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  • Easy assembly, Easy use The vac Q can be easily assembled, attached and removed from the lid of our Q super blender range.
  • Auto switch off once the air is removed from the jug, the vac Q will automatically shut off.
  • Inner cap lid with valve The vac Q is compatible for use with Breville super blenders – the Q and the super Q.
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Make your Q series blender from Breville even better with the Brevvile Vac Q.

This blender attachment is designed to adhere to the lid of your Breville Q blender and at the push of a button, remove the air from your blending jar.

This creates higher pressure that results in silky, no-froth results. Turn green smoothies into restaurant-quality beverages, enjoy creamier dips, and silky sauces, all with the simple addition for the Vac Q to your kitchen.

Blend better beverages with the Breville Vac Q blender attachment for the Q series blender, get yours today!

Specification: Breville The VAC Q

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 6 in






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  1. Ines


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  2. Mark F.

    I wasn’t sure if this Vacuum Pump was going to be a gimmick or not. Decided I would give it a try and see if it was worth an experiment with my Super Q blender.Now it’s a mandatory item for smoothies. Once I tried it, it’s hard to go back to not using it!It doesn’t “change” the taste of the smoothie, but it makes a dramatic difference to the texture. The best comparison is like either drinking the foamy head of a beer, and then actually drinking the beer. They both taste the same, but the foamy texture is off putting. The same goes for smoothies.After a few days, we didn’t bother using it one time… and the result was considerably noticeable. The foamy nature of the same green smoothie we had been making for the two previous days was now evident. Frankly, the smoothie was nowhere near as pleasant to drink.This pump somehow turned us into smoothie snobs. I probably would have never known the difference if I didn’t buy or try it. So be warned… once you HAVE tried it, you will probably find it hard to not use!There are a few minor cons to which I dropped a star. They are:- takes about 60-80 seconds. You press the little button and it whirs away. It clicks off when it’s ready. I think this is worth the wait, but of course it does slow down things a little during the morning routine.- About 1 in 5 times, the sealing lid doesn’t get an air tight grip to get started. You hear the little motor whirring then notice it hasn’t changed sound. (The motor normally gets a slower/lower sound as it progresses making the vacuum seal under the increasing load over that minute).The workaround is to take the top off and quickly try reseal it again, or even run a wet finger along the silicon seal and use the water as a sort of gasket sealer. Not a big drama but a minor annoyance.Regardless, I couldn’t go back to “normal” green smoothies without this vacuum now!I can’t speak towards it adding longevity for storing smoothies overtime. I tend to make smoothies on demand. However, it’s pretty obvious based on the textural difference that it likely would have an affect on keeping a smoothie overnight or for a few days.Highly recommended.

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