De’Longhi EN 125.S Pixie Coffee Maker – Electric Aluminum

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  • Powerful Coffee maker: Espresso Pixie Espresso maker has a 19 bar high pressure pump that allows for a barista style result, unlocking the delicate flavor of each coffee capsule
  • Efficient and energy saving Espresso maker: system heats up to ideal temperature in just 25 seconds and automatically turns off after 9 minutes, consuming less Energy. Removable dip tray is available
  • Ease of use: The Pixie is a programmable Espresso maker with two one touch buttons to create your favorite Coffee and espresso recipes into the desired size; Espresso (1.35 ounces ), or Lungo (2.75 ounces); Pour over ice to create your favorite Iced Coffee drinks
  • Smart Espresso maker: the red backlights light up to let you know when the 24 ounces; Water tank needs to be refilled; The folding drip tray accommodates larger single serve cups and recipes such as lattes or cappuccinos; The Pixie is also easy to clean, the spent capsules are neatly ejected into an internal receptacle
  • Complimentary gift: Each Espresso machine includes a Espresso Original capsule welcome kit with a range of capsules with unique aroma profile


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The Nespresso Pixie by De’Longhi Coffee machine offers avant-garde design with elegance and functionality. Equipped with a wide range of advanced features, the Pixie machine is energy-efficient with a surprisingly compact design.

At only 4. 33 inches wide, It uses hardly any space and is perfect for smaller urban kitchens. At only 8 pounds, It is also easily portable.

The one-touch buttons with two capacities (espresso and Lungo) can be reprogrammed to custom volumes and are backlit for ease of use.

The 19 bar high-pressure pump allows for barista-style results, unlocking the delicate flavor and premium aromas of each coffee capsule during the brewing process and creating an incomparable dense and unctuous crema.

The fast heat-up system reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds, while the automatic power-off-function means the machine turns off 9 minutes after the last use.

Streamlined for maximum efficiency, this Coffee maker lives up to Nespresso’s reputation for high-end technology. Each machine includes a welcome set with a variety of espresso capsules.Cable storage

Specification: De’Longhi EN 125.S Pixie Coffee Maker – Electric Aluminum

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions13 × 5 × 10 in






7 reviews for De’Longhi EN 125.S Pixie Coffee Maker – Electric Aluminum

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  1. Amir

    Ok. I wanted a Nespresso machine for so long! Never thought I would buy this model but I did and I’m not regretting. This could be long but useful so read!I have a keurig machine. Never reaaly liked it because I love a coffee with crema. The tastes in keurig were dull and not fancy honestly, but it was cheap enough so I though what the heck!But came black friday and I saw Nespresso has dropped the prices. I always do a research before I buy something. Read the reviews and watch some videos if available.Nespresso has two line: Original and vertuo. Original line has smaller cups, vertuo has round bigger cups.Original cups and vertuo cups cannot be used interchangeably and there is no machine that accepts both. So you need to choose one line.Original line offers espresso and lungo shots and vertuo line offers Americano too.Here is the big game changer: original line cups price range is from $ 0.30 to $1.20 depending on buying from nespresso or other brands right here in Amazon.Virtuo line is from around a dollar per pod BUT BE AWARE: you may find original line pods from other companies but virtuoline cups are only purchasable in Nespresso brand. This means monopoly and higher prices.So with original line you have more choices and probably cheaper pods.Nespresso original line pods which are compatible with this machine are wonderful. The best. The aroma, crema and taste are amazing. Other brands are good but not as good. If you want to pay $ 0.70 per pod, then buy from Nespresso itself and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee.Remember that this machine won’t give you an Americano. Sure you can use 2 or 3 pods to have the same amount but wouldn’t really be financially wise to do so!One more important thing: the original line pods had about 50 to 60 mg of caffeine. So 2 pods equal one Keurig pod worth of caffeine. But hey, the coffee is richer and tastes much better and honestly Keurig pods aren’t really that much cheaper.The machine itself is cute. Smaller than I thought. Too simple to use!Just remember that you have to fill the water tank regularly as this is a small machine.Love the idea of an empty tank for used pods. Makes the machine really fancy.The bottons on the machine are programmable. You just simply press and hold each botton, water comes out, keep pressing untill you have the desired amount of water then let go. It’s done! But remember, too much water means a duller taste and more work in refilling the water tank so be wise about it.The aeroccino is pretty simple to use and if you use whole milk gives you a wonderful froth. I tried coconut milk but no success as it doesn’t have the fat needed for the froth.Just wash it after eash use and don’t use a metal spoon with it.If you like drinking coffee loke a European or if you simply like beautiful crema on top of your coffee every time, you will love Nespresso.

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  2. AvatarJennie

     Great machine! We travel to Europe often and Nepresso Machines are in most high end hotel rooms. The espresso they produce is extremely authentic and taste and rich in flavor. I have no complaints about this particular machine. Although it is a very small footprint in size. I bought it to replace an original Starbucks Verismo machine. Measures 9 inches high, 12 inches long and 4 inches wide. About the size of a decent size bagel toaster. Listen to my video if you would like to hear the sound of brewing

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  3. Sasha McKinley-Yunker

    Long story short: My parents had one of the old school Nespresso machines in the home growing up, and after I moved out I’d still look forward to the delicious coffee whenever visiting years later.Now that I’ve got my first place removed from the city center (ie not within walking distance to a cafe), I wanted to invest in a machine and immediately looked at Nespresso given my positive past experience with the brand.This little machine has an impressive amount of power behind it, operation is basic common sense, it’s stylish, and shockingly low cost. The coffee pods have enough variety to suit any taste (I personally love the Brazil, Ethiopia, Roma, and Livanto.)My one hesitation was that it only has two pours, and that my ideal cup of coffee is a hot Americano. No worries at all – just press the long pour twice in a row for a full 8oz coffee that is far superior to a pour-over and maintains a crema better than just adding hot water.Do glad I purchased this instead of a pricey or lower quality product – this is the perfect nexus of both.

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  4. Jeff Kimble

    I finally “get it”. Forget all of the technical specs and machine mannerisms and ability to clean. Forget that it doesn’t take up a bunch of room on the counter. Forget all of the detailed pros, cons, and other wishy-washy back-and-forth stuff most thorough reviews go through on high-end appliances like this. I believe I’ve found how to sum up the pleasure that this machine brings in one sentence.Ever since I got my Nespresso, I have found that it’s something I look forward to and actually SAVE instead of using every day.I often find that I’ll think about making a cup, but won’t unless it’s something I can take the time out of the day to savor. Yes, it’s reminiscent of coffee shops in Europe. Yes, that’s a good thing; that’s all you could ever want. The coffee’s the perfect temperature and tastes just phenomenal. The Aeroccino is something to be cherished. It makes perfect foam for your perfect cappuccino. It’s a pleasure having this machine in my life. It somehow wedges its way into your day, helps break routine, and forces you to sit down and really just enjoy a cup of coffee — something I think we’ve lost with the drip brewers that adorn our countertops today.In full disclosure, the last thing I had ever expected a “coffee machine” to do was make me sit down and reflect on life. That’s a tall order for anything, let alone a single-serve kitchen appliance. However, it makes some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and all from your home. This machine is an indulgence in pretty much every sense of the word but I would argue it’s one indulgence we should all make more time for.It’s great for anyone who ‘enjoys the little things’…or wants to.

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  5. Hilary Dowden

    Product was advertised as new but arrived used. Machine was covered in spilled coffee and had a used nespresso pod inside.

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  6. Michael Brooks

    Easy to use with great results

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  7. Michael Brooks

    Love it! So easy to use and takes such a small space on the counter.

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