DeWalt 20V MAX XR Brushless 1/4″ 3-Speed Impact Driver, Bare Tool

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  • Dewalt built Brushless Motor, Compact, Lightweight Design for tight spaces
  • Variable speed trigger, no load speed 0 to 1000, 2800, 3250
  • 3 speed settings for versatility with Precision Drive for added Control
  • (3) LED lights with 20 second delay after trigger release
  • No battery or charger Included


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The DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX XR Li-ion Brushless 1/4″ 3-Speed Impact Driver Bare tool features a DEWALT built brushless motor.

This impact driver has 3-speed settings for optimized application versatility, along with Precision Drive in speed 1 for precision applications and added control.

It offers three (3) LED lights with 20 second delay after trigger release to provide visibility without shadows. It also allows for one-handed loading 1/4″ hex chuck with easy grip sleeve, and accepts 1″ bit tips.

This unit has a compact and lightweight design to fit into tight areas (2 mm shorter than the previous DCF886). Includes belt clip. This is a bare tool item – battery sold separately.

Specification: DeWalt 20V MAX XR Brushless 1/4″ 3-Speed Impact Driver, Bare Tool

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8 x 3 x 5.9 inches

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15 reviews for DeWalt 20V MAX XR Brushless 1/4″ 3-Speed Impact Driver, Bare Tool

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  1. Flipper

    REALLY like the complete line of 20 volt brushless Dewalt tools. I have the impact, drill and Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit in the 20v/Brushless products. I also have many of the 18 volt tools. I never knew how much I needed an Impact vs a normal drill until I had a chance to use one. This effortlessly drives in screws that would have twisted off or otherwise make very difficult to drive with conventional drill. It does a FANTASTIC job as an impact wrench driving large lags into hardwood. Again, only after using one will you appreciate that you NEED one.I’ve purchased some as “bear” tools (without battery). Their batteries are PAINFULLY expensive. I looked long and hard at 3rd party batteries available for these tools. I think I will eventually buy some but for now squeezed out the money for a few 5Ahr and some 3Ahr batteries.These tools are a pleasure to use. Not sure what subtle charms a tool needs to project, but whatever it is, these give the right “vibe”.I am a bit disappointed how Dewalt markets the newer as “More Powerful” 20 volt. The newer may be more powerful as a result of the brushless design. But if you do a little Google searching, you will find that both old and new are actually 20 volts. As I read the articles, Dewalt seems to have sold the newer systems as a reason to upgrade from your inferior older “18 v” tools. Check it out for yourself…

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  2. Taylor G. Ives

    I bought this impact driver less than 2 years ago and it definitely cannot handle an everyday workload like I require. I am a builder who uses my impact driver everyday, and this tool does not live up to my needs. I have all Dewalt cordless tools (hammer drill, 6.5″ circular saw, grinder, multi tool, sawsall) and they work great, but the impact driver has had trigger issues right off the bat, as well as quick bit change issues, and most importantly driving issues. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TOOL to any hard working builder or professional who depends on it to get their job done.

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  3. Timothy Pajak

    I used a cheap 12v impact driver and was surprised how well it worked on screws. I’ve always blew off these impacts because I had gotten used to using a drill. Nope, never again.I can drive a 4 inch screw right into a piece pressure treated lumber without any pilot holes or stripping the heads of the screw. I honestly thought this tool was strictly used as a 1/4in impact gun for nuts and bolts. I had absolutely no idea how mind blowing easy this impact drives screwa in and out. I even reused old rusted screws from the wood I was replacing without stripping. Had I used a driver, I would have stripped out maybe 20% of them and probably had gone through several bit tips. I used the same tip for about 3hrs worth of work and it still looked like new.I absolutely love this impact. I can’t believe that I was too stubborn to try it years ago. Now my drill will be only used as a drill. I won’t even waste my time trying. I don’t know how I missed knowing the benefits of this thing. I actually look forward to using it because I’m still in awe of how the screws just effortlessly go right in. Somehow I just missed the memo about impact drivers.

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  4. Profe380

    Update I used it to put up a metal twin loft bed one first and every time I went to screw in the screw half way through it will shot off like going into protection like if I was screwing 6” bolts or something like I was forcing it to screw a massive screw not idk if that’s normal or did I get a defected one I did work good on the first 3 or 4 but then I notice it wasn’t preforming the same and it started to shut off so now I’m disappointed I’m not with my other two impacts the dcf894 and dcf899 or even the drill dcd777 so I wonder is that normal or did I get a defective one ..Used it today for a little job and I love it alot better then using a drill this little thing I’ll be using alot more then the drill, I cant wait to use it again will update .one thing I dont like is the wobble of the chuck/hex chuck makes it hard to drill a screw but hopefully dewalt will fix that one day ,but that wont make me stop using it that’s for sure it’s a minor thing I can deal with and I wont take away from it bc of that

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  5. Kevin Bastian

    I love this driver so much I bought 3 of them (so far). Our crew uses them for almost everything, so I may buy more. We drive screws with it, drill holes, drive lag screws and tighten nuts onto carriage bolts. The get used so much, it’s the tool of choice when we’re building wheelchair ramps. The only time I prefer a drill to drill holes is when it’s a really big hole or I need a hammer drill for concrete. Small holes in the end of deck boards to prevent splitting are much easier with this. It’s so light, and even the light 2.0 Ah battery lasts forever. The DCF887 has the brushless motor for more power and less maintenance. It has TONS of power. We don’t use nails in our ramps, only screws–so it gets a workout. I bought the kit that came with the charger and two 2.0Ah batteries (and case). I also bought several other bare DeWalt 20v tools, but decided to try Enegitech batteries, since they were so much less expensive. After more than a year, I’m sold on generic batteries, so save your money. Shop carefully, though; prices are all over the map. They are 5.0Ah batteries, and although I usually stick with the smaller DeWalt 2.0Ah that came with my kit (they’re lighter so the driver is a little more balanced that way and much easier for smaller people to use), if I don’t have a charged 2.0Ah ready, I just pop in the 5.0Ah and it runs forever. For my usage, I almost always keep the driver set on the middle power setting: 2. When set on 1, it doesn’t have enough power to drive most screws for me, but if I need precision, it’s a good way to get a screw started. However, after some experience, I find I can handle everything I need to do on 2. A bigger lag bolt might require 3, but not often. On 3, it’s too easy to drive the screw halfway through the board if you’re not careful. 2 is perfect for most of my requirements. Having a magnetic attachment is handy to hold your screws. I haven’t found one I love yet. But for driving screws, I can’t recommend this highly enough. You will love it! I strongly advise spending a bit more on this brushless one over the brush versions. More powerful and longer lasting.

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  6. Craig Strawbridge

    I love this toolA truly universal tool that everyone should have in their tool belt rather for home or commercial use

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  7. Taiser

    I’ve built a half dozen decks with a DeWalt cordless drill. Was told to try an impact so I got this for about HALF the price as the local big boxes (Home Despot and Lowes, not so LOWS prices) and gave it a shot. I don’t know why I didn’t go sooner. This thing blows a drill out of the water!!! Drives way faster with way more torque and I put a spare 2 AH battery on it and it lasts forever!!! My drill eats a 2 AH battery in no time. Do yourself a favor and if you are using a drill, get an impact instead!!!

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  8. Patrick

    Shipping was amazing, I got the item in just over 13 hours!!!! I swear Amazon keeps getting better and better with their shipping, to our area at least. Now on to the tool, it is perfect for me because I already have the Drill which uses the same batteries and did not want to spend over $250 buying this wonderful impact driver. Thank you Amazon for selling the bare tool for people like me. As for the tool it’s self it is amazing, very powerful and light….comfortable….and comes with a belt clip for added convenience. I have nothing bad to say about this product, the shipping, or Amazon.

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  9. Alan Hopkinson

    I have been using this for DYI work around the house for the last eighteen months. I had originally bought just the drill with bag and batteries but quickly realized that I also needed a driver. I ended up getting this model which is an upgrade from what is normally in those dual tool kits. It is conveniently lightweight and has performed very well in use, even suffering some drops, without an issue. One thing that stumped me a little was you need to pull the chuck forward a little to remove the bit. I love the LED lights which kick in automatically to light up the area being driven.

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  10. MS

    What a beast of an impact driver.Built a large garage shelf over the weekend and sunk about a hundred screws into dozens of 2×4 lumber. Didn’t even need to change the battery (ok this part should go towards the battery review).The impact driver itself is really nice and still feels compact even though it is the most powerful one in Dewalt’s 1/4 inch section .Lots of torque!Setting 1 has barely any power but that’s not an issue since it is meant for fine tuned driving of smaller screws. – EDIT: setting 1 actually works great for furniture assembly! While I’m usually not the type of person to attack an Ikea shelf with an impact driver, I tried it to see what the complaints about setting 1 from other reviews are. The result, it actually works just as intended. The driver drove the cam lock bolts perfectly flush into the particleboard without engaging the impact. EDIT END -With setting 2 and 3 on the other hand it almost feels like the driver wants to eat your screws for breakfast, lots of power and fasteners are set in seconds. I mostly use setting 2 all the time, more than enough speed and torque for most jobs.Love the added light, my old impact didn’t have this – very useful.Overall pretty happy and will hopefully get years of use out of this impact driver.

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  11. Vincent M.

    I upgraded from my Dewalt 18volt impact. I slowly want to switch to cordless Dewalt tools and the 20volt line up seems a good choice. The impact is brushless so no parts to service, has 3 speed settings, 3 led lights, one handed chuck. Some people say it’s heavy, but I’m used to it. I don’t see much different in weight from the 18v compact Li Ion impact. Dropped it from a 4′ ladder and not a scratch. Was going to buy a Milwaukee but since my fleet is mainly Dewalt decided to stick with black and yellow.

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  12. Ben

    Durable. Bought this to replace my non brushless one that’s been through hell. Used it everyday for 5 years as an auto tech, dropped many times, all sorts of fluids drenched over it, had sparks flying out of er’ at some points, grips kind of coming off now but still works great! This new one also working great as expected. I’ve had a great experience with Dewalt products

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  13. The great canadian

    So ordered this to add to dewalt collect as im switching over brands and this is small lightweight but packs a punch but setting number 1 on the driver is pointless and does nothing.Trying to put a screw in drywall with it and it puts screw in half way and stops.Setting 2 is great and does everything needed then setting 3 is overkill.

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  14. J-150

    This is my second brushless impact driver so far. More power, batteries last longer plus the 3 speed switch comes in handy when you need more control screwing into soft surfaces. Almost have Dewalts full line up of hand and power tools for my work as a commercial carpenter. Brushless is the way to go highly recommend this gun

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  15. Cliente de Amazon

    En cuestión de empaques llegó en caja bien y a tiempo sin pila, le coloque una pila de 4 ahp y lo he utilizado colocando mas de 250 tornillos de madera de diferentes medidas y sin ningún problema funciona muy bien, aun que a veces sólo en dos ocaciones he dejado un largo tiempo el atornillador con la pila y lo vuelco agarrar y como que no funciona, le quito la pila y se la vuelvo a colocar y funciona correctamente, sólo lo ha hecho en dos acaciones, no se si depende de la pila o el atornillador por eso le doy 4 estrellas.

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