Breville – The IQ Kettle 7-Cup Electric Kettle – Brushed Stainless Steel

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  • 1500-watt 2-quart kettle with 5 pre-set brewing temperatures for tea and more
  • 360-degree stainless-steel directional base; clearly marked push-button control panel
  • Hold Temp button keeps water at selected temperature for 20 minutes
  • Boil-dry protection; water-level indicators on both sides; removable scale filter
  • Measures 7-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 11 inches.Heating element in base allows for cordless pouring.Voltage: 110–120 Volts
  • 1500-watt 2-quart kettle with 5 pre-set brewing temperatures for tea and more
  • 360-degree stainless-steel directional base; clearly marked push-button control panel
  • Hold Temp button keeps water at selected temperature for 20 minutes. Cordless jug for convenience
  • Boil-dry protection; water-level indicators on both sides; removable scale filter
  • Measures 7-1/2 by 9-1/2 by 11 inches
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Get the temperature Ideal for Coffee or your favorite tea with the touch of a button. Five preset brewing temperatures include green tea, white tea, oolong tea, French press, and boil and black tea.

The ‘hold temperature’ feature keeps water at the selected temperature for 20 minutes.

A water-level indicator on Each side allows easy viewing. Features safety shut-off, so it won’t boil dry, and removable scale filter.

Brushed stainless steel construction is sturdy and looks modern. Large 60-oz. Capacity. For use with water only.

Specification: Breville – The IQ Kettle 7-Cup Electric Kettle – Brushed Stainless Steel

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 × 11 in






15 reviews for Breville – The IQ Kettle 7-Cup Electric Kettle – Brushed Stainless Steel

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  1. alex d

    We have two of these, one at each of our houses. We bought the second because we were initially extremely impressed with the industrial design and and accuracy of the temp control. However after a little over a year (just out of warranty) the temp sensor on the unit that we use the most broke, no longer turning off when it reaches the correct temp.Because it was out of warranty, I took it apart and was a little appalled to see how cheap the electrical design is for a device that costs so much. Rather than using a thermo-couple, there is a kinda janky setup with a pair of metal disks that deform as they heat pushing a linear potentiometer with springs as the rebound. In a harsh environment like a kitchen, this scheme just seems designed to fail as condensation collects in the springs etc. in addition to what I considered to be a poor design, my unit also had the thermal paste applied without care, half of the paste was to the side of rather than under the metal thermal disk.I was able to fix the unit by taking it apart, cleaning the springs and applying fresh thermal paste. However, I expect that this won’t be the last time that I need to service it.Unfortunately, further disassembly is almost impossible because rather than assembling it wth screws, the temp sensor is assembled with 14 very small very thin bent sheet metal tabs that at best will open and close one additional time before snapping.

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  2. Suzanne

    Alright, so. I really wanted a reliable temperature variable kettle for a long time. I looked high and low, and checked out entirely too many kettles before I made my decision. The problems and complaints with all of them: water exposed to plastic, poor quality electrical elements, never lasted long enough. But I love Breville, and it seemed like a safer bet (and more aesthetically pleasing, honestly) than its similar Cuisinart counterpart. So I thought I’d pull the trigger and try this one.To make a long story short: I wasn’t any different from anyone else. Two months shy of two years, this kettle is quickly giving up the ghost. I’ve done everything I should – I clean it regularly, perform good kettle maintenance. It’s a family tea kettle, and we’ve all used it religiously. This thing goes wild when you try to use it, now. Often times, when you push the buttons to select a temperature, it won’t take. It turns itself back off. If you try rotating the kettle on the stand to reestablish the connection, as some reviewers have suggested, it MIGHT work then, but it’s really hit or miss. About 50% of the time, it will. About 50%, you’ll end up in a battle of wills for 5-10 minutes longer, just trying to get to your cup of tea. By the time you’re feeling really thirsty, maybe the kettle will decide to heat and give you what you want. Maybe she’ll keep throwing a tantrum. You never know. And if she’s really feeling sassy, you’ll hear a random series of beeps two or three rooms away when nobody is using the kettle to make tea. That’s right, it’s attempting to turn itself on. Sometimes it does, sometimes it just beeps randomly and turns itself off. Honestly? We’re all a little afraid of this haunted kettle at this point. Afraid that this angry ghost is going to start a fire, more like.As much as I loved this kettle at first, paying this price for less than two years of good tea is completely absurd. Please spare yourself from the headaches, and buy something else.

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  3. Slava

    It looks nice and does everything it’s supposed to, but after a while it ether doesn’t turn off by itself or boils for a very long time before it actually does. I’ve had one about 5 years ago and it started happening after about 2-3 years. I decided to give it another try, hoping that maybe they finally fixed the issue; unfortunately, this one started doing it less than a month in.

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  4. Sonali Arora

    After a while it stopped turning off automatically, boiled for a very long time, or wouldn’t switch on. I’m very disappointed because I have other products by Breville that are working well.Basically, it doesn’t function for too long. Going to look at a different company for a replacement. 😕

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  5. Stephen McCurley

    I bought this to replace a top-rated Cuisinart CPK-17 kettle that I didn’t like because of the placement of the fill indicator and the tendency of the “stay warm” button to be turned on inadvertently with no way to shut it off. Got the Breville and quickly concluded it’s like all the Breville products – it just works. Two particular features are very nice contrasts to the Cuisinart. One is that the “stay warm” button is located where it is easy to either find or avoid and if you inadvertently turn it on you can easily turn it off. The other is that the fill indicator is on both sides of the kettle body, making it both more visible and easily usable by both right and left handers (very nice touch). The Breville also seems to heat faster than the Cusinart although I haven’t used it enough to create a definite track record on that.

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  6. BetsyB

    I knew the reviews were not great, but I’ve had such great luck with other Breville products I wanted to give it a try. I’ve had mine for 4 months now, and I’m so disappointed that I came here to give it a bad review which I NEVER do. It worked fine for 2-3 months, and then it acted like it had lost its mind. It “works” in that it boils water, but the Keep Warm function no longer works (one of the main reasons I bought it), and after you pour out your water and it is allegedly “off” it then beeps at random intervals until you finally unplug it in a rage. Then when you go to boil water again (since it won’t keep it warm for you as it’s supposed to) you can’t turn it back on. I don’t mind paying a lot for a kettle if it works as it should, but this thing isn’t worth the money at all. Get it together, Breville!

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  7. S. Gugliuzza

    We purchased this Breville tea kettle 3 years ago and it’s already stopped working. It would shut off half way through heating the water. After a few months, it wouldn’t even heat when it was turned on. While we do like the Breville brand, I did expect more longevity from paying $130 for an electric tea kettle.

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  8. Owen Williams

    This kind of kettle is a luxury—you’re splashing out because you like your tea or coffee just at the right temperature. For $180, you figure it will come in Celcius, since we’re in Canada after all, right? Well, no—don’t assume that, because this kettle ships in Farenheit and no, it can’t be changed. They include French stickers in the box, so you can know what “Oolong tea” is in French, but they don’t bother shipping it with Celcius stickers instead. Sloppy, lazy design on an otherwise nice kettle!We returned this in favor of the Kenwood variable temperature kettle, which is dead silent and uses a LCD instead. I’d buy this over the Kenwood if you can get past the temperature stickers, but for the price, it’s not worth it (and the Kenwood is $80 cheaper).

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  9. ALee

    I have been using this kettle for over a month now and still not loving it. I use to have an electronic hot water dispenser that had adjustable temperatures you can set just so there is a comparison.Pros- easy to clean- easy to use and set temperatureCons- after many washes and rinses with vinegar, baking soda etc. There is still a plastic smell and taste. It’s extremely frustrating and is even noticeable when I steep black tea for a while- we have very hard water where we live so the filter at the spout is not fine enough to catch all the hot water deposits. I’m finding I have to clean with vinegar a few times a week just to keep up.Overall it’s very well made and what you get expect to get from Breville. But for the price I think I’m going to resell it and try something else.

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  10. Ali B

    This is a nice kettle! Of course! It’s what you expect when you pay this much, right? You must really enjoy your hot water if you’re really considering this product. Well, I’m with you, because I like Breville products and I have made use of this kettle’s features. I think that’s the main point I’d tell you if you’re considering buying – make sure that the feature set makes sense for your application. I French press coffee on occasion, and my wife and I generally enjoy brewing various kinds of teas. Sometimes we also just like cooler hot water! So clicking a button and having it take care of it, is nice. This kettle is also one of the fastest I’ve used – must have a good motor.The one problem I have is that the base is constantly warm when it’s plugged in. Not sure if it’s just my unit – but I usually unplug it when not in use. Otherwise, I have used it daily to heat up water for my oatmeal and it works great. Two years now, and no issues. I paid quite a deal less for this compared to its current price – and even then had trouble justifying the spend – but again, if you can make use of the variable settings, it’s the kettle for you!

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  11. Reinhard Bittner

    As a tea drinker, I appreciate not having to use a thermometer to gauge the correct temperatures for different teas. I’ve owned one before and was delighted with both the quality and reliability. A necessity for serious tea drinkers.

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  12. Stefanie Cepuch

    Don’t waste your money. It was great while it worked, but my first stopped working 11 months after I bought it (still under warranty). I contacted Breville and they sent me a new one. It stopped working 8 months later. Breville said that a replacement kettle is still under the original warranty, so I am out of luck. They did offer to SELL me another one, however.

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  13. Amazon Customer JonnyEmm

    Absolutely the best kettle I’ve ever owned. This is my fifth Breville appliance and I can’t say enough about the excellent build quallity of their products. From their milk frother to the panini grill and wonderful toaster the quallity is consistent AND they look great on my kitchen counters. You should have no second thoughts about purchasing any of Breville’s high quality kitchen appliances. A big five stars for this programmable kettle!

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  14. Amazon Customer

    We bought this device on March 4, and immediately noticed the lid didn’t open smoothly as previous versions (we’ve bought this kettle twice before from retail outlets – not Amazon). Within a month we noticed it was malfunctioning as soon as the kettle was put on the base. Lots of beeping and we had to unplug / replug a few time before it worked.Now it doesn’t even boil water, we fill it up with any amount of water, press start, and within 10 seconds, it signals done – cold water inside. I wonder if Amazon got a cheaper version – refurbished or something and that’s how they manage lower prices. Lesson learned!

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  15. stasmar

    This is an amazing kettle. The different temp settings allow one to make the perfect cup of tea no matter the type without any effort. I’ve owned mine for over 4 years without issue. Once a month I add a splash of vinegar and enough water to reach the “min” line and set it boil to get the calcium deposits off…shiny and clean every time. I bought another one as a gift for my sister’s wedding. I highly recommend buying this kettle if you need (or want) a new one!

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