Bunn 10 Cup CSB2G Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker

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  • Brews a full pot of Coffee in less than half the time of other top selling home coffeemakers
  • Commercial grade stainless steel hot water tank
  • Brews one large Travel mug (20 ounces) to a full pot (50 ounces)
  • Drip free carafe delivers the cleanest pour on the market
  • Unique spray head for optimal Coffee extraction and flavor
  • 3 Year warranty backed by BUNN customer service in springfield
  • Designed and assembled in USA
  • Includes 25 coffee filter starter pack



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The fastest home Coffee makers in America, now with an updated design. Speed brew Coffee makers can brew 10 Cups of Coffee in about 4 minutes because they store hot water in a stainless steel commercial grade tank allowing them to brew Coffee on demand. They’re always on your counter, always plugged in and always ready to brew the perfect cup of Coffee.


BUNN BREWS DIFFERENTLY -Similar to how your home hot water heater works by always keeping water hot and ready, the BUNN Speed Brew uses an internal commercial grade stainless steel hot water tank that keeps 70oz of water always hot so you can quickly brew at the flip of a lid.
BUNN VS. THE COMPETITION –Great coffee is a science; BUNN relies on the five T’s of commercial brewing standards.

1. Tank -Compared to the other home coffee makers that “burp” water over your coffee grounds as it boils, our tank keeps 70oz of water at an instantly brew-ready temperature

2. Time -“Burp & Boil” systems can expose coffee grounds to hot water for 8 to 14 minutes, which can negatively affect everything from aroma to taste. Speed Brew brews 50oz in just 4 minutes for a balanced extraction and a smooth taste.

3. Temperature -Competitor systems can exceed the recommended standard of 200ºF, resulting in a burnt flavor. Thanks to the temperature regulated tank, the Speed Brew delivers a consistently ideal brewed pot of coffee.

4. Turbulence -“Burp & Boil” systems spurt boiling water as it becomes available which doesn’t allow for even saturation of all the coffee grounds. The Speed Brew’s reservoir ensures that the flow of hot water will be constant, and the commercial style sprayhead evenly showers and floats all the coffee grounds for the entire brew.

5. Testing –Speed Brew is the only home coffee maker designed, engineered, and manufactured with the same commercial practices as the BUNN equipment trusted by cafés and restaurants worldwide. This includes the same rigorous testing standards as our commercial equipment, providing you with the Best Result in the Cup™ at home.

SIMPLE TO USE – Pour-in bowl features a water level indicator to show you how much water has been added.
MATTE GREY FINISH with black gloss accents and high-polished stainless-steel backsplash and top-band accent.
EXCLUSIVE DRIP-FREE CARAFE delivers the cleanest pour on the market with a proprietary lid and spout design that arcs the coffee into the cup and wicks the rest back into the carafe.
SWITCH ACTIVATED warmer plate keeps your coffee at optimal serving temperature
FASTEST 10-CUP HOME COFFEE MAKER -Our technology allows our coffee maker to brew a full carafe of coffee in 4 minutes, half the time of typical coffee makers.
CAFÉ TASTE AT HOME -Commercial style multi-stream sprayhead evenly showers hot water over the coffee grounds to maximize the flavor of your coffee similar to your favorite café.
BREW A TRAVEL MUG OR A CARAFE -Brews 20oz to fill a travel mug in 2 minutes, or a full 50oz carafe in 4 minutes.
TALLER FUNNEL -Our funnel is engineered to accommodate BUNN filters which are ¼” taller than other filters. This unique design allows for the quick flow of water and prevents overflow of coffee grounds.

Specification: Bunn 10 Cup CSB2G Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions13 × 8 × 14 in






10 reviews for Bunn 10 Cup CSB2G Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker

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  1. QualityForCheapHunter

    Great for morning rush. The BUNN Speed Brew Elite Grey Coffee Maker, Model CSB2G is a great Coffee Maker for daily brewing and if mornings are rushed. But first off a few negatives about the Unit. When I first took it out of the box I noticed right away the strong smell. The plastic housing parts of the BUNN Speed Brew Elite Grey Coffee Maker, Model CSB2G don’t smell very pleasant. It’s been fading a bit, so it’s not noticeable from afar anymore, but when directly by the Coffee Maker one can still smell the strong weird plastic stink. Another annoying little thing is the ‘beak’ on the lid of the Coffee Decanter. I’m not sure what this ‘beak’ is supposed to do, but for me personally it’s in the way and I would prefer a Decanter lid without a beak. And it’s also notable that the Unit doesn’t drip-stop, one has to wait until brewing is fully completed before removing the Decanter. Otherwise, I like the BUNN Speed Brew Elite Grey Coffee Maker, Model CSB2G and would recommend it. The Unit stays plugged in all the time, and has 2 buttons, one of which stays in the ‘on’ position to keep the water in the Tank ready. Even though there’s constantly water in the Tank, one still has to add water for brewing. Don’t close the Tank lid until ready to brew however, because that’s what triggers the brewing and it’s quick. Pour water measured by how many cups to brew, leave lid open, add coffee and put basket & Decanter in place, turn heating plate on and close lid: My morning Coffee is now ready in about 4 minutes, a bit faster if I brew only one or two cups. Another thing I also noticed, since the lid is the trigger for water-flow, the BUNN Speed Brew Elite Grey Coffee Maker, Model CSB2G starts ‘brewing’ without the warmer-plate being turned on. So I guess one could even make Cold Coffee with this Unit. As far as taste goes, I use a permanent basket filter and my Coffee tastes very well for my preferences. The warmer plate does keep the Coffee hot for hours, but if it’s left for a while, the Coffee does become a bit less tasty. Overall, I am pleased with the BUNN Speed Brew Elite Grey Coffee Maker, Model CSB2G and hopefully the plastic stink will completely disappear in time.

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  2. AZCactusFlower

    Quick and Stylish Coffee Brewer. The Bunn Speed Brew Elite coffee maker, takes me back to being a child, sitting at my grandparents dining table, and smelling the freshly brewed coffee made with the Bunn coffee maker. Or, going to the local restaurant where my mom was a waitresses, and seeing the Bunn coffee pots lined up on the counter, percolating coffee for customers. These are good memories!

    Bunn-O-Matic coffee maker’s have been around for a long while; which, speaks to their quality. Consumer’s usually purchase from a brand that they’ve grown to trust, and Bunn is one of those brands, making great coffee brewers.

    This brewer is simple to use: pour water in the top for the amount of coffee needed, push the button on the side of brewer, and 4 minutes later tasty flavorful coffee. This brewer makes 1 cup to a full pot of coffee. A full pot of coffee is needed when entertaining family or friends; which, most times requires a full pot or two of coffee.

    This brewer comes with a three-year warranty; and, includes a plastic deliming tool and also about 50 paper filters. Our family highly recommends this brewer.

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  3. J700

    Speed Brew. Great coffee maker for when you’re on the run. This coffee maker was easy to set up and get brewing. The coffee maker comes with a thermal carafe, drip-free glass carafe, lid, brew funnel, warmer plate, warmer switch, base, tank power switch, pour-in bowl, thermal carafe lid, deliming tool, sprayhead, and carafe lid with drip-free spout. The instructions to brew coffee are simple and in just four minutes you have a cup of coffee. Love this coffee maker!

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  4. DeeDeeG

    Home Version – Commercial Function. Let me say, I LOVE this BUNN CSB2G coffee maker. At first I thought the entire concept was ridiculous, I’m the only person in my household, and I don’t drink coffee every day at home – but then I used it a couple times. It may really not be the machine for someone like me, but I like too much about it to give it up.
    First off, I only make coffee at home on weekends & Wednesdays. The other work days, I have a 5-cup coffee maker at my desk at work & I brew 1 fresh pot every morning. The thing that put me off about the BUNN is it stores the water in the heating vessel / chamber just like a Keurig does & I was not wild about that idea. I’m afraid the water would sit too long between brewings & become swampy. But I read in the instructions how to simply empty the vessel between long brewing days. Anyway, once you get it set up by filling the heating chamber, (it holds 2 pots of water) it takes about 10-15mins. for the water to heat up to brewing temperature, just like a commercial machine. Once it’s ready, you fill the basket with the amount of coffee needed for cups desired & then pour in the appropriate amount of water. Once you close the lid to where you pour in the water, that’s what triggers the brewing process – And let me tell you, it does brew a pot in just a few minutes. SPEED BREW is right! The main thing I have to get used to doing, is remembering to turn it on to begin with to start the heating process, since that’s what takes the most time. I didn’t have to order any kind of parts or flow restrictor others have described in their reviews – it doesn’t brew so fast that the coffee spills over out of the basket. And ya know what? Even if it does, then just pour your water in just a couple cups at a time – how simple is that? Then it won’t overflow. It comes with probably like 50 filters. Walmart sells the filters 100 for like $1.50 – I have regular 12 cup basket filters, I will try them next time I brew a pot to see if they work just as well. I think they will work, especially since I don’t have the problem of water overflowing out of the basket.
    Other plus features for me, it does have a switch separate from the on/off switch for turning on the warming plate for where the pot goes & it does keep the coffee hot! And I love that funny looking innovative “nose” they put on the coffee pot lid to keep it was dribbling all over your counter when you try to pour a cup. No drips or mess! YAY!
    And I do love the look & colors of it, black & dark gray. And I love the shape of the coffee pot too.
    The main down side of this is FOR ME, I live in an apartment with not a lot of counter space to begin with, and it does take up more than double the space of my little 5-cup maker that I’ve been using for 30+ years. And it doesn’t have the “sneak a cup” feature I have gotten used to on my other coffee makers. But that is not a deal breaker. After all, in a couple minutes, your entire pot of coffee is ready. No need to sneak anything.
    It may not be the perfect coffee maker for someone like me, but I do love it and I’m getting used to how it works compared to what I’ve been used to. I do recommend it and give it 5 Stars.

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  5. Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

    Delicious Coffee and Tea from the BUNN! :). Hello, I am a Wal-Mart Sparks Reviewer, and today I will be doing a review on the Bunn Speed Brew Elite Grey Coffee Maker with Filters.

    I love this Coffee Maker because it brews a hot cup of coffee and tea in a matter of minutes. I also love that you can pour your water in front of the top lid area instead of the back area. It also has an inside 4-10 cup level to let you know when you have reached the water max line. It has a very nice sleek, black and grey elegant design, and a led blue power light that you can press to let you know when it’s on or off. There is a warmer button in front that keeps your pot of coffee at the same temperature so that you can enjoy your fresh pot of coffee through out the day. Not only can this coffee maker brew a hot pot of coffee but can also brew a nice pot of hot tea as well.

    What I would like to see is this coffee maker come in a variety of colors which would be pretty neat; and I would like to see the warmer button in led blue light as well to indicate when the warmer is on and off.

    Overall, it is a wonderful coffee maker and a versatile one as well. The main thing I like is that it brews hot coffee and tea that I can enjoy all day long. I just simply love it!

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  6. Southerner2

    BUNN says it all. I’ve been using Bunn coffeemakers at work for donkey’s years, but never had one at home before. The ones I used at work have lasted for as I have and beyond. And I’m over 60. Frankly, I don’t remember any of the ones we had quit working. Now, I realize that only time will tell on the home version, but so far it does a great job. There is some prep time with this before you get your four-minute pot of coffee in the morning. After you’ve unpacked everything and removed all the tape, washed it, etc., then BEFORE you plug it in or turn it on you fill the reservoir with a full pot of water. Then wait about four minutes or so until it drains to the tank and then do the same thing again. Be sure put the pot in place to catch any overflow! Then you plug it in, turn it on – on the side – not the front, that’s the warmer plate switch – and then wait about 15 minutes for the water in the tank to heat up. At that point, you add your filter, coffee, and as much water in the pot as you want coffee made. Pour the water in and than gravity pushes the hot water from the tank and makes your coffee while refilling the tank at the same time. In order to keep the water hot and get a four-minute pot of coffee, the machine must remain plugged in and ON at all times. To me, this is its only drawback. I really don’t like leaving things that have a heating element running all the time. But for speed in the morning or for an all-day coffee drinker, this is great. And I’m pretty sure that it will be cheaper than the cost of using a Keurig and its K-cups.

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  7. Kitteagirl

    Makes Absolutely Fantastic Coffee! I was given this BUNN Speed Brew Elite Coffee Maker to provide an honest review. I thought at first that there was no way I could do this as I have only recently really begun drinking coffee (rather late in life). I did not even own my own coffee maker. I would just purchase the pricey coffee in those little shops. Let me tell you, I am catching up for what I’ve been missing! I do not have a lot of experience with coffee makers so I am not an expert at comparison, but it is my understanding that Bunn has made this home machine to be commercial grade so that it turns out great coffee like you receive when you order out. They hit the nail on the head! The set up of this machine was quite easy because Bunn provides both a thorough instruction book and a quick-start guide! I chose the quick-start guide to begin with. With that, I was able to unwrap and assemble the product in just a few minutes. I also took the time to wash out the parts that would be in contact with the coffee. I chose the grey version of this machine, and it looks great with my stainless steel appliances. With this machine, you can make anywhere from a single-serve 20 oz. coffee to a full pot in less than four minutes…although the first pot of the day will take longer while the fresh water heats. I find the machine very easy to quickly wipe down at night. I really like the drip-free carafe, as I have worked in offices where coffee was always slopped all over the coffee maker area. I also like that the hot plate can be left on with a button so that your coffee stays at an optimal temperature…which is just the right temperature for my liking. You can choose to turn the entire machine on and off with a side button. I really liked that BUNN has developed an innovative sprayer to mist water over the grounds so that the full flavor is extracted from the grounds. I have found the coffee to be smooth and full-flavored, rather than acidic and bitter as I have experienced a few times in the past at other people’s homes. BUNN also provides a starter pack of filters and an instrument to clean the lime deposits from the water line to keep the water coming out properly. I did not find a lot of things to not like about this machine. I have had people tell me that it is a little large, but I personally thought it looked sleek. Also, a friend noted that you could not program this coffee maker, which for me is not a problem. I have a routine in the morning which includes feeding the cat, turning on the computer, and putting out my vitamins…so waiting 10 minutes for coffee is a non-issue for me. I have read reviews where people say they smell a burning odor. That would be because they have not cleaned the old coffee completely from their carafe. A little elbow grease always pays off. Also, others say that the coffee maker is noisy and they find coffee grounds in their coffee. If you use a finely ground coffee, the sprayer might shoot some grounds into your coffee. If this occurs, BUNN will provide you at no cost a “restricted flow sprayer” so that the machine does not gurgle as much and the grounds do not end up in your coffee. I usually find that when there is a complaint, there is a simple solution. I adore this coffee maker and have recommended it to a couple friends.

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  8. Pixi7

    Awesome coffee maker. I really liked how fast The BUNNu00AE Speed Brewu00AE Elite Grey Coffee Maker, Model CSB2G can be. A friend of mine owns one and she always said that this brand was very durable and good quality. So I finally gave this brand a chance and it did not disappoint me. It’s really fast to brew coffee (4 minutes, even less) which is great in the mornings when you’re rush for going to work. And I loved the idea to have two buttons, one for keeping the brewed coffee hot and the other one for turning the coffee maker on. It also has a water reservoir (which it takes 10-15 minutes or so to heat up and then start the brewing process). One thing I didn’t like so much is the fact that it uses disposable filters, for me I prefer basket filters but the BUNN Elite Coffee Maker, Model CSB2G comes with a package of filters, which is not bad. Once you put the filters and the amount of coffee you prefer and the water is in the reservoir (and heated) it will start to brew and let me tell you it does it FAST! I really love my coffee in the mornings and at evenings and with the option of the button to keep coffee hot it is great cause the only thing I have to do when I get home from work is pour the coffee into one of my mugs and it really is AWESOME. All in all LOVE IT!

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  9. liketheBunn

    continue to get the Bunn. really like the Bunn coffee maker. we have had Bunn’s for several years now and continue to get them. it is so quick we could never go back to a regular coffee maker. i like the design of this one, with the black and gray tones and the silver backsplash.

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  10. Candace

    It is fast. No Clock, no auto off, only brews 10 cups, a little wide for the counter.
    Would be great for commercial use rather than residential

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