Celestron 71333 Nature DX 10×42 Binocular (Green)

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  • BaK-4 Prisms w/ Phase Coating: Increases contrast and resolution for sharper more detailed images
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics: Allows maximum light transmission through the optical path for brighter images
  • 6.5’ Close Focus: Detailed, up close observation of subjects in close proximity. Ideal for watching birds, insects, plants, etc
  • Compact and Lightweight. Sturdy, twist-up eyecups with multiple stops. Eyeglass friendly with 17.5 mm of eye relief
  • Wide Field of View



Celestron’s new Nature DX Series is the perfect companion for the outdoors lover. These affordable yet feature-packed binoculars are designed specifically for beginning to intermediate users. With the Nature DX series, you’ll get the important features you’re looking for, like fully multi-coated optics and BaK-4 prisms, while staying within your budget.

You can feel confident taking Nature DX binoculars on any of your outdoor adventures. Even the full size models in the series are extremely portable and lightweight. Nature DX can withstand harsh weather; its fully waterproof housing is purged of air and filled with dry nitrogen gas. Carrying Case: Padded nylon canvas.

Specification: Celestron 71333 Nature DX 10×42 Binocular (Green)

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 2 × 5 in






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  1. Jay S

    These have turned out to be my favorite pair of binoculars. The view is really nice, they fit very well into my hands, the focus is buttery smooth, and they seem really well made.I was on the search for the best 8×42 I could find in my price range for bird watching and nature viewing, and in the process I’ve tried quite a few different brands/models. I did tons of research, reading every review, test, and recommendation I could find. My budget was up to $400, but I still tried more expensive binoculars just to have a good basis for comparison. The above-budget binoculars I tried were Vortex Viper, Vortex Razor, and Zeiss Conquest HD. Again, those were just for comparison and “benchmarking”. These were tried in a store only, but it was a large store with many bright and also shadowed areas… plus lots of “stuffed” wildlife mounted high on the walls (deer, etc.).The following binoculars were compared outdoors, I had each pair of these for one to two weeks, so I had time to do very thorough comparisons in many different lighting situations. Included were: Vanguard Spirit ED, Olympus Magellan EXWP I, Carson HD, Celestron TrailSeeker, and Atlas Intrepid ED. I also had/have some other sizes for comparison… Sightron Blue Sky II, 8×32 Alpen Apex 8×32, Alpen Shasta Ridge 10×42, Atlas Intrepid ED 7×36, and Kenko UltraView 10×42.I have used many other pairs of binoculars for my other hobby, stargazing. Many of you already know that stargazing is very demanding on binoculars in terms of brightness, edge distortion, and resolution. I only mention this to show a bit more of my background, as some binoculars that are great for astronomy aren’t the best for daytime… and vice-versa. These 8×42’s were going to be strictly daytime use for me, so only casual testing at night was performed to get a better idea of resolution, brightness, and edge performance.Ok, one of the BIG things I learned from all of this is that YOU have to try any prospective binoculars yourself. Just because an expert reviewer says a certain pair are fantastic doesn’t mean they’ll be fantastic for you. Everyone’s eyes, face shape (which can affect required eye relief), priorities, etc. are different. The other big thing, for me anyways, is that resolution is king. It doesn’t matter how great the edge performance is, or how bright the binocular is, or how much depth of field there is if what you’re viewing won’t come into sharp focus. I thought my Olympus Magellans were sharp and was totally happy with them, but after experiencing a bit more sharpness I can hardly stand using them. Those are considered really nice binoculars, especially in their “day”. Now, saying that, the Celestron Nature DX were not the sharpest binoculars I tested when performing strictly resolution testing (using fine print, barcodes, etc. at close and far distances). They were very close compared to the sharpest of the group, though, and I doubt most people would notice any difference. However, in real usage, they’re as sharp as any of the others and I couldn’t notice a difference at all.To cut to the chase, the Nature DX’s were the only binoculars that really made me smile every time I used them. My eyes just seemed to effortlessly relax into the image. I would take several binoculars into the field at the same time, viewing everything from birds to pinecones, to clouds, to airplanes, to people. Each time, when I looked through the Nature DX’s, I found myself actually enjoying the image, instead of just focusing on how well it looked from an analytical perspective. Every other binocular I spent the whole time adjusting focus and diopter settings, trying to get that little bit more of “great” view. Then I’d try the Nature DX’s again… and again I’d sink into the image, being amazed by that Acorn Woodpecker and actually intently watching what he was doing, forgetting that I was testing all these different binoculars. THAT is what a great pair of binoculars for YOU will do… you’ll feel like you’re actually there, instead of just viewing from afar. Solely scientific testing won’t determine the best for you. Like I mentioned, at first I wanted a bit more resolution, but found that in real world use they had just as much resolution as any of the others, even the ED models. They do everything very well, it just all comes together with these. Plus you can’t beat the price. I was happily willing to spend the full $400 of my budget if I needed to, and to be quite honest if these were $400 I would’ve paid it, I absolutely love them. To top it off, they’re very compact and lightweight, about the size of most other 8×32’s. I’d buy another pair in a heartbeat if mine were ever lost.Just for your info, I’m really happy with my Alpen Shasta Ridge 10×42. Fantastic resolution, great feel, and a great price (got them on sale for $99). Close runner ups for me after all this testing were the Atlas Intrepid ED 8×42 (very nice view and resolution, just a tad too long for me, plus I’ve found out I like the top hinge vs. the Atlas’ open hinge design), the Atlas Intrepid ED 7×36, and the Celestron TrailSeeker (which are very close to the Nature DX… a tad bit sharper, but my eyes didn’t sink into the image as much as they did with the Nature DX).So, out of all of the ones I tested, the Nature DX 8×42 and the Alpen 10×42 are the ones I kept… not because of their lower prices, but because they were the ones that I really enjoyed using.I hope this helps some of you!

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  2. Daniel Vreugdenhil

    After evaluating a lot of 8X42s this turns out the best value for money. Spending a lot of time with really great birders, I always have the feeling, that many of them want to have a Leica or Zeiss for the prestige. When I ask them their opinion on these Celestrons, they look at me with some hidden comtempt……… After all, I am not a real birder, but just a professional ecologist……… in spite of my PhD and 5 decades in the field: NOT A BIRDER!. And they are right. However, my vision is still 20-20. And you know what? I just don’t see all that much difference between those $2000+ binoculars and these $125! I once had a real Leica 8X42 and I lost it…… I felt so bad. Now, if something happens to these Celestrons, I just smile and think, glad they were not Leicas. Folks, I tested more than 20 different under $200 brands, and these represent the best value for money. Don’t hesitate to buy these. And if you travel to a developing country, donate them to a park ranger! those guys rarely have decent equipment and the protect nature under very difficult conditions.

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  3. NorEsBo

    This is my first pair of binoculars for birding, and I chose them based on a list published by the National Audubon Society; these were the highest rated bins in the “get in the game” category.First off, they don’t feel too heavy in the hand, and they have a nice rubber coating all around which make them really comfortable to hold. However, the included neck strap isn’t so great since the edges are kinda scratchy.The image quality is excellent, especially for the price. At 8x magnification, you’re obviously not going to get a great image when looking at a kite from 100 yards away, but anything reasonably close looks amazing. The color is true, and the field of view is pretty wide. And here’s something that really sets these apart from a less expensive model also by Celestron that I bought for my son: these are really, really good at close focus. I’m able to view objects (and birds like common paraques that often sleep near trails) at just 5 feet away. I can see every detail in a paraque’s plumage, for example, that I simply cannot achieve with the less expensive model.The “eye relief” afforded by this model is good, too, and the twist telescopic eye cup feels nice and sturdy, another major difference between this and the cheaper model.

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  4. Jim

    Was not as nice as I was expecting from the description or reviews. Don’t get me wrong, they are not horrible. However they are not a 5 Star item. I ordered them as an upgrade to my Leupold Yosemite Porto Prism 8×30 binoculars. Going from 30mm to 42mm I expected improvements in low light. How ever my Leupolds did just as well if not better. Also if you have a large head like myself you might find these hard to adjust for your eye spacing. I should have know at the price point they wouldn’t live up to my expectations. How’re these have so many reviews claiming they are a steal and have the build quality of a much more expensive pair. If it shoulda to good to be true…..I will stick with my Luepolds and save up for something else. I recommend if your looking for a great pair of binoculars trying them out in a store. If you don’t have a lot to spend and want some decent birding binoculars I would recommend these if they are all you can afford.

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  5. thesneakybob

    Excellent optical quality for the money, with a crisp wide field of view. They also seem pretty portable for a full sized nitrogen filled binocular. On the negative side, I find the focus wheel squeaks slightly on occasion, but is precise and it’s certainly easy to find focus even at just over 6ft. There is a feeling corners have been cut slightly with the build, with the white branding rubbing off very easily after a few uses. The bag and straps are also pretty basic too, but they do the job. The binoculars do feel solid to hold and use though and every time you look though them you are reminded where Celestron spent the majority of their money and time; the optics. They have excellent image clarity and brightness which makes birdwatching a pleasure. I highly recommend these for anyone who is not fussed about all the bells and whistles of the more premium binoculars out there, but still want excellent image quality. I bet you would have to pay a heck of a lot more to get anything better than this.

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  6. K J Higgs

    Celestron – Nature DX – 8×42:I have been looking for some reasonably priced but good quality binoculars to take on a planned safari, and these seem to fit my requirements exactly. I spent a long time looking around on the internet for reviews of binoculars, and these were mentioned as a very good quality / specification pair of binoculars for the price by one seemingly very experienced reviewer on what appeared to be an unbiased website.I have not had a chance to use them in anger so far to see how they stand up in the field, but I have taken them on the odd walk and they seem robust / well made, and the image quality to my eyes seems very good, although I don’t have a £1500-£2000 pair of Swarovski binoculars to compare them too! They also seem very compact / lightweight for a ‘full’ size pair of binoculars. Generally very happy 🙂

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  7. Bogmonster

    The 5 stars is based on quality/price ratio. At £90 these are never going to be the best binoculars out there, they are very much budget end bins. I bought these for use by my wife mainly for use on safari. We went for the 8×42 as I felt anything with more magnification would require more stamina to hold steady. Also the 8×42 had a longer eye relief which is important as she wears glasses. I had also read that they fold close together so would be ideal for her small head – they do indeed fold close enough for her – and would also be suitable for many children. She thought they looked big but I think they are quite compact and light for an 8×42.The build quality looks solid enough. The case and strap are not the best but the binoculars themselves (the important bit) looks good. The image is bright and easy to focus. My eyesight isn’t great but to my eyes the image was reasonably sharp to the edges. There was minimal chromatic aberrations. Overall the image was very acceptable for cheap binoculars. There is a mount point for an adaptor for use with a tripod or monopod. I can’t see us using a tripod with them but I think she may benefit using a monopod if she has to hold them for a long time. I already have a monopod so we will dive that a go.I have no idea how well they will stand up over time? Due to my very poor eyesight in one eye I tend to use a monocular but I might borrow these for a bit of birding from time to time.Overall I think these are good value for money at £90. I am not convinced I would pick these if they were at their highest price of £160 as there might be a better option at that price point.

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  8. Mr. Victor J. Chapman

    I got these on the advice of a keen – and well known birder. Bright viewing and crisp focus make these Celestron 10-42 binos a joy to use. I do wonder if the 8X42 model might have been better for me (as I was advised) where the slightly lesser magnification has the effect of giving a wider field of view. Not exactly lightweight but good glass lenses are worth a little extra weight over more compact or conventional glasses. Excellent value for money when you can pay many hundreds of pounds for good glasses.

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  9. MJFH

    I wanted a pair of bins for general wildlife use, something new to me so did a bit of research and decided that Opticron Bins were the best option, but these are a bit more expensive than I could justify and second hand values are too close to new. So I looked at other options and went for Celesteon. The bins feel well made and sit in the hand nicely. Controls turn well and the vision is bright and clear. I had a look at several more expensive RSPB branded bins yesterday which review well and could not tell any difference so I’m happy with these as a good intro pair of bins at a modest price.

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  10. Mr I Frankell

    Well made easy to use binoculars. Suitable for use with glasses. Quality of view is excellent , contrasty and sharp . Accessories are good enough if not amazing. Focusing is easy with well geared large central knob. They’re comfortable to hold and balance well. All in all much better than you might expect for the money.

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  11. Cosmicfish

    This is my first pair of binoculars since 2001.I’ve had a sudden urge to take up bird watching as I constantly see so many varieties in my garden and I wanted to view them closer up.Did my research and read many reviews which lead me to buy this pair and I have to say I am very impressed.I purchased the 8×42 DX.The binoculars are lightweight and solidly built.Looking through them the image is incredible clear and sharp and gives an almost three dimensional result.It’s also a very bright image.I have a small face and being able to adjust the binoculars to the width of my eyes is perfect.The only thing I noticed, which isn’t a big deal is the slight chromatic aberration, the green and magenta kind, when looking at an object against an overcast, white sky. It wasn’t bad but I did notice it.Overall a great pair of binoculars.Highly recommend it, especially to beginners who are looking for their first pair.

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  12. Blue Northern

    Top quality bins, the image is excellent. Only knocked a star off because they were somewhat heavier than expected (I, of course, should have looked more closely at the specification) but it reflects the quality of the product.

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  13. Robin Hilton

    These binoculars are absolutely fantastic.I have had several cheap pairs for many years, thinking there wasn’t much benefit in buying more expensive optics.How wrong i was. The clarity of vision is terrific. I like the features as well – lens caps that stay attached, the eye pieces that accommodate use with or without spectacles.I recently took them on safari in Tanzania. The guide borrowed them, and was impressed. I asked him to say how much he thought they cost, and he estimated $300 based on the quality of others he had used.I highly recommend them.

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  14. Neville H.

    If like me you have come here thinking I will read what others think then continue to scroll through the 70+ reviews .. STOP.. .. I ll save you the time.. These bins are superb and clarity beyond belief .Celestron 8×42 Nature DX thier use is in the title .. from back garden bird watching to the great out doors these fit the bill and tick all the boxes at a price that’s comfortable for average nature lover .. Don’t sit thinking should I ? shouldn’t I ?? . Press the pay now option, you ll be amazed at thier quality .. At 8×42 magnification they are perfect and are good down to 6ft .. 2mtrs , plus the odd glimpse at the moon what more cud you want ?? Enjoy your purchase .. I certainly am .

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  15. Lester

    Bought to watch the birds feeding in the garden and I’m not disappointed.I’ve since expanded my garden bird watching to include nature reserves and watching the wild life when I am fishing. I have seen some amazing detail of the wildlife to be found along the river banks.The image quality is excellent and focusing is easy and precise.I am not an expert but I am sure most people will be happy to own these quality binoculars.

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