Celestron Oceana 71189 7×50 IF/RC Binoculars with Compass – Waterproof

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  • 50 mm Porro
  • Backlit illuminated liquid dampened magnetic compass. excellent navigational tool for land or sea.Horizontal and vertical etched reticle to help determine relative size of objects
  • Range finding dial calculates actual object distance or size.Completely waterproof – dry nitrogen charged and sealed with internal O-rings to prevent internal fogging – unaffected by climate and temperature changes
  • Excellent depth of field for minimal focus adjustments.Nautical style padded canvas case and straps
  • Attached objective caps.Tripod adapter fitting for tripod mounting
  • Backlit illuminated liquid dampened magnetic compass ¿ excellent navigational tool for land or sea
  • Individual eyepiece focus
  • Rangefinding dial calculates actual object distance or size
  • Completely waterproof
  • Horizontal and vertical etched reticle to help determine relative size of objects
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Celestron Oceana 7×50 marine binocular is a waterproof binocular designed for marine use but it is also useful for various land based observations as well.

This feature-packed model includes an illuminated compass for direction finding, reticle for distance measurement, and a convenient center focus system.

Maximum optical performance is appreciated with the BaK-4 prisms and fully multi-coated optics for ultra sharp images with high contrast and resolution.

It has a large 50mm objective lens to offer maximum image brightness even in low light conditions, like dusk and dawn.Condition : This item is brand new, unopened and sealed in its original factory box.

Specification: Celestron Oceana 71189 7×50 IF/RC Binoculars with Compass – Waterproof

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 8 in






13 reviews for Celestron Oceana 71189 7×50 IF/RC Binoculars with Compass – Waterproof

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Blain Anderson

    the front optics are flexible – meaning you will have a hard time keeping both eyes in focus if you push the binoculars against your eyes. The rubber cups on the eye rings don’t fold down so you have to smash them against your eyes to see. The compass ring is not viewable unless you angle the binoculars up – not allowing you to take a compass reading on something. All in all – not a very good set of binoculars. They are also huge and heavy considering the few features it seems overkill. I would not buy these again.

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  2. dnmtsn

    I am very happy that I bought this binocular; I bought it for our first charter trip and the binoculars provided with the boat were really bad. Compared to those, these were shining. I think they were also much better than the Bushnell 7X50 we had during sailing school. Actually with these it was the first time I could enjoy watching the world through a pair of binoculars. The image is clear and very bright. It doesn’t seem to lose any brightness at all. They are not very heavy, if you hold them in a position with your arms close to your chest to provide more support you can use them for quite a while.Now, the bad – they are not extremely well built; the rings around the lenses are stuck with some very cheap glue and they almost came off in only a week of using it. This doesn’t have any effect on the optical quality, but still; I hope that the inside is built somewhat stronger, otherwise I will have to replace them too soon.They have separate focus adjustments for each eye, which is good if you have different vision in each eye, but the correction rings are too lose and the slightest touch moves them, meaning that you have to adjust focus again.The built in compass is fine, well visible during day or night using the red lamp included. It was also accurate, as we compared it to three other compasses and they all showed the same bearings.The biggest issue I have with this binocular is that the extremely high eye-relief number claimed by the manufacturer, (24mm I believe) doesn’t seem accurate; normally 18 is a good number, and 20 or 21, exceptional. Celestron claims that this one has 24mm; I choose this product based on the eye relief because I wear eyeglasses and I wanted to be able to use it with them on; well, not much luck, because the field of view is so drastically reduced when wearing my glasses, it’s not worth bothering. Actually I think it is about 18 because this was the number on the Bushnell that I used and I have the same field of view with this one. Luckily, I realized soon that if I remove my glasses I am still able to see clearly without needing to adjust the focus, so that’s what I did.During one week of use something happened to the scale and compass window – it has somehow rotated so that the compass reading does not show through the window it is supposed to; also the distance scale is not vertical anymore, making it totally useless. I suppose I have to open the compass housing and fix it somehow, but I am not sure how and why this happened. In any case, I suppose it shouldn’t have, so this takes away one star. The other is lost because of the focus adjustment rings which are too easy to move involuntarily. All in all I am happy with the purchase and would recommend it with the above mentioned caveats.

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  3. Duane M. Kimble

    I had a great interest in these, as I enjoy birding, and I do a lot of camping with the Boy Scouts. These are sturdy, substantial binoculars. They feelgood to the touch, with a good weight and have a high quality build, fit and finish, The kit comes with a very nice carrying case that has a velcro seal.There is a pocket inside that holds the two batteries and a cleaning cloth.The case has a carrying strap, and one is included for the binoculars as well. The lens caps are built right on the unit, and can be removed by puling the cap handles over the logo screw (nice touch). Unscrew the logo, and there are threads for a tripod adapter. The batteries are also protected by a screwcap. A protector cap for the eyepiece is also included. The eyepiece has retractable eyecups that are very effective in controlling ambient light.The adjustment for the inter pupillary distance had the right amount of tension, as well as the adjustment rings on the objective lenses and the diopter adjustment. While I personally would not make much use of the compass, or using the reticle for measuring, those features are included. The illumination feature for the compass worked very well in the dark and also at dusk. The instructions are very easy to follow. and contain tips on how to use the compass for measuring distance and object size. The feature that I was most intrigued with was the binoculars float, even with their weight , I was skeptical and I put it to test in the bathtub. This is a great feature for those that do coastal birding or waterfowl hunting, or if you just need a set of binoculars on your boat. I am very pleased with this unit. and I am enjoying it immensely.Duane

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  4. Curtis

    Great Value!Last year (2010) I purchased these binocs by Celestron for $118US via Amazon.com.I have used them for a full cruising season and am quite pleased. They certainly exceed my expectations for relatively inexpensive binocs. I also have an older pair of West Marine branded binocs aboard (which have survived many years (at least 10) of marine use and not always the best treatment and are now showing their age). The West marine binocs cost about $150 more. The Oceana binocs are certainly comparable to these (even a bit better in some aspects). Optics and ergonomics are good, padded case included, backlit compass uses red light (battery included), quality of construction seems comparable to somewhat more expensive binocs. While the optics are not likely up to Steiner quality they are certainly quite adequate for typical boating use (low light performance is comparable to binocs costing a few hundred dollars more).

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  5. Paul Andrew Turner

    One word – AMAZING!

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  6. Amazon Kunde

    Handliches Fernglas – keine Probleme.

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  7. michael

    superfast free shipping! Great price!

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  8. alessandro vadagnini

    Il tappo del dispositivo che contiene le batterie per la luce in notturna non si chiude bene e quindi inutilizzabile.

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  9. Desiderio

    Conseguir equilibrio entre calidad y precio es muy dificil. Es un poco pesado; aunque en un 7×50 lo veo lógico.

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  10. Steven collins

    Excellent product…delivery as promised…highly recommend

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  11. y


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  12. Ingmar

    These were all around not bad. Good optics, nicely dampened compass and a storage bag included. Except for one major flaw that made me return them: The compass was too far out of view and it wasn’t possible to look at it without ramming them deep into my eyesockets – and even then it was often a struggle.

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  13. Amazon カスタマー


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