Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine – Black Sesame

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  • Pre-infusion function applies low water pressure at the start of the extraction to gently expand grinds for an even extraction;Voltage: 110 – 120 Volts
  • Power: 1650 Watts; thermo coil heating system with integrated stainless steel water coil accurately controls water temperature
  • Auto purge function automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
  • 15 bar Italian pump provides complete volumetric control – preset, manual over-ride or re-programmable volumes
  • Includes single & dual wall filter baskets, coffee scoop, stainless steel jug, cleaning disc & tablets, cleaning tool, water filter holder & filter.67 fl. oz. removable water tank



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For espresso with a well-balanced flavor, flavor needs to be drawn evenly from all the coffee grinds. What is the best way to prepare the grinds for an even extraction?

Rather than starting with bursts of high pressure, the Breville Infuser Espresso Machine in Black Sesame starts with steady, low pressure to gently expand the grinds. This helps fills in any cracks, gaps, or irregularities in the coffee puck before full pressure is applied, so even pressure is applied to all parts of the coffee puck and optimal flavor is extracted.

BES840BSXL Features

The BES840BSXL has both automatic features, like temperature settings, and programmable features like volumetric control. The key features that set it apart from other espresso machines in its price range are the pre-infusion technology, the thermocoil heating system, and PID temperature control technology. See chart below for details.

Other helpful features include a cup warmer on the top of the machine and a feature that removes excess water from the filter basket after coffee extraction, so the used grounds form a dry puck for quicker cleanup. The machine goes into ‘Sleep Mode’ after 1 hour and automatically shuts off after 3 hours. There is extra-tall cup clearance for brewing directly into travel mugs.

Other touches include an ‘Empty Me!’ indicator that lets you know when the removable drip tray is full and a ‘Clean Me’ cleaning alert. The storage tray houses the included accessories. Lastly, all parts that come in contact with water and coffee are BPA free.

Specification: Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine – Black Sesame

Weight26 lbs
Dimensions10 × 13 × 13 in






15 reviews for Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine – Black Sesame

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  1. Simone

    First, I like this machine. I’ve had a BES820 for several years. A small piece of tubing or connector broke a number of years ago, but a local repair shop that was able to buy parts from Breville at the time fixed it, and it’s been a champ since then. So, I got another for our vacation home. So far so good. But now the BES820 has broken again, and I’ve learned that due to a change in policy, it is NO LONGER REPAIRABLE because they won’t sell parts to repair places. This is a ton of resources to go into the waste stream because the company has decided that they want you to purchase more of their machines. So I’ve gone from being a devoted Breville user to now being a sworn anything-but-Breville espresso drinker. Super disappointed in this company.Updating: I learned that they have a policy where they (Breville) will fix machines for a flat fee of $249. I presume that one pays one’s own shipping costs to return the system to the company. If they can’t fix it, they will replace it. [Hopefully parts would also enter the recycling or refurbishing waste stream rather than landfill in such a case.] However, we opened our broken machine up and discovered that an electrical wire connector had just vibrated off. So it was an easy fix and free. I am of mixed mind on this. Good that it’s repairable, definitely. I still find it disappointing that they won’t make repairs easier/cheaper to carry out because they do not sell parts to outside parties. I would be so mad if I had sent the whole rig back to the company and paid $325 (for flat fee plus shipping) and it was just for a loose wire that I could fix with no tools or parts. In any case, while it gets complicated fast under the hood, it’s still worth looking inside to see if it’s something super obvious and easy to fix. Or you can contact them through their web page to inquire about repairs through them.

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  2. Richard B Hart

    Hello All,I purchased this in 2013. I had a breville previously. They go through steam rings. I knew this, I had the ESP8xl which lasted 7 years of daily use. It would eat a steam ring (which seals the cup you put the coffee in) every year or so. This unit is the same, and blew out a steam ring last year. I went to order 2 steam rings last year. Well, Breville support has gone down the tubes. They were backordered 3 weeks. Then when they finally sent one, they only sent one. I sent a email. No steam ring. Note, no one else has these. I blew another steam ring in late January. I wrote and complained about the lost steam ring, and tried to order 2 more. Not in stock. It’s been almost 6 weeks, and it’s now getting shipped. If you like latte’s or expresso’s every morning, I have to recommend looking elsewhere. Because when the steam rings go out, and they do go out, your going to be SOL for months at a time. When I run out of steam rings, it’s likely I’ll find a better supported product.More News… My original purchase was 2013, with almost daily use. The head that the cup locks into is warn out. I found the part number and tried to order a new one. They won’t sell the part. They want me to spend close to $200 to fix it. It’s the end of the line for Breville if they won’t sell parts to fix it.

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  3. Mrs. C

    I was thinking of sending this product back before my 30 days was up for some reason. My husband, who does not drink expresso, talked me into keeping it because he knows that I like expresso. Wouldn’t you believe that the infuser gauge stopped working. It no longer goes up to the expresso range. I only use this machine about twice a week. How could it stop working properly after only having it for a little over a month? I wish I would have followed my first mind and sent this $500 machine back!!! So totally disappointed in Breville for putting out a machine that would not be a high performer. I have other Breville products and this is a complete let down.

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  4. GDH2018

    Purchased on 7/15/15 from Approximately 9 months later, machine started making a weird electric-like buzzing noise (most likely the solenoid) when brewing and began leaking water below the unit–so much that it would run off the counter onto the floor. One year later (June 2016), right before expiration of factory warranty, had unit replaced by Breville (unfortunately they only replace with refurbished units, not brand new). Company representative asked me if I cleaned and descaled unit according to specifications in manual. I always cleaned with supplied tablets whenever the “clean” light came on, AND I have it marked on my calendar EVERY month to descale with 50% white vinegar/50% water as specified in the manual. The replacement unit worked fine until Dec 2016, when it started having the same problem as the original unit. Now I have go through the hassle of having this 2nd unit replaced under the 3-year extended appliance warranty which I was smart enough to purchase at the same time. I’m assuming that some internal component is not made to withstand the operational hydraulics and is rupturing. My water composition is rather average (moderately hard), but not so much that we have a problems with scale or mineral buildup.Originally when I was preparing to purchase, I researched the available machines, and this was not a highly and widely recommended product, but I decided to gamble because I liked the features of the machine. Unfortunately those other opinions have been borne out, and I wish I hadn’t purchased it. I appears to me that this is probably a very-cheaply-manufactured, overpriced product aimed at youthful newlyweds who blindly put it on their registry without knowing any better. My suspicion is that they charge such an initially high price to cover what they know is going to be a high return rate in the first year. Once that initial year is over, the company is off-the-hook, and still made a sizable profit, even after replacing it once.Save your money or purchase something more highly recommended. I saw a lot of good reviews for the Gaggia. I’ll probably be more inclined to buy one of those next time. Never again a Breville, however!

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  5. Julio C. Arroyo

    Failed after two years. We followed cleaning and descalcifying instructions as indicated. No hot water. Only option Breville offers is to fix it using their contract services for $239. They do not send parts to any other service repair center.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I got this to replace a much cheaper (less than half the price) Cuisinart machine that was starting to leak after several years of service. I was not much impressed at first – I guess I was expecting coffee that was way better than the cheaper machine, and that’s not what it provides (I had learned how to get the best out of the old one) – but it has grown on me. Very consistent, even when varying the grind and beans, even when operated by someone with no idea about how to make good coffee. It’s really intelligently designed – little things, from the magnetic tamper, to the handle on the water container, to the 360 degrees of movement in the steam pipe, to the lack of vibration when brewing, to the ingenious drip tray that both tells you when it is full and that pulls out the really convenient accessory tray just the right amount when removed – and just a bit more attractive and solidly built than the cheaper competition. Even though you can (with some effort) get equally great coffee out of a machine that costs half the price, this one makes it simpler, more consistent, and more pleasurable. It took me a while to find the right combinations of settings (it’s very configurable) and I am still not that impressed with its limited ability to automatically pre-heat the basket but, on the whole, it just feels right. Altogether, though no particular feature is *that* much more wonderful than cheaper machines, in sum they add up to something that is worth the price. Kind of like the difference between an Apple and a generic PC – nothing is that much more amazing than the cheaper systems but, overall, it oozes quality and smart design.

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  7. Rob Q

    After my 15 year old espresso machine spring a leak I decided on a new one in lieu of fixing the old one. After some online research I decided on the Breville. I did not buy the model with the grinder as I have one, but if you dont already have one I would opt for that option.The brewer is nice looking with real stainless steal covering the majority of surfaces. It has a small foot print so doesnt take up too much counter space.Its fast, it warms up in less than a min, and it is super simple to use and produces consistent shots.It comes with everything a new user could need – tamper, steam cup. and 2 pressure cups and two non pressure cups. The pressure cups are great if you dont have a good grinder or poorly ground coffee.It has hot water spout as well.A few cons I have noted in the several months Ive been using it.Steam has to be activated and then takes several seconds to appear as the system has to heat up. I would prefer a system like my old brewer that had a switch for steam and it lit up when ready and then steam away.The storage tray gets water and condensation in it so you have to dry it out once in a while.It really like very fine ground coffee to get the proper pressure on shots so you need a good quality grinder or you the pressure cups.Over all highly recommend this brewer

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  8. mdkxp

    I used to have a low-end Gaggia, on recommendation of reddit users. I got fed up with it after a time and sold it. Now I’m back in the espresso game, and this time I went all-in on Breville gear.The Infuser is very similar to the Barista Express, but it lacks the built-in grinder. I thought about it for a while, and ultimately decided a standalone grinder is a better investment for me, so I upgraded to the Smart Grinder Pro as well. It takes a bit of time to dial in shots, but it’s so worth it.So, if you get the Infuser, you need a good grinder to go with it, and a knock box (if you wish). Everything else is included. You get 4 baskets, double- and single-shots, both pressurized (boo!) and non-pressurized (yay!). You get the Razor tool, to help trim your doses (though I find it best for just checking that you’re dosing correctly), cleaning tools, and more. There’s storage for this in a tray behind the drip tray.The machine has a steam wand, which is a bit slow but good for learning technique. There’s a hot water dispenser. The water tank is removable and includes a filter. You can program the shot time/volume buttons, but I haven’t had to do that yet. It does automatically power off, but the button is right there, so convenient, I don’t see much point in leaving it on between uses. There’s a pressure gauge on the front, which can help you work on grind and tamp consistency. There is temperature regulation, which can also be tweaked through button presses.Everything you need is here. But the resulting shots are what matter most, and I can tell you, they are very good! Of course, you need to buy high-quality beans (that is, fresh-roasted – none of this superstore, sitting-for-months-on-the-shelf stuff) and grind right before use. I have tried shots, lattes/cappuccinos, and they’ve been good, but the Americanos/long blacks are the best! I don’t know why but this seems like such a better experience than the Gaggia I used to own. It is also quicker, I find. I hope the machine lives a good, long life, because I’m really happy with it so far!The only thing I wish was that the tamper was calibrated, like an Espro. The only thing holding me back from upgrading the tamper is that I love the magnetic storage functionality on the Infuser – Breville really thought of everything!Easy recommend!

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  9. Gaétan Dubé

    For those new to home espresso, willing to invest money and tserious time.This machine is very forgiving and will guide you through the ups and downs of home espresso.Best to use with a high-quality conical coffee grinder.If you buy pre-grounded coffee, or don’t have a clue how old are your coffee beans, be sure to use the double-wall (pressurized) filter. Or stick with the basic Breville Café Roma machine. If you are not patient, use Nespresso…After a couple of months/years, you will remember the good times when you knew nothing about espresso, and will switch to a dual boiler model.Also perfect for learning latte Art.Well documented, full-equipped with reasonable quality tamper, 4 filters (2single cup, 2 double cups(single and double wall/pressurized)), Razor included. Everything stowed away in a convenient tray behind the removable waste basket.Removable filtered water tankAdjustable water temperature and quantity of water (pre-programmed to 30ml and 60ml for single and dual shots) Uses non-standard 54mm filters (standard is 58mm).All that’s missing is coffee, milk (optional), a knock box, counter space and lots of patience!Some will complain this machine provides inconsistent results. I can confirm it is not the case if you are meticulous and consistent across quantity, grinding, tamping and other espresso-related rituals.

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  10. Robert C. Pfeiffer

    I have now been using this product for a few months and I think it’s fantastic. Before I purchased, I read the reviews and comments and was concerned because a lot of people were having an issue getting a good coffee extraction. I ended up just using the pressurized (double walled) basket with coffee beans that Starbucks grinds for me and I found that it works just fine. The pressure meter may not go up to the middle of the range but my wife and I find the coffee that we are brewing is more than satisfactory.The machine is easy to use. I have programmed the single shot button to give me about 1 1/2 ounces which is my preferred amount and I have programmed the double shot button to give me 3 ounces which is perfect for my wife. It only takes me a few minutes to make a cappuccino and a latte for our Saturday morning breakfast.I wish the water container was about double it’s width so I don’t have fill it as often but other than that, the machine is fantastic and I really think it’s the best Espresso maker for under $500.

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  11. M. Parry

    I’ve owned several low- to mid-range machines & can honestly say that this is the best I’ve encountered. Beautifully designed, it looks fantastic. More importantly, of course, it makes terrific coffee. Espresso comes out looking like a professional grade beverage. The steamer is remarkably effective at foaming milk; I always think that the milk has only heated, instead of foaming, but then realize just how deep, thick & stiff the foam actually is. The machine is sturdy, well crafted & very carefully designed. I’m extremely happy with this purchase, & look forward to making excellent coffees for a long time to come.That said, there are some things I’d encourage Breville to consider changing. The drip tray is great, but because the machine purges into the tray it needs emptying quite often. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem, except for the utility drawer: this drawer, which stores various accessories, is a BRILLIANT idea, but on occasion some run-off from the drip tray has flooded it. The drawer is also difficult to access, & it might be useful for Breville to consider adding a small, collapsible handle to make access easier.Sometimes the basket remains stuck to the machine after use, which is annoying but not a major issue. I wish that the steam wand, which is really easy to use, allowed for control of the amount of steam produced: sometimes I want to increase or decrease the speed of foaming, & the single setting for the wand makes that impossible (again, though, the steamer produces perfect foam, so this is more of a personal quirk than anything else).I have to admit, I expected the machine to be much noisier than it actually is, based on some other on-line reviews I’ve read. Mine isn’t *silent*, but it’s nowhere near as noisy as my old Starbucks Barista machine.We’re very very happy with this espresso machine, & I suspect you will be, too. Strongly recommended as a good quality machine at a reasonable price.

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  12. Alexandre

    Excellent machine for the price. It brews excellent espresso, very easy to steam milk, big water tank. The included tamper is a nice inclusion, but is too small for my hands and weights next to nothing. I bought myself a nice one that does the job very well. Both pressurized and regular porta-filter cups are included which is nice for beginners, or for those who don’t have a good grinder.I would recommend it to anyone looking for a entry to mid level machine. Just make sure you get a good grinder to go with it!!

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  13. minabou

    Ne pas acheter cette cafetièreaucun service aprés vente. Après seulement un an d’usage, la pompe est brisée et on ne l’a trouve nulle part. De plus, Breville ne répond plus et n’en retourne pas nos appels. Depuis 8 mois que je tente de les joindre. Nul! La pompe est BO partout où n’existe plus…lamentable!

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  14. Amazon Customer

    I have owned this machine for three years now. It has it’s quirks but it has functioned as advertised without any issues. I use it to make at least two cups a day (and up to 9 a day on weekends, and what feels like hundreds a day on family function days) every day.TL;DR: It’s worth the money, go ahead and buy it.Pros:Most important – The shot is rich and tasty and it makes good crema on the top.It’s consistent. The volume of the shot produced has very little variation unless I change the amount of grind or how much I pack it.*It was easy to tweak the default settings to adjust the shot for my personal tastes.It’s hot. I hate lukewarm coffee and the machine makes hot drinks. The water from the onboard spout is hot enough to make tea with.I use filtered water and perhaps because of this I have had no issues with scale. The machine indicates when it needs to be run through a cleaning cycle and I have cleaned it as required. It’s automated and takes only a few minutes. I run the steamer for a few seconds after using it and I have never had a problem with it clogging.The stainless steel exterior makes it easy to keep clean.Cons:It’s a single boiler so it takes 10-15 seconds for the steamer to get going and it’s not super powerful. (Even so, it does a good job at steaming. I have no problem getting micro foam of the consistency I like. I can make latte art if I want to, but I’m way too manly for that, so I don’t.)The steamer wand is placed on the machine is a way that is slightly awkward to use. It’s a bit short and located under the machine instead of beside it. I’m 6’2″, my girlfriend is 5’4″ and she says I don’t know what I’m talking about and it’s fine where it is.I have it set for long shots and it takes awhile for it to pull the shot. Not a big deal unless you have a line up of family wanting drinks – all the family always want drinks because the machine makes coffee shop quality drinks. I list this as a con because I end up tied to the machine at family functions instead of eating chips and guacamole.It’s a water pig. About a third of the water used ends up in the tray. The tray is full of nooks and crannies and so unlike the exterior, it’s hard to clean.The water reservoir is at the back of the machine which means you have pull it out from the wall to fill. I’m lazy and even the smallest effort is taxing. Normal people won’t be bothered by this.* I have the espresso maker paired with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. It’s brilliant and has also worked flawlessly for three years. It delivers very consistent grinds both in terms of volume and grain size and it’s super easy to adjust both to your taste. Buy it also, it’s worth the money. Be warned however, friends will start suggesting that you meet at your home for coffee rather than going to a coffee shop. No exaggeration.

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  15. John v

    While I’ve only had the unit for three days, I must say I’m impressed with its build, the accessories that came with it and the delivery of a great espresso. There is one thing that confounded me at first; the way the lid on the water container opened and closed. It took a little while for this ape to get hip to the elegant way Breville designed it. I roast my own coffee, so it’s always fresh. It was fun to do some experimenting with the grind, the type of roast and the skill behind doing the righteous tamp. Breville included something in this machine that puts it head and shoulders above the competition in this price range; a good old fashioned analog pressure meter. I was impressed with its accuracy in judging the consistency of the coffee puck. Just a tip if I may: if you’re new at this, I’d suggest using the dual wall filter basket for your first few brews. It’s a bit more forgiving of human error when it comes to creating good, even pressure.Let’s see how long the honeymoon continues with this Breville…

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