Bushnell Legend M 199104 10×42 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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The new Legend M Series binoculars from Bushnell take the Legend line to a whole new level with maximum brightness and clarity.

Constructed on a lightweight, open-bridge magnesium chassis, these high-end 8x and 10x optics have 42mm objectives and provide 92 percent light transmission through the entire optical system using the very best dielectric prism coating.

This coating reflects more than 99 percent of incoming light to allow for maximum light output at dusk and dawn. To push this tech.

Specification: Bushnell Legend M 199104 10×42 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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7.8 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches, 1 pounds

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2.5 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

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15 reviews for Bushnell Legend M 199104 10×42 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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  1. Jeff R

    I agonized over my binocular purchase for several weeks, make that months, reading everything I could possibly find, and trying out Leupold Mojave ED & non-ED, Vortex Vipers, Vanguard Endeavors, and others all in the $600 and below price range. In short, I am very happy with my purchase and if these were lost or stolen today, I’d buy them again. Of course there are “better” binoculars on the market, and if not “better”, there are certainly more expensive binoculars on the market.Some of the things I really liked about these compared to other full-size 8×42 binoculars:-Wide FOV (426 ft)-Very sharp image through the majority of the field, and I need to be looking for it to notice the sharpness drop off at the edge. Certainly better than many others I tried, particular considering the wide Field of View (FOV) these have.-Very bright and neutral colored image.-Great 18mm eye relief for eyeglass wearers. Others may have equal eye relief, but usually have a much narrower FOV.-I like the speed of the focus wheel (1.75 turns. For me this is perfect: not too fast, not too slow. This is 100% personal preference, but something to pay attention to when shopping.)-The lens caps and covers work well and don’t pop open. Nor do they fall off the binocular.-Locking Diopter adjustment-Lifetime No-Fault Warranty. Supposed to be the same as the Vortex warranty that everyone raves about.One thing thing I don’t like:The focus wheel isn’t as refined as I’d like it to be, and it isn’t on par with the quality of the optics. To start, there’s 1/16″ to 3/32″ of slack when starting to rotate the wheel. Again, this is better than some, not as good as others. The biggest issue is the slight sound it makes. At the start of rotation in either direction, it sounds like it has sand in the mechanism. A key thing to note is that it rotates perfectly smoothly, and doesn’t feel gritty as if there were actually sand in it, so I’m not sure what the actually cause is. It hasn’t improved or gotten worse over the months I’ve owned these. Both of these issues are much more noticeable when comparing binoculars side-by-side than through the course of actual use. FYI, I did try to exchange these for another pair and the replacement had the same focus wheel issues.So to sum it up, the focus wheel drops my rating to 4 stars, but I don’t think it’s a big enough issue to discourage someone from buying these. If the only discernible difference (for me) between these and $600 binoculars is a slight sound and a tiny bit of slack, I’ll happily spend the $300+ I save getting a second pair for my wife.

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  2. John E.

    The Legend M 8×42 is the second pair of binoculars I have ever owned. The first pair, which I still have, was a Christmas present over 50 years ago – a Japanese pair of 6×30’s branded ENCORE. Always thought they were OK, but I doubt I’ve used them more than twice in last 20 years. I took them with me to the Oregon vs Ohio State National Championship Game last January just in case we were so far away I might need them. Well thank goodness we weren’t, because after banging my eye sockets into the metal eye cups a couple of times trying to find the tiny exit pupil, I was ready to give them away. During warm ups, my buddy offered me a peak thru his new Leupold’s and that did it, it was time to upgrade! Not a high priority mind you, but something to add to my punch list.As you can tell, I’m no binocular expert or someone who would be using them a lot. The main uses for whatever I bought would be for the occasional sporting event and/or watching the birds and squirrels that congregate in our feeders. Generally, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but had no idea what kind of bang you could get for your buck when in came to binoculars.Once I decided to take the plunge, I did what I always do and after a couple of weeks of reading everything I could find on the Internet, I knew I’d probably need to spend between $300.00 and $500.00 to get a good pair of binoculars.Unlike most, I decided not to go out and look through every piece of glass in that price range. For me, It seemed it would boil down to Vortex Viper, Nikon Monarch 5 or 7 or possibly Bushnell’s new Legend L or M anyway I did it. I was also trying to save myself the anguish of not buying a pair of Swarovski EL’s if they are truly as good as they say… I didn’t want to be tempted to spend over 2 grand on a pair of bino’s I wouldn’t be using all that much.In any event, I decided to buy Bushnell’s new Legend M 8×25’s. My thought was, if I didn’t like them, send them back or give them to my wife for Christmas. I have always loved Nikon optics. I own two of their high end cameras, one film the other a D3 digital. Vortex is known for being bullet proof and has the best warranty ever. So why the Bushnell’s you ask? More than anything it was the reported optic qualities at the price.After using them for a little over a week, here’s what I think so far:OPTICS – The image is very sharp and crisp. Has great contrast and color. Huge sweet spot. When I looked for it, I found the top end of the field of few to be a little less crisp, but know where else. This surprised me as I expected to find a little more blurring at the edges. They are very bright. There is no disernable loss of light at night. If I can see an object in the dark with my naked eye, these bino’s do also at the same level of light. I found no chromatic aberration or flaring on bright objects at all. This also surprised me because I expected to see some. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be too annoying.Besides very good optic characteristics, I found these binoculars to be very well balanced, not too heavy and they feel really well constructed. The jury is still out on quality of construction however. These are made in China but Bushnell’s warrants these for life. At least to the original buyer/owner. We’ll see.In addition, the eye relief seems generous at 18mm. I don’t wear glasses, so I can’t say for sure, but I like the way they click out solidly and stay put. Oh, and they are very comfortable, just the right size for my eye sockets at least. The exit pupil is stated to be 5.3mm but all I can say is it’s large enough for me to easily see everything very brightly.Further, the focus wheel is very solid and fluid. Mine is a little on the stiff side, but it doesn’t wander and I like that a lot.Finally, the only good/bad thing I’ve noticed. The locking diopter is very solid and when it’s locked in, it’s locked in. That’s a good thing in my opinion, but, it’s not the easiest thing to unlock. So don’t plan on sharing. Not a deal breaker, I’ll buy my wife her own pair.While I was writing this, my next door neighbor stopped by to take a look at my new Legend M’s. He’s a avid hunter with more gear than I had when I was in the Marine Corp. His initial responce was, “Damn, these are bright!” Then he took the time to dial in diopter and went outside with them. It was 3:30 PM, cloudy and getting dark. After a few minutes of looking around I asked what he thought. He loved the contrast, sharp focus, how bright they were and the large field of view. He said they were a lot brighter than his Vortex Razor HD 10×42’s and had noticeable larger field of view. Then he asked me how much I paid for them. When I told him they were under $350.00, he just stared at me. ” Really, I’ll want to compare these with mine in the daylight and if the field of view is that much better, I may buy a pair these 8x’s the next time I’m at Cabela’s”. Anyway, that comparison hasn’t happened yet but I was pleasantly surprised with his comments when I found out he paid over a grand for the Vortex’s.

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  3. BrotherJack

    This is unbelievably good glass, especially for the $224.99 I paid for them on sale. I would put them at about 99% as clear/crisp/stunningly awesome to look through as any of the big name $2,000+ european binoculars. About 10 years ago I went to an optics store and convinced the sales guy to sit out back with me and nearly 20 pairs of binoculars at dusk so I could try them all. At that time, I found the Vortex’es of any price class to be easily better than their competition. I still have those Vortexes I bought then (which I would rate as about 95% as good as big name euro glass), and doing a side by side comparison with theses M Series, the M Series is no question a much clearer/crisper/stunningly awesome to look through optic. And they have Rainguard to boot! Bushnell has hit a home run with these.Side note – for any of you who have never experienced Rainguard – it is pretty close to magic at keeping your optics usable in cold/fog/snow/rain. Honestly, the only reason I was even looking for new binoculars, was a lot of time spent hunting and trying to keep the lenses on my Vortexes usable in the exceptionally cold nasty rainy conditions we had this fall, while the lenses on my Elite rifle scope with Rainguard stayed usable with nearly no effort.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    don’t normally do much in the way of reviews, but this 1 is well worth a shot. if you are like me, and you are looking for a really good set of binos then look no further!!! I read all the reviews. on different binos,and these came up trumps. I was looking at buying Nikon monarchs 7, but so glad I didn’t.the light that you see through your eyes are exactly what you will see through these babies, but in a way 10 times better. the crisp clarity, sharpness and colour is outstanding to a point where its like 3d glasses. everything seems to stick out in a good way.I bought these for daily walking, and when I go camping and Lundy island in July, hoping to see puffins and whatever else is over there.i needed a pair of binos to cope with whatever the weather throws at me, because when they get it bad, they get it bad.these from the reviews stood out to me and since arrival I’m a very happy bunny 🙂 people if you read this, or the other reviews on these binos and you like it, simples just buy them!!!!!! you won’t be disappointed..

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  5. Ajaja

    I am an amateur astronomer and birder who has tried all sorts of binoculars so optics quality are very important to me. What I really look for in a binoculars is the usability of the FOV, contrast , brightness and the ability to deliver neutral colours. Obviously, handling is important so let’s start by the handling.First impression on the build quality is positive, the rubber feels soft and well put together, the open hing makes for a very comfortable handling if you have big hands.This is not a small binoculars, it is slightly taller than the average 8×42 but I feel that what makes them so comfortable to hold.The lens front cover is attached to the barrel which is great in keeping them in place however, the EP cover are slightly loose and won’t sit tight.This binocular require very little re-focusing due to the large DOF.The focuser is smooth but a little resistan sometimes but this is expected in a new bino.The locking diopter is well made solid and locks in place with no fuss.Now moving on to the optics.My first play was around dusk and my observation is as follow.The 8x felt very pleasing to look through with enough eye relief and nice and wide FOV. The sweet spot was really generous, I would say the image start th soften at around 75%Colours are true to life and bright, contrast is really awesome and that is compared with my Vortex viper HD which cost double the price. The resolution is just superb really sharp. I am yet to try these in direct sunlight to see how they handle CA. I owned the first Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 couple of years ago and all I could say that this M series definely outperform it due the new dielectric coating applied to the prism.To summit up, for the price this is a very hard binocular to beat specially when put to the test up against my Vortex viper HD 8×42, the Bushnell edge it by it’s body design and brightness. I am definitely going to place an order for a harness for ease of use, something I wished Bushnell could have added like they did with the old model Legend Ultra HD.Like I said before, I have tried many binoculars from Zeiss Terra ED to Opticron countryman to Vortex viper HD and the Bushnell are definely a winner due to its image clarity, sharpness and colour reproduction.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Really pleased with these, they are lovely and clear and good close focussing too

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  7. Richard delgado

    These binoculars are of good construction and performance for the price.

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  8. Posted Feedback

    Tried a couple of them and this model seems to have a real problem in design and/or execution. I partcularly had problems with the rubber on the eyecups which (on two separate pairs) came loose from the metal underneath within a few days. The rubber is glued on, but not very well obviously. The focus knob can also be noisy, making a slight crackling sound. Not a huge deal, but not ideal either.

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  9. Gonzalo Echavarria

    Un prismatico con unas prestaciones de alta gama a un precio razonable y muy por debajo de las marcas alemanas. Lei el analisis tecnico de allbinos.com donde lo puntuaban muy bien y me anime a comprarlo en Amazon. Tenia ya un Kowa 10×42 y mis primeras impresiones con el Bushnell 8×42 son muy buenas: muy robusto, mas luminoso y nitido, mejor contraste y un campo de vision increible. Creo que el Kowa se va a quedar mas en casa ..y eso que tiene mas aumentos !!!. Lo unico que no me ha gustado tanto del Bushnell es la correa, un poquito estrecha y que las tapas de los oculares son mejorables. Aun asi, muy recomendado este bino.

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  10. Andreas L.

    Das Fernglas ist preis-leistungsmäßig kaum zu toppen. Für meine Zwecke ist allerdings das Legend L 10×42 ausreichend und häufiger im Einsatz, da noch kompakter. Einen Fehler kann man hier beim Kauf jedenfalls sicher nicht machen.

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  11. Claudia

    Lo preso per mio fratello che è un accanito cacciatore e penso che lo abbi molto apprezzato visto la faccia che a fatto quando lo ah scartato e in più il prezzo era buono quindi penso che lo raccomanderei di sicuro

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  12. Adrián Pérez Herrera

    Prismáticos robustos, de gama media-alta, con grandes prestaciones y magnífica relación calidad-precio. Sin duda una buena compra que durará para toda la vida. Pude compararlos con los Nikon Monarch 5 en condiciones de poca luz y estos Bushnell ganaron por goleada.

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  13. Cliente Amazon

    Leí una opinión en una revista especializada y la verdad es que no me han defraudado.Son mejores que muchos prismáticos que valen 3 y 4 veces más.

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  14. Paul

    Unbelievably clear sharp image. Great gathering of light. You have to use these at dusk to really appreciate how much light they gather in.

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  15. Strunker

    Le premier truc qui ma impressionné c’est qu’on a l’impression que le rond de la vision est beaucoup plus grand que dans les autres jumelles. Je ne sais pas si je suis clair mais ce qui est sur c’est qu’on voit carrément la différence avec des jumelles normales.

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