Bushnell Core DS No Glow Trail Camera

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  • Accepts up to a 32GB SD Card (not included) and operates on 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • 30 MP Images 1080p 60fps Video
  • 80′ No Glow Infrared Night Range
  • 0.2s Trigger Speed and 0.6s Recovery Rate
  • 1 Year Battery Life, 2 Year Warranty



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Featuring one camera sensor optimized for daylight photography and another designed for sharp photos after dark, the Core DS No-Glow Trail Camera from Bushnell will capture vivid images and video of activity on your property or hunting grounds. Featuring a fast 0.2-second trigger speed, the Core DS will detect motion up to 100′ away, and automatically adjusts the intensity of the motion sensor based on temperature and humidity.

Its infrared flash also has a range of 100′. The Core DS shoots photos at up to 30MP resolution and captures 1080p video at 60 fps. You can set the camera to take from one to five still photos per trigger event and set the interval between triggered captures from 0.6 seconds to 60 minutes to avoid clogging up your card with redundant images.

The date, time, temperature, moon phase and user-set camera name are stamped on the photos. Video clips range from 5 to 60 seconds in length. Along with triggered images and videos, the Core DS can capture time-lapse photos at programmable intervals with its Field Scan feature.

The camera can be mounted with the included web belt or by using the tripod socket on its base. It has a USB port, so you can connect it to your computer for viewing images or video, and an external power port for Bushnell’s separately sold solar panel.

Specification: Bushnell Core DS No Glow Trail Camera

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5 reviews for Bushnell Core DS No Glow Trail Camera

2.6 out of 5
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  1. Kindle Customer

    Bought this camera after reviews on Trail Camera Pro. It’s their top pic for 2019. It’s small, smaller than the Moultrie M-series. It would hide very well. I did but the CAMLOCKBox for it, and some Gorilla Tape in Mossy Oak pattern to better camo up the box. I’ve kept my trailcams this way for years and have many pictures of trespassers just feet away from the camera that never see it. I chose this camera for it’s detection circuit (100 foot, 33yards), no glow, and speed. There’s a lot of other cheaper cameras that will do the job, ,but don’t detect that far.As far as being a “no or low glow” camera. I tested it out in the house with curtains closed, and I did not see any glow.I’m giving the cam 4 stars for now because of well looks and testing in house. After it’s had sometime to “soak” out in the woods, I’ll update my review.Update : The pictures and video have been outstanding, and the distance was exactly what I was looking for. It’s very hard to see with the small size and camo.Update : 9 January 2020. I ran this cam 4 to 5 months. I was getting ready to buy a second when I saw the other reviews and was surprised. I experienced a couple of quirks with the video settings, but over all I have been very happy. One thing that might have been causing some problems, you have to go from “settings” back to “off” then to “on” with Bushnells.

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  2. 4M Farms

    This camera is what you expect for the money. I know you can buy 4 other cameras (like I have) for the price of this one if you just want to get general fair quality day & poor quality night images of activity. BUT if you want to take the hit in the pocket book (like I did, and got scorned by wife) for top notch 30MP pictures & high quality/speed 1080p 60 fps video (able to do both at same time even) w/ true NO GLO then this is the camera your hard earned money gets you, especially if you need to identify trespassers in day or during cloudy no moonlight black darkness @ night. Excellent camo. Excellent battery life on only 6 lithium AA. Easy fit & lockdown on a tree w/ strap or python cable 22ft. up in a tree like seen in pics attached. Night pic was a very windy, completely cloudy pitch black dark night. I put my worst night pic attached so you can see what that quality for a night pic will look like in worst conditions.

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  3. Gerry

    I purchased this camera (119977C) because I was so pleased with the Bushnell Aggressor (119877C) I purchased last year. Out of the 6 cameras I’ve used, the Bushnell was my favorite. This camera (Core DS) has problems right out of the box; couldn’t have been tested during manufacture. I put new batteries in it, a 32GB SD card, changed the settings to catch 10S videos and put it out in my back yard in place of the stealthcam I usually use. The next day, the camera was disfunctional when went to change the SD cards; it had killed the batteries (like other bad reviews have noted). The SD card had 587 videos and none of them showed anything that should have triggered the camera (like other bad reviews have noted). I replaced the batteries, went back through all the settings because it totally reset everything when the batteries died (good cameras DON’T do this) and changed some settings (like range and delay interval) to see if it had an affect. I put the camera out for an hour and when I went back to get it, noticed the light detector (red) LED was flashing as I approached the camera. According to the manual, the motion detector LED is supposed to flash in “setup” mode and for up to 10 sec after going to operation in the “ON” mode. The manual isn’t all that great anyhow so it may be a mislabeling mistake. But, nothing on the camera is supposed to flash or come on in the “ON” position of the switch. So, something else is going on with hardware or software inside the camera. Back to the results of the second test run, over a hundred videos in approximately an hour and no reason for a trigger. The reviews for this camera are indicative of the product; 28% with one star and lesser percentages for 4 and 5 stars are a warning. I am doing this review to add to the 1 star category so other buyers do not make the mistake I did.

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  4. Brendan Finn

    Small memory car means you will run out of space quickly on the card. First photo is from the CORE camera and second is from an older trail camera the fake size on the disk is six(6) times larger than the other camera but with LESS clarity – how is this possible?!. Does not work. Initially it took almost a dozen times to save the date and settings. After that it did not record videos or take pictures. I put it next to another trail cam I had and walked by it for half the day. Nothing was recorded on this camera. I like the idea that it has no glow infrared lights but that’s it. It does not work. Initially I thought that it was the batteries I was using so I went through three different kinds of new batteries and they all had the same outcome – nothing. How at the edge of 2020 can a major company make a camera that doesn’t work. EVERYTHING has a camera these days and this company can’t figure out how to get theirs to work. Stay away.

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  5. Oscar

    Not at all what you would expect from Bushnell. To start with, the field of view is only 38 deg. It’s like having blinders on. I could have lived with that except it continually would ‘false trigger’, 2 or 3 times, about 15 sec after a legitimate trigger, taking numerous useless videos. I tested this in my back yard for 3~4 nights and it ate up half the batteries (only takes six). The picture and video quality is very good, but I have trail cams that cost 1/3 less than this one that are much more reliable. Their picture quality might not be as good but still very acceptable. Very disappointed. 🙁

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