was still very full after probably 5 hours of work. i drilled a dozen holes or so, without issue. then spent hours driving screws into 2x4s and plywood. i’m just some regular dude who does basic projects around my home. this tool was plenty. all i really need. i don’t doubt that the brushless motor version is more efficient and powerful, but unless you literally professionally do this kind of work day in and day out, i can’t imagine this brush engine version being insufficient for weekend (home) warrior work. the work i did today is about the roughest kind of day i’d ever put a tool through. and i don’t think i even used half the battery power. i only have 1 battery. started fully charged. and when i was done, i put it in the charger and it was recharged in like 30 minutes. (and i don’t even have the speed charger… just the basic one.) anyway, great tool and great price. in the future when this one eventually gives out or if it ever does i’ll prolly buy the brushless version just to check it and see if it’s different out better or whatever. but for the kind of home projects i do, this tool is certainly good to go.

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  3. GP

    Most of my power tools are DEWALT and Makita. I’ve never had a problem with any of them. Works great. No issues with any of the batteries that I have. Wish I bought my tools as a bundle though, instead of piecemeal, to save some money overall. Love the small size of this driver, as it helps if space is tight. Can’t think of any cons to write about. Wish it was cheaper?I forgot to check to see if the motor was brushless. Brushless has been around so long and really no reason for these not to be brushless, I didn’t think to check this time. Brushless version is about 30% more expensive. For mild use, its probably not a big deal, provided you store in a dry location. If stored in a humid basement, I’d lean even more so to the brushless version. The only benefit the brushed motor has over brushless really is ‘control’ at the low RPM range, which I don’t think is too much of a concern here? Still an awesome product, just prefer brushless motors when available.

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  4. Frest0n

    Includes 1 battery at 1.5ah and comes with a canvass-like carrying case (not a plastic hard case). Includes a charger but no other goodies (no bits, adapters, etc.). Although you are able to select forward or reverse, there is no other adjustments besides the trigger which, is speed sensitive (the more you depress the trigger the faster the drill rotates). Even with the lousy 1.5ah battery this driver (1/4″) does a great job driving 3inch wood nails with no pilot hole into a standard 4×4. Lightweight tool means less stress holding but often requires additional pressure to keep it from bouncing out of the screw. 20V battery has a lot of little plastic grooves and mounting slots for attaching to the drill which makes me worry something will snap off and ruin either the drill or the battery (attach and detach battery carefully. Unlike the 14.4/18v DeWalts that allow you to slam the battery into the tool). If you want to insert a driver (flathead/phillips) you simply pull back the mounting ring, insert the bit and release and it locks into place. It DOES NOT hold standard drill bits. Probably see if I can find an adapter for drill bits and see how an impact driver does with drilling holes. Although, you can control the rotation speed with the trigger there is No control for torque.Although there was only one 20volt battery included in the box when it arrived the Amazon description shows an additional 5ah battery. Discovered that for some reason this second battery is being shipped separately. The canvass-nylon-like case is durable and the zipper is strong and plenty big to hold tool and accessories but, seems to work better to hold my welding gear (gloves, electrode cables, stinger, etc. helmet won’t fit with this gear). Bought a cordless DeWalt grinder at a discount price because it had no charger or battery. Plan on (obviously) using the batteries and charger that came with the impact driver for both the impact driver and the grinder

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  5. Michelle Stone

    For years I’ve put lumber together with a “good ole fashioned” battery powered electric screwdriver. In fact, I purchased the DeWalt screwdriver in this series specifically for that purpose a year prior. Then I saw people using these impact drivers on YouTube videos and decided I must get one. It was money well spent. My hands and wrists hurt much less. Plus, the screws sink right in. It’s amazing. I and sticking with DeWalt so I can save on battery expenses. They are not cheap. I do not like what they charge for them.

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  6. Loc Nguyen

    I’m a handyman so I mostly use this in building, assembling furniture, screwing onto wood/metal studs. I use it everyday and it handles all the job pretty well. Nothing to complain. I was every tempted to get the XR Brushless version for even more powerful torque but this is more than enough. If your work is something more than screwing a screws once in a while or having to drive heavy duty bolt onto concrete/bricks, this is the tool for you.If you work mostly with wood, drywall, light steel/metal, this is the one for you.

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  7. Fuzzydog

    I had been considering getting one of these for quite a while but was second guessing it’s usefulness. I finally bought one and haven’t put it down since. It is great for driving screws or turning bolts/nuts. When I have a major engine project I will break the bolts loose then use this impact with a socket attachment to spin the bolts off, and again to reassemble before torquing. It really cuts down on the time it takes to do a job. It is nicely balanced and very ergonomic. The battery included is quite small but lasts a long time with full power virtually to the end.

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  8. TG

    I’ve put this thing through hell. Dropped it from ceiling-height, cycled battery pack after battery pack, never gave it a chance to breath. Still runs great! The stock battery pack is pretty bare-bones. I’d recommend picking-up a second pack with a charge gauge on it. My only gripe is that the battery pack has a slight wobble when seated in the driver.

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  9. Bradley Wismayer

    If you’re in the market for a solid, durable, and robust impact driver for DIY projects or professional tasks, than this is a great option. The battery is a typical 20vMax DeWalt battery that will work in all the 20vMax tools, and the impact offers lots of torque for twisting those large diameter lag bolts into beams. Although it may seem wrong at first, I’ve found DeWalt impact bits are not the highest quality and round over fairly quickly. I recommend the Milwaukee bits over anything on the market for driving screws.

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  10. Liam

    dewalt es sinonimo de calidad…el atornillador tiene mucha potencia para atornillar en cualquier superficie de madera o metal, es ligero, facil de manipular y la bateria es de larga duracion, ademas de venir con su estuche de proteccion que lo hace facil de llevar a cualquier lugar…vale la pena si haces trabajos a gran escala en el taller de carpinteria.

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  11. Mario Villegas

    Buen producto, me agrada la potencia que tiene y la luz con retardador para alumbrar área de trabajo es muy util,sin embargo no me llego con el gancho para colgar y la batería tardo 2hrs para cargar completamente .

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  12. Helena S.

    The machinery itself is excellent, however I have had issues charging the battery with the supplied charger. I placed it on the charger for 24 hrs and tried it once it indicated it was full and the battery was dead. I charged it on a similar charger and it charged. Other than that it works perfectly.

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  13. O. Amaro

    Dewalt casi siempre es herramienta de calidad y en este caso no es la excepción. Se siente firme y con potencia y me gustó que trae 3 leds y alumbra perfectamente el área de trabajo.

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  14. Lolo

    Really great value for your money. If you are starting with DeWalt this is the place to start on. Even if you are only interested in the battery and charger, you are getting a driver for 30 bucks.

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  15. paultbear

    This is a nice compact unit, could have come with 2 batteries but for the price it is hard to beat. I don’t know if it would be full contractor strength — but for my uses it is great.

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