Bushnell H2O 158042 8×42 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100 percentage quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Beautiful blue color design and durability built to last
  • 100 percent waterproof, O ring sealed and nitrogen purged for reliable, fog free performance
  • BaK 4 prisms and multi coated optics offer crisp clear images with improved light transmission
  • Non slip rubber armor and Soft Texture Grip absorbs shock and provides a firm grip
  • 8x magnification and 42 millimeter objective diameter; 12 foot close focus distance; 17 millimeter eye relief
  • Large center focus knob for easy adjustments; Twist up eye cups; Limited lifetime warranty


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Thoughts such as, spend enough time on the water, and your equipment will spend some time in it.

The H2O series binoculars are O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged to completely lock out moisture should you spill, take one overboard, or simply run into foul weather along the way.

Rubber armoring with textured pads gives you a grip in slippery situations.

Multi-coated optics and premium-quality BaK-4 prism glass maximize light transmission and image clarity.

You’ll quickly see how a little planning on the part goes a long way to magnify your adventures on and around the water.

Specification: Bushnell H2O 158042 8×42 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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7 x 6 x 3 inches, 1.56 pounds

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2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

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  1. Ma B

    I bought these on a Prime Day special to take to South Padre Island to use for close up viewing of gulls and shorebirds on the beach and for viewing from beach to wave surface. My husband and I are fairly serious birders and own numerous pairs of slightly higher end and stronger magnification binoculars and spotting scopes. I really didn’t consider these to be super legit optics, just an affordable backup pair for the beach. We had spent half an hour or so hanging out, making friends with seagulls, taking cell phone pictures. The longer I used these little binos, the more I liked them-they felt nice in the hand (love their rubberized coating!), had great edge to edge image quality, small but substantial. My (type 1 diabetic) husband seemed happy, sitting on his beach chair at the edge of the surf, dozing on and off, and enjoying the scene. But, as the low waves surrounded him, his beach chair sank deeper and deeper into the sand and I realized he was doing nothing to extricate himself. It was then I knew his blood sugar had tanked and he was already unresponsive. I had to get him up onto his feet and out of the water rickticky, pull his beach chair out of the sand, gather up all our stuff, and find him something to eat ASAP, or call 911. In the melee, I dropped the binoculars into the edge of the surf, and by the time I could grab them they (as well as my husband and I) were completely coated with sand and dripping wet. I shook the binoculars off but I had more important things to worry about, pulling my husband out of his sinkhole and getting a grip on the load of gear including both of our cellphones, the heavy beach chairs, and wet towels I would have to carry. Luckily, a woman nearby came to our rescue and helped me get him up and heading for the stairs and shower at the beach exit. Her friend gave him some crackers and, to my amazement, he came to enough to move out of the danger zone. When we reached the shower I haphazardly rinsed off the binos along with everything else. I figured they were ruined forever. I got him some food and glucose, and to this day he doesn’t remember anything at all, like it never even happened. The same is true of these binoculars! As soon as they dried and I brushed the rest of the sand off of them, they were as good as new-no fog, no messed up focus wheel or gears, no scratched lenses. Even though I would have sacrificed them to my husband’s medical emergency, I believe they are a great little pair of sturdy, useful, WATERPROOF, binoculars. 5 stars, easily!

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  2. Alan Watches Life

    This review is for the Bushnell H2O Roof Binoculars sizes 8×42 and 10×42, both of which I recently purchased. These binoculars are inexpensive but have many of the characteristics of expensive binoculars. They are water and fog-proof, they have BaK-4 prisms, and they have a well-constructed and rugged body. I purchased roofs rather than porros after my Nikon porros lost their collimation. Nikon repaired them for $10 plus shipping (which was very fair), but I did not want to go through that again. Roofs are generally more durable. These binos appear well collimated (I did every test I could find on the internet, including shining the sun through them onto a screen), they can quickly be focused quite sharply, and there is very little color aberration. The 8x42s have remarkably little distortion near the outside of the field of vision; the 10x42s have more, but are still quite acceptable. The eye relief is good, so I can wear these with or without glasses. The rubber eyepiece collars are a little hard, but I purchased Field Optics eyeshields (I have no interest in the company) which both shield outside light from entering from the sides and soften the feel of the binoculars against the eyes. Both binos feel slightly heavy for their size, but are really okay. The straps require some lacing, but if carefully done, are okay too. The case is slightly tight, but acceptable. The front and rear lens covers can be attached, which is great.The biggest problem with these binos is that they are roof binoculars with only multicoating. They are not fully multicoated nor phase coated. The lens quality is good, but not great. Thus the images are clear and sharp, but not as bright as you might get with a porro of the same class or an expensive roof bino. In good daytime light, this does not matter, but in really overcast light, the view is acceptable, but could be better. Not surprisingly, the 8x42s are brighter than the 10x42s. However, at night, using a tripod, I prefer the 10x42s since they permit better viewing of the moon and the stars. Surprisingly, the focus is so sharp that I can produce pinpoint images of Jupiter without flaring.Thus we have inexpensive binoculars pretending to be expensive binoculars and doing a pretty good job of deception. The muted brightness is only a problem in poor lighting, but otherwise these binoculars are impressive for their price. I give the 10x42s four stars and the 8x42s four and a half stars.

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  3. L. Hayward

    I researched a number of binoculars, read a lot of reviews and settled on the Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Binoculars. For my purposes, they’re just what I need. I use them to look out my window at the wildlife around the lake and on my kayak and jon boat. Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep them from sinking should they fall overboard.I’m impressed with the quality in how they’re made and how well they work. It’s very easy to grab them and focus quickly, unlike other binoculars I’ve owned. They come in a box (see my photos) with a case and a strap. There are four rubber end caps to protect the lenses. The front caps attach securely with a small “rubber band” and the caps near your eyes attach to the strap so you don’t lose them. In the pictures, you’ll notice the neck strap that comes with them (black). It’s decent, but I had purchased the red strap (pictured) because I didn’t realize they come fully equipped with strap. I’m using the red strap because it’s more cushioned. I’m very pleased with my purchase, and the price was right.

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  4. Ole

    Bought these for a 2 week trip to Alaska. Out in rainy conditions only. Got moisture in the left lense. They never dried out and are unusable. There are still water droplets on the inside of the lense. Only had a month to return them to Amazon which ran out while we were on our trip to Alaska. Contacted the Bushnell company but never got a reply. Very disappointed!

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  5. Albert Robles

    I suggest you find a vendor that sells all the accessories. The binoculars I bought did not come with a carrying case. Did not have lens protectors nor the straps. If you invest such a large amount of money and cannot protect or safely transport your investment it will cost you.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    These are lovely to handle and the easy turn focus wheel is a joy. I must admit, when they arrived, I couldn’t see much difference when looking through these and my Bushnell 8 x 32’s and felt a bit disappointed. However, once out at sea they came into their own- fantastic visibility and clarity in all light conditions and good stability on a moving ship; waterproof and fog-proof. They are also a lovely transportable weight compared with my heavy marine 7 x 50s.They are worth every penny and I look forward to using them for many happy whale-watching years to come.

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  7. p6ril

    J’ai acheté ces jumelles en complément de Nikon Aculon 10×50 (que j’utilise essentiellement pour l’observation astronomique). Je voulais des jumelles plus légères, plus compactes et plus faciles à emmener.Les bons points concernant les Bushnell 10×42 :* prismes en toit à comparer aux prismes de porro sur les Nikon, les Bushnell sont plus compactes* bonne luminosité (moins bien que les Nikon, mais 42mm vs 50mm)* réglage précis et net* étanchéité* les capuchons pour protéger les optiques ne se perdent pas, sont faciles à mettre et à enlever* bonne prise en main* possibilité de les mettre sur un pied photo avec un adaptateur idoineLes mauvais points :* aberrations chromatiques pas forcément ultra gênantes mais définitivement visibles, personnellement ça m’agace* elles ne sont pas légères, mais ce sont des 42mm donc ce n’est pas complètement inattendu non plus* j’ai lu ça dans un commentaire (il me semble en anglais) mais oui il est bien indiqué sur la boîte “avertissement : cancer et effets nocifs sur la reproduction” ?!??Conclusion : ce ne sont pas de mauvaises jumelles, elles sont même plutôt qualitatives (luminosité, netteté, précision). Le souci c’est que je les compare aux Nikon qui sont bien meilleures et à moins de 100€ (attention, ce ne sont pas les mêmes prismes, les Nikon sont plus lourdes et pas étanches, on ne compare pas les mêmes choses). Si je dois comparer juste la qualité optique, les Bushnell ne font pas le poids. Et que penser de l’avertissement sur la boîte. Dans quelles circonstances ces jumelles peuvent être nocives pour la reproduction ou favoriser un cancer. Ma conclusion personnelle c’est que je suis plutôt déçu, les aberrations chromatiques sont trop gênantes et pour des jumelles, la qualité optique est tout de même très importante, j’attendais mieux d’une marque réputée comme Bushnell.

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  8. ErrolE

    The image quality is good for this price level, in most conditions giving a clear bright image. I was a bit unfortunate in trying them for the first time in having a high contrast image of a starling with a white sky behind it, which showed up the obvious colour fringing around the edges of the bird but have decided to keep them as in other conditions they are more than acceptable. I only want them for casual use, if I were a serious bird watcher I suspect I would want to pay more and get better performance. They are quite heavy but this doesn’t cause a problem in use really. And it is easy to use them with glasses on if you keep the eyecups screwed down as the eye relief is sufficient. All in all I would recommend them as a very good budget price binocular.

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  9. Lanky

    Appear to be nicely made albeit with a cheap feeling case. They are rather heavy to use & I found the lens caps to be annoying.I ended up returning them as I found the field of view too small for what I needed (birdwatching), this is my fault rather than the bino’s, but was exacerbated by their weight.I will not buy another pair without trying them first

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  10. GaL

    Tout à déjà été dit dans les commentaires… perso, j’ajouterai que pour le prix (indéniablement le meilleur ratio qualité/marque/prix), vous en avez pour votre argent !!La qualité de fabrication “Bushnell” n’est plus à défendre par ailleurs… après cela reste des jumelles en grossissement 10, compactes…Je ne les trouve pas spécialement lourdes, le réglage dioptriques est très bien conçu et très agréable (pensée aux porteurs de lunettes).Le piqué lumière/détail est assez impressionnant en luminosité jour, comme sur du crépusculaire léger.Allez, on essaye d’émettre tout de même un petit élément critique: la dragonne aurait pu être mieux finie en terme d’attache (plastique) et de montage surtout avec le passant du cache optique… mais rien de dramatique non plus !En bref, superrrrrrr satisfait de ce modèle !@ bientôt, tchuu

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  11. DW

    Bought these for bird watching having ruined my previous pair by dropping them. I was sceptical that these could deliver decent performance for the price but was persuaded to take a chance having read other reviews. If you want a much wider range of opinions look at the product on Amazon.com – it was this overwhelmingly positive feedback that convinced me to buy.The binoculars are not particularly light but fit comfortably in the hands. I have found the focus to be clear and sharp with a reasonably bright image – even in overcast winter conditions.Definitely worth considering for reasonable performance at a good price.

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  12. Oleta Forde

    Brilliant binoculars, unfortunately my first pair were stolen. But on purchasing a new pair I thought about shopping around and found that these are still the best. Stylish, waterproof, fantastic binoculars. The case is standard with a flap velcro fasten, not much protection so I will purchase another that has more protection a zip and pockets. The neck strap is better with this second purchase. It is comfortable and says Bushnell on the back. I had purchased a second neck strap but will return this now as the one with the binoculars was of better quality this time around.

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  13. Lesley Rennick

    A great set of binoculars for the price. Having read reviews before buying I knew these were amongst the best I could get for my budget. They are significantly better than previous travel binoculars I’ve bought – clearer, closer, more stable images. True, they are a bit bigger and heavier to carry around, but not significantly so and more lightweight sets won’t give you the same image. If you’re looking for binoculars for less than £200 you’re unlikely to find anything better than these.

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  14. Daisy

    Bought these binoculars for my granddaughter to use on safari. They were much better than expected. We all use Swarovski binoculars and are used to quality. These are great quality at the price and, therefore, very good value for money. Will definitely consider buying these again

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  15. Mark Burleigh-Thurston

    I have always liked Bushnell and these are very good all rounders. Bird waching, great in the African bush. I like the lens covers to help keep the lenses clean when being carried. Not too heavy and good in low light.

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