Celestron Regal M2 52306 22-67×100 Spotting Scope – Fogproof/Waterproof – Zoom – Green

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  • QUALITY ED OBJECTIVE LENS: Extra-low dispersion optical glass with special dispersion properties to dramatically reduce chromatic aberration, rendering razor-sharp images with superb color correction. Enjoy true-to-life color with enhanced resolution and contrast.
  • XLT LENS COATINGS: Fully multi-coated with Celestron’s proprietary XLT optical coatings – the same coatings used on observatory-class telescopes. This coating maximizes light transmission through the optical path for brighter images. A great addition to your field gear!
  • PERFECT VIEWING ANGLES: Use your spotting scope with the included 22-67x zoom eyepiece or any 1.25” astronomical eyepiece. Regal M2 ED’s rotating tripod mount allows you to position the eyepiece at the most comfortable viewing angle.
  • INCLUDES ESSENTIALS FOR BETTER VIEWING: The Celestron Regal M2 100ED includes a padded view-through case, an objective cover, eyepiece cover, storage covers for the eyepiece and eyepiece port, a T-mount adapter for attaching your DSLR camera for digiscoping, a cleaning cloth, and an instruction manual.
  • UNBEATABLE WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Buy with confidence from the world’s #1 telescope brand, based in California since 1960. You’ll also receive a two-year warranty and unlimited access to technical support from our team of US-based experts.



Our Regal M2 ED spotting scopes are optimized to provide the sharpest images available during both day and night.

Celestron’s top-of-the-line spotting scope is an ideal choice for birdwatching, observing nature, long-distance viewing, and casual astronomical observing, as it provides you with all of the advanced features usually found on more expensive scopes, including extra low dispersion (ED) glass, XLT lens coatings, a dual focus mechanism, and a lightweight magnesium alloy body, which is strong, durable, and weather-resistant.

This model also includes a T-adapter ring for digiscoping with your DSLR, which will allow you to easily capture sharp images and video through your spotting scope.

Fully waterproof and fogproof, the Regal M2 ED features an armored magnesium alloy body that makes an ideal addition to your field gear.

You’ll also be able to bring your subject into sharp focus quickly using the ergonomic dual speed focusing mechanism.

See all the small details! Buy with confidence from the world’s #1 telescope brand and a leading name in sport optics, based in California since 1960.

You’ll also receive a Limited Lifetime Warranty and unlimited access to technical support from our team of US-based experts.

Specification: Celestron Regal M2 52306 22-67×100 Spotting Scope – Fogproof/Waterproof – Zoom – Green

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions19 × 5 × 5 in






15 reviews for Celestron Regal M2 52306 22-67×100 Spotting Scope – Fogproof/Waterproof – Zoom – Green

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  1. B. Fung

    When I received the scope, I mounted it on my tripod right away, attached the body of my Nikon digital D7500 SLR on it, and started taking pictures. The images were sharp even at maximum zoom. However, I soon started noticing some fringing around the edge of objects in the pictures. I thought it was because of focusing problems with my camera, and went to make some manual adjustments. That was when I noticed some wiggling of the camera, even though it felt solidly attached when I first put it on. I was letting go of the camera when suddenly, the eyepiece detached from the scope body and fell with my attached camera into my hand!After my nerves had settled down, I looked to see what happened. The problem was with the BASEPLATE that is permanently mounted on the scope body, and to which the eyepiece itself screws onto. This baseplate had come loose from the scope body, where it was supposed to be held in place with a screw mount and glue from the inside of the scope. The bottom line is that it was not something that I could easily fix. Thank goodness I bought the scope from Amazon, and was able to return it with a minimum of fuss.However, despite being able to get my money back, I am quite unnerved about what could have happened, and feel obliged to let other people know about this potentially disastrous defect with the scope. I shudder to think what could have happened to my $1700 camera if my hand was not underneath! Celestron should NOT be making a scope where such a calamitous failure can occur. If they can fix this flaw, they will have an excellent scope where you get a lot of bang for the buck. Until then, anyone wishing to buy this scope for use with a camera would be better off looking elsewhere.

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  2. Steven W. Helmer

    Purchased for spotting rifle targets up to 300 meters and limited digiscoping.Fit and finish are excellent. All controls work smoothly and positively. No chromatic aberration seen during day, desert conditions. Lens cover and eyepiece cover feel robust and attach firmly to the scope to protect the glass. Can see individual leaves on trees over 400 yards away at 60x with no apparent image degradation. Some folks reported problems with the nylon storage bag; however, mine fits perfectly.My only minor gripe is that the zoom function on the eyepiece twists counterclockwise (left relative to the user) to increase, which is counter-intuitive to me. All my other zoom riflescopes and binos twist right/clockwise to increase magnification. Not enough to remove a star, it just threw me the first time I tried to zoom and wondered why the ring wouldn’t turn.Still need to try it in overcast, twilight and night conditions, and run a star test to fully evaluate the scope. However, I’m happy with it and confident it will more than meet my needs for a spotting scope.

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  3. Michael

    Unable to clearly focus beyond minimum maginification. I tested by taping a dollar bill at 100 ft. Unable to read the serial number. My cheapo Bushnell was crystal clear at 60x. I expected better because my CELESTRON GRANITE binoculars are sharp and clear.

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  4. Tero

    This 65mm scope is good value for the money. I got this mainly so I could have an angled scope when I take groups birding. My straight scope needs too much adjusting with a group.It has ED glass which is a good start. The zoom eye piece is good to 30-35X. I have a Pentax ED scope that does better at 45x. Since they can both use a 1.25 inch astronomy eye piece, I put a Vixen zoom on them, and the Pentax was quite similar in view at 45x to the Celestron. With the Celestron eye piece, the view was breaking up a bit at 45x.(I put the Celestron eye piece on my Pentax as well and it was good to 30x).Look for the Vixen eye piece here, it runs about 200 dollars. I bought one so I have it on both scopes now. Also, the Celestron is rear heavy, so it tips back on the tripod. With the Vixen eye piece it does less of that,

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  5. Brent

    The telescope is excellent, ergonomics, sharpness, performance are at the rendezvous. An excellent price-quality ratio, there is not really equivalent to this price, for such a performance. Aesthetics is also very nice. The object deserves its 5 stars without hesitation, although I would not say the same for the tripod Celestron 82052, a little complicated to mount and especially to adjust. Stability is essential when you raise x40 or more. I would have prefered to take another tripod than the one recommended because of the documentation that is not clear enough for its complexity of the tripod. Anyway, the purchase of the Regal M2 100 ED can be made eyes closed.

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  6. P. Bergstrom

    I bought this for birding, especially to identify ducks at a distance, and it works great for that purpose. I compared it to a much smaller scope, the Vortex Viper HD 65 mm, and the Vortex had a slightly crisper image that was just as bright as that of the larger Celestron, so I kept the Vortex and returned this one. I also prefer the single-stage focus with a large ring on the Vortex, compared to a small two-stage focus knob on the Celestron.

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  7. Arpj

    Cracking scope. Beautifully sharp optics. Good quality zoom eyepiece. The ability to use my astronomical eyepieces if I want as it’s also very useable as an occassional casual astro scope. Clever stay-on case that sits nicely over your shoulder. If I had one really petty niggle it’s the eyepiece cover that has a very fine thread that I can’t unscrew silently! I think I can fix that with a little damping 🙂 Seriously pleased with this scope.

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  8. Brian Adam Meaker

    It’s hard to see how you could find a better scope it’s super easy to zoom quickly works great at all the magnifications. Birds you cant see with the naked eye come up so well you can see every detail I have yet to test it on the moon and I only had a little go at digiscoping but all seemed well, my only negative would be it cant see things really close like the more expensive scopes but at a third of the price its everything I wanted and more.

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  9. K Edwards

    Excellent value for money – puts some other more expensive scopes to shame!

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  10. I W Hardie

    Lovely crisp optics, not too heavy, well packaged.

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  11. L Humphrey

    A great spotting scope. It can also provide excellent views of the moon. I’ve used it at x155 magnification and still got a bright image.

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  12. K W.

    Superb scope for spotting

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  13. Cliente Amazon

    He usado prismáticos y telescopio astronómico para aficionados y quería un telescopio terrestre para donde terminan los prismáticos. Elegí esta marca basándome en los comentarios de personas mas expertas, sobre todo en la calidad de las lentes y la relación calidad precio. Soy consciente de que hay marcas mas sofisticadas, de mayor calidad, pero tambien de mucho mayor precio, lo que descarto para el uso que le doy y la calidad de imagen que busco. Basando en estas premisas, las primeras experiencias con su uso son satisfactorias y cubren los objetivos, disfrutar con la observación con una buena calidad de imagen sin distorsión importante. No es para llevar en el bolsillo pero se puede trasladar con facilidad, a pesar de su tamaño y peso. Con el uso iré descubriendo fallos y comunicándolos, como critica constructiva.Recomendable.Exactitud en la fecha de envió.

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  14. Mario Lucchesi

    I have just received my Celestron Regal M2 100 ED and after a preliminary check and a few trials, I can honestly say that I am already 100 % pleased with the product. Ok, it is a big scope indeed but the quality of the image is just out of this world.The only reason I gave it a 4 stars rating is not because of the scope itself but because I was disappointed to see that the original box it came in has obviously been opened before. A few scratches was apparent underneath the scope and it looks like they might have been made by the balancing plate that has probably been installed before by someone else.I buy a lot through Amazon and it is always my fear to receive something that has been previously returned by someone else…

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  15. P. D. HOLMES

    il 65mm è un piccolo spotting scope di qualità eccellente. Offre una visione chiara e nitida a 16x – 24x gradualmente attenuando man mano che lo zoom aumenta (che è normale per un oculare zoom) fino a un massimo di 48x. Anche a 48x questo produce ancora un’ottima immagine. Ho acquistato questo telescopio in quanto è abbastanza compatto e leggero rispetto alla versione da 80 .se avete intenzione di digiscope ho trovato che funziona meglio usando un adattatore per digiscoping per tenere la fotocamera contro l’oculare.Ho provato la versione da 80mm e c’è stato solo un leggero miglioramento delle prestazioni che avresti notato a lungo raggio

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