Breville The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle

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  • German Schott Glass
  • Soft opening lid slowly releases steam and prevents Splashing
  • Ergonomic handle with lid release button
  • BPA Free all parts in contact with Water
  • Safety Auto Shut Off and Boil Dry Protection
  • Kindly refer user manual before using the item



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High power 1800-watt heating means faster boiling as you watch through glass.

A large capacity jug and soft top lid make the entire process simple and easy. Auto shut off upon boil.

Watch your water boil through a durable, stain-resistant, Dura Glass kettle.

The specialized Soft Top Lid gently releases steam and eliminates splashing.

The Crystal Clear will automatically turn itself off when it reaches its boiling point.

Jug Capacity:57 oz.

Dimensions:7.3″ x 8.4″ x 10″.

Specification: Breville The Crystal Clear Electric Kettle

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions8 × 10 × 13 in






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  1. Reva Champion

    I dislike writing bad reviews. I am giving it 1 Star only because the people I’ve spoken to at Breville were nice. As you can see from my headline, I’ve returned 2 tea kettles. The 3rd one broke yesterday in the SAME way the other TWO did. I loved the look of the tea kettle so much. I wanted to believe that maybe I got a couple of defected ones and as Breville replaced them with relative ease, I gave them 3 chances. Sad to report they all broke in the same way: the handle at the top comes away from the connection and when the water reaches a full boil, the lid pops openand won’t close. There is plastic strip that attaches the handle to the glass — and the heat and weight of the water eventually pulls the plastic away from the glass. The outcome is that the lid won’t close. I can use it now only by putting a heavy lid from a sauce pan over the top of it to keep the lid closed. I am SO disappointed. It is beautiful, however, there is a major design flaw that needs to be corrected. I’m perplexed at all the 5 Star Reviews. Please let me know if anyone else had this experience. I’m calling Breville today and asking for my money back.

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  2. ALY

    Breville quietly switched German Schott Glass for something they call Duraglass. I can’t find anything on that type of glass, other than in Auto products. It would be nice to know what is that new glass and why are you still advertizing the original German Schott Glass???

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  3. Michael

    Several small design flaws in the product usability:- The flat base platform design doesn’t allow for a quick return of the kettle into position. I have to wiggle the heavy kettle around left-right to set the kettle in to the base.- Water is in contact with a plastic gasket on the bottom. This is the gasket that connects the stainless steel bottom to the glass.- The “on” button doesn’t snap back into the “off” position. Another brand model I had previously, conveniently automatically turned off when I emptied up the kettle in the process of heating up (because most of the times I don’t want the boiled water to reboil, just heat up). An empty kettle will eventually stop heating up, but the button will not return back into the “off” position.- The small “bpa free” text printed on the glass above the max line is so small and hard to read, that most people mistake it for the max line and fill to it, which results in boiling water spilling.- Under the lid there are small plastic screw toppers that fall out and prevent the lid from closing. Removed them.EDITThe lid stopped closing, pops open when boiling, hot water splashing.

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  4. The_Scribe

    The fastest boiling kettle I was able to find in the US (so far!)Tested its 1800w against a previous kettle and the speed improvement over a 1500w was clear, though not massive because of the +300 watts.But, hey, faster is faster and that is what it’s about for me in the hot water for PG-Tips process.Still missing the 2500w+ UK kettles but it’ll do.Glass approach looks nice also.Perhaps the on switch is a touch small/fiddly but, otherwise, nice item.Update (June 2019):Regrettably, this went the same way that some other reviewers have reported. Firstly (within the first year) the lid began to stick and needed help to lift. Then (at about the 18 month mark), the lid started coming open on its own during the boiling process – which I noticed when the kettle boiled dry so, thankfully, I am able to confirm the boil-dry function works!I still have, and am still using the kettle because it has highest rated wattage I have been able to find in the US…but have to keep the lid down with a flat, aestehtically-pleasing stone. Hmm..did this kettle really cost me $90+!?Called customer service to see whether purchasing another one would make sense because Breville had taken notice of the apparent lid issues. Was informed that there were no noted product updates, but an unannounced fix ‘may’ have happened (?) because (paraphrasing) “Breville are so innovative that I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have fixed something like that”. Best advice was to look out for a recent batch number – the four digits on the underside engraved vertically to the right of the product label – tell you the year (1st two digits) and the week (second two digits) of manufacture. So, for example, 1733 would mean it was from the 33rd week of 2017.

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  5. Nancy B

    I had this same model kettle and loved it for five years, but last month I noticed that it was leaking. I should have paid attention to that! Because both the new kettle I ordered, and the replacement Amazon kindly sent me, have leaked straight out of the box. The leaks happen in two places: where the glass kettle meets the base, and through the On/Off switch. Surely this is some kind of safety hazard to have water leaking through an electrical connection. I contacted Breville support directly but have not heard back from the yet; will update this review when I do. In the meanwhile, something must have changed in the manufacturing process since I bought this kettle years ago. When two brand new kettles both leak in the same places, this cannot be a fluke. I’m not going to try for a third replacement; sadly I am now in search of new brand.

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  6. Shawn

    Your Breville product comes with a short power supply cord as a safety precaution. Great! With a 9 1/2 (24cm) inch cord I can steam the paint off my walls and destroy the underside of my cupboards.I wonder how many people are using an extension cord with this kettle, thereby completely defeating the intended safety feature.

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  7. Curiosity

    Major problems within a week of use (no exaggeration):- lid release broke so it’s stuck closed no way to pry open- rubber covers on screws popped off- rubber seal on glass is releasing, you can see air bubblesNot to mention, if your water is remotely hard, this will be dirty within a few uses lose its counter appeal. Difficult to clean because the lid doesn’t pop off and the opening is tiny.Honestly shocking for such an expensive kettle. Going to be returning.

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  8. Alex

    PROS-boils water very quickly-easy to see when it’s starting to boil-rotates freely on the base-large (1.7L) – bigger than an average 1.5L kettle-auto turn off-soft-opening lidCONS-glass is hot to touch (obviously)-lid breaks easily-won’t turn off automatically if the lid is left open while boilingBought this kettle 2 years ago, using it every day. it still works great with one exception – the lid with soft opening now slams open. the lid design seemed ok, but apparently it isn’t. Another problem with the lid – if it’s open while the kettle is boiling, it won’t turn off automatically.The full kettle (1.7-1.8L) boils in about 1.5 – 2 minutes. It’s also easy to see when the water is starting to boil and turn it off to avoid wasting electricity.Overall, I’d recommend this kettle.

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  9. ht

    This kettle has two problems, neither having anything to do with boiling water, that I find very annoying.First, it doesn’t have an automatic shut-off when you lift it from the base. After almost a year of using it, I still occasionally put the kettle back onto the base after pouring the water out and have it keep boiling with the small amount of water still left. It gets very hot and shuts down. Annoying!Also, the water level numbers on the side are white and very small. I can’t even see them when I put the kettle in my sink to fill it. Honestly, would it have cost any more for Breville to make the numbers larger?You could call putting the kettle back on the base when it hasn’t shut itself off “user error” and many people are probably fine with the small numbers on the side, but I consider them design error. This wasn’t a cheap kettle and I expected better.

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  10. Annaka

    I bought this kettle just over 3 years ago .. and while it looks nice the handle has now come loose keeping the lid from closing. There is rust starting to creep in on the base which takes away from the aesthetics. While i dont expect the item to last a lifetime, I think at the price point, it should at least last more than 3 years. I paid good money for what I thought was a quality brand name, but was wrong!

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  11. WC

    Terrible kettle! After a while the kettle everytime after use the lid would pop open during boiling time and it would continue to boil until i manually close the lid. This is a huge hazard as the the kettle doesnt turn off and keeps boiling! Also some plastic pieces fall into the water after a while too. The slow close lid also doesnt work after a while. Other then it look aesthetically pretty on my counter its terrible.

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  12. Satchi

    This kettle worked well for 18 months and then the lid became jammed in the closed position. After reading another negative review, I learned that the screws which hold the lid cover in place can become loose and fall into the lid opening mechanism, causing it to jam in the closed position. It also collects scale quickly and is difficult to clean as the opening is small. I have bought way cheaper kettles which lasted much longer. I do NOT recommend and amNot happy about contributing to our local landfill. I will not be buying anymore Breville appliances if they have such poor design engineers and their prices are on the high end. I expected better. Very disappointing.

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  13. Carbon

    A little on the expensive side, but it is a decent kettle. I’ve been using the all stainless steel Breville kettle for the last 4 years and needed to replace. This caught my eye as I was looking for a glass one this time. Upon initial use, it boils very quickly and is fairly quiet. One thing is, there is no audible indication of when it’s done, just a small click. Some might like that though. Great kettle all around.

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  14. Jennifer M

    I bought this kettle two years ago and have taken good care of it. Recently, the black plastic casing around the top of the kettle cracked and now the kettle’s cover/top flap does not stay tightly closed. The cover/top flap pops open when the water boils and the kettle continues to boil until all the water has evaporated, which is a safety risk. It seems that the automatic stop button is deactivated when the cover is not secure. I would expect a 100 dollar kettle to last more than two years.

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  15. Dmitry

    There’s a good reason why the warranty on these is one year. Used it for 18 months and it just stopped working. $100 is not a cheap for a kettle and it should work for a few years, not 18 months. Yet another disposable piece of junk.

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