DeWalt DCD771C2 Max Li-ion Compact Drill and Driver Kit, 20 V

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  • Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • High performance motor delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power ability completing a wide range of applications
  • High speed transmission delivers 2 speeds (0 450 & 1,500 rpm) for a range of fastening and drilling applications. Chuck Type – Keyless
  • 1/2 inches single sleeve ratcheting chuck provides tight bit gripping strength
  • Ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control.Tool Width:1.9 inch
  • Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18. Battery capacity: 1.3 Ampere hour


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The DEWALT DCD771C2 20 Volt Max Lithium Ion compact drill driver has a lightweight design with a high performance motor that delivers 300 unit watts of power.

The high speed transmission delivers 2 speeds 0 450 RPMs and 0 1500 RPMs. The ergonomic handle allows comfort and control.

The tools weighs 3.6 pounds and contains 2 20 volt Max compact Lithium ion battery packs, a compact charger and durable contractor bag. Chuck Type – Keyless

Specification: DeWalt DCD771C2 Max Li-ion Compact Drill and Driver Kit, 20 V

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Compact Drill/Driver

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13.9 x 9.9 x 4.2 inches

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15 reviews for DeWalt DCD771C2 Max Li-ion Compact Drill and Driver Kit, 20 V

3.7 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    I had this drill for approximately 4 weeks when it just stopped working. I thought maybe it had overheated or that the batteries weren’t charged enough, but after letting it rest and recharging the batteries, it still wouldn’t work properly and would die after a few seconds. I thought Dewalt was a great company and assumed that I had received a lemon. The manual I received with the drill stated that Dewalt had a 90 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the performance of the drill with no questions asked. I called Dewalt and they didn’t seem to know this money back guarantee was in the manual and also on their website. Dewalt not only didn’t comply with this promise and did nothing to help me, they also didn’t seem to care about making the customer happy. I said I would make sure to write a review about the product and the customer service i didn’t receive and that i would never buy from Dewalt again, so i’m following throught with my promise. After that I called Amazon and they helped me with no problems. Its really a shame b/c I had heard Dewalt had great products and I was excited to have a drill that would last me a while, but nope…..4 weeks. I’m never buying Dewalt again, not because the product didn’t work (again, I think it was a lemon), but because of me feeling they were unhelpful and dishonest.

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  2. Bradley B.

    I recently got into woodworking in my spare time. I have always been a fan of corded tools because I usually work in my shop with access to electricity and I absolutely HATE when batteries give out on me and I have to wait on a charge. Several months ago I had to build a barn and attach roughly 50 3ft wide, 15 ft long tin panels and had to purchase a battery powered drill for the job. Let me tell you, I will never go back to corded tools after the way this tool performed. The drill comes with 2 batteries, which I fully charged before my project. Hundreds and hundreds of screws later, I had the entire roof on and I was maybe halfway through the second battery! I have now owned this drill for over 6 months and use it weekly. It is still performing like it did when it was brand new!I know Dewalt is a little more expensive than other brands but I could not recommend this drill higher. The price ranges from $99-$129 and it is worth every penny.Perks:1) The LED light is super bright for dark work spaces,2) The 2 batteries last an incredibly long time and charge very quickly3) The 20V power is more than enough power for the weekend warrior/intermediate craftsmanIf you do tons of research on products like I do before I buy, this is a 100% safe bet. You won’t be disappointed!

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  3. Indre

    I have blearily used this so far. Works well, but the second battery would not charge as shipped to me. I just kept using the same battery in the pack, but I had a project the other weekend that required me to change out the battery several time. The second one would not charge at all. I’m trying to contact the company so maybe I can send this defective one back to them or something.Will update the review accordingly. Thanks

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  4. S. Altenau

    Well, it’s too long to return it I think. But just in less then a month the two batteries don’t charge enough or the drill itself doesn’t work. Who knows. All I know is I’m getting not enough charge for anywork I need. I need to buy another and this time, I’ll use a big box store.

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  5. John Balgavy

    Seems like a good drill. The kit came with one battery that wouldn’t take a charge. No luck with the help center chat (timed out waiting for an agent.)

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  6. Ray

    Absolute garbage, both batteries went bad after 2 months. Tried contacting manufacturer with no luck

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  7. A.J.

    This drill is a beast. DEWALT products have never let me down, and so far this drill is no exception. First of all, it’s an amazing deal. At nearly $90 for one replacement battery, even just the two 1.5mah batteries that this unit comes with should be more expensive than the whole kit. Instead for just over $100 you get two batteries, a fast charger, a soft case and the of course the drill. Frankly if I had other DEWALT 20V tools, I’d buy this kit just for the batteries.This drill is a no-nonsense drill. There are very few bells and whistles, just a workhorse powerful drill with great batteries. It’s extremely small and lightweight, probably half of the weight I’m used to holding with normal NiCad battery drills. However after getting used to the lighter weight of the battery, it feels balanced and stable, with a good fit for my larger hands. But it has at least the same amount of punch of a bigger heavier drill, lasting longer with no fade. I love that this drill performs at 100% and dies quickly – the performance is strong until the end. And with the fast charger, by the time battery A is dead, battery B is fully charged and ready to go. The batteries also seem to hold their charge for indefinite periods of time.One feature I like is the light (the one bell and/or whistle this drill has). I’ve had other drills with lights – that’s nothing new. However, in a few different models, the light would only operate when the trigger was being pulled. If I’m lining up a bit or a screw in a circumstance that requires light, it’s not easy to do if the drill is spinning. This light stays on for ~10 seconds after the trigger is released, allowing you to tap the trigger to engage the light, line up the bit or screw, and resume drilling/driving.The build quality is great. The drill feels solid and strong. My only complaint is the plastic chuck. While I’ve had no trouble getting up to 1/2″ bits into the chuck firmly, it feels cheap – much cheaper than the black metal DEWALT chuck I’m used to. But I guess with this product they had to cut corners somewhere, and if I can still firmly grip a bit, I don’t care what the chuck is made out of.Note: DEWALT seems to be measuring their drills in Unit Watts Out, rather than in/lbs. While this makes sense, as UWO supposedly takes into account both speed and torque, it’s confusing. According to this article on ProToolReviews (, in/lbs can be approximately calculated with the following formula:Speed (RPM) x Torque (inch pounds) / 560 = Max Watts Out (estimated). Note that you must use the lower speed to get the higher torque reading.At 300 UWO, that puts this drill at about 373in/lbs in the low speed setting – not the best, but not bad. Certainly there are more powerful drills, but this one is certainly competitive, and with a name like DEWALT, I felt it was the best bang for my buck. I have yet to be proven wrong.

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    I’ve always been a big fan of Dewalt products and when my wife mentioned she wanted a drill I did a lot of sifting through web sites before I settled on this one here, on Amazon. The drill had very little use at first. The first battery charged but the second battery did not when the first battery ran out of charge I thought perhaps it was just the battery but it turned out to be the charger. Now both batteries were useless to us.I contacted Dewalt and they sent me a “complimentary” charger. Here is what happened when I used it:At first I heard a loud *crack* and then the charging light went on. That was a good sign, I suppose, but I have heard that *cracking* sound before and it usually means another dead battery on the way. The battery preceeded to charge. When it had fully charged I put it in the drill and proceeded to charge the second battery. Nothing happened. After a number of disconnects and reconnects I was satisfied that the second battery was indeed dead. I contacted Dewalt about this and did not receive a response.I guess this means I’m stuck with a useless drill. If Dewalt or Amazon gets back to me on this I will change my rating but for now it sits at one star.Usually Dewalt makes fairly rugged and reliable tools. Times are changing, I suppose. Then again I could be the recipient of one of those rare mishaps. This drill was barely used.

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  9. André

    Je suis un travailleur du meuble. J’utilise principalement cet outils pour du travail de précision. Un trou mal placé à être percé, une vis de soutien nécessaire à renforcé le meuble en fin d’assemblage. Cet perceuse fait vraiment son travail. Maniable et légère elle facile à réglé et simple à manipulée. Je l’utilise aussi pour des travaux de charpente.On devait me livrer cette perceuse le samedi 6 octobre. Samedi, dimanche, lundi pas de livraison. J’ai donc perdu un temps précieux car j’avais prévu utiliser cette perceuse/visseuse pour faire certaine modifications dans mon atelier. J’ai du attendre au mardi pour apprendre que l’article a été égarée dans le transport. Le service à la clientèle d’Amazon qui soit dit en passant à été d’une aide rapide a émis le 9 octobre une autre commande sans frais car le paiement avait déjà été fait pour remplacer l’article perdu. La visseuse a été reçue le 10 octobre.Un seul bémol. La dame du service à la clientèle m’a mentionnée qu’une compensation était disponible pour compenser les ennuis subis sans toutefois me l’offrir vraiment. La, j’ai été vraiment déçu.

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  10. Demetris Vassiliades

    After looking around for a drill which was going to impact my decision for future tools I did some research. Youtube is a great source for comparison of which tool is best. Also look around at contractors and what they use. Once contractor I worked with has all Milwaukee tools which did the tasks that required him. Also on job site people tend to stick to one brand so they swap batteries etc. I chose the Dewalt due to its power and Youtube showed that Dewalt came ontop every time! I love the fact it came with its own bag, charger and TWO batteries. Definitely worth the money. If you a contractor and want it to last longer buy a high capacity battery 5ah or more. Its expensive but it will be worth your time as it won’t holds more charge. Youtube before you buy and get what suits your needs.

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  11. SergioMB

    Es un equipo bastante funcional, lo más destacado: ergonómia, diseño, peso, materiales y ensamble son de la mejor calidad. Perfora excelente en madera y metal, en concreto ya no se desempeña de la misma forma; sin embargo en ladrillo o bloque prefabricado perfora muy bien. Sobrepasa su rendimiento para trabajos caseros y de talller domestico. Recomiendo el Kit combo DCK240C2 que viene con atornillador de impacto para armar muebles, escenografía, utileria, etc.

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  12. Lorien Quattrocchi

    After an unsatisfactory experience with a black & orange drill that was underpowered and felt like a toy, I decided to spring for one of these Dewalt numbers in the hopes that it would do a better job. I’m delighted to report that it is easily powered enough to do my projects: making some bookshelves, putting a gate on the porch etc. It feels really sturdy and like a ‘real tool’ without being annoyingly heavy. It is simple enough to use and I love that there are two batteries. We had to swap batteries around 3 hours into the gate project. Even the little bag feels like a good quality canvas workbag, not a crap cheap grocery bag which is what I was fearing. All in all, highly recommended. I may have to get my dad one after how impressed he was 😀

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  13. Amazon Customer

    I surprised my husband with this drill for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. I was thankful for the great reviews I read here on amazon. He’s been making great use of it and it works like a charm. Excellent purchase. I would highly recommend this item.

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  14. Goodsir

     The product works well but I have some information to share. The battery pack charging station requires unusual amounts of force to load the battery. If the battery is not seated snug it is likely you haven’t added enough force to set it in properly.I have several year experience in construction and can tell you this is something off about this particular product.

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  15. Ray Herl

    Only had this thing for a short while and now it’s broken. Screwed. Motor won’t turn the chuck. Makes a skipping, ratcheting noise. I want an exchange……..or a refund ! Can’t do a damn thing with it . This thing is supposed to have a longer lifespan than 11 months. I was counting on it as a last investment re: drill . But now…..ripped off again. I believe the gears in the ratchet mechanism is mis- aligned. I would like an exchange .

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