Celestron SkyMaster Pro 72031 20×80 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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  • Large 80 mm objective lenses for excellent light gathering in low light conditions or for astronomical observing
  • Detachable RSR rail for attaching an optional red dot finderscope
  • Rubber armored for improved ergonomics and protection from every day use in the field
  • Waterproof and nitrogen purged for use in all weather conditions



SkyMaster Pro binoculars are the ideal choice for amateur astronomers or anyone that observes at great distances. Compared to lower-priced large aperture binoculars, SkyMaster Pro uses superior optics, coatings, internal parts and housing materials. With large objective lenses, BaK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics utilizing Celestron’s proprietary XLT coating technology, the view through a SkyMaster Pro is second to none at this price point.

Massive Objective Lenses – The 80 mm objective lenses have tremendous light gathering capabilities, delivering superior low light performance, even in the dimmest conditions. Choose SkyMaster Pro for use at dusk, dawn and nighttime astronomical viewing. Fully Multi-Coated Optics and BaK-4 Prisms – Every air-to-glass surface is multi-coated with Celestron’s proprietary XLT coating technology.

These coatings coupled with BaK-4 prisms increase light transmission through the optical path and deliver crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution. Built in Tripod Adapter and RSR “Reflex Sight Ready” Rail – The built in tripod adapter of the SkyMaster Pro 20×80 not only allows the binocular to be attached to a tripod for added stability but it also acts as a balance rail by sliding along the center support rod.

A red-dot finder can also be attached to the center support rod utilizing the removable rail. When properly aligned with the binocular, the red-dot finder will allow objects to be brought into view quickly. Lightweight, Waterproof Construction – The polycarbonate and aluminum housing allows the binocular to be lighter weight without sacrificing its durability.

The housing with protective rubber armor is extremely rugged and durable with the ability to handle tough use. The fully waterproof housing for use in all weather conditions provides peace of mind when unexpected weather rolls in.

The housing is also filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the internal lenses from fogging when moving between extreme temperatures or when using the binocular in damp conditions.

Enhanced Magnification – Bring distant objects into view with 20x magnification—great for observing celestial objects in greater detail, searching for wildlife in the brush or viewing a distant object on the horizon.

Specification: Celestron SkyMaster Pro 72031 20×80 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions11 × 7 × 16 in






15 reviews for Celestron SkyMaster Pro 72031 20×80 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Dhibbits

    Since I’ve bought these I find myself breaking these out more than my telescope . If your looking to get into astronomy or simply just tired of lugging around your big bully telescop for a short star gazing sessions these are worth checking out . You can make out jupiters moons , Saturn’s ring , orion nebula , andromeda galaxy and many other objects with the binoculars.

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  2. Michal M.

    Great binoculars for the price. I actually ordered these AND the Oberwerk’s 20x80LW to compare them side by side. They are both equally good. Celestron’s have a warmer (yellowish) color to them (compared to the crisper bluish color of Oberwerks), and are about 95% sharp edge to edge. The focus is smooth. They are considerably heavier than Oberwerks, but at that size that’s expected. Get a solid tripod for these, entry level ones will NOT do!!! The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because I did the comparison with Oberwerk’s. Had I had no point of reference I’d give it 5.

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  3. Farley I.

    Just Wonderful Binoculars. … The Right Eyepiece remains in place where you focus/adjust it (in other words it and the main focus-adjuster are stiff to turn/adjust and stay in place like they both should be). ….At 20x Power + 5lbs … use a Tripod for the Best Enjoyment. … I like this binocular so well that I just ordered a 2nd pair of “Celestron 20×80 SkyMaster Pro” binoculars, an “Orion Tritech II Field Tripod with Fluid Pan Head”, a “Messier Observer’s Planisphere”, and a “Guide to the Stars” for my two grand-kids as their 1st Telescope.On the 1st clear night with these 20×80 binoculars mounted on a tripod, I am able to see Jupiter and clear separation of 4 of its largest moons … and with two eyes. From what I saw through these binoculars, I would not recommend any more powerful binocular because Jupiter would then more quickly fall out of view … due to the rotation of the Earth.

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  4. Turner Bryce

    Everything about these binos I loved. They should be the max size binos for astronomical purpose without upgrading your tripod. Land viewing was perfect as well. With the help of smaller roof binos, you can see most globular clusters. I even saw Bode’s Galaxy and Cigar Galaxy (M81 and M82). Very dim, but you can make it out

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  5. carlcat

    I really wanted to like these. The fit and finish is very good with rubber coating to prevent dings. The diopter, eyepieces and tripod bar worked very well with close tolerances but not too tight. So, what’s the problem? First, it had way too much color for daytime use. I would have been more than happy to have paid twice the price for better glass. I had a pair of Celestron 11×80 bins during the 80’s that were made in Japan, they were incredible, so, I know what a good pair should look like. Also, they arrived collimated but I still had a tough time getting them to focus sharply…just not acceptable images. Also, they came poorly packed like someone returned them before and they resent them to me. If I’m buying new, I want new. Also, they are listed as 4.5 pounds but they weighed 5.4 pounds on my food scale which I know is accurate. In their favor, I measured prism clipping with a flashlight and they measured a full 80mm. This is Celestron’s top binocular in this size. So, my other alternative is Oberwerk’s 20×80’s. Their lightweights I already know have too much color and their Oberwerk 20x80mm Deluxe III is a triplet and weights a whopping 7lbs, way more weight than I wanted………..back to the drawing board.

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  6. Jill Samuels

    Binoculars work great! Must have a tripod. I purchased the Celestron red dot locator and loved it! Worth the $12 to be able to find what you want to see so easily!

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  7. Arbytronix

    Original pair ordered was improperly collimated. Celestron replaced them and verified collimation at no cost to me (shipping too). 5 weeks required for replacement.Requires firm elbow support to stabilize when holding by hand as these are high magnification.Mounting adapter works well with tripod or dovetail adapters.Chromatic aberration noticeable in high contrast daylight viewing.Light gathering ability good for messier objects

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  8. Kalib P

    This a great binocular for viewing the stars. I was quite please with this product and recommend this seller to others.

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  9. Piglet

    Chromatic aberration control was overwhelmingly poor, Venus and the Moon looked like Christmas tree borbles, very poor lens correction indeed. Forget any pinpoint stars because all you see is very poor astigmatism / seagull wing type views ( this was not down to my eyes as I have other binoculars that show pinpoint stars etc….) I was shocked just how poor these binoculars were. Maybe I was unlucky and the collimation was out due to rough handling during storage and transportation, but I don’t think so as there was no double vision.

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  10. Baz Cuda

    Superb. They pick out all the detail on the Moon that the photos in my Moongazing for Idiots book show.If you’re built like the proverbial, they can be used without a tripod for scenic views, yachts and ships etc, but even for a hefty unit like myself, I’m happy giving my arms a rest every now and then, and when I do hold them up I find it useful to tuck my arms in so that my elbows are resting on my torso to create a quasi support frame. Most people I’m sure would be more comfortable with a tripod, especially for astronomy – I use a Hama Star 63, available from all good Amazon outlets near you. Handheld for astronomy with these is a complete no-no – Jupiter simply refuses to stay put and be observed.Easily focusable, and the tripod mount can be adjusted laterally to get a good balance before tightening everything up.

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  11. GEO MAC

    Bought with a little hesitation due to the extra price but happy I did.Build quality is excellent , covers stay put and happy that I could add a separate red dot finder (mounting clip supplied )Tripod is a must.

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  12. HDumpty

    My first Astro-binos and I am delighted. You do need a tripod for them though as they are heavy. Image quality is excellent and i only wish we had more clear skies! Easy to use and the only gripe I have is that the case they come with is very flimsy – a more sturdy case would be better to protect the binos.

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  13. Ajaja

    Excellent binocular for deep sky astronomy. Well collimated and stars look nice and sharp in the centre.Well worth the asking the price.

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    Ideal for infinity and beyond, they are heavy without a doubt but with a good tripod or monopod they are very good

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  15. john boy

    Brilliant for the moon view and stars

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