Celestron 8×42 TrailSeeker Ed Binoculars – 71405

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  • ED objective lenses to provide superior images that are virtually free of chromatic aberration with accurate color reproduction, increased resolution, and image contrast
  • Fully multi-coated optics and phase and dielectric coated BaK-4 prisms fo rmaximum light transmission and vivid, true-to-life colors
  • Durable, protective full-body armoring and a completely new, innovative Celestron industrial design. The binocular is tripod adaptabile for comfort and ease-of-use during extended viewing sessions
  • A fully waterproof chassis that is nitrogen filled to prevent internal fogging of the lenses
  • Twist-up eyecups that are fully padded for comfort as well as eyeglass compatibility
  • Field-worthy accessories including a comfortable carry harness, a deluxe padded neck strap, a single piece eyepiece cover, tetherable objective covers, a durable padded carrying case that offers both shoulder strap and belt/pack strap attachment options, a lens cleaning cloth, and an instruction manual



The 8×42 Trail Seeker ED binocular provides high-level outdoor performance perfect choice for avid birders, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. Trail Seeker ED is packed with optical, mechanical, and ergonomic features that make it comparable to binoculars costing 2-times to 5-times as much. Trail Seeker ED is composed of lightweight and durable magnesium alloy.

Its tough, rigid frame is coated with rubber to stand up to hard use in the field. What’s more, the binocular is fully waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging of lenses. Trail Seeker ED can stand up to even the toughest outdoor conditions.

Viewing through Trail Seeker ED is comfortable for both eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers alike, thanks to the durable twist-up eyecups. Twist through multiple click stops to find the position that works best for you.

Trail Seeker ED features a close focus of just 6.5 ft., making it perfect for viewing birds, butterflies, plants, or other nearby subjects. But this 8×42 binocular also offers the magnification needed to get great views of distance subjects, plus a wide field of view so you can easily follow them as they move.

No matter how you choose to observe, this versatile binocular is an excellent all-around performer

Specification: Celestron 8×42 TrailSeeker Ed Binoculars – 71405

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions6 × 5 × 2 in






15 reviews for Celestron 8×42 TrailSeeker Ed Binoculars – 71405

4.8 out of 5
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  1. john m.

    Nice optically however I had to change this review due to the binoculars focuser basically falling off with hardly any use. Then my friend told me his had rusted as he lives near the coast. Beyond that you have to pay for repair service under warranty. You have to send them a check for $14.95 when you send in your bino for repair. To me that’s just wrong. Their product fails and you must pay for it both ways? How does that make sense. Most binocular warranties are not like this. You pay one way and they pay the return.

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  2. Life long Mainer

    I had read many reviews of Binoculars, and had tried one other type from Amazon that wasn’t a good fit for me. I ordered these, and have been very impressed. A small river with many birds and deer runs against my property, and a friend was watching a heron on 5/3/17. He took the binoculars, rested them on a small clock near my sink, adding one of my artist’s paint brushes, to prop them up the way he wanted, and took this photo with his IPhone THRU the binoculars! The heron was about 80 yards away. The second pic is of his ‘set up’ . I never knew the binoculars would be used to take distant pictures through, but you can see it’s possible!

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  3. James Schwartz

    As an amateur astronomer I have long been aware of Celestron’s history of (mostly) excellent optical equipment. As a result, when my wife and I first began birding about 20 years ago we purchased two pairs of Celestron 7 X 50 binoculars for about $50 each. That was not a totally “cheap” bino at that time. We were very happy with them and they lasted about 5 or 6 years. Various mechanical problems, mostly arising after we dropped them or handled them carelessly, finally made them difficult to use. The optical quality was always excellent. Since then we have gone through various other binoculars by many manufacturers at prices from $100 to $300. Because we do not always take the best care of our binos, we have never purchased any high end $2500 Leicas or Swarovskis. I recently saw the need for a 10 power binocular so my aging eyes could get up a little closer to the birds. Trusting to Celestron’s reputation, as well as many good experiences with their products, (and the recent rebate), I decided on these reasonably priced Celestron Trailseekers. I have already had them out a number of times and am quite happy with their performance. The field of view for a 10X binocular is excellent. So is the close focus which will allow you to focus on a bird less than about 10 feet away–as close as most birds will allow. The focuser works smoothly, the weight is about average and the general feel of the binoculars in my hand is comfortable. As for the optical quality, these binoculars produce a bright, sharp image that shows no aberrations except possibly toward the very edge of the field–and not much even there. While they won’t produce an image as nice as a $2500 pair of binos, these cost less than 1/10 as much. Unless you are used to the ultra expensive binoculars, these are an excellent compromise between quality and price. Actually, it’s not really a compromise since Celestron is not compromising on the quality. They are giving you a beautifully made product with exceptional optical quality that would have cost much more, if this quality was even available, 30 years ago. Optical glass and coatings have advanced a lot in the past 20 to 30 years and we have been able to benefit with better quality and lower prices. I believe these are a good choice for anyone seeking a good performing binocular at a very reasonable price.

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  4. Benjamin Gordon

    I own four pair of binoculars – each for different purposes. I am very particular in the choosing and, of course, the proper deployment of each instrument for its purpose. With optics, you are dealing with trade-offs. Want light weight? Be prepared to give up high magnifications and wider fields of view. Want a wide field of view? you’ll need to compromise on magnification. Want super powerful magnification? Get ready for some significant weight to tote around, For these reasons, althoughI am a big fan of reading and comparing numbers on the web, in order to properly purchase the right binocular you have to hold them in your hands, look through them, judge weight and eye relief along with focus speed and other factors And it helps to have an idea about what you want to bring closer and the conditions you will be doing that in. At some point, the investment in both the optics and the activities they accompany become worth the effort. These Celestron binoculars certainly fit the bill as to weight (23 oz), super wide field of view, and relative sharpness as compared to their more expensive brethren. I like the dark green color and I like the relatively long eye-relief (17mm), as well. For a 42mm objective (the larger, outer lens) they are fairly portable, feel good in the hand, and provide a clear sharp image. Taking the price and warranty into the equation delivers an outstanding value. Keepers!

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  5. M A

    For the price these are excellent binoculars. I tested these against the 8×42 monarch 5, monarch 7, vortex vipers, diamondbacks and razors. I returned all, other than the razors (10×42) and these. I thought these performed in low light conditions comparably to the vipers and monarch 7’s both of which are almost double the cost. The razors blew all of them out of the water (but at $1000 I expected this). All binoculars tested were excellent in bright daylight conditions. The real test with binoculars is at low light (dawn/dusk or very overcast/rainy day). These did very well for the price. I had no problem id’ing small quick moving songbirds in dense brush at dusk. They didn’t perform as well for ID’ing waterbirds in the ocean or flying raptors against a blue sky (or really any flying birds for that matter). But then again none other than the razors could pull colors and definition from those birds at a distance or in flight. I am going to keep these for songbird viewing (and the razors for seabirds/hawks) and eventually save up for a high end 8×42. Great set and worthy of the best in class ($100-300) on audubon binocular guide.

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  6. Olly.

    These are superb optics for the price. Before I purchased these I had a pair of Hawk NatureTrek bins, and they are good, but these are better.The only niggle I have with them is that the eyepiece covers are a bit on the bulky side.Just look at other online reviews, they will tell you that these are as good as bins at four times the price.

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  7. Joe_90

    Bought as a present for my father after reading the review on TheWirecutter. Side by side test shows it performs similarly to my Nikon Monarch 8×36 binoculars in terms of sharpness in centre and at edge of field of view, as well as overall brightness of image. The case / carrying arrangement is good also. Very happy with the purchase as is Dad.

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  8. P. Kettell

    totally awesome for the money, quality lightweight metal body, superb optics, nice package of cases and straps etc. Looked a long time before choosing these based on the reviews and they’re not wrong. Lovely ergonomic feel, great wide field of view, you can’t go wrong with these

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  9. J. R. Emmerson

    Superb binoculars and excellent value for money. Excellent packaging, speedy delivery, beautiful case and lens covers, everything is class about it and the quality of my experience using them is very pleasing indeed. If you are looking for binoculars in this type of price range I would recommend them without hesitation, and would suggest that to do better you would need to be looking at spending considerably more (likely in excess of £500).

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  10. silverfoxnik

    Outstanding quality at a great price!Bought these as a present for my better half and she is so pleased with them. Has improved her level of enjoyment spent birdwatching immeasurably…Viewing quality is superb and the overall kit/package is great value for money.Highly recommended.

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  11. Disposalist

    Excellent quality for the price. Very pleased with the amount of light they gather. Perfect for spotting in conjunction with a long camera lens, but good on their own for general purpose stuff. Haven’t taken them to a concert yet, but I think they are small enough to not be too annoying and large/good enough to get a close look at the stage.

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  12. GC131

    These are fine binoculars for birdwatching and at a reasonable price. However, the focus wheel worked loose within a few weeks. The binoculars were replaced but the new pair arrived with exactly the same fault, and Amazon won’t replace them, advising that I have to contact the manufacturer. So bear this in mind when choosing.

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  13. G. Smith

    These were a gift for my husband to replace an ancient and heavy pair…he is thrilled with them, they are great for long distance on trips out but also useful for bird watching in the garden at much closer range. He also says he sees that quite a few wildlife presenters seem to have Celestron binoculars too. Very happy customer.

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  14. Mr Ryan Doyle

    These are extremely good binocs for the price…They have a little weight to them, but nothing that is uncomfortable to hold up when using them.They are as clear as the day too absolutely fantastic binocs…. they are as good as a pair double the price….when you can buy these, don’t go buying some double the price.. Excellent HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 👍👌👍👌

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  15. Steve Chope

    Excellent binos, clear sharp focus, good magnification without loss of light or clarity. As good as binoculars twice the price but the carry case is a bit cheap and tacky! Guess you can’t have it all!

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