Breville The Soft Top Pure Tea Kettle

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  • Soft grip ergonomic handle with lid release button for easy filling
  • Soft opening cushion controlled lid with large viewing window prevents hot water splash back
  • Dual water windows allow you to easily see how much water is in the kettle
  • Large 1.7 liter/7 cup capacity
  • Rapid boil 1500W concealed element
  • Multi directional power base with cord storage


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The ritual of enjoying a cup of tea or coffee is one of life’s more tranquil moments. So why shouldn’t making a cup be part of the tranquility? A soft grip handle, and a soft opening lid combine so making a cup is almost as tranquil as drinking one.

The push button, soft opening lid prevents hot water splattering, and staggers steam release. 1.7 liter cordfree jug, high visibility BPA free water windows, concealed element, and a removable scale filter. Tranquility comes standard.

Specification: Breville The Soft Top Pure Tea Kettle

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 10 in






15 reviews for Breville The Soft Top Pure Tea Kettle

2.9 out of 5
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  1. Cynthia Cheney

    After using a friend’s electric kettle, I was a convert: no more hanging around waiting to catch the steam kettle early in its shrieking notification of readiness. I could turn it on and go outside to do a short chore and it would be okay even if I forgot about it.I bought the Breville in part because I have their dual panini maker and am very pleased with it. And the Breville kettle functions fine, and has good safety features like a slow-opening lid to avoid sudden overpour of boiling water. I just wish a few little things were different. These are:See-through water gauge on side isn’t easy to read at a glance. Of course the kettle isn’t kept on the edge of the counter where it would get a lot of light, for safety reasons, but even so perhaps a little bigger window would let more light into the kettle which after all is dark inside. I was enchanted by the all-glass ones, by the way, and they’d make it easy to see the water level, but my house has high-mineral well-water and the lovely clear glass kettle would be streaked with ugly hard water traces in no time.Switch. This has a rocker switch and it takes a well-directed push to get it to turn on especially if the kettle isn’t turned right toward you. I learned this through thinking I had turned it on but it hadn’t. There is a light around the switch which comes on when it is on. My friend’s kettle (brand illegible from long use or I would have bought that brand) had a flat switch sticking out at right angles, push down to turn on, that was easy to do and obvious that it had succeeded, and I’d much prefer it.Noisy. The sound of water being heated, amplified by the metal kettle, is really pretty loud. Louder than my steam kettle. This one seems louder than the one I used while house-sitting for my friend. The Breville is louder than my conventional kettle. Looking on the bright side, the cessation of noise is your signal that the water has boiled and the kettle has turned itself off. There is a notification bell at that time, just a single tiny chime too soft to hear usually over the sound of the water. Personally I am glad about the faintness of the (rather pleasant) chime because I hate electronic beeps. My new washing machine does a lot of that. Perhaps there is a new career to be created by being the person who knows how to shut off annoying notifications from our increasingly demanding appliances. And prevent the Internet of Things appliances from reporting to their manufacturers on the details of our usage, data which no doubt they will sell to companies that can deluge us with more ads and spam.[added 2 months later] I noticed that if I tried to turn the kettle on again soon after it had boiled, the switch refused to stay on. Safety feature I guess. But I wondered what the temperature it was of the water, when the sensor refused to re-heat it. Using my instant-read food thermometer I found that the water can be as “cool” as 160 degrees and the kettle will not reheat it. That is 52 degrees below the boiling temperature of 212 (Fahrenheit). I think that’s unacceptable. We want boiling water when we get a kettle; having had one cup of tea or powdered espresso or whatever, we come back for a second cup and blimey! we must make tea with water way below boiling. The workaround is to add some cold water, then it will allow the on switch to function, but you have to wait a bit longer. Sloppy engineering?

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  2. CT Snowball

    Before ordering this electric kettle, I was very concerned about the excessive beeping noise that several reviewers had complained about over the years. Either they were way too picky, or Breville listened to their complaints and changed the beepiness. It’s not a loud beep whatsoever. It’s quite dainty actually, and it’s not too frequent either.It defaults to Celsius temp when you unplug it and plug it back in, but it’s very easy to switch back to Fahrenheit. I like the multiple temp feature. Seems to work well. With that said, I’m actually a fan of boiling my water completely first before using it for tea.This was supposed to replace an older Breville electric kettle that does not have variable temp settings. Unfortunately, my mother, who uses it the most, was not happy with the fact that this has the plastic window completely exposed to the water. Plus, this new one feels less sturdy than the old one because it weighs less, which would actually be a benefit for people who have trouble holding heavy items.We ended up giving the new one to our son for a Christmas gift. He loves it.

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  3. S. Grove

    It works great, but it’s already rusted after just a few weeks.

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  4. eldergal

    Excellent kettle; boils fast, holds plenty. I like seeing how full it is so easily by looking through the slots on both sides. Pours with no drips, of course shuts itself off.

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  5. Sabine S. Holub

    I bought this kettle to replace its predecessor which lasted over 6 years. With the way products are made nowadays, you have to be happy it lasted that long. The new one looks well designed, works well and hopefully lasts for at least 6 years!

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  6. Jan S.

    The tea kettle has a sleek design and looks nice. Water boils very fast. The major drawback compared to other products in this category is that the metal outside gets *very* hot (much hotter than kettles I’ve had before), so you learn quickly to avoid touching it and only grab it straight by the handle.

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  7. locutus

    Got this as a replacement from a russel Hobbs kettle that lasted a long time. Would have purchased another Hobbs but they’re no longer in business. I bought this kettle because I have other breville products and have had them a long time. I deducted 2 stars because if I’m not close by I can’t hear it turn off. There is a bell that rings sometimes but I can hardly hear it. Very poor feature for an otherwise well designed product.

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  8. terrylee harrington

    Nothing special about this re-worked design. You can’t tell how much water is in the kettle unless you open the top and look in – the older model had an illuminated water level indicator. Didn’t know how good I had it. This one heats the water very loudly – can’t hear the radio over the noise. I have tried different types of water – all filtered, and the same noise happens. I am surprised that it is a Breville product. They used to be sooooooo nice.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I bought this kettle as we had previously owned a Breville kettle and it worked great for ~14 years. Needed to replace it this year when it finally died. Bought this model in February. By June, small hairline cracks had appeared all through the plastic middle “window” of the lid. Steam escapes through these cracks, and more cracks are appearing. Will be contacting Breville directly to see if they will resolve as a warranty issue. Will post update, but for now I would NOT recommend this product. It appears that the quality of materials used had declined sharply since the company started.

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  10. DSK

    This used to be a good model- bought this kettle in 2013 and unfortunately damaged it through my own error. Wanted to purchase the same one again since it has worked so well. This newer model, however, does not work. Used it once, and then when we tried to boil water a second time, it didn’t work. Button to turn it on would not connect. Made sure the kettle was full enough, let it cool down even and still, didn’t work so returned it as it clearly isn’t worth the $100+.

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  11. Lee

    Had been looking for a while for a replacement kettle and this was a great choice for us. The lid opens smoothly and wide at the press of the button which makes it easy to fill and the glass lid makes it a nice looking kettle. It does make a loud-ish bing when it turns off but it actually is a good alert to it having finished as it can be quiet. It boils quicker than our last one which is another bonus. We are very happy with it.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this kettle first in November 2018 and by October 2019 it had a crack in the lid and the open button would not work. I made the error of replacing with the same model in October 2019 and four months later the open button is no longer working. The quality of this kettle has significantly declined from the first one I purchased in 2012. I will be replacing the kettle but will not purchase another Breville kettle. I learned my lesson and won’t waste my money.

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  13. L. Bell

    I bought this same kettle about 10 years ago, and it was excellent. When it started working only sporadically, I replaced it with a new one for $90. I think it’s worth that amount, but since it doesn’t have a variable temperature setting I wouldn’t want to pay more than that. Great kettle, though.

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  14. nel

    It very noisy, and it takes a long time to heat. The stainless steel is easily dirty.Because of the price I expected better quality.

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  15. Cathy in Winnipeg

    The first time you lift this kettle, you aware very much aware of the sturdiness of the product. Yes, it weighs a fair bit, so if you have wrist issues, this would not be your best choice. If the weight is not a problem, this is, by far, a more superior kettle to any other we have seen.

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