Breville Tea Maker Compact

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  • Infusion Perfection Fully automated tea basket descends into and back out of perfect water temperatures gently agitating your leaves precisely infusing your tea for full flavor Seeing is believing
  • All types of tea pre-programmed one-touch functionalities and customizable settings Create ideal brewing conditions for black green White herbal and oolong teas
  • Keep Warm Button One-touch functionality keeps your favorite brew at your chosen temperature for 60 minutes and can be activated before during or on completion of the water heating cycle
  • Compact Capacity 34 oz / 4 cup jug and tea capacity Makes your perfect cup for you or a few
  • Strength Button Determine your brew strength – mild medium or strong – with the touch of a button
  • Hot Water Boiler Need to boil water for another reason? No worries the Tea Maker Compact will boil hot water for other drinks
  • Settings 5 Temperatures 3 Tea Strengths Keep Warm Steep Time 1-5 minutes
  • Construction Materials Thermal Shock Resistant Glass
  • Dimensions and Weight 8 23”W x 7 76”L x 8 74”H 3 9 lbs
  • Power 1400W
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Effortlessly make the perfect cup of tea simply by pushing a button with the Breville Tea Maker Compact. With five pre-programmed options, you can brew a variety of tea types including Black, Green, White, Herbal & Oolong by adding loose tea leaves to the fully automated tea basket.

The thermal shock resistant glass carafe has a 4-cup capacity (34 fluid ounces) which yields approximately 27-fluid ounces of finished tea. Add water to your carafe, choose your tea type & brew strength, and watch as the water reaches the optimum temperature for the most flavorful cup of tea.

Once it reaches the appropriate temperature, the fully automated tea basket will lower into the heated water until the brew time is completed. Upon completion, the basket will automatically return to the up position to prevent over-steeping & preventing a bitter tasting cup of tea.

Use your Breville Tea Maker Compact for more than tea – you can also use it to make any beverage or meal that requires hot water with the “Kettle” function like instant hot chocolate or a hearty bowl of oatmeal.

The compact design is perfect for small kitchens, apartments, offices, RVs or any other place where a full-size kettle would otherwise occupy too much counter space

Specification: Breville Tea Maker Compact

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 9 in






8 reviews for Breville Tea Maker Compact

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  1. Suzanna D Beard

    Machine does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Heats and steeps tea. However, a couple of issues.Pros: heats water quick. Was pretty impressed how quickly it heated for herbal teas.Super easy to use.Looks nice, sturdy construction, doesn’t take up a lot of space.Cons: holes on bottom of tea basket are larger than ones on side, allowing a good bit of tea leaves to fall out (both when filling and dropping into kettle). Current solution: putting tea in tea bag before putting it in the basket.Keep warm feature is not automatic. Must press button before brewing and every time the kettle is lifted off base.Kettle holds up to 32 oz of water (4 cups), but that’s for water boil only. Max fill for making tea 24 oz (3 cups).Minimum brew is 16 oz (2 cups). Thus, can’t make just one cup.

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  2. RM

    This is a nice version of the device for those who want to brew tea for one person. It is a compact, attractive appliance on the counter. The tea tends to be on the weak side even when brewed for the full 5 minutes. This is more true for tea bags than loose tea. The problems is due to the minimal agitation the tea receives with the slowly descending and lifting basket. The basket is half plastic and half stainless steel mesh. It does not give full access of the tea leaves to the water, and it makes it difficult to rinse out spent tea leaves due to the ridges and lips. A full mesh basket would have been better. This unit does not have a timer to set ahead like the larger model. The keep warm function is not helpful because it does not stay on. Another design flaw is the fact that the bottom of the tea basket sits in the water when the carafe is filled to the full 4 cups, This causes the tea to start leaching out before you begin the brew cycle. This is a totally avoidable design flaw. You can get around it by not putting a full four cups of water in the carafe to start. I find myself using extra tea to make the brew strong enough. Thus, you will consume more tea leaves in the end. Only time will tell if this turns out to be a useful and reliable gadget. Breville appliances have a spotty reliability record when reading all reviews, although I have been lucky thus far with others I have owned.

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  3. ConD

    We are enjoying this kettle. It’s our first with temp settings and it’s great. Love the keep warm feature. You must remember to hit warm again if you lift the kettle to refill your mug. But that’s a small thing and probably a safety feature.

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  4. otclawson

    The description inaccurately states:”Auto start and keep Warm set the timer and wake up to your favorite brew, steeped and waiting for you. It will automatically be kept warm for up to 60 minutes”The 700 model does not have this feature. If you look at the picture closely, you can see there is no clock displayed.

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  5. Ian

    This was one of my favorite things I’d ever bought until it stopped working after five months. So disappointed!For $200, I expect the machine to last at least two years if not five. But the Start/Cancel button stopped working for whatever reason. The troubleshooting guide was worthless.So, so disappointed it gave up on me.

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  6. Heidi

    I had high hopes about this tea maker but to be honest after trying it I like my electric teapot so much more. Yes the product looks good however no matter how many times I have tried to NOT get tea leaves in my tea, nothing works. So as a last resort I place tea bags in the teapot and brew the tea that way. So in a nut shell, it’s a disappointment for this tea lover.

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  7. I’m Here To Help

    This is a heavy duty personal tea maker. It probably makes enough for several people at once, but what makes it so wonderfully fabulous is the taste of the tea! The tea basket waits in the steamy pot while the water is heating. When the water reaches the desired temperature, the basket slowly lowers itself into the water, and sits until it reaches the strength you set it to, then it slowly raises itself out of the water/ tea!!! The tea is not bitter or over-steeped, and you can use the leaves a second time. Once done, you can keep it on warm for awhile too. Here’s what I don’t like: You cannot wet the outside of the heavy duty tea pot. You remove the tea strainer from the interior “slide” and rinse the tea pot, wipe it all down with a clean cloth, but you cannot just wet the outside and wash the whole thing. Small inconvenience for the big reward. Highly recommend. BTW no leaves escape from the tea basket.

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  8. zack

    I’ve had one for several years. I just bought this one as a gift.Even the cheapest tea tastes like a million. I had no idea that I needed to pay critical attention to temperature and time until I had thid

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