DeWalt 20V Max Heat Gun Bare DCE530B

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  • Up to 990 degrees F/532 degrees C max output temperature
  • Up to 42 minutes of run time per charge
  • Led light to brighten dark areas when tool is in use
  • Lock off trigger to engage manual operation
  • 6.7 CFM


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The DCE530B 20V max cordless heat gun can take you places your corded heat gun can’t.

The cordless heat gun’s compact design allows for use in tight spaces and diverse applications.

From heat shrinking wire tubing to paint and decal removal, This cordless heat gun gets the job done.

It features up to a 990 degrees F max output temperature and comes with two temperature settings.

The specialty Lock on and off feature allows for hands free operation as needed.

The nozzle is the standard size of traditional heat guns, allowing attachments from corded units and other brands to fit with ease.

This cordless heat gun includes a flat nozzle and hook nozzle attachment.

Battery and charger sold separately.

Specification: DeWalt 20V Max Heat Gun Bare DCE530B

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8.2 x 7 x 3 inches

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15 reviews for DeWalt 20V Max Heat Gun Bare DCE530B

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  1. Just Chris

    Lets get this out of the way first…its a battery powered heat gun. If you are expecting hours of runtime that is just not happening here. Now, if you want something that is not fuel powered and you can take anywhere with you and have a runtime measured in minutes, this is for you.My need? I bought this primarily for heating adhesives for resetting logos on signs, zapping labels, heat shrink tubing, and the occasional frozen door lock. For all of those purposes it is AWESOME. It really does deliver on the heat, you just need to leave it run for a minute or two before you put it to work for best experience. That is not to say it doesn’t heat up fast, it is – just not instant like plug-in styles.Now for the con – It does like to go through the batteries quickly. I have not measured it scientifically but it feels like

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  2. Brandon Buckle

    Bought this to heat up and “relax” pex water line instead of using a torch. Was excited to not have to use in open flame as I have done in the past. Looking forward to the portability of the cordless heat gun. However, it just does not throw the heat out like I would have expected, even tried a 60v battery and it didn’t make a difference. I love dewalt tools, and this one is built extremely well. I’m sure I will find something to use it for. I am a GC, so my tools get used often, but this one I’m gonna have to find another purpose for. Maybe heating up lunch?

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  3. Matt

    Let’s get one thing straight, if you expect a full function heat gun NO cordless gun is going to make you happy. This tool is great if you know what to expect. I use heat guns all day tinting windows. This will not do the job like my Wagner but it does a great job DETAILING the film. I also use it for shrink tubing on remote staters. There will NEVER be a full function cordless heat gun. Downside is it will eat batteries but they all do. I have the big boy batteries so no biggie. I would like to see an auto cool down like other brands, probably coming on next model.

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  4. Larry Davis

    I bought this as a tool to install vinyl graphics, and misc. things around the shop. I have used Dewalt heat guns for years, installing full wraps, and basic sign making. I wanted one that I could grab and remove bubbles fast, or just to set small pieces of vinyl. It works great for that. Yes, as the other reviews say – it doesn’t move a ton of air when compared to the plug in Dewalt model – however what would you expect? It is a heat gun, they are power suckers – I am shocked it works as well as it does for 20 volts! It gets plenty hot! In other words, it is perfect for small jobs, such as heat shrinking electrical cords, setting small decals, and preheating items before spray painting. If you are doing epoxy tables, or full vehicle vinyl wraps – no, this is not the correct tool for that job.

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  5. James Dearth

    Gets hit quickly but barley blows out any air even on the highest setting. Hopefully a improved version isn’t far behind.

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  6. Rob

    I wanted to like this, but it was pretty disappointing. It barely blows any air out, on high it can hardly shrink down shrink tube, it has to be 1” or less away from the front or nothing happens. Also eats up batteries. Just not worth it. Back to the butane torch.

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  7. Rice Tongs

    Bought this for heating up the tape on golf clubs for easier removal. It does the job…for 4-5 golf clubs. It’s a good thing I have two batteries on rotation because it really only lasts a few minutes on “high”. The “low” setting hardly puts out heat.Be wary of that when you purchase. I love the cordless operation.

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  8. adam yaw

    Just what I needed. Some of the reviews I think are people with an expectation of a 1000 degree hair dryer. It states it’s 6 CFM. I needed this to shape some pex water lines….. and it’s perfect!! If your trying to tint a car or vinyl a whole car this wasn’t made with that in mind I wouldn’t think…… but it’s a 1/3 of the size of a $200 Master Appliance corded gun…… and cordless. I do a lot of 12v control panels and was great for shrink tube also. If you need a big crazy heat gun this just isn’t for you unfortunately…… but the corded Dewalt gun (don’t know the part number) and The Master Appliance guns are both really good.I would say this is about the same output as a $50 Wagner heat gun or anything in that class. Those are all 12” or so away from the work piece but like I said…… it’s cordless…… and it’s not a 2000 watt hair dryer

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I tested this Dewalt heat gun against the milwaukee m18 heat gun. Sorry Dewalt. I love your tools but this one just didn’t compare. I tried it on multiple melting type products. The reason I bought this is because i actually use Dewalt for everything. Just didn’t put out the heat that it was designed to. 1/5 stars.

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  10. Andrew Munro

    I primarily use this for heat shrinking cables and conductors as I’m an electrician. This has been such a convenience for me as I no longer have to search for an extension cord. This works perfectly for heat shrinking large conductors and gets close to the temperature of a regular corded heat gun.The battery life is not as long as a cordless drill of course but that is to be expected. It lasts a fair amount of time on a 5ah battery.Would recommend to people who need to use this at different locations and on the move.Perfect for electricians!

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  11. ctjuggler

    Overall I like the heat gun except for the most important part (the heat output) which is sub par compared to what I am used to from using a regular 120 V plug in heat gun.The attachments are nice & I like the fact the heat gun stands up and it has two heat settings and most of all I like that you can use it away from an outlet.

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  12. Barry White

    Holly you know what ,it is awsom! Yes it chews through batteries fast but that is to be expected on something like this.

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  13. Fiercebear

    I used this on a frozen lock and it worked great! Also I used it on an outdoor toilet to warm up seat for my butt lol! It also works good on equipment that’s outside in winter that are frozen as it doesn’t burn paint job but heats enough to melt ice, for this reason 5 stars as for other applications not sure.

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  14. R. Hansen

    Being cordless, don’t expect it to be even close to a corded tools performance. Fully charged 2ah battery lasts about five minutes. Usually that’s all I need to thaw a frozen drain valve. Very handy.

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  15. Amazon Customer

    thought this was going to be the best thing. batterie heat gun no cords, no needing to find outlets. However it just dose not get hot enough even with a 60 volt. great for heat shrink, but no good for bending PVC or in the cold weather.

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