ChefSteps Joule Immersion circulator – 1100W – Stainless Steel

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  • Smallest, sleekest sous vide tool available at just 11 inches tall and 1.3 pounds, with streamlined white body and solid stainless steel cap & base.
  • Saves space: Half the size of other sous vide machines, it’s small enough to slip into a top drawer. IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi compatible 2.4 Ghz only
  • Heats up fast: 1100 watts of power for hyper-fast water heating. System requirements: iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later, internet access required for some features
  • Perfect results: Visual Doneness feature in the Joule app displays exactly how food cooks. Dinner comes out predictably perfect, every time. Vessel requirements – Minimum water depth – 1.5 inch (38 millimeter). Maximum water depth – 8 inch (203 millimeter)
  • Wifi and bluetooth ready: Works with iPhone or Android? connect with Bluetooth alone, or cook from anywhere with WiFi. Bluetooth smart 4.0 wireless technology
  • Voltage warning: Works with 120 V outlets only. Due to our precise heating technology, voltage transformers and converters can damage your Joule, and use outside of North America voids the Warranty.
  • Note: Item is by chefsteps


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Joule is the smallest, most powerful sous vide tool available.

It heats water faster than any other immersion circulator or precision cooker and holds the temperature with absolute accuracy to ensure perfect results every time.

Controlled exclusively by a groundbreaking app that empowers sous vide veterans and novices alike, Joule gives you the freedom to cook from anywhere.

Maximum water temperature – 208 degree fahrenheit. Maximum bath volume – 10+ gallons (40+ liters).

Specification: ChefSteps Joule Immersion circulator – 1100W – Stainless Steel

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions13 × 4 × 4 in






15 reviews for ChefSteps Joule Immersion circulator – 1100W – Stainless Steel

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  1. Kevin Doyle

    I am not one who is easily impressed. While I admit a lifelong love for cooking, and the associated collection of kitchen tools, I can tell you I have sent a number of supposedly high-end items back because they did not live up to the hype.I got my Joule 3 weeks ago, and I am compelled to write this. On the day it arrived, and anxious to try the new toy, I scavenged the freezer and came up with a rather sad, most likely somewhat freezer-burnt pair of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I religiously buy meat fresh from the butcher, so these had been sitting there so long I did not remember when. They were in a ziplock, not vacuum sealed, so I did not expect much. What the heck I just want to experiment. I grabbed the 6qt stainless liner from my Instant Pot, filled it with hot tap water, clipped the Joule on the side and plugged it in. I had already loaded the app on my phone, so I followed the tutorial and got Joule renamed and running on my WiFi. It had me do a control test and heat some water from the phone, worked great and quite fast. I then selected the app’s Guide (their term for recipe) for chicken breast and followed the steps. I selected the “juicy” temp setting of 149°F, looking at the visual doneness videos to choose. I described the breast to the app as frozen and about 1.5 inches, and from that info the app chose the cooking time, and Joule began to heat the water. A few minutes later, my phone notified me the Joule pot was up to temp, and I could put the food in to cook. Since this was an experiment, I took one rock hard frozen breast, dropped it into a 1 gal Ziploc freezer bag, and dumped in some Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and olive oil. I then slid it into the pot, evacuating the air from the bag by submersion, and zipped it shut. I took the other breast, and left it to thaw, so I could try other things like pounding it to equal thickness, and trimming to shape before cooking. I then left the kitchen and Joule to hopefully do something impressive.My phone alerted me that Joule was done, and also that I could leave it for up to 2 more hours without over cooking. I got back to the kitchen and set my trusty cast iron skillet on to preheat for searing. I waited for my smoking hot pan, threw some olive oil in there, and opened the Ziploc, fresh out of the Joule. I patted the breast dry, seasoned, dusted with flour, and pressed it into the hot pan. I gave it about 2 minutes, and I had a great crisp brown crust. I transferred it to the cutting board and made a half-dozen bias slices. I noted almost no juice loss from cutting, but when I picked up a slice in my fingers, it was soft and a slight squeeze produced glistening juice. I popped it in my mouth and was treated to an exceptional mouthfeel of soft juicy chicken and crisp skin. Literally amazing…I enlisted 3 more family members to taste and they were all completely impressed at how perfectly this was prepared. My son put it best, he said, “I would be impressed if I tasted this at a fine dining restaurant, to taste it in our kitchen with you experimenting with a new toy you have no experience with…just crazy good.”Since then I have cooked probably 20 sous vide meals, my favorite was a dinner party for 4 using Chefsteps Filet Mignon guide with broccoli puree and radicchio salad stack. Plated with puree, then salad, and topped with the meat, cutting down through it all for one great bite is astounding! Puree is silky smooth, flavored with English cheddar, the shredded salad is balsamic, oil and dijon with fresh chives and blue cheese microplaned frozen into perfect flakes of flavor. The sous vide method IMO is the optimum method to do justice to a fine filet, finished with a roaring hot cast iron pan sear in butter and fresh herbs. My guests raved and I just can’t see the point of going to a spendy steakhouse when I can guarantee these repeatable results with sous vide.Probably the most impressive thing I have done so far is cook a 3lb, 2in. thick chuck steak for 48 hours sous vide. I finished it with a sear like the filet, and this cheap chunk of [email protected] meat had a mouthfeel like [email protected] tenderloin, plus a superior beefy taste tenderloin would never have. Understand, the chuck looked red and juicy, not grey like pot roast or beef stew. I may buy a second Joule just for long cooks like this…In conclusion, after 40 years of gourmet cooking, and an extensive knowledge of food chemistry and techniques, literally thousands spent on training, all manner of gadgets to major high-end appliances, I have found something that I am really excited about. I can legitimately say that cooking a protein by any other method will probably not be as good, and absolutely not as reliably consistent. I love the fact that instead of fretting over expensive meats using high heat methods, then having to let them rest, etc.; you can let Joule go past the done time by a couple of hours with no ill effects. It is just holding the meat at a consistent finished temp of say 129°F, waiting for you to finish by a quick sear and serve. Sous vide steak does not need to rest because it is already at temperature equilibrium, and its juices have not migrated…they have remained in place and keeping every morsel equally and perfectly juicy. You have to try this, the results speak for themselves.OK, I will go so far as to say if you are not cooking sous vide, you are not getting all the goodness you paid for in your food…and constantly putting your food at risk of cooking errors by traditional high heat methods. Plus, it is difficult if not impossible to duplicate the exquisite mouthfeel of sous vide. Remember this technique was invented in France in the 70s, initially to cook foie gras with less waste. It resulted in a 20% savings and a much higher profit for the restaurant, given the Rolls Royce pricing of foie gras. French cooking has always been about an obsession with perfection…sous vide cooking is exactly that.One other thing, I have read a number of comments with people concerned about cooking in plastic. My reaction is the sous vide results are so good, I would consider the risk for myself and my family mitigated. There is currently no documented hard corollary between cooking in BPA-free food safe plastic bags and direct health risks…UNLIKE the direct connection that charring food, especially meat, is carcinogenic. Now beyond government regulation, food purity and safety is always a personal choice…For me, I’ll chance my black grill marks and crisp corners…and I demand the thrill of eating sous vide.

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  2. Stuff Ninja

    I’ve used this product about 10 times top over the last 4 months, this last use, it completely stopped working. I bought this based on a recommendation from a friend, but in hindsight I paid double for an inferior product that is a bit smaller.I’m sure this isn’t the case for most, but besides it failing it always had strange connectivity issues. When I contacted support, they told me essentially to kick rocks because it was bought from a 3rd party seller and not directly through them. While I understand their argument, I would have at least expected A Little Bit of Sympathy for their product failing prematurely. Their only advice was to contact the seller I purchased it from, but they would not honor their factory warranty. Definitely disappointingTo clarify, I purchased this through Amazon Warehouse.As to what and how it failed, because after going through some other reviews, I noticed this is not the first time this has happened to one of these units.As the unit was running, I started getting strange connectivity issues (per usual) and then I noticed the temps jumping from 130 all the way to 190, at that point it had lost its connection and gave me some failure note stating there was a Critical Error and to contact support. Mind you, this was when it was in use cooking something which ended up in the trash because I couldn’t get back in time. After that, no power, no lights nothing. Just a dead plastic cased stick.I took a closer look and saw that the unit had developed a crack when it was overheating, I’m assuming it destroyed itself, since it was in water and water got to a place where it didn’t belong. It could have been much worse than just a failed unit since I was not around when it happened.

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  3. Kindle Customer

    Worked great for a while, then wouldn’t stay connected to bluetooth and then started having issues maintaining temperature. Called Chef Steps directly and because I bought it from Amazon they cant help me and because Amazon return period has passed, I guess we are SOL.

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  4. Bob Cerelli

    While it does start and cook food great, it always looses the internet connection. As a result it never turns off when it should. So the timer feature is useless. This has been with four different phones and tablets, two different wifi connections, even tried using my mobile devices as mobile hot spots.

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  5. Gadget Guy

    I have been Sous Vide cooking for a while using a Paragon. While it worked just as well as this one it required a lot of space to store. This new Joule is smaller than I imagined and it really gets the water to temp quick. I purchased the LIPAVI container and tailored lid…they fit like a glove! I like Sous Vide since it only takes 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to clean up everything when done…does not disrupt my workflow and I eat better…win win!Just dropped in a Flat Iron steak…mouth watering already.Update:Just purchased a second one so I can do steaks at two different temps…these things ROCK!

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  6. Constance Pare

    Used the Joule to make blade roast, mashed potatoes, asparagus and Creme Brulee. Each recipe has been easy to make and using the joule makes cooking a breeze. I can be shopping and operate the joule as needed using my phone. Added bonuses are the compact size and sleekness of this unit, and the ChefSteps app, complete with photos to inspire and instructions to guide you through the recipe. I plan on taking it with me when visiting my mom where I can assist her in making meals at her home.

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  7. Margaret

    Wonderful Sous vide immersion cooker! I was hesitant about the wifi, versus the controls on the actual cooker, but it worked so beautifully and was super easy! The app on the smart phone worked perfectly and the recipes are so accessible and easy to use.

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  8. W

    Great product. Had issue re Wi-Fi/Bluetooth set up but what came down to was the “actual” owner in our household. Called Joules and all was straightened out. Borrowed Avona but like the size of Joule better.

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  9. Erik Daniel Guerra Rodriguez

    Me encanta!Es demasiado facil de usar. La precisión con la que cocina es impresionante.Los platillos quedan Deliciosos! Definitivamente es una excelente compra.

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  10. Cliente de Amazon

    Fácil de usar, puedo empezar a cocinar antes de llegar a casa o cuando salgo a comprar los complementos de mi comida. Cocción a la perfección

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  11. Louis G.

    This product changed my life LOLSeriously, well built, powerful, accurate and light.Also, NO NOISE !!!

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  12. Bonita Kan

    Love it better than my Anova and price is better

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  13. Xavier Salcedo Gual

    Llego en la fecha prometida y el aparato esta espectacular, junto con la app tienes todo el apoyo para iniciar desde lo básico hasta lo maa elaborado

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  14. Amazon Customer

    It’s great and I got to name it JoulioJones

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  15. Rita J

    I first tried this out on steak and it was amazing. I am new to the “Sous Vide” world but am having so much fun doing it. You will not regret buying this product.

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