Breville The Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

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  • Large 3-inch (81mm) Feed Chute.
  • Ultra-Quiet 240 Watt Motor
  • Powerful low speed extraction method with minimal heat transfer makes this machine ultra-quiet while operating.
  • Smart Cap: Create various mixed juices, Stops dripping, Create various mixed juices
  • Conveniently easy for self-rinse; Stainless Steel Mesh Filter
  • Easy Assembly: The red dot indications on parts allow the users to easily assemble and disassemble the juicer.
  • Direction Control: Features forward and reverse button for easy juicing and unclogging.
  • Small footprint


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The big squeeze: slow compression juicer. The slow juicer that crushes and squeezes to make more juice, with more nutrients and a little fiber for a thicker, smoother Texture.

A great method for extracting high yield juice from Items like wheatgrass, small berries and tomatoes.

Construction Materials:Tritan Juice Jug,Stainless Steel Mesh Filter,ABS Housing

Specification: Breville The Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions11 × 15 × 18 in






10 reviews for Breville The Big Squeeze Slow Juicer

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Wes

    I have a few ‘eh’ complaints, but I’m largely deeply in love with this sucker. Upgraded (maybe?) from Breville’s Juice Fountain Elite, which I adore, but I wanted to be able to juice leafy greens and not feel like I was hardcore wasting money because centrifugal juicers just don’t handle them as well.I’ve found that chopping kale, romaine, et. al into pretty wee pieces and stuffing the chute full before operating yields the most juice, but regardless, it’s significanly more than one would ever get from a centirfugal type.Every part of the juicing process, from ingredient prep to cleanup, takes much longer than centies, but it’s very, very worth it. I’m happy to juice for an hour if it means I can make a couple gallons and rock it over a few days. Allegedly, nutrients begin degrading within 20 minutes in a centrifugal juicer, due to a combination of increased heat and oxidation. That’s less of a worry here, so I feel comfortable juicing a ton once every few days rather than each time I want to choke down some liquid salad.It seems a lot of crap gets masticated but never really makes it past the awl to get juiced, but the yield is still better than the opposite so I’ve just moved on with my life and accepted it.In any case, LOVE IT. Cleaning isn’t really that bad, and I’m not 5% terrified of slicing off a finger like I am with my last setup because there are 0 sharp parts. Highly, highly recommended, but I can’t speak for comparison re: other masticating types!One little sidebar. It’s cute that they show a literal full apple in the cute, but the instructions make it clear that seeds need to be removed, so that’s a pipe dream/pretty marketing. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  2. RosalieThat’sMe

    I’ve had this juicer for about two weeks now and overall, I love it! It juices carrots, celery, apples, pears, lemons, spinach, and kale – Everything I’ve thrown at it, it juices, and it takes pretty large pieces so I don’t spend time chopping everything into tiny baby chunks.A few minor things perturb me about it though. First, when I’m juicing and using the wide mouth opening, the locking mechanism to keep the mouth door closed gets easily locked without me realizing and I have to unlock it at least three or four times during a juicing session. The second thing is cleaning the juicing screen. It can be a bear to clean. The cleaning apparatus that is supposed to clean the screen is not helpful but the grey scrub brush that is included does the trick. This is my first juicer so I don’t know if this is common to most juicers.But the juice! Oh, the juice! It is delicious! And the pulp is very dry. I couldn’t squeeze any more juice out of it if I tried. I like that it also has a reverse option just in case it gets stuck but that hasn’t happened yet no matter how large of a piece of veggie I put in. This juicer does the job and is worth the small hassle of the locking issue and screen cleaning.

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  3. Bikramjit S Bhangoo

    I wasted 3 years with centrifugal juicers. The quality of the juice from this juicer is way way better than centrifugal ones. I could taste everything I put in and used much less produce. Wow what a difference. I would highly recommend this juicer. This is the best thing I have ever bought. It is much easier to clean too.If you want to drink healthy and tasteful juice please use a slow juicer like this one.

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  4. Abdelazim

    I used the juicer 4 times so far.Advantages:1-heigh yield2- quite3- very good for juicing greens4- nice juice consistencyDisadvantage:1- stuff get stuck easily2- somtimes it’s very hard to open it after juicing3- get easily blocked4- in the end there will be un-juiced fruits remaining inside the container

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  5. robert engstrom

    Have been through 3 of these machines in less than 5 months and now broke again. Top plastic piece continues to break. Do not put whole carrots, etc in machine as it will crack.

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  6. Robert Robles

    I purchased this juicer to replace a hamilton beach centrifugal juicer. My concern was that the blades of the centrifugal juicer was causing excessive aeration and heat to occur in the juice which could be affecting the nutritional value of the juice itself.This juicer is fairly stout with a motor wearing much more than most centrifugal juicesa I’ve ever had. The shoot is large to allow medium to small sized apples or other similar fruit to be fed in.Fibrous vegetables like celery or carrots can wrap around the auger and get jammed so just be aware. The included brushes make clean up much easier as well

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  7. SAM

    Quality product, easy to clean. You realy have to cut the fruit in pieces. I wish the feeding tube opening was a little larger. This is where I put the green vegetables and herbs. Other than that, it is a great product and I am getting hooked on juicing.

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  8. Mónica Arenas Valencia

    I just don’t like that when you do a little bit more product it gets stuck and doesn’t filter the liquid down. We use it only for celery juice and you have to cut the stalks in little pieces otherwise it gets stuck! Is not that easy to clean and sometimes I just avoid using it because I don’t have q lot of time to clean it but other than that is a very practical way to detox your body with a good juice

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  9. Di

    I use it every day and love it

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  10. Joyce

    Love this. It is so efficient. I’ve had a few juicers & this is the best I’ve ever owned.

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