Breville The Fast-Slow Pro Pressure Cooker

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  • Color changing LCD tells you when the cooker is pressurizing, cooking or releasing steam
  • 3 Way Safety System/Safety locking lid, automatic hands free steam release, safety valve
  • 11 pressure cook settings plus a custom setting to suit your favorite recipes
  • Keep Warm function turns on after cooking so food is ready to serve when you are
  • Removable cooking bowl with PTFE and PFOA free ceramic coating
  • Capacity : 6 quart – 4.5 qt (MAX), 1 quart (MIN).Dimensions:12.5 x 13.5 x 14 inches


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The combination pressure and slow cooker that knows the time, temperature and pressure. Some foods are tender with time, others are tastier under pressure, but how to know the exact pressure, temperature and time different foods need ?

Its all possible with the ‘Fast Slow Pro’ a multicore unit with pressure and slow cook menus that automatically adjust time, temperature and pressure between fast and slow cooking.

The dual sensors at the top and bottom monitor ingredients for more accurate temperature and pressure control, while the hands free steam release automatically to maximize flavor and texture.

You can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, reduce, sauteacute; and sear with the press of a button. Rely on the fully interactive LCD to tell you when its building pressure, cooking and releasing steam. Voltage – 110–120 Volts

Specification: Breville The Fast-Slow Pro Pressure Cooker

Weight18 lbs
Dimensions13 × 14 × 14 in






15 reviews for Breville The Fast-Slow Pro Pressure Cooker

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  1. kvrntr

    I own other Breville products (juicer, toast) and appreciate their quality. The Fast Slow Pro is built in the same high quality manner. It was a little bit of a gamble to spend over 2x more than the other popular pressure cooker, Instant Pot, but I figured the combined benefits of improved controls (simplified), and build quality would make it worth it. Also, the other thing that allowed me to justify the price is that the Breville will replace our slow cooker and rice cooker in our limited cabinet space. Yes, I could have saved money of the cheaper Instant Pot but my thinking is if the Breville is doing the job of other appliances then it worth spending money on a better quality product that’s easier to use.With all that said, after cooking a few different things I couldn’t be happier. The Breville is a smart device that serves multiple purposes. So far I’ve made; brown rice, braised short ribs with vegetables, pulled pork with green chile sauce, and baked beans. Below is a breakdown of likes and dislikes.Likes:• Has multiple modes. In addition to pressure cooking you can steam, slow cook, simmer, saute, keep warm, and a few more things. Of course, if you read the in depth review of pressure cookers on the Serious Eats site, you’ll learn that pressure cooking has bennefits (higher temp) over slow cooking, making slow cooking (in my mind) an unnecessary method moving forward.• Since you can saute in the Breville, you don’t need to use a different pan for this. I’ve sauted vegetables and meats. Just keep in mind you won’t have the contact area trying to saute something larger like a chicken. In this case a seperate pan may be better.• I love that the cord is detachable and you can put it in the Breville (along with the steamer basket) for storage. Means you don’t have a chord getting caught up with other things in your cabinet (even though I wrap up my chords with velcro).• The controls and interface are very intuitive. For my first recipe (brown rice with onion, garlic and ginger) it took me a few seconds to figure out how to saute the veggies, and switch over to pressure cooking. There’s a number of default settings (Soup, Beans, Meat, Chile, Rice, Risotto, etc…) that make the settings for you. From there you can tweak the pre-defined settings (time, pressure, steam release method).• The decrease in time it takes when pressure cooking means there’s things you can make during a weekday you may not have had time for before. Of course, you need to factor preheat and steam release time (see Dislikes).• If your concerned with the scary-factor of pressure cooking, no need to be. It appears that the lid has triple redundancy (three spring loaded air locks).• The non-stick pot. This has been easy to clean so far. Some people wish it was stainless steel, which I understand. While non-stick usually doesn’t last as long as ss, the only way to know for sure is time. If I get 10 years of use, and get get a replacement pot, then not an issue. Hopefully Breville will sell these.Dislikes:• The lid has retained a little food odor. I took the silicone ring off to clean it, but the minor odor is still there.• Speaking of the ring, its a little bit of a pain to remove. However, you don’t have to clean it everytime since the ring is a little loose and its easy to get soapy water behind it.• I hesitate in getting the Breville when I read you need to remove a nut to take the lid off for cleaning. While this sounds a little odd, in reality its no big deal and takes a few seconds.• You need to factor preheating and steam release time into the complete cycle. So, when a recipe says it will take 45 minutes for a roast, you should factor time to saute, preheat, and steam release. Just something to keep in mind. This isn’t a Breville issue, just the reality of pressure cooking (it takes time to cook the liquids to steaming, so pressure is created). Tip; if you saute and pre-heat your liquids (stovetop for example) the preheating cycle will shorten.• Price. While it is more than other products, considering the technical nature and build quality of the Breville I’m glad I spent the money. I do think if Breville priced these in the $199 range it would be an easier buy for people than the mid $200 range.I’ve included a few pictures that show; what comes in the box including the user guide and a very nicely done recipe book, the nut for the lid, some photos of the recipe book, how everything fits in the Breville for storage, and what the non-stick pot looks like.While there’s a few dislikes above, I’m fine with them and understand that every form of cooking and appliance for that matter has trade-offs. At the end of the day the benefits of the Breville far outweigh the trade-offs.

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  2. Corbett J. Klempay

    We actually liked this unit…for the handful of uses we got out of it. We liked:- The end results when cooking in it- Its appearance (find it much better looking / nicer build than the ubiquitous InstaPot)- The display was clear, easy to use, and informativeThe downside…we’ve probably used it ~20 times, and it stopped working. Unfortunately, those 20 times were mostly in the past few months, but I bought this unit in August 2016 (so..we’re now well past the 1 year warranty). We were making some marinated flank steak that has turned out great in the past…but tonight, even though the sear mode worked fine, the unit refused to pressure cook. It just stays in ‘preheating’ mode forever. We tried reseating everything multiple times (this wasn’t a case of a bad lid seal either; we never got the message about not being able to seal when building pressure…a very annoying thing to find out when you’re well into the process), restarting the run (custom, 12psi, natural release), and seeing of using one of the preset modes (instead of custom) made any difference. We tried unplugging the machine between attempts as well. In every case…we’re left with the indefinite preheating. I just ordered an InstaPot Ultra.

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  3. robert parsons

    We used the unit less than 10 times in the past year. Broke down, doesn’t heat. Bad product. Breville doesn’t answer phone calls, so don’t bother. Bad product, bad service, bad company. $250.00 not well spent. Don’t buy!

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  4. Scoot

    Pros: Easy to use and intuitive display. Can use it to sauté or brown food before cooking, and you can use it to reduce the sauce after cooking is over, so it saves you from doing more dishes.Cons: The pot retains odors. Badly. I had read other reviews saying this but I thought it couldn’t be that bad. I was wrong. It retains odors so badly that I cooked a cinnamon oatmeal in it and everything since then tastes sweet. Even spicy pork came out super sweet. I thoroughly wash it every time, but that doesn’t help. I use lemon juice now after washing, and that helps moderately. I store it in the open and separate from the unit… and it still smells!We also had to rearrange our cabinets to find a place for this to fit. It’s large but has smaller capacity than my old crockpot. You have to add 10-40 minutes to cook time to account for building and releasing pressure. For some meals, you’d be better off cooking in the oven than waiting for the pressure cooker.I love the features, I love Breville, I love the idea of this product, but I can’t say that I would spend this much on it again given the way the pot retains odors so badly. I’d probably buy a new crockpot and continue slow cooking our meals like I was before.

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  5. Jason D.

    Not only did this stop working after only four uses. The teflon around the edge of the insert started coming off after the third use. This is ridiculous because I’ve only ever used a rubber spatula to stir the contents when sautéing.I noticed before I started cooking my fourth meal in this that a large bit of teflon fell off in the pot insert. I had guest coming for dinner so I had no choice but to go ahead anyway.Selected Sauté and let the appliance get up to heat. It chimed so I added the two tsp of oil and sautéd the onions and garlic. Once done I added the liquid, selected manual and set to High Pressure, :08 Minutes with a Natural Release, and pressed Start. Shut the lid, pressed Start again and walked away. Came back 15 minutes later and there was no pressure and the the liquid was barely warm. Tried unplugging to reset and set it again. Still nothing. Let it sit over night and tried again in the morning. Again after ten minutes the appliance never even got warm. The display just reads ‘preheating’ and never get to heat. For an appliance that is well over $200 one would hope to expect years of use, not less than 60 days.Ended up having to order out for food because the appliance wouldn’t cook.Terribly disappointing

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  6. T. Ross

    As one of the highest PSI Electric Pressure Cookers, I can’t recommend this enough. It’s time to temp is impressive and better than most, the construction, automated pressure release and quality of build is all worthy of praise. It’s surely expensive, but you do get what you pay for. This is especially evident to me after using some other brands out there.The controls are great, easy to use and scarily accurate most of the time. I tend to mix my use between letting it do the thinking and manual use, both are exceedingly simple to achieve. The interface is fantastic with even the type of auto steam release selectable. This is no small thing.Some may suggest the lid isn’t ideal as it is affixed to the Pressure cooker, but it has never been in my way and I’m 6’4″ with big hands arms and elbows. Some reviewers try to make hay on this issue, but it simply isn’t one. As to the Lid, it detaches extremely simply and quickly. When I purchased it I wasn’t even aware that it was detachable, but I felt it was worth the effort what with it’s other key features. Turns out it couldn’t be simpler nor easier.Please know, a gasket will always pick up cooking odours on any pressure cooker, this one is no different, however this falls into normal and expected maintenance. Remove the lid, and the gasket and throw it in the top rack of your washer. I found washing both by hand as effective.The displays are easily readable and certainly make sense. What I like about the contextual nature of the menu is that even if you tend to do manual settings, it’s easier to attach your memories of those settings to what’s on the display, it jogs one’s mind and helps when you are cooking a variety of items through the week. When I see risotto, I find it’s an easy matter to remember to add one minute to the cook time (based on what I like) vs remembering ALL of the numbers for pressure time and temp. It’s a small thing, but I do believe the way it will most often be used.Manual mode is great if you just want to copy Insta Pot recipes. set the same time and pressure and you’re golden. I know there is some comfort for people in using the same model as a good majority of people, but everything translates well, so really consider all of the additional features you get that really do make a difference.Please note that the safety features on the Breville are second to none, and of course manual steam release is no problem if you prefer it. The fact that you can cook broth etc. and not need to think about the pressure release feature at all to maintain a clear broth is all the more impressive (as it will do a natural release)Lot’s to like in this unit and it excels in power and pressure vs other units. In direct tests its time to sear or pressure was faster than all other tested Electric Pressure Cookers. Excellent. Do you need it? If you have the budget, heck yes.Excellent Shipping time and service by the seller. Would highly recommend.

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  7. Guillermo Martinez Dibene

    It is incredible the feature of self-releasing pressure of this pressure cooker is really worth the extra money. I can put the meat in there, set it, and continue doing other activites (for instance, if I have visits, I can do the meal prep and then go get ready, take a shower, etc). The machine will do the quick, pulses or natural release as one indicates. Some of the recipes online and in books intended for the Instant Pot need readjustment as this pressure cooker is either hotter or seals pressure better (so, I usually decrease the cooking time by 1 minute to 5 minutes; a 5 minutes for the instant pot would be 4 minutes here, a 30 minutes for the instant pot would be 27 here and so on).

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  8. K

    One of our most used appliances, with all the instant pot craze going on right now. The Breville looks a lot better on the counter, and seems a lot less cheap, and customer service was alright.Our first one almost died within a year (it wouldn’t heat up much, we used a power meter and found it wasn’t drawing much power at all during the heating stage). The customer service rep tried to convince me it was the power cable, and offered to ship me one; it was just a standard power cable, like the ones for desktop PCs, so I tried several heavy gauge ones and told her it had the same problem.Anyways, she wanted me to ship me a new cable (would take 2 weeks), and when that inevitably wouldn’t fix the problem, it would take another 2-3 weeks to get a replacement pressure cooker, so I’d be cookerless for 4+ weeks! Luckily I managed to convince her in the end, after I told her I used a multimeter to test the cable’s resistance to just ship me a replacement pressure cooker. That one’s been running strong for the last year with no major problems.In retrospect, we have a Breville-certified repair place locally here in Vancouver, and probably should have went through them.

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  9. Bahumat

    Updated review a year later: I still love this thing, we use it to cook nearly daily. It cleans super easily, and so far is showing no signs of wear and tear or other damage. Highly recommend.—Original review:I love this take on a multi-cooker. Unlike so many other models, this one was clearly designed to be easy to clean. It quite instantly became a family favorite, especially making pressure-cooker Cassoulet.No flaws, all benefits. I love this damn thing.

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  10. Collins

    A nice machine which works well. It’s relatively easy to clean, but removing / replacing the lid for cleaning is not smooth, at least on my sample. I would have preferred a lid that isn’t hinged, like the lower Breville model.For some reason, Breville didn’t provide a setting to change units of measure. Altitude compensation is in metres, but the pressure is in PSI. I would have preferred a choice of units or at least pressure measured in kPa. It is a Canadian model, after all.The silicone sealing ring is dark grey, so food will not noticeably discolour it, but it absorbs food odor and is not easy to neutralize.

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  11. BZ

    WORSE THAN USELESSIt takes over10 minutes to preheat. I can do potatoes on the stove quicker than it takes fo this to preheat. I tried to preheat while I prepared the food but you have to release all the steam which takes forever and you start from zero.Too many presets make it overly complicated. No good manual settings.Steam is released unexpectedly and could easily cause a burn.Deigned so that when the opening is facing you the control panel is to the right. Awkward especially for right-handers.DO NOT BUY.

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  12. Nadine Mora

    Meat in stews become so tender and delicious! Bought this after my slow cooker died, and pressure cooking is better than I ever expected ! Flavours from veggies, spices and meat mix and marry beautifully. Boyfriend thinks I’m best cook in the world. I make a different stew, mijotée, soup every week in the fall and winter. This gadget helps us save money and eat healthy delicious meals: comfort food for the soul. ❤️ Recipe book included is cool

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  13. Babe

    This lovely appliance has made my work of feeding family and friends/guests much easier than previously. It functions as stated, is easy to clean and a real pleasure to use. Having said that, I would wish for a little more power so that the time needed to build the required pressure was reduced. It is true that the cooking time itself IS greatly reduced compared to conventional methods of cooking, but it seems rather slow to build the heat to the ‘pressure-cooking’ temperature. AND, if the method of reducing pressure selected is NATURAL RELEASE, the additional time needed to prepare a meal for serving is significant.Perhaps, though, this is a small contention, especially after one comes to this realization after preparing a few meals. When I understood that more time must be allowed for bringing the cooker up to pressure-cooking temperature, and then additional significant time added to allow for NATURAL RELEASE of pressure, I simply began my meal preparation sooner. Nevertheless, the marvellous advantages of pressure-cooking our food, the first-rate results, the confidence inspired by the Breville three-way safety system, the ease of function (everything functions exactly as described) and cleaning, as well as the impressive design and appearance of the Breville, allows me to give it a high rating.

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  14. Rosanne

    Love this for people who deserve fast homemade dinners after their busy day. Great for last minute dinner plans also. Made of solid stainless steel that is very easy to clean. Great cookbook and also very easy to use with the all the preprogrammed settings. Very versatile. The results are endless Chef quality meals which easily pays for itself from the very first time that you use it. Love, love it!!

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  15. Amazon Customer

    I am a very busy person. I bought this June 05. Sep 30 I finally decided, time to eat healthy and did groceries and followed instructions to pressure cook vegetables. The damn thing didn’t even heat up – hung in the ‘preheating’ stage. This kind of issue is exactly why i avoided the cheaper ones in favour of a supposedly better brand like Breville. I an extremely disappointed. To their credit Customer service was very good and after a bit of a wait on the phone, they set me up to receive a replacement. We shall see, I will update this after I get my replacement.Update : They are gonna replace teh unit for me

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