Bushnell Engage Binoculars – 8x42mm Roof Prism Black

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  • ED prime glass is fully multi-coated to offer maximum brightness
  • Dielectric Prism coating and Ultra wide-band coatings provides precision and clarity
  • Exo barrier lens coating repels water, debris, oil and fog
  • Environmentally-friendly lead-free glass
  • Lightweight yet rugged magnesium chassis is fully waterproof



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Set your sights on precision wherever you roam.

The Engage BAK-4 Roof Prism binoculars get you close to the action while delivering maximum brightness and clarity with full multi-coated ED Prime glass, all housed in a lightweight chassis. From Bushnell.

Specification: Bushnell Engage Binoculars – 8x42mm Roof Prism Black

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8.4 x 8.1 x 3.2 inches, 1.47 pounds

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14 reviews for Bushnell Engage Binoculars – 8x42mm Roof Prism Black

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  1. Neil E Rutan

    These are very nice binoculars – they are very similar to the Legend L series in terms of the construction. These have better glass, however. Field of view is the best I have seen for an 8x, at 426′. I like the rubber molded grip surface, however, I can tell that it will scratch easy. It won’t affect performance, but if you are picky about stuff like that it might bug you a little bit. The low light performance is very good, as is the center clarity. The clarity toward the edges begins to diminish, however. There is *some* chromatic aberration, however it isn’t noticeable unless you are really looking for it and have a trained eye to see it, and even then only in very bright high contrast lighting. I think for this price point, Bushnell ought to offer their lifetime warranty, not the limited warranty that it has. The Legend Ultra HD’s and Legend M series have the unconditional warranty, and they are currently at a lower price point. The eyecups twist easily, but don’t seem as sturdy or well designed as those from other companies such as Nikon or Vortex. I think they will work fine, however. They are light weight and pretty compact. Overall I like them a lot. Biggest gripe is the warranty. Vortex, Nikon, Burris and many others offer unlimited warranties with all their products. Get with the times Bushnell!

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  2. Amazon Customer

    We love the Bushnell Engage 10x 72mm binoculars. These have performed well in the field and the engineering standard applied to this product is high. Read on for the details.MAGNIFICATION AND LENS DIAMETER:There are two numbers that describe these binoculars, 10x and 42mm. 10x means that objects will be appear 10 times closer than through the naked eye. Viewing a deer 100 feet away will look like it is 10 feet away.The second number, 42mm, is the size of the lens on the far end of the binoculars. This is important because this determines how much light can enter the lens, which in turn determines the “exit pupil size”. In this case, the exit pupil size is 42mm divided by 10x, which equals 4.2mm. Your pupils can widen to 7mm, so at 4.1mm we find that these Engage binoculars are restricting the amount of light that we would naturally see. Still fine for daylight viewing, and for some low light conditions. But for night or lower light use these are not the correct binoculars, you’d want something closer to 10x 50mm, which would allow an exit pupil size closer to 7mm.PACKAGING AND CONTENTS:These Bushnell Engage binoculars are packaged well and the presentation feel premium. The box slides out, and then has a lid that lifts up. The box and paper inserts are all glossy and made of high-quality materials.Binoculars, instructions, neck strap, microfiber cloth bag, lens covers, and a soft vinyl bag are included inside. Everything fits together nicely, but for the end caps to fit properly the eyepieces must be extended fully and locked.PERFORMANCE AND FUNCTIONALITY:Bushnell’s patented technology, which they call “EXO Barrier”, is a hydrophobic lens coating that prevents fogging. In fact, I have never experienced any moisture build-up on the lenses, so perhaps there is something to this. Other marketing claims include the “BaK-4 Prisms” and “PC3 Phase Coating” but at this point I lose interest. What’s important is that these layers provide bright sharp optics, and for this I can vouch.Like all binoculars, the image becomes unstable because of the slight movements of your hand. This is probably acceptable in the field for a quick magnified scan of the horizon, but for prolonged viewing this is not ideal. The Engage binoculars has a mount on the front middle – remove the screw, use a tripod adapter (not included), and connect to a tripod. Now the image is stable.When looking 1000 feet ahead, the field of view allows one to see 340 feet across – quite nice for a 10x magnification.There are four areas on the binocular that adjustments can be made – the eyecups twist, dioptor adjustment for the right eye, interpupillary distance adjustment, and the center focus knob. The eyecup twist is to accommodate the use of (sun)glasses, the interpupillary adjustment is to calibrate with the true distance between your eyes, the center knob focuses for both eyes simultaneously, and the diopter adjustment accommodates differences in your left and right eye (by focusing only your right eye).All knobs and adjustments are manufactured with a high engineering standard. There is no play or looseness to any mechanical part. All adjustments are made with a perfect amount of resistances and precision. I’m really impressed here, this is a nice product.And at only 23 ounces, these binoculars are not too heavy. While hiking I do not find the Engage 10x 42mm a burden at all. For daytime outdoors viewing, these are perfect.CONCLUSION:A great pair of binoculars which are almost perfect for crisp clear daytime viewing. I’ve used these binoculars while hiking and have seen details that I would otherwise have missed. My only complaint is that for a stable image, a tripod is really needed – and this extra gear begins to become cumbersome to carry. But for active scanning of the horizon in the field, the Bushnell Engage 10x 42mm are an excellent choice. Highly recommended.

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  3. Scott

    The image quality is very good, similar to the Legend M. Nice wide field of view and easy eye placement, sharpness is good in the center but drops off outside the middle 50%. CA is minimal, much better than some significantly more expensive binoculars I’ve used.On the down side the build quality isn’t as good as the Legend M. The objective covers don’t fit securely and fall off easily. The eye cups move a little too easily. The weight is also higher than Bushnell claims. I measure 24.7 oz for the binocular only vs the 23.5 oz that Bushnell claims. They’re still very compact for an 8×42 though.

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  4. Daniel

    This is a good binoculars, my wife has a Pentax Papilio II which she loves, she admired how bright it is when she looked into the Engage the first time.I took the advantage of Amazon’s low price, 5% discount, and Bushnell’s $70 rebate, it was a great buy!

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  5. Cameron

    It took me a long time looking up reviews of a number of different models and brands of binoculars before I finally settled on these, and I have no regrets.With proper adjustment, you can look at things that are within roughly 8 feet of you. Much closer than that and they’ll start getting blurry, but these weren’t made for looking at something that is already close enough to touch. I used these to look at the moon and I saw craters that I never knew existed before. The image is clear, even in fairly low-light conditions, and everybody who has looked through mine has had nothing but good things to say. You get what you pay for with a pair of binoculars like these.

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  6. Dee

    The Bushnell Engage 10X42 binoculars sounded very promising,with extra low dispersion glass ,dielectric coatings and much more. Unfortunately they are not very impressive. What could have been a good binocular is hampered by a very short eye relief and so so optics. The optics are ok nothing spectacular for all that they boast. I own a pair of Bushnell legend l 8×42 which in my opinion the optics are much brighter and sharper than the Engage. The only reason why i may keep them as back pair of binoculars . Is because they were on sale for $130 which is a good price point.. But I’m still on the fence about them. Not sure if i can live with the optics

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  7. Paul Morgan

    This 8×42 Engage is a pretty decent mid priced Chinese made roof prism with all the high end features found on some of the most expensive modern binoculars and it shows, the image is bright & sharp but the generous wide field of view of 8.1* is some what soft at the outer edge unlike the 8×42 Carson hd which is sharp right to the edge but has a much narrower fov. The twist up eye cups worked well on the engage and it felt like a premium, quality instrument but overall when comparing it to my trusty old Russian porro prism it just didn’t satisfy me enough…! Eye placement was too fussy and critical and i preferred the more natural engaging…stereoscopic, relaxing view of the porro… the conclusion is i won’t be replacing my old Russian porro for a modern roof prism and believe me iv looked through the best Swarovski roof prism binoculars and i still prefer the view i get from the old porro…good luck!

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  8. Ajaja

    Great binocular as expected from Bushnell. Optics are superb with accurate colour reproduction and razor sharp details across then fov. The body is very well made Andy feels solid. They are quite small which make them ideal for travel.

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  9. mike

    i was hesitant to order these online without looking through them first , but i already own the Bushnell engage 6-24×50 rifle scope so i did . i have had a couple pairs of cheep binos but began shopping for new glass while up north and using my dads buddies 800 dollar pair of leaupolds . while these aren’t quite at that level i think they are really close and I’m going to do a side by side next time we hunt together .the sharpness of the image with these bushnells are awesome. i can glass for way longer without any eye strain and the actual frame is smaller then i was expecting .the adjustable eye cups also have a nice click in-between positions and don’t collapse when you put them up to your eyes .the low light view is pretty decent for a mid priced optic and can scan field edges into the first and last minutes of shooting light . overall very pleased with the engage line can’t wait to put them threw their paces

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    First things first, what is the price on these? Amazon Ca have increased the price since buying mine a week ago however its still a good bit less than some other retailers who are asking $600. This binocular pretty well has all the bells and whistles specification wise and my sample arrived well made and in good condition. Nice optics with a bright image, brighter in fact than a pair of Zeiss I own that cost twice the price. Minor quibbles are the neck strap, its a bit thin but works OK and the case is basic. However the binocular has some nice touches, advanced coatings, a locking diopter and wide FOV. Very happy with these.

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  11. Jo-Ann Terpstra

    First off the bridge design did not allow the binoculars to close enough for eye spacing on my face. This is the main reason I had to return then to amazon.However these Binos feel really good in the hands. I was really impressed with how compact they actually are. Really easy to hold steady even with the 12 power magnification. Nice packaging and love the soft carry case.Optically I was a little disappointed. These do not compare to my Legend M series that I currently own. Not as sharp or clear of an image. Also very disappointing in low light conditions.

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  12. piotr

    Binocolo relativamente compatto ed ergonomico, con messa a fuoco fluida e precisa. Ottimi contrasto (la visione sembra tridimensionale) e brillantezza dell’immagine. Aberrazione cromatica non significativamente percepibile. Ottimo per osservazione naturalistica. Pienamente soddisfatto.

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  13. peter can

    No lo supe sino hasta que recibí el producto, una lástima, parecía de buena calidad.

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  14. Eldiabloira

    Vale tutti i soldi spesi e anche di più

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