Cuisinart TOB-200N Electric Oven – 1800W – 23.9 qt – Brushed Stainless Steel

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  • Spacious 0.75 Cubic-Foot capacity oven fits 12″ pizza and 6 slices of bread
  • 12 cooking functions, including rotisserie and convection
  • Rotisserie feature roasts up to a 4-pound chicken or 5-pound duck
  • Exact heat sensor maintains precise oven temperature
  • Always even toast shade control offers consistent results slice after slice


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A dozen different ways to cook and space enough to rotisserie roast a 4-pound chicken makes Cuisinart’s Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven in demand for every kitchen. 1875 watts of power heats the unit quickly and ensures precise cooking.

Generous size accommodates 6 slices of bread or a 12″ pizza.

With its brushed-stainless steel counter appeal and easy clean nonstick interior, this is an oven sure to please every creative home cook.

Specification: Cuisinart TOB-200N Electric Oven – 1800W – 23.9 qt – Brushed Stainless Steel

Weight29 lbs
Dimensions19 × 15 × 12 in






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  1. MerryChristmas

    MUCH smaller inside than expected. Interior is 11 3/8 wide” x 11 13/16″ deep. The indication online was that it is large enough to hold a 13x 9 pan without handles. This is NOT true. NONE of the information I was able to find stated the interior size so this is not a product failure, rather an advertising flaw. If you measure correctly, those are the correct measurements. There is a bump-out in the back so the 12″ pizza fits but it is not possible to get anything bigger than that inside. It DOES fit a full-size bundt pan or a 10″ round cake pan. The 8″ square fits as will a 9″ square. I have Rachel Ray Bubble and Brown bakeware and MOST of it fits inside. With the rack on the lowest setting, they work perfectly, Hence the 5 Star rating.***UPDATE*** 9/20-17 I have loved and used this every day since Nov 16, 2016. The word “Rotisserie” wore off so I called for someone to send me a sticker. They said no but would send me a new one for $10 shipping. I will also have to pay the return shipping but who cares??? I love this oven and customer service is just superb. Cuisinart quality is the best.The other reason for the 5-star rating is that it is amazing! I have fixed everything from Baby Back ribs on the rotisserie to meatloaf in the convection, to toast. I have also rotisseried a chicken, cornish hen and a pork roast. I have made desserts (bundt cake, apple peach cake, apple-cranberry crisp, 10″ cheesecake, a layer cake, casseroles including veggie casseroles, potatoes au gratin, baked macaroni and cheese (which really browned nicely, by the way). I can’t imagine how I cooked for 40 years without it. I am not into store bought or boxed food so I make everything from scratch and this is an amazingly useful product.

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  2. Rey Buzon

     I really like this appliance. I use it daily and trust the quality of the appliance. But one thing is the knob lettering is fading. I still recommend it to everyone that sees it.My cooks are consistent and there is no noise for all it does.I’ve used the rotisserie function over 20 times and it does a great job!Quick tip: every time you start/stop the rotisserie function it changes the direction of the turn. Just in case you set up your cook to render/have the fat flow out a certain direction.

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  3. Shepherdess

    I like this oven – would give it 5 stars but for two major isssues: inaccurate thermostat and not-so-nonstick coating. The oven gives the ready beep many minutes before it reaches the temperature set on the dial. And when it does, the temperature is always at least 25 degrees under the set temperature. Now, after four months use, my subjective impression is that it takes longer to get to the final temperature. If is failing, I hope it does so within the warranty period.The nonstick coating is a major flaw. I bought this oven because of the rotisserie feature. The grease spatter cannot be wiped off the next morning (grease spatter can be cleaned off immediately after use, but who wants to let dinner wait while the oven is cleaned?). In the bottom tray I let drippings go for several days, tried to use various workbench cleanup solutions. Finally used an abrasive cleaner, which removed the coating as well! When I first received the oven, I noticed tiny black spots in the coating. which suggests to me that this problem may be the result of a manufacturing defect. I advise new users to buy a SilPat liner forthe pan. And use parchment paper when possible.I have not yet contacted Cuisinart customer service. Another reviewer on this site had a disapppointing experience with Cuisinart. I don’t need more aggravation in my life right now!I have been a long time fan of Cuisinart products. I still have, and use, the CFP-9 I bought in 1977! But times have changed…after this expensive disappointment, I will use more caution when buying.

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  4. tara

    We only have it a couple of weeks but have made fabulous dinners with it. We have been able to cook a pork loin or chicken on the rotisserie while the vegetables cook below in the drippings. The clean up is a breeze. Has also worked just as good for roasting meat & veg as well as toasting bread & bagels. We live in an apartment & while it does get hot we find that it doesn’t put off as much heat as our oven to cook the same dinners. I had another Cuisinart Toaster/Convection Oven for the last 12 years & find some better design elements to this new one: the crumb tray can be emptied & cleaned from the front as opposed to the back, a little larger, stainless steel exterior easier to clean & the controls are easier to use. I loved my old one & used it constantly but I have to say I love this new one even more. This has to be the best kitchen purchase we have made in the last couple of years.

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  5. metis68

    This was great while it lasted. Unfortunately, it is less than two years old and has started tripping the circuit breaker while warming up. Forget about using it again unless you want to burn your house down.

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  6. Eestilady

    We bought one for ourselves and two months later another for our son, who liked ours so much. It makes the best juicy rotisserie meats I have ever eaten, and with the convection option, in the fastest time imaginable… a 2.5 lb silverside beef rump roast in 37 minutes! A 3 lb turkey roll in 1 hour 10 minutes! I’m still getting used to the timer for toast, but it also has options for how many slices and how dark you like it. As I bake most of my vegetable I am delighted by the ‘Keep Warm’ function… just in case people are not ready when the food is. I made a mistake today: I used the pizza function for the first time… and cooked a 12″ frozen pizza for lunch at 450 on the preheat cycle! It was done in less than 10 minutes: defrosted, piping hot and with a crunchy crisp crust, delicious. I don’t plan on doing that again though. Only down side is the baking/drip pan which stains easily and is a bitch to clean. Even tin foil doesn’t seem to protect it very well. It would be perfect if this part was nonstick.

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  7. Jim Shimko

    This was a Christmas gift to my son and his girlfriend. According to them this item is terrific and is exactly what they wanted.

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  8. Gino


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  9. Gaston Boisvert

    Malheureusement ce produit n’est pas en acier innommable (très facile a vérifier avec un aimant.

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  10. Joanne Talbot

    Good happy

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  11. Amazon Prime Customer – PennyC

    Very pleased with purchase. A little pricier than some but well worth the extra. Very easy to see buttons. Easy to clean and does a small chicken to perfection with rotisserie. Adjustable temperature.

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