Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder

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  • Ranges 5 1, 300 yards; 450+ yards to Flags
  • Pin Seeker with JOLT technology.Eye Relief:16 millimeter Exit Pupil:3.5 millimeter
  • IPX7 Fully Waterproof
  • Class 1 laser with less than 0.5 mW average power output


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All of Bushnell Golf’s industry-leading laser rangefinder innovations are packed into the Pro X2. Note-the last range reading does not need to be cleared before ranging another target.

Simply aim at the new target using the reticle, depress the power button and hold until new range reading is displayed. If target range not obtained, make sure display is illuminated. Make sure that the power button is depressed.

Make sure that nothing, such as your hand or finger, is blocking the objective lenses lens closest to the target that emit and receive the laser pulses.

Make sure unit is steady while depressing power buttonTour-trusted Slope-Switch Technology engages Bushnell Golf’s patented Slope Technology to give the golfer compensated distance based the hole’s incline/decline – and turns off for a USGA-conforming device when needed.

There’s PinSeeker with JOLT Technology to eliminate any doubt that you have locked onto the flag. All of it is wrapped in fully-waterproof metal housing to give the golfer the ultimate golf laser rangefinder.

Specification: Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder

Product Dimensions

0.4 x 3.1 x 5.6 inches, 14.4 ounces

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15 reviews for Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Mel

    The last three years I’ve been using a Leupold GX-4i2. That is a great rangefinder from a company that provides great customer service. But I like technology and variety; I wanted to try something different so I bought this Bushnell Pro X2. I have to say I am very impressed!!! The Pro X2 has everything I could ever want in a rangefinder. Well maybe not everything. The one thing it doesn’t have is the scan feature the Leupold had. I liked using that and miss it a little but the Pro X2 more than makes up for it. This thing is lightning quick at reading distances. I always thought the Leupold was fast but this Bushnell to me seems even faster. The rubber armored build feels great and very secure in my hand. It is one solidly built device. I love the dual display. I am very surprised at how pronounced and bold the black display is. In the early part of the day when it is very bright out, the black display looks fantastic. It pops!!! Then in the later hours or when it’s overcast I can switch to the red vivid display simply by pressing one button. That is just awesome! Another absolutely awesome feature is Bushnell’s Slope Switch Technology. No longer do I have to change faceplates to enable or disable the adjusted yardage when playing up or down hills. Just simply sliding the switch on the side of the case is all that is needed. It just can’t get any easier or more convenient than that. Also new to me is Bushnell’s Pinseeker with Jolt. I never thought much about this until I actually used it. What a GREAT feature!!! The laser locks onto the flag in cases where there are other obstacles such as trees behind it and gives a Jolt while displaying the yardage to the acquired target. It really does work as advertised!!! I’ve gotta say Bushnell has, in my opinion, put together the absolute best golf rangefinder on the market today. It’s not the cheapest by any means, but It is very feature rich. It’s like they took the best features from all of their rangefinders and combined them into one small package. The Pro X2 is one great laser and I am so very happy I bought it. Kudos Bushnell!!!

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  2. SL

    As an avid golfer play 4 days a week I have been using the Bushnell products. I recently replaced my Patriot model and upgraded to the Pro X2. Overall I have to give it 3 1/2 stars. It is accurate and acquires the pin fast and simple. With the slope adjustment on the side it can be easily turned off for tournament play. The big issue I take with is the new lens adjustment for correcting your vision to see clearly. On the Patriot model the adjustment touch a little bit of strength to adjust and did not slip as easily as the new Pro X2 does. I adjusted the eyepiece and have to continue to readjust through out the round. I wear prescription sun glasses and when adjusted properly it is tact sharp. Almost every time I place it back into the cart and use it again it is out of focus. I am disappointed that the focus adjustment is that easily moved out of adjustment. I am going to place a small piece of black tape and see if that corrects it. I would rethink the next purchase if Bushnell is going that direction in their focus adjustments.

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  3. Thomas Reed

    If you are looking for a rangefinder with Slope technology this is it. It turns off & on with the flip of a switch. The rangefinder is sturdy, heavier than others, and supposedly waterproof. I don’t plan on testing whether it is waterproof. I’ve had another Bushnell Rangefinder, and this is a much better piece of equipment. The 6X magnification is certainly better than that on my other scope (4X). This has Jolt technology just like my other rangefinder, and it is great in locking in the actual distance. This rangefinder also has Slope technology and turns on & off with the slide of a switch on the side of the rangefinder. However, I am not all that impressed with the Slope technology. Example. if I had 150 yards with a 2-degree upgrade to the pin, the Slope might show as 2 degrees and 152 yards. I am not that good of a golfer where I need that much accuracy. If you are that good (or perhaps bad that you need the Slope tech), then go for it. Where I would need it would be in a situation in which the distance was 150 yards, and there is a 10-degree upgrade where the effective distance might be 160 yards. Otherwise, this is a great rangefinder, probably the best on the market. The one criticism aside, go for it !!UPDATEI purchased the Pro X2 back in May. I really like the way it picks up accurate yardages. However, the dial that controls the fine focus is now inoperative. It just spins with no change in the focus. I was really disappointed since it is only about 3.5 months old. My previous Bushnell (which I still have as a backup) has never had any issues with the fine focus or anything else. This will be returned to Bushnell for repair or replacement.

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  4. Megakarl9

    Yesssssss. Best rangefinder I’ve ever used. Super accurate, lightning fast, easy to read and the slope feature is right on the money. Don’t skimp, if you’re going to spend the money on a rangefinder, do it right.

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  5. Richard

    I purchased the Bushnell after I had bought (& returned) “Amazon’s Choice” rangefinder for half the price…because the cheaper unit couldn’t lock on the pin and provide a consistent or reliable yardage. The Bushnell is amazingly fast and consistent. Our Club does not have reflectors on the pins, which may be a factor in the cheaper unit’s performance. The difference in the Bushnell’s response was immediately apparent. It’s twice the price of “Amazon’s Choice” unit, but there is a remarkable difference in technology!

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  6. Dave S

    I seem to have problems acquiring the pin. I too often get a distance reading of around 300-400 yds, when it should be 100-200. This is because it misses the pin and fixes on a distant tree, or something else. I have to shoot the distance multiple times, to get a reasonable number.

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  7. Mr. Richard Barron

    So far delighted, an item I can use for many years that offsets the initial cost a little at least. Best their is no doubt. Fast, super accurate and feels great in your hand. First one I have owned and I soon got the hang of it.

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  8. R Trevor

    no good if you can`t keep your hands from shaking because you can`t lock on the target and it is so easy to misread the target

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  9. Didi

    Great service and love the product

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  10. Grant Gilmour

    Excellent product.

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  11. Konstantin

    Easy to use

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  12. Kim Richardson

    Excellent range finder, the slope finder works well

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  13. Louis Peens

    Great product, clear view and does the job, worth the cost.

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  14. Amazon Kunde

    Ich werde mich nicht mit den technischen Details aufhalten – die kann jeder auf der Bushnell Homepage oder sonswo nachschlagen. Daher ein paar Worte zu dem, was nicht zu lesen ist und zu meinem subjektivem Empfinden!1. das Dual Display (umschalten zwischen schwarzer und roter Anzeige) ist ein tolle Sache. Geht mit einem Knopdruck und man hat immer den optimalen Kontrast und beste Ablesemöglichkeit. Die schwarze Anzeige ist hervorragend bei guten bis sehr hellen Lichtverhältnissen. Die rote Anzeige kommt bei dunklem Hintergrund (z.B. Bäume) oder bei stark bewölktem Himmel oder Dämmerung bestens zur Geltung. Man kann damit auch bei völliger Dunkelheit (wer’s braucht ;-)) noch Messungen vornehmen. Dann ist auch die einstellbare Helligkeit sehr nützlich, da die Anzeige sonst zu sehr blendet.2. die Slope Technologie: in Trainingsrunden (ich spiele ohnehin wenig Turniere) sehr interessant! Allerdings habe ich noch zu wenige Runden auf hügeligen Plätzen gespielt um beurteilen zu können, ob die Korrektur für mein Spiel passt. Da ich aber ziemliche Durchschnittslängen habe, bin ich da recht zuversichtlich. Wen es interessiert… die Messung geht bis 20° nach oben und unten! Dann gibt’s nur noch die normale Anzeige! Das ist aber ohnehin sehr viel und man kann durchaus im Weg stehende Bäume “ausmessen”. Mit viel Erfahrung kann man sich dann vielleicht mal ausrechnen, für welche Distanz und Winkel welcher Schläger benötigt wird, um den Ball über den Baum zu schlagen.3. PinSeeker funtioniert wirklich super – die Vibration macht ein zweites Messen absolut überflüssig!4. die Entfernungsangabe auf 0,1m Genauigkeit ist für mich eher verwirrend (kann man aber abschalten)5. das Metallgehäuse scheint sehr hochwertig zu sein. Das Gerät liegt gut und schwer in der Hand, was das genaue Anvisieren erleichtert.6. das Cover ist sehr stabil und mit Karabiner am Bag oder Trolley zu befestigen. Zusätzlich zum Reißverschluss gibt es ein Gummiband zur schnellen Fixierung. Spart Zeit beim Messen und der Pro X2 ist dennoch gut geschützt!Zur Zeit kann ich nichts Negatives an dem Gerät finden – mal abgesehen vom hohen Preis! Wer also bereit ist, soviel Geld zu investieren, bekommt meiner Meinung nach ein wirklich hervorragendes Produkt!

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  15. Jason

    I bought this as a gift for my mom.when I was doing research on which range finder to get, this was the unanimous choice by everyone.Its super easy to use.And the slope finder is easy to turn off and visible for others to see that it is off.If I had to buy another range finder, I would get this one again.

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