De’Longhi Nespresso CitiZ EN 167.B Coffee Maker – Black

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  • High performance: The 19 bar pump system offers barista-style single-serve Coffee or Espresso every time, perfectly extracting the delicate flavor of each Nespresso original coffee capsule.
  • Speed and energy saving: The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds. The automatic energy saving function switches the machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity and can be extended from 9 to 30 minutes.
  • Versatility: Adjustable cup size with two programmable Espresso (1.35 ounce) and Lungo (5 ounce) buttons, making CitiZ a great Coffee maker for all your single-serve Coffee needs. Removable Nespresso capsule container, drip tray and water tank (34 ounce) for quick and simple cleaning. Pour over ice to create your favorite iced Coffee drinks.
  • Design: CitiZ’s look continues to please both Nespresso drinkers and design lovers, adding a touch of elegance to Coffee rituals.
  • Complimentary gift: Each machine includes a Nespresso original capsule welcome kit with a range of capsules with unique aroma profiles.
  • Power: 1710 watt


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With its new design, Nespresso Citiz by De’Longhi continues to please both espresso drinkers and design lovers, adding a touch of elegance to coffee rituals around the globe.

The Red Dot Award-winning, compact design fits into any urban kitchen without taking up too much space. The user-friendly features include two programmable buttons with automatic flow-stop for espresso and lungo coffee preparations as well as a folding cup tray for taller glass recipes.

The 19-bar, high-performance pump offers barista-style coffee every time, perfectly extracting the delicate flavor and premium aromas of each coffee capsule and creating an incomparable dense and unctuous crema.

The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds, while the automatic energy-saving function switches the machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity, making your life easier.

Keeping its iconic lines and premium finish, the range of intuitive and user-friendly Citiz machines embodies the expertise of Nespresso to suit all coffee drinking preferences.

Each machine includes a welcome set with a range of OriginalLine Nespresso capsules with unique aroma profiles.Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Specification: De’Longhi Nespresso CitiZ EN 167.B Coffee Maker – Black

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions15 × 5 × 11 in






7 reviews for De’Longhi Nespresso CitiZ EN 167.B Coffee Maker – Black

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  1. Christina B

    I bought the CITIZ DēLonghi Nespresso machine. I did a lot of research before i made my decision to buy either a DēLonghi or a Breville. All of the positive reviews tended to be for the DēLonghi and DēLonghi has been making the machine longer, so…I chose the CITIZ machine because it uses the OriginalLine pods and are a little less expensive than the VertuøLine. (all are recyclable). A prepaid postage plastic bag can be ordered free of charge from Nespresso to return the aluminum pods to a recycling plant. There is a video on the Nespresso website explaining the recycling process. I wouldn’t buy the Keurig coffee maker because their pods are plastic and are not recyclable. So glad I because the creamy foam the CITIZ makes is delicious.The CITIZ makes a wonderful espresso with a rich foamy creme that lasts for the entire latte. I could have bought the milk steamer along with the CITIZ but chose not to and now I regret not purchasing it as I make lattes and the steamed almond milk would really be nice to have. Oh well. There is a small container in the CITIZ that collects the pods which makes it easy to dump the pods into the plastic recycle bag. The container which collects the pods fortunately has about 1/2 “ at the bottom to collect coffee that drips out of the machine. I wouldn’t let more than 6 pods collect as the container might overflow. There have been reviews that this machine is rather noisy but it’s not any noisier than my former Senseo espresso machine. Not that noisy in my opinion. The water heats up in apprx 20-25 secs. I would have a cup underneath the spout when pressing the button to turn on the machine, as one time in the middle of heating the water, it started making the espresso! Don’t know what happened but hasn’t happened since, but i always have a cup under the spout before turning it on.I did buy some 3rd party pods that are advertised as Nespresso compatible, but the pods i bought are plastic, a little smaller and the coffee was inferior compared to Nespresso’s coffee. I think its worth the few extra pennies for the Nespresso pods. I like a milder espresso and have found that for me, the Pure Origin Rosabaya de Columbia is the best tasting for me and the Caramelito, A caramel flavored coffee that is very good. There are also decaffeinated espresso pods.I love this machine and I would and have recommended it wholeheartedly.

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  2. Doc Grim

    Loved that it was smaller than other models so it would not take up space on the counter top. .Loved the machine and used it everyday for 9 months. Then suddenly it stopped working and will only brew 1 oz water at a time, no matter how I try to reset. Not worth the price if I have to replace every year when you consider you could purchase a cheap $40 no name brand. From other reviews I am glad I did not waste my money on the warranty also as it appears they do not have good support or coverage.

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  3. Michael

    I received a Citiz machine as a gift from someone else, and instantly fell in love with it. It works so well— fill with water, drop in a capsule, and push the button. It heats up very fast, in about 30 seconds. If you run a small cup of water prior to the capsule, it keeps it rinsed out and preheats the cup.Used capsules are automatically dropped into a holding bin. It’s easy to remove and rinse out.I used a Keurig for a long time and got sick of the plastic capsule waste. Nespresso’s capsules are a bit more expensive, but they’re of uncomparably better quality than the Keurig cups. Sure, you have to go through Nespresso to get them, but in bulk they’re reasonably priced and have frequent deals. They’re also aluminum, and Nespresso offers a self addressed bag to recycle them.This machine doesn’t have the milk frother, but that works great too. I don’t drink lattes and stuff often enough to need it, but this is a great little machine that’s so much smaller and easier to use than just about any espresso machine out there.

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  4. Tom Mastascusa

    I loved this machine and the product it produces, but it broke 2 weeks after I was able to return it. Now I am stuck with a with a $170 machine that I have to press the button 5 times to get a shot of espresso. Literally press it 5 times. I am heartbroken.

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  5. T. Brunswick

    The item was open. It has fingerprints and the box inside is a mess. Supposed to be new. I need to give this as a gift for Christmas. I may have to return. Will update later.

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  6. SZheng

    I just received my machine two weeks ago. I must say I’m very impressed by the coffee that comes out of it. Coffee snobs would say it’s “not real espresso”, but in my opinion it’s actually better tasting than the overpriced espresso you get at many of the mediocre coffee shops anyway. Of course it doesn’t compare with good coffee shops or an expensive home setup, but that’s probably not what most people look for in a nespresso machine.Note that if you want to make a double shot you gotta use two pods. Pods are not very cheap, and some of them taste bland, but it really helps to be able to find out what you prefer from the welcome pack that comes with the machine.We mainly use our nespresso as a quick dose of caffeine in the morning before our hectic day starts. Occasionally we would make frothed milk with a French press to add to the nespresso, which works surprisingly well.If you order pods from the nespresso website you can get recycle bags for free and mail the used pods back at no charge. Even better if you live near a boutique store that recycles used pods. You can even empty the pods into the compost bin and then recycle the shell with your regular recycling. The pods are entirely recyclable because they’re made of aluminum. PLEASE RECYCLE YOU USED PODS!!!

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  7. Amazon Customer

    We enjoyed this De”Longhi machine which seemed to work fine until it began not sending water through the pods consistently about three months ago. We’d have to hold down the brew button to get it to work, and now 15 months after our purchase it sends an electric current to our finger when we do that, and won’t work at all unless we hold down the button and risk getting shocked. Big disappointment for a $174.36 machine! We’ll see if Nespresso honors a return at this point because it’s too late for an Amazon return. We’d always rather give a positive review when appropriate, but can’t for this machine.

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