Bushnell BSH119837C 16 MP Trophy Essential E3 HD Low-Glow Camera, Brown

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  • Accepts up to a 32GB SD Card (not included) and operates on 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • 0.3 second trigger speed; 16MP maximum image resolution; BandW text LCD display
  • 100 detection and illumination range; Low Glow LED night vision flash
  • Hyper Image Recovery : 1.0 second recovery means the camera takes more images. More images means more information to help you hunt smarter
  • Dynamic Video : 720p video records for up to 30 seconds while the animal is in front of the camera and stops immediately after they leave the frame
  • True 1 Year Battery Life : Up to 1 year of battery life at an average of 35 daytime images and 35 nighttime images per day
  • Data Stamp : Capture moon phase, time, date, temperature and GPS coordinates on each image
  • Field Scan 2X : Provides you two windows of image capture to capitalize on dusk and dawn movement
  • Hybrid Capture Mode : Captures a full resolution image followed by a video on each trigger
  • ARD LED Shield : Anti reflection shield reduces glare from LED cover for maximum concealment
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Keep a watchful eye on your favorite hot spot. It features a day/night sensor and 16MP photo resolution to ensure crisp, vivid photos every time.

Adjustable settings allow you capture 1-3 images per trigger, or record high-definition 720p video up to 60 seconds.


  • 0.3-second trigger speed
  • True one-year battery life for all season scouting
  • 16MP high-quality full color resolution
  • Faster 1-second recovery rate for more pics with fewer blanks
  • New auto exposure feature for better light detection with no more whiteouts
  • PIR sensor is motion activated out to 100 ft.
  • Low-glow LEDs

Specification: Bushnell BSH119837C 16 MP Trophy Essential E3 HD Low-Glow Camera, Brown

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8 x 4 x 10 inches

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15 reviews for Bushnell BSH119837C 16 MP Trophy Essential E3 HD Low-Glow Camera, Brown

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  1. Tavis Forrester

    REVISED UPDATE: We sent our cameras back in to Bushnell but they could not reproduce the issuein their office and did not warranty any of the cameras. We have started referring to losing data as the “Bushnell lottery” and will be switching camera brands as soon as funding allows. I can’t believe that Bushnell customer would not address this problem.I now own 85 of these cameras for wildlife research. This past season 45 of these 85 cameras reset the date and time repeatedly during their deployment, rendering the data useless. All of the cameras that had this bug reset over and over so there are multiple photos from 1/1/17 at “midnight”. This is a major issue that Bushnell needs to address quickly or it is going to lose the wildlife research community. Customer service has been responsive to replacing cameras that are under warranty. I am currently testing Browning Dark Ops cameras on a recommendation from a former co-worker. The trigger speed is good and it has less issues with blank photos than previous models but is still easily triggered by patches of shade and sun. Bushnell also needs to fix the mismatch between the detection circuit and the camera view. I have lots of blank photos from elk grazing through the camera view and hanging out on the edge of the detection circuit but off of the camera view.OLD REVIEW:I bought 15 of these cameras for a research project. I am a wildlife biologist that has used Bushnell trophy cams for research for years. The previous model of trophy cam worked well, this model has all kinds of issues. We had several cameras reset the date and time randomly throughout their deployment in the field, one camera stopped working after an hour, and 4 of them did not take a picture after a battery change in the field. Plus the user has no control over video settings, which is ridiculous. 7 out of the 12 cameras we set out in the woods had some kind of failure. I will be trying to buy the previous version of this camera on Amazon until Bushnell figures out how to work out the kinks (again).

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  2. sublimesoul1

    This is the 4th trail cam added to our repertoire at our fishing club. This is my favorite one as of yet. Very clear, fast shutter. Check out this National Geographic feeling shot.

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  3. Chris Casey

    When it’s working, it’s an okay (3-4 star) trail cam. This is the first I’ve used, but setup was neither terribly hard nor easy, and the picture quality is about what I’d expect (see screenshot from video). It’s very entertaining to see what lives in the back of a suburban yard once the house-dwellers go to sleep. Unfortunately, it didn’t last… about a month after first use, it started writing very short and 0-length video files, and now the display of the device itself is garbled. Time to test the warranty.

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  4. Emily and Steve

    Garbage product.I purchased two of these on 7/10/17. It was hard to pass on the price. One is working properly. The other is not. I took too much time thinking it was me and I simply had the settings wrong. Now I can’t return or exchange the product.The camera is stuck on field scan. I’ve changed the settings a dozen + times. It reverts back to the setting every time. On my last trip out to check the camera it didn’t even stay on field scan. It simply stopped taking pictures.My wife purchased me a Bushnell for Christmas a few years ago. That one was not a cheap one. It stopped working within six months. I’m done with Bushnell.

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  5. M

    The cam worked perfectly for 1 week. Week 2 it started to fail, first the night videos were only a split second long and now half the files are unplayable and corrupted. I have contacted Bushnell and will update this when or if anything changes.Aside from that, this is in no way shape or form the image quality of what you’d think you’d get from a 16mp camera. I’m sure the processor must be very very cheap and isn’t able to produce a 16mp image. I’d give it 3 stars there.It’s pretty easy to use so that’s a plus, no complaints there. Build quality is just ok. I’m pretty sure that the plastic clip won’t hold up over time…..again maybe 3 stars

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  6. D. L. Fleming

    Great camera, good quality images. However, I was only able to get a few days operation per set of 8 batteries! It seems when the voltage drops on a small amount, the camera automatically goes into “battery saver” mode and cuts the 15 second videos down to just a few seconds. Every set of batteries I removed from the camera when the video was reduced, I tested on several battery testers. All batteries tested in the “Good’ range. I tested “New” batteries and ran them until the video was reduced. When testing those “new” batteries, there was only a slight drop in voltage. In other words, all those batteries that would no longer work in the camera worked completely fine in any other device they were inserted in to (even flashlights were nice and bright!). I was unable to find any setting that would allow the camera to keep working after the voltage in the batteries dropped only slightly. So be prepared to have buckets of batteries and/or accept VERY short videos. Would really love this camera if the batteries would last as long as they claim.

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  7. MuleMt

    Poor quality exposures in the day time photos because they are very dark. I called Bushnell and they looked at my pictures and said sorry but thats what you get with all the new Trophy Cams. There is no longer the standard adjustment in the advanced settings to control the amount of light needed to brighten the day time pictures. Previous model cameras had the High, Medium and Low settings. Now you have to manually adjust every picture on a computer program to lighten them up enough to see any important detail. Their quality is so poor I have to return it. The night time pictures are very grainy. The range, videos and trigger speed were real good. Photos would be good if only they weren’t so dark..TOO BAD !!!

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  8. charles baecht

    Unit was defective upon arrival. Returned to Bushnell for repair or replacement. Still waiting!! Not a happy camper!!!

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  9. RobinT

    Very poor video trigger time. The subject has almost exited stage right by the time the camera gets around to starting to film in video. If video recordings are important to you, then this is not the camera for you. A very expensive mistake!

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  10. maranta

    Good camera recommended

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  11. Darren

    The tech specs say that the camera is good to -20C. My experience so far does not match that. At -7C, in the sun, the device stopped working after about twenty minutes. Bringing it back into the house showed no changed. It took > 30 minutes for it to warm up enough to turn on. I used the recommended lithium batteries (new) that are good to -40C. Either my unit isn’t up to expected quality, or the -20C rating is a bit off. I will be returning it.

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  12. Brock M

    I bought this used and was supposed to have been inspected, however it was broken. Most likely why it was returned the first time. Also got the sd card and card reader adapter which all has to be returned now too. Very disappointed because I got a real good deal on it.

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  13. Steve L.

    I have had other bushnell cameras in the past and this one did not disappoint. Great image quality day and night. Fast trigger speed and great distance range for the sensor and led’s. Low glow led’s are much better than black led for night images.

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  14. Bill

    What seemed like a good deal quickly went flat. The display failed to work from the get go despite multiple trouble shooting attempts. New lithium batteries, various sd cards, ensured the switch was not between options were just a few of the attempts to make it work. Needless to say it is a faulty product.

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  15. Barry Langdon (NewfieOutdoorsman)

    This seems to be a pretty good trail camera for the price however, the information is incorrect.In the trail cam comparisons it shows that this cam has a video resolution of 1080p however, its only 720p. I was pretty disappointed because of this.

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