DeWalt D180005 14 Piece Master Hole Saw Kit

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  • TOOL USES: Convenient sizes for plumbing, electrical, and door-lock installation tasks
  • DEEP CUT STYLE HOLE SAWS: Deep-cut style hole saws for improved efficiency and versatility
  • DURABLE: High-speed steel height and double-tooth design for increased durability
  • HARDENED BACKING PLATES: Hardened backing plates to prevent warping and thread stripping
  • INCLUDES: 11 hole saws, a small quick-change mandrel, a large quick-change mandrel, replacement parts, and case


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Designed for the versatile, demanding craftsman, the DEWALT D180005 14 Piece Hole Saw Kit combines all the trade specific tools from DEWALT Plumbers Hole Saw Kit, Electrician’s Hole Saw Kit, and Door Lock Installation Kit in one convenient, compact injection molded kit box.

At the heart of this kit are hole saws in 3/4-, 7/8-, 1-, 1-1/8-, 1-3/8-, 1-1/2-, 1-3/4-, 2-, 2-1/8-, 2-1/4-, and 2-1/2-inch sizes.

Each of these tools features a double tooth design for strength and durability, a special deep-cut geometry for fast, effective cutting, and thick, hardened backing plates to prevent thread stripping and ensure a long life.

The small and large quick-change mandrels in this kit help ensure easy set-up and improved productivity. And, like all DEWALT hole saw kits, the Master Kit comes with replacement parts, including two valuable Pilot Point centering bits, so that you can perform maintenance quickly and get back to work.

Specification: DeWalt D180005 14 Piece Master Hole Saw Kit

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3 x 9.8 x 7.3 inches

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15 reviews for DeWalt D180005 14 Piece Master Hole Saw Kit

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  1. Robert Gannon

    Ordered my first set, drilled 6 holes in oak kitchen cabinets using the 1″ holesaw. After this initial use most of the teeth were worn down or missing. Exchanged this set for a new one on amazon. One week later drilled a single hole in a metal j box with the 1 1/8″ hole saw. Same problem as before, most of the teeth worn down or missing. Ordered this set to replace a cheap holesaw set from HFT which gave up after much use and abuse, extremely disappointed with the quality and durability of this Dewalt set. Own alot of Dewalt tools and usually find the quality to be great but these were expensive junk. Will be returning to Amazon for a refund.

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  2. CBen

    I’ve had this hole saw kit for nearly a year. I’ve used it to drill wood and aluminum with no issues. They seem just as sharp as when I originally purchased them. The key to getting a great cut is matching the drill rpm with the size hole that you are drilling. I’ve always been a fan of dewalt and these live up to the reputation. When I purchase off amazon, I do a fair amount of research to make sure I’m buying the best product at the best price. This product met those requirements. Would definitely purchase again!

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  3. Awesome Opossum

    I use mine today on several different materials. Wood, plastic boxes, plywood, drop ceiling tiles. And they cut did not cut smooth. Very rough cuts. It was ripping the material not cutting it. And lots of plastic melting not cutting. They are ok for the price. But for professional work. I dont recommend. Do better dewalt!!!

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  4. Jack A. Loganbill

    This is a great set/kit for those like me who bore a wide range of holes. Used two of the sizes to bore 4 dozen holes and the hole saws performed well. I generally drill 3/4s of the way through the wood, flip the piece over and finish the hole from the opposite side to prevent tear out and to prevent the loose piece from jamming inside the hole saw. But even when the loose piece jammed, it was easy to remove. Seem sharp, stayed sharp, perfectly happy with the set.

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  5. Paul Douglass

    I bought this kit mainly for holes in wood. It works very well, the reason for only a 3 star rating is my 1 3/8″ saw was not threaded. It is useless. This is not Amazon’s fault so I wrote DeWalt and told them. As I expected NO response! I expected, at least, a response of “return it to Amazon and have them replace it” which would cost me more in shipping then to just buy a saw blade that size. I mainly resent not getting even a response from DeWalt. That is not customer service and with no customer service, I won’t deal with their products anymore.

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  6. simpleperson

    Good deal and I like the case. I have a collection of individual saws from different companies, but the problem I had was the mixture of arbors I had and always missing something. Got to the point where I just brought new ones, because I got desperate.

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  7. Shakhaza

    Used DEWALT hole saws for years, have had the least amount of issues with their release systems.Appearance and Quality (4 out of 5)Nice high contrast yellow, will quickly strip off exposing underlying metal with decent use. The case itself is actually quite nice, and keeps all the bits fairly snug with minimal rattling. These are bi-metal bits so I wouldn’t recommend this for everyday or contractor use.Price (5 out of 5)I feel with the quality and performance of this product the price is well worth it.NOTE: As long as you keeps the parts free of debris when you connect them you shouldn’t have much issue getting them apart again. This seems to be the biggest issue with hole sales in general.TL;DR Excellent product, will buy again, would recommend to a friend.

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  8. OCD_OBD

    Works great. Had to use the 18V for the larger mandrel. Did not fit into the 12V. But the hole saws cut right through the jeep hood sheet metal.Update. Drill bit section of mandrel snapped right off while drilling. Contacted Dewalt for warranty replacement. Will update on their response.Update. Dewalt responded quickly and is shipping out a replacement mandrel. Great customer support.

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  9. Francois hebert

    Excellent kit de départ et vraiment facile a changer de format avec les quick release holder ils peuvent facilement chauffer si utiliser a trop haute vitesse mais au prix qu’il était ça valait la peine

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    Un des Kits les plus complet. Enfin les petites cloches bimétallique sont facile a dévissé. Ne reste pas coincé quand on le dévisse avec le mandrin qui empêche la cloche de rester coincé.

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  11. Tecnología Interactiva

    Cumple con lo prometido, pero el estuche podría ser más práctico sobre todo en los costados (dónde se alojan las flechas)

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  12. Carlos

    Bastante práctico y cómodo de transportar con su estuche. Excelente calidad.

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  13. Gaétan Gaudreault

    J’ai fait plusieurs trou avec ces scie à cloche ,perce très bien et même quand qu’il y a un clou ça perce quand même sans difficulté et la mèche ne brise pas ,je peut percer encore plusieurs trou avec ,

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  14. Amazon Customer

    Nice set. Wish they made a larger set with bigger saws too. Oh well.

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  15. Amazon Customer

    As always, DeWalt provides excellent tools that would be of use to the DIY or professional. This was an excellent price for quality equipment.

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