Bunn VPR-APS Coffee Maker

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  • Brews 3.8 gallons (14.4 liters) of perfect coffee per hour
  • Internal components are constructed from stainless steel
  • Pourover brewer requires no plumbing – completely portable
  • Just pour cold water in top and coffee brews immediately
  • Accomodates 1.9 to 3 litre airpots
  • Convenient airpot keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours
  • Airpots are easily transported to remote meeting rooms, breakfast bars, etc
  • SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand
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The Air pot brewer from Bunn-o-Matic is completely portable making it the most convenient product in its category.

With no hassle at all, easily transport this perfected piece of equipment to remote meetings, breakfast bars or break rooms to provide your guests or employees with the perfect cup of java.

By simply pouring cold water in the top reservoir you can instantly brew coffee in this Bunn Air pot brewer which accommodates 1.9 to 3 liter air pots.

Make this a handy addition to your office coffee service program!.


Specification: Bunn VPR-APS Coffee Maker

Weight23 lbs
Dimensions8 × 16 × 27 in






3 reviews for Bunn VPR-APS Coffee Maker

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  1. Steve Smith

    It’s rather confusing at first. The manufacturer has their phone number inside and is very helpfully.#1 do not plug in until you add water the or you can damage it After the initial fill it’s ok to plug it in, Some water is always kept inside#2. Fill it up till water comes out where it flows into container. This is about 3 64oz cups full, be careful, ready to catch water coming out first time you do this. Have rag ready!#3 plug it in for about 15-20 min, you will hear it H.E.A.T. up then quit down when it goes into sleep mode#4 put in 1.4 oz ( by weight) of maxwell house coffee into filter, put filter into slide out tray and push it firmly back in. Failure to push it flush can cause leaks#5. Pour in an additional 64 oz of water into the top. Be sure to have carafe under spout before adding water.5. Wait for it to finish, and you are done!You can leave it plugged in or unplug it and wait for it to reheat the next pot you make.All you have to do for pot #2 is add water.Once you understand how it operates it will not leak or overflow.I also put a mark at 64 0z on container to make it easier to fill.At very high elevations you may have to adjust thermostatI can’t see anything to break on this but maybe a thermostat or element years down the road.The thermos holds over 64 oz most people buy. The coffee maker only makes 64 oz at a time. So it will not totally fill the thermos on one run.The thermos is awesome that you must buy separately! 4 hours later and your coffee is still steaming hot!Make the coffee, put the lid on and push! Out comes coffee into your cup!Elderly people love it. It’s easy for them to get coffee after it’s in the thermos.Be sure to order thermos and measuring cup!The unit frustrated me at first, but after you understand how it works.. it’s great.And it is big! If you like the big and best of everything, this is it! No wimpy toy here!The bunn airpot I purchased for it is 3L, that’s 100oz. The machine only does 64Oz at a time.

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  2. JamessaysGoAstros

    This Bunn coffee brewer does one thing excellent… Actually I take that back, it does three things excellent- It makes damn good coffee, and it does it damn fast, and in the perfect volume to fill my Curtis glass lined thermal coffee airpots. I can quickly brew a pot of my Peerless French Roast, and a second pot for my wifes Starbucks Breakfast Blend to have great coffee available all day for my family. It’s such a huge convenience to have coffee available in thermal pump pots because it’s kept hot into the evening. So it’s like having a coffee shop in your house. We drink copious amounts of coffee, preferring coffee to canned energy performance beverages. This is an excellent setup for households with software engineers and hardcore video gamers, or for the home office. I imagine this brewer is also excellent for small offices. I bring a thermal pot of coffee into the office a couple days a week. My office mates prefer coffee brewed from this maker vs the Moccamaster we have in the office. This is simply an outstanding coffee brewer.Because this might sound like an extreme use case-Quick backstory on how I stepped up to the Bunn commercial brewer level of coffeemaker for my home/office- My company gave me the Bunn dual glass carafe commercial brewer unit when they were remodelling the kitchen with different equipment.I used this dual carafe brewer for about a year, which is how I’ve come to appreciate the quality and quantity of coffee that a commercial brewer can produce. I’ve since forgone using the single cup and standard home brewers because they couldn’t compete. However, there was something amiss with the style of how the coffee was produced and how we consumed it. For sheer volume of coffee production, the dual carafe system is superior from a small commercial unit. But the warmers and glass carafe system are made for fast consumption like with a busy office or a cafe/restaurant environment.So I ended up trying a thermal airpot to store and serve the coffe- as soon as the coffee finishes brewing I would immediately pour the glass carafe into the thermal airpot. This worked great for keeping the coffee hot all day and for service convenience from not having to worry about leaving the coffee warming plates on all day or the coffee evaporating or going stale in the glass carafes.The thermal airpots worked so well and everyone loved their performance, so much so, that I thought why not consolidate my coffee setup and brew directly into the thermal airpot. Et voila!I ended up giving the dual carafe Bunn brewer to my office mate, for his new house, who is now loving the coffee fueled life because he programs from home most days of the week.If you love coffee and drink it by the gallon, this could be a great system. Experiment with the thermal airpots to find what suits you best. I happened to prefer the Curtis pots instead of the Bunn pots because they are glass lined and I take great care when handling and cleaning them so as not to shatter the liner. The reward is coffee that stays hot longer. However if you’re rough on your equipment, the durability of a stainless steel lined airpot might work out better.I did some light math and this commercial setup is more cost effective over the high end single cup brewers. And the convenience of selecting any whole coffee beans you want and grinding them just before brewing, to me, makes a difference in flavor and enjoyment.The next item to tweak, in my coffee making setup, is to procure a commercial coffee grinder so I can grind a batch of beans more quickly and consistently, without having to hold anything. Currently I’m using a Mr Coffee 12 cup grinder where I have to set it, every time, to grind 12 cups worth. And also have to tilt it to get all the beans to be ground. It grinds very well, but it’s slightly inconvenient for a daily use system. It was also super inexpensive. The commercial grinders are relatively expensive. But I can live with the current setup, for the meanwhile.Cheers to excellent coffee!

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  3. sfdk

    We have this at our office, and it has sped up the coffee making like you wouldn’t believe. The reason for not giving it 5 stars, is that it is trial and error on coffee vs water, due to no instructions. We had quite a few overflows the first couple of times. Our trick is to put 10-11 cups of coffee in and then only fill the pitcher half way, and then once it’s run through do another half pitcher. OR if we don’t need that much coffee we will put in about 8 cups of coffee an 3/4 pitcher and that seems to do the trick!

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