Celestron Ultima DX 72022 8×56 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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  • 8x magnification porro prism binocular. Fully Multi-Coated optics for extremely sharp, clear views.
  • Rugged full-size design for maximum image brightness
  • Nitrogen purged for waterproof and fogproof performance
  • Multi position twist-up eyecups for quick adjustment and optimum eye relief
  • Suitable for terrestrial or astronomical viewing
  • Protective rubber covering for ultra-firm grip. Carrying case included for travel and safe storage.
  • Large center focus knob for easy focusing



Celestron’s SkyMaster Series of large aperture binoculars are a phenomenal value for high performance binoculars.

Ideal for astronomical viewing or for terrestrial (land) use, especially over long distances.

SkyMaster models feature high quality BaK-4 prisms and multi-coated optics for enhanced contrast.

Celestron has designed and engineered the larger SkyMaster models to meet the special demands of extended astronomical or terrestrial viewing sessions.

Linear Field of View (@1000 yds) / @1000 m): 305 ft (102 m).

Specification: Celestron Ultima DX 72022 8×56 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions9 × 4 × 10 in






15 reviews for Celestron Ultima DX 72022 8×56 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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  1. MGM

    Ok. I chose this Binocular over its more popular cousin 8×56 thinking that a 9×63 model will give me an up-close look at some planets and even a better view of some stars (as a clearer and brighter dot than as a fuzzy dot). I also foolishly thought (my mistake) it may even let me see faint, fuzzy pictures of some nebulae, clusters, galaxies (i know i am talking about a Binocular here and not a telescope :-)). But, i found out that the use of a medium-sized Binocular is more to scan the skies than to observe.First thing i noticed is it does feel a little heavy compared to the 8×56 (i tried 8×56 at my local store). The weight (38 OZ vs 44 OZ) difference does not seem to be much, but it is noticeable if you are holding it for longer duration.In terms of Opticals, this Binocular uses Porro, BAK-4 Prisms and are Fully Multi-Coated. Usually the coatings go like this – Single Coated, Multi Coated and Fully Multi Coated; Fully Multi Coated being the top quality. This improves the transmission quality drastically by reducing the reflections and light loss which leads to clearer and brighter views. Its fully waterproof and has an angular field of view of about 5 degrees, which is decent (8×56 model has a FOV of close to 6 degrees). 63mm is a good size for the Objective lens and 9x magnification is decent for a almost shake-free viewing. But, let me warn you that this thing shakes a lot unless you support your elbow or use a tripod (I use my camera tripod most times). Viewing moon was brilliant, but the other day I was trying to see Saturn – it just appeared as a small orange dot. No way one could make out its rings or moons. Whoever says they can indeed view some planetary objects with great or even good details, I don’t know how true their claims are.I started using this Binocular to scan the skies to get to a particular area of the sky (because it has good FOV of about 5 deg compared to a typical medium sized telescope’s FOV of about 1 degree or less). Then, once i could point to a small patch of sky with a few stars, I use my telescope for closer observation. I must say that I was able to see Mizar and its fainter companion star Alcor (in the Big dipper constellation) – the most famous double stars in the sky. But i think some people can see these stars even in naked eye if the sky is probably dark enough without any light pollution and if they have razor sharp eyes.As far as other features like Exit pupil (7 mm exit pupil makes the viewfield brighter as our eyes dilate to 7mm in the dark; however as we get older its more like 5mm pupil dilation for us), Eye relief (18 mm – good enough if you wear eye wear) etc., – this binocular fairs well in those areas.I do have a second thought of returning this 9×63 and buy 8×56 which will help me reduce the shake and weigh less in my hands. I think 8×56 is a better option. I know we always tend to think, why not get a bigger objective lens and higher magnification for even a cheaper price, given all other things are equal between these 2 models. But, i found out that there is a reason why 8×56 sells for more price than 9×63 and why it’s also the most popular model in medium sized binoculars (as rated by the Space.com review). So, my suggestion for those of you who are on the fence, you may be served well with a 8×56 model because of a slightly less shake when holding and also the slightly lesser weight.Also, note that there is a ever confusing cheaper model 15×70 with the same model name. That model is not up to the par with these 2 smaller models. Amazon’s title is missing a “DX” in the model name (title). 15×70 is cheap because its not Fully-Multi coated (its just multi coated) and also not water proof. I am not sure even if the BAK4 prism quality is also different in these models.In conclusion, do not expect to see wonders in astronomy with this medium-sized binocular. For that you need either those monster binoculars or a medium sized telescope (even a telescope with a 6 inch objective lens usually comes with over 50x magnification and also has a good light gathering capacity due to its 150mm objective lens). So, clearly identify your needs before pulling the lug on this binocular (especially astronomical needs). Clear skies!

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  2. Arun

    My other hobby is photography, so I am appreciative of good optics. I originally purchased the Celestron 15x70s which were decent, but had significant chromatic aberration. I returned them in favor of these. For the day or so I had both, I found that the image from the 8x56s was brighter and had less CA. The brightness difference is expected of course, based on comparing the ratio of apertures to that of magnification – the 15×70 does not have a large enough aperture to compensate for the brightness loss from the increased magnification compared to the 8×56 . The color rendition is excellent on terrestrial subjects, noticeably better and cleaner than the cheaper binoculars. The lower magnification allows better handholding while still being enough to pick out the same objects that the 15×70 could. So far, I have been able to easily see Jupiter’s Galilean moons even from the light polluted skies of Milwaukee. Saturn’s beautiful orange hue is visible, and its oblate shape is noticeable, though the magnification is far insufficient to pick out its rings in either pair. From the darker skies of rural Wisconsin, the Beehive cluster in the western sky near Castor and Pollux, and M13, the great cluster in Hercules are easily visible, as is M31, the great Andromeda galaxy just past midnight in June; they might be from light polluted skies as well, but the difficulty is in finding the constellations with the naked eye to know where to look. The crescent moon is spectacular from any location; from a dark location, the gibbous moon is almost blindingly bright. With a Barska tripod adapter, I am able to use my camera tripod and ball head for more stable views and to show celestial objects to others. With this and fine focusing (the focus ring is well made for this), Jupiter can be seen as a clear circular object with better views of the Galilean moons, and the phase of Venus can be determined. Yes, these binoculars are heavy for their size, but that doesn’t bother me; I’m used to walking around with a heavy lens/camera for hours, and these are feather weights in comparison. I consider the aperture and magnification to be near perfect for the purpose – for more, you are likely better off with a telescope. They are well built, come with a strap, lens caps, and a very nice bag. I was also happy to read that the manufacturer offers a lifetime, no questions asked replacement warranty for a small fee. Overall, excellent and highly recommended. I also highly recommend the Stellarium app which is great for planning your star gazing, well worth the small price to have it on your mobile phone.

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  3. Jason

    These are amazing. Very portable in a sturdy case. I have used these for stargazing, watching wildlife, and at the range while zeroing two of my rifles. They have been in cold and hot weather, gone from my warm truck directly into 30 degree F. weather with no fogging or glazing in the lenses. They have been bounced around while going off roading and have been dropped by my wife when she got excited by an elk coming through the brush. Still provide a fantastic picture.

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  4. eclectic shopper

    These binoculars were recommended by “The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide”. Being new to the hobby, I decided to place my trust in the authors of this acclaimed book. This is one time everything worked as designed. For astronomy, they are simply wonderful. The optics seen to be very well designed and the design well executed in manufacture. I thought the 8X magnification might be on the conservative side. This is not the case. More than 8X is going to be difficult to hand-hold. That being said, I believe these to be perhaps the best bang-for-the-buck available in an astronomy-focused binocular. They are also very good for other pursuits such as bird watching and marine use. Just a very good product all around. Very Highly recommended..

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  5. Goose

    Great Bins but, not easy to fine focus and though some might say they can be held – they are quite heavy. Build is good quality and the feel solid. Good sturdy case and a free cleaning cloth. As a ‘starter’ pair of bins they kind of do the job but, I wish that I’d gone up to the next size. Nevertheless the delivery was on time and well packed. Can not fault the supplier in any way.

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  6. DJ Osy

    I bought these 9×63 binoculars for astronomy / star gazing wide field visual work. The Seven Sisters and Hyades star clusters look amazing and noticeably richer than in my 8×48 pair of binoculars. Slightly heavier than my 8×48 binoculars but I found the 9×63 celestron binoculars comfortable especially when sitting on a garden / fold up chair.

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  7. Qinqstalov

    The 8×56 never arrived but I was offered the Celestron 9×63 instead which has equal exit pupil capabilities and more magnification for the same price. Overall I’m happy with the deal

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  8. Spriteyuk

    Love them – crisp and clear, and not given to fogging up

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  9. Oscar

    Amazing. Totally worth it. You get what you pay for and it is worth every penny, if pennies were still around. My first set of binoculars and the right size to carry around and not get too tired. The first thing I looked at was the moon and it had some amazing details. Looking at the stars with these really makes you reconsider everything around you and is a reminder that we are only one planet surrounded by billions of stars.

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  10. Antonio

    No me fiaba mucho de Celestron, por el pésimo control de calidad que tienen, he comprado algún otro de esta marca y siempre con defectos y devuelto. Este parece que está bien.Estoy contento con el. La imagen es muy buena, de gran calidad, son muy luminosos. Tienen muy pocas aberraciones, aparte de alguna perdida de definición en el borde extremo. Yo pensaba que iban a ser más grandes y pesados, pero se manejan muy bien. Los accesorios incluidos podrían ser de mejor calidad. No es el prismatico perfecto pero está muy bien.

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  11. GA

    Need some reasonably priced, large-ish aperture but still portable, high quality binocs? Then these might be for you!The optics are sharp to the edge of the field; fully multi-coated, so ghosting and other optical aberrations are minimal.They have enough aperture to yield bright night-time images of the sky, and can be used to track down some of thedeep-sky objects that smaller apertures cannot. I also own the smaller 8×56’s, and purchased these for work, hopingthey’d have the same quality but slightly more light-gathering ability. Not disappointed! One thing – Celestron seemsto have stopped including the tripod adapter, making it an extra expense. While the size & weight of these binocs isvery reasonable, you’ll probably want some sort of tripod or parallelogram binoc mount for extended or overhead viewing.Solid build & optics – much better than the non-DX SkyMasters, BTW – for the price. Highly recommended.

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  12. Chris

    These are my 2nd pair of binoculors. The first was a 7x35mm model based on a sturdy but somewhat older design. This pair meets all my expectations for astronomical viewing. The light it gathers in to see the constellations is beautiful and remarkable. I have had no issues so far in two weeks of viewing. These bring to life the Pleiades and turn them into fireworks to behold.

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  13. Z240Z

    Tried this outside at night in a city and despite too much light around the street I could see alot of stars. Also shows very bright and sharp views of backyard birds. Easy to focus andhas a wide field of view. Big and somewhat awkward to carry but does not weigh too much.The rubber eyecups are thick-walled and so come in contact or press on the nose I found.Wish they were thinner and more flexible.Seems to be well built, hope it lasts.

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    Well made with good optics, a little on the heavy side, this binocular is designed for astronomy though could be used for other purposes if needed, though not recommended, if you want bird watching binocular go for something smaller,however for the night sky it works very well. The lens caps could be a better fit however for its price its a very nice binocular.

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  15. Amazon Customer

    Awesome Binoculars! Works beautifully for star gazing as long as you have it attached to a tripod. I bought the Celestron Tripod adaptor which works very well. So far I have been able to view the Moon in many phases, Jupiter and its large moons, and numerous star clusters. My first viewing of the Beehive Cluster a few nights ago was breathtaking. Highly recommended.

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