Bushnell 14MP HD Natureview – Green

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Pir sensor is motion activated out to 60 feet

· 60 ft range

· 0.7 seconds trigger speed

· Video Recording

· Time-lapse Mode

· SD Card

· SDHC Card

· Multi-shot Mode

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Capture Nature you never knew existed with the Bushnell NatureView HD Cam + live view camera. The Powerhouse boasts a Lightning quick 0.2 second trigger speed so you’ll never miss any action.

The 40 black LED night vision flash reaches out to 60′ so you can capture 14MP full-resolutions Images day or night, 24 hours a day. The 2.4 inch color live view screen is included so you can ensure your camera is pointed exactly where you want and allows you to review Images and videos.

It has a Programmable trigger interval of 1 seconds to 60 minutes. The Multi-image mode lets you select between 1 to 3 Images per trigger. Take breathtaking 1080P HD videos of 5 seconds to 60 seconds.

This hot Rocket even has field scan time lapse mode that allows you to take Images at pre-set intervals of 1 minute to 6 minutes. This camera will run up to one year on one set of batteries.

Specification: Bushnell 14MP HD Natureview – Green

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21.8 x 15.5 x 8 inches, 1.63 pounds

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15 reviews for Bushnell 14MP HD Natureview – Green

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  1. Lisa Deubel

    We used it for the first time last night. Worked like a charm. We have a summer cabin in the middle of a lot of forest. We were always curious what passed by in the night. So far, a raccoon, a skunk and lots and lots of squirrels. I am setting it up again tonight. The field of view is plenty wide enough and the pictures were clear. It was easy to download the images to my computer and it was easy to operate. And easy to set up. You can put it anywhere and move it around. We love it. We look forward to seeing what comes by tonight.

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  2. BenSP

    I was extremely disappointed with the camera. I have tried a few other cameras and was looking for a higher end one. I found that there was no way to control the exposure, so all of my pictures come out too dark, and are barely usable. The other issue is the design of the viewer. There is no way to mount the camera on a tripod and then use the viewer to aim the camera. The viewer connector protrudes from the bottom of the unit and interferes with the tripod mount.The setup was also very cryptic and hard to use.

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  3. Lisa in Georgia

    It takes clear sharp pictures of my feeder birds and other critters. My only complaint is that is doesn’t do well unless there is full sun. It would be nice to have an adjustment for cloudy days.

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  4. Freddy The Frog

    Finally, a Bushnell CAM that I can see what it’s going to get before finishing the setup AND one that gets extreme closeups of wildlife.What drew me to this model Bushnell Wildlife Camera was the ability to get it in close to very small animals such as mice, squirrels, moles, voles, and shrews.I do a lot of small animal studies and need to be able to view their habits primarily at night. I have several of the Bushnell Trophy Cameras and they work great for larger animals that are several feet away minimum.This Camera provides full 1080p video sequences that are at 24 fps… 24 fps makes the action appear a little choppy when compared to the industry norm of 29.9 fps. BUT, having the illumination on LOW and the shutter speed on HIGH, I have been able to get extremely close and extremely clear small mammal video sequences that are detailed enough for viable study and behavior observation as well as discerning the health of the animal.There are two included lenses, one is for a 46 cm focal distance which is roughly 18″ between camera and subject. This is my preferred lens. The lenses are solid metal that is very nicely machined, the lens is of very good quality that shows up in the images.Still images by daylight are fantastic. Still images of subjects which are 18″ away are blown out even by the lowest LED light setting… as night stills are not why I purchased it, this doesn’t bother me, but it may bother others. Night Video is VERY good at close range.The second lens option which is also included is 60 cm which is roughly 23″ from face of the lens to the subject. Without the closeup lenses attached, it is basically like the other trophy cam line, with a HD video setting.FAST CARD… you will want to get a large and fast card for this camera, I used a SanDisk 64 gb Class 10 that transfers at 80 mbs. If you place this cam in a high traffic or high activity area, the card will fill up fast if you capture video at the 1080p setting. Batteries can run down fast when videoing at night, so weekly check-ins will be mandatory. But then, I use it with the full 60 second video setting with a 1 second delay between stills and video.THE BEST aspect to this camera is the remote (tethered) color screen that plugs into the bottom front of the camera. When the camera is ON and running, you can attach the color screen for seeing exactly what it being photographed or videoed and you won’t have to guess at the framing or focus, I didn’t even know that detachable screen was with the unit until I received mine. BONUSYou should understand that when using the closeup lenses, the depth of field is greatly reduced. What’s a depth of field?For example, if you have the 46cm (18″) focal distance lens on, the subject is in focus at 18″ but things fall out of focus at around 28″, so anything beyond 28″ is softening and distant objects are out of focus, what is commonly referred to as “bokeh”. That is an effect that makes the video look very professional. The normal game cams focus several feet away to infinity, the close up lenses are not like that at all and will require some getting used to for focal distance that works for your chosen subject.I set the camera out and mounted it on a tripod so that I could aim it in any direction. The results are stunning and I could not be happier with this camera. I found out what was taking my mouse traps away and where they were being hidden… a pregnant deer mouse was eating the peanut butter out of the traps and dragging them off into various corners without getting trapped. Mystery Solved.I have absolutely no reservations about recommending this camera, it’s the only one of its kind on the market as far as I know. In the coming summer, I will be using two of them and enjoying this fabulous tool.

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  5. Steve… still in the frontier

    I have a previous model (119440), of this camera. My original intention was to use it as a normal HD trail camera. Due to an unfortunate accident purely on my part… I was forced to use the close-up lenses supplied simply to keep water out of the unit. (I broke the tiny window protecting the internal photo sensor while removing a metal security box that didn’t quite fit properly. I’m a klutz… hehe!) Anyway… this particular camera has become my favorite since relegating it to monitor a hummingbird feeder at a rural family hunting camp. I use the camera strictly in 1920 x 1080p wide screen video mode… and the close-up clarity is stunning.

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  6. dori sparks

    Takes continuous photos.

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  7. RAY

    Worked intermittently for an hour or so , now fails to power up, used loads of high spec tested battery’s, 3 different sd cards, its 41days old Amazon said contact Bushnell, thanks amazon.shame they didn’t put a sd card slot in the viewer so it was universal. The battery compartments poorly thought out, also the unprotected power cable connecting the front to back free hanging inside the unit is eventually going to break or get caught. Ive sent mine back to Bushnell UK see if they can find a fault, after years of making these things you’d think they’d get it right.

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  8. j dixon

    Procrastinated long and hard about which trail cam to buy hubby for Christmas and he is well pleased with this. Spending a bit more for the live view is worthwhile as it makes it much easier to position a camera when you can see the area the lens points at. The instruction booklet is well written and easy to follow. It is very handy being able to check your pictures in the field with live view, but this does drain the batteries quickly, so we have two SD cards and swap them so we can view indoors either on the 10” Tablet or laptop. The camera does come with a USB cable, but if you want to connect directly to a Tablet, or if you don’t have a card reader, these are easily and cheaply available, so where and how you view your pictures is down to personal preference.( We bought iKross Micro-USB 2in1 OTG / SD Memory Card Reader Adapter with USB, OTG Cable, Card Reader for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 / 8.4, Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 / GT-N5110, Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-inch GT-P5200 / GT-P5210, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch SM-T3100 from Amazon). You can run the camera from the mains, which we are considering whilst using it at home, as lengthy videos drain the batteries much quicker. It’s not clear from the instruction booklet what adapter/ transformer to buy, as this is from the USA.

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  9. Suejoh

    Absolutely fabulous. We are amazed at the excellent footage both during the night and during the day. During one very cold night it had a problem but since then it has taken every night. We have a fox, badger, numerous cats and unfortunately a rat that come in the night. During the day it picks up all the birds.I think there is a slight delay from being triggered as we have seen the back end of a deer a couple of times and sometimes we cannot see what triggered it.I like the attachment you can use to show the field of view when you set it up. We use this to map left and right so we know where to put the food and to ensure we keep it pointed more to the ground. We have used it at the bird feeder too and it triggered well and we had our best audio. Generally though the audio is limited but that is fine for our use.

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  10. voice of reason

    I was looking forward to this trail camera after doing lots of research into various makes and models. Firstly I was disappointed by the cheap plastic feel and the difficulties in installing the batteries. The remote monitor had dust under the screen, which was also not encouraging.Then I was shocked with the long delays in the outdated soviet style software. The settings are difficult to navigate and your never quite sure if your choices were accepted. But I still had high hopes until I viewed my test images and videos. I gave up counting after the finding the 11th dead or stuck pixel visible in each image. Needless to say it was returned immediately.

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    BRILLIANT !!!! only have a small garden but i have about 12 feeders and stick onto glass type feeders , they cost about £9 a week to keep topped up. I get a very large variety of birds as i live where there are lots of trees and woodland for nesting….. First the VERY good news amazons advert for this makes no metion of the fact you get a plug in view finder to make sure its pointing in the right direction. The only problem i had is the shoe on my camera tripod is a big square so i could not use it. I bought a new tripod from jessops its the manfrotto with product code 5272966 , the circular shoe is just the right size. By all means read the instructions but i found it easier to set up watching a video of simon king the wildlife photographer , he shows you how to set it up and why he did it his way.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    The camera was delivered promptly and efficiently.I had what I presume to be an earlier model of this camera previously for which this is a replacement.I found it much harder to set-up than the my previous camera but will admit I would have followed the instruction manual fully if I was buying for the first time rather than assuming the same as before.It has a remote viewer which is supposed to help in aiming at target object that you are hoping to capture on video or photo, unfortunately I use the camera on a tripod and the opening for the viewer plug is obstructed by the tripod base.The previous model would allow you to review photos and videos on its own internal screen which was handy to decide whether to review and save onto my computer, this one does not, you cannot even see how many pictures it has (or has not) taken.Generally I would say I am disappointed with this update, having said that it does take good video.

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  13. Emma

     Does the job I want it too, recording wildlife.I used SanDisk Ultra sdhc 32gb memory card with 12 alkaline batteries (sony). I set it to record 1min long videos, when triggered.Left it outside for two weeks, It only recorded for 4 days because my memory card was full (279 videos!), I was going to swap memory cards over till I noticed the batteries were dying.Obviously I needed to move my camera to a less active spot if I want the batteries and memory card to last longer. ;)Overall a good purchase.

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  14. Fiona J.

    Does not take pictures in focus. Overexposes everything and video is not compatible with Apple products. Very clunky and poor instructions. Sadly seller was no help at all – didn’t respond to any of my emails. Not the best Christmas present for my husband.

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  15. michaeljbparker

    complicated to operate,aND RESULTS not always acceptablei would not buy again

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