Breville Polyscience Control Freak Temperature Controlled Induction Cooking System

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  • Through-the-glass pan temperature sensor allows the thermostat to touch the pan directly
  • Directly sensing the temperature of the ingredients, Probe Control can hold temperature stability of ingredients to within 1.8 Degree
  • The Control Degree Freak’s patented twin fan cooling system keeps you cooking all night, even at searing temperatures in the hottest kitchen
  • The world’s first induction cooker that can set and hold any temperature from 86 DegreeF-482 Degree for any length of time
  • Can be used with any induction compatible pot or pan ; cookware should have a minimum diameter of 4.5″ / 12cm and a maximum diameter of 10″ / 26cm.
  • 1800 Watts.


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The control Degree Freak induction cooking system is the first of its kind to accurately measure, set and hold 397 cooking temperatures from 86 degree-482 Degree.

The unique real-time sensing system uses a through-glass sensor to directly measure surface temperature.

Probe control remote thermometer to precisely control the temperature of both water and fat-based liquids.

The “intensity” Function gives incredible control over the heat-up speed to the set temperature.

A “create” Function stores frequently used custom temperature profiles for simple one-touch recall.

Brought to you by Beeville poly science coming together to bring great design and unparalleled precision to the culinary world. Suitable for household use.

Specification: Breville Polyscience Control Freak Temperature Controlled Induction Cooking System

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions19 × 14 × 5 in






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  1. Christy M.

    After moving into my first home, I knew I wanted induction over gas or electric. While I considered getting a four-burner induction cooktop, I had coveted the Control Freak’s degree of control for so long that I decided to get just one burner, fully expecting to make the sacrifices one might expect from only having one burner on any stove.I am amazed to say that this has not at all been the case. It takes so little time to boil water and bring food up to temp that making several dishes in quick succession and quickly reheating them before bringing them to the table is a breeze. In fact, it was much more stressful trying to multitask on a four-burner gas stove because quickly and evenly heating things at the last second was never an option.It’s amazing how quickly you get spoiled by a pot of water coming to a boil in two minutes vs twenty, and I’ve never gotten the sear from a gas stove that I’ve been able to get with the Control Freak. It also takes up very little counter space and I can move it to wherever I need it, including the kitchen table for hot pots.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    This is an awesome piece of kitchen gear for an avid home cook. (Over kill I’m sure but it is pretty impressive!) Very expensive, very precise, kinda amazing what you can achieve with it’s use. But it really needs a much weaker pot detection spring, many of my lighter weight pans just aren’t heavy enough for it’s activation. And they need to offer a much longer temperature probe than the one that comes it with. But as expensive as this unit is their tech support is non-existent. I have emailed twice over a number of months and had not one single reply. So cool but they really limit you with the current options.

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  3. Benj

    I love this thing. It’s very powerful, doesn’t make much noise (quieter than ventilation systems so you won’t hear it anyway), and the precision, both of pan control and the probe, is to die for. Deep frying? Oil probe control. Searing? Thing can maintain up to 486 pan temp consistently, and flash higher on the initial heating. Boiling water? 2 minutes, easy.If I could only take one possession from my home (iTs An InDUsTriaL Pr0dUCt) in an emergency, it would be this because:a.) I use it the more than my laptopb.) It’s the most expensive thing I own (the con)

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  4. jeffrey S

    This instrument absolutely changed my cooking. The impossible became simple. I began to learn the difference of one degree C. The temperature of egg white and yolk transformation was the first revelation. The temperature of collagen converting to gelatin was the second. Holding Turkish delight at 114 for an hour without any supervision, producing dozens of pancakes with identical browning and perfect texture became routine, reducing stock at 90C for hours maximized efficiency with no need to be there hovering. Gellation of hydrocolloids, sugar work at any caramelization point, reactions that used to require constant attention all became set and forget, walk away and don’t sweat exact timing. The programmable time and temperature combinations allowed precise fine tuning and then archived for use any time with exact results. Oil poaching, frying, Sous vide in situ without bags and in any solution changed my whole approach to long braising and short high temperature work. The control freak in it’s excellent design carry bag, plus a knife roll, a cooler, and an immersion blender lets me go to any venue and produce results of a well tuned kitchen with precise results independent of the environment and with no need to preview the location. This one tool has transformed my onsite catering allowing production of cuisine previously impossible to produce in a pop up venue. The device is simply magic.

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  5. Gil

    This item is expensive but it is the only induction burner I have found that gives enough control to adjust a simmer to the level I want. For example, when I cook oatmeal (for 30 minutes), I don’t have to constantly stand over the pan and adjust the induction power level. I can walk away and feel safe that I won’t find a mess when I return to stir. That said, I have another commercial induction burner with 100 levels (they say 10 F each step) that is excellent for everything that doesn’t require this kind of fine temperature control. So, in all, I have one of the Breville burners and several other induction burners for less picky tasks. The Breville can do a perfect simmer (and everything else), the 100 step unit can hold a stable state and the even less expensive ones are best for non-critical general cooking.

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  6. Nick Lettire

    Works exactly as described. I have had it for a couple months for R&D purposes, and I must say being able to control temperature with this much precision opens up a whole new world to cooking. So simple to use, that its only limitation is your own imagination.

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  7. Heather’s music

    I like it so far, and it is very precise for sure. I do wish there were some recipes to help the home cook get started, or at least a temperature chart (eggs, sear meat at ___, etc) So far, I have been watching youtube videos featuring the control freak and following those.

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  8. K

    Basically this thing is amazing, it’s just expensive. The only real cons are it’s quite large (and tall!), but it doesn’t weigh much. It takes up a lot of counter space. It also has a Nema 5-20 plug, so be aware. Our kitchen supports that in most of our plugs, but we had to swap a couple out (and add a 20A breaker) to better accomodate this.You can work around this by using a adapter (they include one) and using the old plug, but it’ll stick out of the wall a fair bunch, and you should probably set the heating speed to “medium” or below, so your breaker doesn’t trip (and your receptacle doesn’t burn out.Anyway, onto the device. It works amazingly. When you are cooking multiple things at once, you can set the pan temperature to just under boiling so it will never spill over. If you finish cooking something quickly, you can just set the temperature to 65°C and it will stay at that temperature.It’s great for re-heating things in not-quite boiling water, and for slow cooking, as well as for keeping pressure in a stovetop pressure cooker — it basically converted our stovetop pressure cooker into an electric one, once you dial the temperature in correctly for your environment.In general, we’ve been using this cooker more than our stovetop, except for things that just require a bit more power (as our gas stove is still a little more powerful than this 1800W cooker, but the efficiency is slightly better on this).The program settings are amazing, we have settings for e.g. cooking soy milk (you don’t want to boil soy milk, but you do want to cook out its beany flavour at 90° for around 5 minutes), and it’s fantastic for deep fryinng, candy making, and basically everything. Despite it’s size, we end up keeping this thing on our countertop more often than not, even when space is at a premium!

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