DeWalt DCC020IB 20V MAX* Corded/Cordless Air Inflator

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  • High pressure inflation mode with automatic shutoff
  • High volume inflation and deflation modes
  • Led light helps to provide illumination
  • Three power sources for inflation on a jobsite and on the go (20v max battery, 12V DC, or 110V AC)
  • Convenient onboard accessory storage


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Our 20V max corded/cordless air inflator can run on any one of three power sources for maximum versatility: 20V max battery, 12V DC, or 110V AC.

Use it on the jobsite, or on the go. It features a high pressure rubber hose for durability.

The threaded chuck and included onboard accessories make it easy to inflate items from tires to footballs.

Setting desired air pressure is simple with the digital gauge, and the auto shutoff provides accurate inflation.

The high volume hose allows fast inflation of mattresses and other inflatables with the push of a button.

Move the hose to the deflation port for Quick and easy take down.

An onboard LED light helps to provide illumination in dark spaces.

Heavy duty rubber feet help reduce walking while in use.

Battery, charger, and AC power adapter sold separately.

Specification: DeWalt DCC020IB 20V MAX* Corded/Cordless Air Inflator

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  1. Ken

    When they say bare tool, they mean bare tool. In the description, at the very end, it does say battery, AC adapter and charger sold separately, but it does say in the specs section that it comes with a battery……it doesn’t. Since I use DeWalt tools, I’ve got batteries and chargers. However, to not include the ACC plug for use in cars is an insult to the customer and DeWalts reputation for quality. Every other portable air compressor I looked at came with a car ACC plug. It’s natural to assume this one would come with an ACC cord since the battery and charger aren’t included. Hence the 4 star rating. The compressor works well, has some great features, but if you don’t already own some 20V DeWalt tools, you can’t use it out of the box. I’ve got drills, grinder, vacuum and saws all tools from the 20V collection, so I can keep it, but come on DeWalt, include the ACC cord!

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  2. dmiller

    *NO brushless motor (Why not???)*NO AC power cord ($30 for an accessory power cord? You MUST be kidding!)*NO easy snap on connector (Slime 20332 Inflator Hose Adapter works well…highly recommended)Come on, DEWALT! You can do MUCH better than this!

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  3. Cameron

    I aired up all 4 tires on my SUV today and it did a great job. I actually really like that the hose end is threaded so that when you attach it to your car tire, even if the unit somehow tipped over, it would not pop off your valve stem. It’s easy to thread and very secure.As soon as you attach the hose to your valve stem, it reads the tire pressure on the digital readout. It will tell you the pressure to the 10th psi (32.0psi to 32.1psi to 32.2psi, etc up to 32.9psi, then it will go to 33psi). You can set it to stop at 1/2 psi increments (32.5psi to 33psi to 33.5psi, etc). The wheel to adjust your psi setting is great and allows you to dial in your setting extremely fast, unlike others that have a simple up and down button and seem to take a long time to get to higher psi settings. You can go all the way up to 160psi.This unit will take about 10 seconds per psi to inflate a tire, so it’s not nearly as fast as using a regular air compressor, but it is very nice to just set your psi and let it go. It will automatically stop when it reaches the correct psi. All of my tires were low, but my lowest one needed about 10 psi and the rest were about 5-6. When I was finished, I felt the unit expecting it to be hot or the battery to be hot, but neither were. Of course I aired up each tire one after another and probably had it running for about 4-5 minutes total. Not an extremely long time, but long enough that i expected it to be somewhat hot, but it just wasn’t.This unit is loud, but not overwhelming. Its definitely quieter than filling a regular air compressor. And if you dont like the noise, you can turn it on and walk away from it until it turns itself off.I attached a 4AH battery to it and it still sat flat on the ground (one of my attached photos shows the unit with a 4AH battery attached). I dont have a bigger battery, but I think if you were to use a 5AH battery or bigger, the bottom of the air inflator would not sit on the ground, just the battery. Probably not a big deal, because it would still work fine, but some people might not like that.I love that it has a led light built into it, you never know when it will be needed. The light is located at the end of the handle (you can just see it on the left side of the picture that shows the 12v power cable) I haven’t used it for inflating anything with the high flow tube, but I’m sure it can handle anything just fine.It’s great that it has onboard storage for everything included in the package. Everything fits right in or on the unit, so you never have to worry about not having the correct attachment for the job.There is a 12v car plug adapter (the type that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket). That’s fine with me, I’ll probably only use it with batteries, but it’s nice to have the backup cable. I would assume there is probably an A/C adapter available, but it does not come with one. *****EDIT: I NOTICED ANOTHER REVIEWER SAYING IT DOES NOT COME WITH CAR ADAPTER, BUT IT DEFINITELY DOES COME WITH IT, YOU CAN SEE THE CORD IN ONE OF MY PICTURES*****The one thing I wish this had and am not sure why it wasn’t added, is a USB port. Of course not a deal breaker, but with a unit like this that might be kept around for emergencies, it would just make sense.The digital readout is very clear and easy to read and it is also backlit, so you can read it anywhere. The readout will show the psi increase as it is filling.Overall this seems to be a well built unit that makes airing up tires (and other inflatables) extremely easy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, as it seems to be the best portable inflator that I have come across. Buy it.6/9/19 UPDATE: I have had this since November of 2018. I have now used it quite a few times on lots of different size tires and it’s still working great. It’s very convenient to use. Great product and I still highly recommend.

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  4. JOHN

    I’ve been waiting a long time for Dewalt to come out with an inflator for the 20v series and this tool is certainly another hit in their product line up. I have a plug in air tank in my garage that I’ve used for many years and the thought of having to deal with the curly air hose makes me not want to fill the car tires with air every time I use it. Enter this awesome item:* I was hoping that Dewalt came out with a drill type of inflator and although this item is larger, I’m not disappointed at all by its size.* The air hose is long enough that it reaches the valve stems easily. Screws right onto the valve stems in seconds.* Press the on button and turn the dial to the desired air pressure and hit the start button and that’s all you need to do. The air stops pumping when the set pressure is met. Note, it actually overfills by about .3 pounds.* Took about 30 seconds to top my tires off from 35 lbs to 38 lbs.* There’s a button to turn an LED light on if you need it in the dark.* 20v batteries easily attach to the bottom in a second. Note, if you use a larger battery then it will make the device slightly unstable when sitting on the ground.* I like that I will be able to use this inflator to inflate pool floats etc. during the summer months. And the deflate feature is a plus to flatten the same items for storage at the end of the season!* I really don’t have any complaints about the item. For the money and convenience, this item is a must have for your Dewalt tool line up. Highly recommended!

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  5. Tim M

    I bought this because I wanted an inflator without having to drag out my little 2gal compressor and long extension cord or plug in my little emergency inflator that only runs when my truck is running.This is a very convenient tool. The light is bright. There’s a hose to inflate a mattress and accessories to inflate balls. It’s cordless (which is why I bought it in the first place) but what’s really cool is you can set the desired psi you want and hit start. It will stop when it reaches your desired psi. You won’t have to keep unscrewing the hose to check the pressure then screwing it back in to inflate some more. The correct psi will be displayed on the inflator…it’s wonderful. It’s like you can set it and forget it.It has other nifty amenities such as a being able to plug into a car outlet or 120v wall outlet but that’s not why I got it. I am already invested in Dewalt so I have a few batteries. I have only inflated my tires using my 4ah battery and it did the job that I expected it to do. I imagine it would do ok with a 2ah battery. If I was concerned about being able to plug the inflator into a wall outlet, then this would’ve been an unneeded purchase. It is convenient. It does what it’s supposed to do. I strongly recommend this product.

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  6. JMJR

    Since my wife and I bought our first home, I’ve pined for a compressor because I was sick of going to a gas station every time I needed to check our tire pressures or refill the leaky wheelbarrow tire. When DeWalt introduced this combination compressor/inflator, I was very intrigued because I already have a few Dewalt tools and 20V batteries, and the inflator would come in handy during camping.I really like that this tool can be powered by a 20V battery, 12 volt cigarette lighter port or 120 volt household outlet, though I do wish it included the household power cord (sold separately). I understand the 120v cord would have taken up more storage space on the tool, but it would have been handy to have all the options available onboard. I also really like the easy to read and set inflation pressure, the fact that it automatically stops at the preset pressure and the quality hose and brass coupler. The built in LED also comes in handy for checking tire pressures when it’s dark out.Three complaints I have: the inflator is very loud (louder than the compressor even), the inflator hose is short and kind of cheap feeling, and I’ve found that the automatic pressure shut off tends to stop 1 or 2 psi before the desired pressure due to a lag between pressure in the hose and the pressure in the tire. I remedy the last issue by setting the desired pressure 1-1.5 PSI higher than I want, which usually ends up right where I want it.

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  7. Mackay

    This DeWalt inflator is the tool you never knew you needed. I always find myself needing to inflate car or bike tires, air mattresses, kids’ balls, etc… I’ve owned many other inflators that ran off 12V or D-cells but they were slow and unreliable. Although expensive, this DeWalt unit does it all. You can run it off your vehicle using the supplied 12V cable or use any of the 20V batteries. The inflator lets you inflate just about anything and is capable of high pressures. You can set the desired pressure on the unit for things such as tires and its pretty spot on, I checked it with two different tire gauges. The build and finish are excellent as you’d expect from DeWalt tools at this price point. I just wish it would have come with a 120V AC adapter for use at home.

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  8. Roger

    This is a great little compressor. Just takes seconds to inflate tires. You can use any of the 20v Dewalt batteries as well as the 60v Dewalt flexvolt batteries, on the 60v the compressor no longer touches the ground but the battery is big and heavy enough to hold it up. It comes with the standard cigarette plug as well. It is fool proof, all digital controls, just set the pressure you want and connect the hose and away you go. It has a metal screw end to attach to the valve stem, so it is very easy to remove and install. I will still leave the junky little compressor I have in the car, but for trips or travelling the Dewalt is coming with me. It also has all of the adaptors for filling almost anything with air, and a little hose to blow air, I used it to dry me motorcycle. The only thing that is good and bad is the AC adapter N557514 is sold separately

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  9. Edwin

     Excellent product it take few times to pump air on a tire of 105 psi semi truck , so for this type of tire the average psi run time is 10 minutes pump 15 psi approximately,when the tire is over 90 psi it take I little bit longer for obvious reasons ,”is harder to pump the air to 105 psi” but in a few words I’m happy with this product, on a tire that was 50 psi it took 4 times each time (10minutes) with 3 breaks each of (20 minutes) to get 105 psi total air for the tire

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  10. paydenmarin

    Amazing product , i am a new construction plumber and this product is enough to pressure up an entire house of waterlines to 60 lbs. No problem. Way better then dragging out the compressor and the jenny.

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  11. Zed Ess

    Very useful design with the dual screen.Could be challenging when screwing onto the tire/rim valve to fill up the tire, but easy once you learn it.Had a unit from C Tire which was much slower and had unreliable PSI meter reader. This one is dead on.Quality product overall. With the DeWalt battery is the best/quickest way to use it if checking all your tires, as it makes things less complex compared to the power cable.

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  12. Rodrigo Cuevas Tenango

    Funciona a la perfección, lo he usado con mi auto y mi motocicleta. Es muy practico que no tienes que estar conectando al encendedor y descargando la batería de tu auto. El medidor de presión se puede calibrar automáticamente si vives muy alto con respecto al nivel del mar.Recomiendo totalmente la compra a quienes ya tiene herramientas inalambicaras de DeWalt, ya que usa las mismas baterías, ya que si no las tienes debes comprarlas aparte y eso sube mucho el precio total.

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  13. Guy Desnoyers

    Bought this a few months ago and am very happy with it. Have used it while verifying air pressure on cars and on pool inflatables. The “set and forget” function is so much faster and safer than the old guessing game I used to have to do (add a little, measure, repeat). With the Dewalt, you just set the target PSI and press start. This sped up my summer tire installations. Inflatables are easy as well. If this is your first cordless pump, I cannot overstate how much easier it is to work with versus a compressor. You can keep it in the trunk and feel safe from slow leaks as well. Great work Dewalt team!

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    Excelente inflador, estoy encantado con el, tardó solo menos de un minuto en calibrar una llanta, solo lo supera el Milwaukee en cuanto a velocidad de inflado, pero este tiene mucho más aplicaciones incluidas, como linterna, inflado y desinflado de colchones o inflables, así como que lo puedas conectar a la batería del coche y a un toma corriente de casa (no incluye el cable), gran calidad que solo la marca puede ofrecer

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  15. lance perrault

    Best pump I’ve ever owned for small tire inflator pretty fast and you don’t have to wait around to unplug it at the proper psi because it does it automatically. Removed one star because it should come with the fittings to inflate zodiac And water trampoline

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