Breville Sous Chef BFP660SIL 11-Cup/12-Cup Food Processor – 1000W

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  • Grating cheese and chopping herbs or nuts to mixing batters and pureeing soups
  • 12 cup cap; BPA Free plastic work bowl; Safety braking system
  • Large 5″ wide feed chute eliminates need to precut most ingredients
  • Momentary pulse button for maximum control and even processing
  • 1000 watt induction motor offers great versatility and power in a compact size
  • Prevents the motor from operating unless the bowl and lid are correctly locked in position, and large feed pusher is inserted
  • Voltage: 110 to 120 volts


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Food preparation has never been easier. Three feed chute options for precise results.

The 5” large feed chute is wide enough for potatoes, or zucchini. The 2 ¾” mid feed chute offers greater control when processing medium size ingredients.

The 1 ½” mini feed chute prevents long thin ingredients like carrots from tipping over during slicing.

The adjustable slicer has 24 setting settings from paper thin (0.3mm) to thick cut (8.0mm) to customize and create restaurant quality precision cuts saving you time.

A heavy duty 1000 watt induction motor, built like no other.

Specification: Breville Sous Chef BFP660SIL 11-Cup/12-Cup Food Processor – 1000W

Weight22 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 17 in






15 reviews for Breville Sous Chef BFP660SIL 11-Cup/12-Cup Food Processor – 1000W

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  1. Dana

    I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE this food processor! I have had three food processors in the last 15 years and since a cook a lot I wear them out. I had decided to order a Breville the next time I needed one. Eventually my Cuisinart gave up the ghost and I was very sad to loose an old friend and plus the $$ to re-invest always hurts. I read a bunch of reviews and decided to purchase this one. It has been 4 months now and I am so super duper happy with this masterpiece that I’m almost glad my old food processor died! Crazy huh? If you are considering a FP please do yourself a favor and look no farther. Seriously.

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  2. justme

    The cord on this unit is 12 (yes twelve) inches long! I cannot reach any of my outlets with this cord because you need a little room as well to angle the plug. This is insane. It makes the unit unuseable in an ordinary kitchen. Who has a plug available within eight inches of where they want to work with this machine? Incomprehensible design. Tried to reach customer luck had to leave request for callback. What kind of incompetence is this? Looks like it goes back.

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  3. Diane Ringue

    We purchased this to replace a long gone Cuisinart. I looked around at many models including the Elemental 13 cup at Costco. No comparison as to the build quality. It doesn’t have a lot of specialty blades, but the ones it does have do the job very well. The spindle sits in the bowl and the blades go on top, rather loosely it seems, but all is well. The alignment is super easy and the medium tube can handle most items. The slicing disc is the real deal. Turn the adjustment knob to the thickness you want and away you go. Ripe peaches for pies? No problem. Made the pie dough with the plastic blade. Dual shredder can bog down a bit with some cheeses, but go slow and you will be fine. Cabbage for fresh Sauerkraut? shred away. A word of caution on the steel blade though, keep it in it’s holder, as I’ve already cut myself, it’s that sharp. It really reminds me of the Robot Coupe we used to use back when I was a chef. Highly recommended.

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  4. Albert Rosencrantz

    This processor is hands down the best one I have ever owned. (and I have used a ‘good’ processor since the 80’s) The base is heavy enough to stay in place on the counter. The motor is strong enough to handle dough without loading down. The adjustable slicing blade is a wonderful convenience. It slices perfect slices neatly without mushing or ripping. Since you have 3 different sizes of feed chutes, you can choose the perfect size to feed the food straight into the slicing or shredding blade. There is very little to no spillage of liquids since the bowl is designed without a center hole and the gasket on the lid seals the unit tightly. This unit is easy to clean since there are no crevices where food can hide and mold. I have used it daily during this fall garden harvest season. It has preformed every task well. The mini work bowl does not come with it, but can be ordered as an accessory. I had a small problem with ordering the mini bowl and blade. A very helpful Breville support person came to my rescue. It is a bit pricey – but you get what you pay for.

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  5. Mary C.

    I previously posted a one-star review because, despite experience with several food processors a Cuisinart or two, a KitchenAid) since my first Robot-Coupe in the early 1980’s, I simply couldn’t figure out how to get the Breville to spin. I closely followed the “Assembly” instructions in the Manual. I got the pink light and thought I was good to go, but no, it simply wouldn’t spin. I purchased in February, would try again every few weeks (“it must be my fault”), poring over the Manual, but alas, no. So I kept hauling out my troubled and needs-tender-care-but-sort-of-works Cuisinart. However, each time I tried the Breville I did indeed carefully wash all of the parts by hand.It turns out I needed to read just a bit further in the Manual, under “Functions,” in order to learn that I had to put the black food pusher on top of the lid in order to get the blade to spin. Although I believe Breville should update their “Assembly” instructions, I acknowledge my fault: I failed to read carefully the “Functions” instructions, or even look closely at the photo under “Assembly,” either of which would have given me a clue as to what I was doing wrong. I now have no doubt that this gorgeous machine will help me make delicious food for years to come–I’m now really looking forward to putting it through its paces.

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  6. Matthew Holloway

    We broke down and bought this appliance after buying and returning two other food processors that cost much less. We did not want to spend this much money, however after owning it for a few days and using it for multiple things, we couldn’t be happier with it. It works very well, is simple and easy to use, and also easy to take apart and clean. Unlike our previous 15 year old food processor, it doesn’t seem to have any nooks and crannies where grime can slowly build up. The blades are super sharp and the unit doesn’t vibrate or rock around on the counter top while in use. So far we’ve made “nice cream” (frozen bananas, peanut butter and a little milk), as well as an oat/date/pecan crust, and were 100% satisfied.

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  7. Mollala

    after first used, hand wash with gentle but water came in the handle of the bowl. has been trying turning the bowl and dry for 2 days but it still there. Scare of mold development

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  8. 0101101

    I purchased this as a frustrated victim of the “Cuisinart s-blade fiasco” after waiting 6 months, without a usable food processor, for the replacement s-blade (which I was not going to just buy, because why should I pay to replace a defective part …) and deciding I wanted nothing to do with the old processor after waiting so long.The Breville cost about 50% more and, despite that, I could not be happier. This model just feels like a higher quality machine, does everything and has every feature that I wished for when using the old processor. No more hole in the center of the processing bowl; an adjustable slicer, fine + coarse grating, etc., as othe reviews indicate. No more wishing, “if it only had x and didn’t do y.” Now x is gone and y works well, and I’m a happy former victim.

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  9. Barb H

    I agonized between the Breville Sous chef 12, the Breville Sous chef 12 plus and the Breville Sous chef 16. The 16 just looked too big for the 2 of us. The difference between the Sous Chef 12 and the Sous Chef 12 plus is the plus has a small bowl that fits inside the large bowl, a blade for the small bowl and a storage container. I found I could order the “parts” for under $20 (small bowl plus blade). The difference in cost of the 2 models is around $100. I found a storage container that works. I saved $80 and have the same machine.The food processor is awesome. It is super fast. It is fabulous to be able to dial the thickness of slices. I love love love that there is no hole in the container. Yay. No more drips on the counter. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

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  10. Liz

    I had originally bought a Cuisinart food processor (which showed up smashed due to cheap plastic). I was frustrated because I knew this Breville product had way better reviews, I just wasn’t willing to shell out the money.Well, after the smashed processor incident, I decided to just order the Breville one, and from the moment it arrived I knew I had made the right choice.Packaging was far superior to the Cuisinart – thick boxes, cushioning, etc.Base is super heavy, but the wattage is way higher, so that’s expected.Multiple safety systems in place to ensure you aren’t harmed while using the product.THICK plastic bowl with multiple chutes.Multiple blades and one blade even allows you to choose the thickness of the slice.10/10, I love it.

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  11. Nancie Erhard

    This is one amazing machine. I absolutely love the adjustable slicing blade. Holy cow. With the wide feed, I can take roasts and slice deli meat out of them. It’s so powerful that you have to watch it, though. I once tried shredding some cooked pork shoulder with the chopper blade, and in just a few pulses, I had pate instead. It’s a heavy beast. I don’t know how I did without it.

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  12. Questar

    This food processor is excellent. The service is fantastic. I dropped the bowl assembly while unwrapping and broke it.I searched for a replacement but didn’t find one so I emailed Breville and asked if it was available. The return email said the replacement was on its way. It arrived today, no charge, not even for shipping.Now that is what I call good service.Thanks Breville.

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  13. Natalie

    SO tired of buying the $100 and under food processors and wish I would have spent the money on a quality one to begin with. Can’t comment on durability as I just received it, but the quality of the bowls and attachments is superb. I used it to mince raw chicken breast and it did an amazing job. Looking forward to using it.

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  14. Amazon Customer

    Just got my Breville “The Sous Chef 12” food processor yesterday and used it right away to finish a recipe I started with a previous food processor that couldn’t handle it (it smoked on the first use). The new one worked perfectly and made food prep easy! As everyone else has mentioned, cleaning is a breeze. I really have 0 complaints at this points and am really happy with the purchase. I was unsure about purchasing this one vs. the larger/stronger model but let me tell you, I am happy I made this choice. If you are considering buying this, buy it! And shipping was a breeze.’s new option to ship to a pick up location (for those of us who work during the day and always miss deliveries) is fantastic! I ordered this on Friday and received it on Monday.

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  15. Oscar hanzely

    Ok, this food processor is amazing. It is powerful, easy to clean and well built. The plastic material, the locking mechanism, the blades. It is truly worth the money. Motor has 10yr warranty! It is quite heavy, expect that, but it adds to the stability especially if you have some dough or big mass in its high capacity bowl. Love at first sight.

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