Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

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  • SWIPE. SELECT. ENJOY: With automation at every stage, simply swipe and select for espresso, long black, latte, flat white or cappuccino and enjoy caf? quality coffee at home
  • DOSE AMOUNT: The integrated conical burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and tamps 22 grams of coffee, similar to the commercial machine in your favorite cafe
  • PRECISE WATER TEMPERATURE: The difference between an ashy or balanced tasting espresso can be caused by temperature change as little as 2?F. The Oracle Touch uses digital temperature control (PID) technology, this ensures the temperature is kept at its optimum range.
  • OPTIMAL WATER PRESSURE: The Over Pressure Valve (OPV) is a commercial feature included in the Oracle Touch. This limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction, helping prevent bitter flavors in the coffee shot. It also has true low pressure pre-infusion, which gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction.
  • SUFFICIENT STEAM PRESSURE: A cafe quality coffee is a delicate balance of espresso flavor and rich sweet milk with a micro-foam texture. The steam wand, powered by a dedicated steam boiler, automatically textures milk to your taste and preferred temperature, delivering barista quality silky micro-foam that enhances the flavor of coffee. Then it cleans itself!
  • TRIPLE HEAT SYSTEM: 1. Dedicated steam boiler with integrated Heat Exchange aids thermal stability. 2. Dedicated espresso boiler with Digital PID control delivers precise water temperature. 3. Heated group head?PID controlled embedded element maintains thermal stability.
  • SETTING: Touch screen operation. 5 pre-programmed Caf? favorites. Create, save and name 8 customizable coffee settings. Adjustable Grind Control. Programmable Milk Temperature and Texture. One/Two Shots. Hot Water. Voltage – 110–120 Volts
  • WARRANTY: 2 Year Repair Warranty. Construction Materials: Brushed Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Dual Boiler.


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Select from the full menu of café favoritesThe touch screen, automated technology allows you to select from classics like Latte, Espresso, Americano, Flat White and Cappuccino.

Coffee without compromiseYou no longer need to compromise when making coffee automatically. With automation at every stage, full-bodied flavor and silky milk texture at the touch of your fingertips, the next generation super automatic has arrived.

Power: 1800 Watts.A barista in the comfort of your homeTo get that velvety texture in your milk you need the right steam pressure to draw in the air and create thousands of tiny bubbles.

That’s why we created the automatic steam wand for the Oracle Touch, designed to turn your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam, essential for Latte art.Customized to tasteYou can easily adjust the coffee strength, milk texture and temperature to suit your taste. Personalize your own coffee and save as a favorite with a unique name and picture. Create up to 8 personalized coffees.

Specification: Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

Weight42 lbs
Dimensions15 × 15 × 18 in






15 reviews for Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

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  1. Brandon J.

    Let me preface this review by letting you know how we use our machine(s). We are both busy in the mornings with two kids to get to school. We’re moving around a lot and need something easy, but also want more than coffee and something we can change up a bit here and there. Previously we had the Breville Barista (it now sits in my office). First the Barista has been a great machine for us. Problem was, my wife never felt comfortable making the drinks. The time it took made mornings tough. I actually enjoy making the drinks but when early mornings come along it really is hard to getting a drink made everyday while trying to get out the door.Now this machine: What a machine it is. First, and most importantly, my wife loves it and she uses it daily, twice per day, on her own. It’s incredibly simple to use and clean. The price was something I was shying from at first. In fact I didn’t even tell my wife how much it cost for a week or two. I wanted her to fall in love with it first. My game is on point and it worked. I mean, I did get some backlash but man I dodged a pretty good amount of grief.TIME: I can make a single drink in under a minute. It’s all automated except moving the porta filter from the tamper to the extractor (I don’t even know the correct names most likely but you get the point). The machine has an auto-on setting so it’s on and heated up for us when we go to use it. It even has a heater for the porta filter that gets it hot prior to putting grinds in it. I never knew much about it but I guess it helps the taste of the coffee if the porta filter is hot when the coffee grinds are tamped in it. Most amazingly, it TAMPS THE GRINDS AUTOMATICALLY. My biggest issue was always finding consistent pressure when doing it on my own manually. I’m no pro so it was always a different quality of drink. Here, it’s the same every single time.Another thing that I loved that so few ppl probably think of when buying anything is, the size of the water container AND how to refill it. Unlike most machines, you don’t have to remove the water container or open a lid in the rear to refill the water. You put the container in the machine when you first get it and then on the front is an opening to refill it. So easy. Everything was thought through. Also it holds enough water for us to refill maybe just every few to four days, with regular use.Every thing is touch screen, down to the grind size and temps.Something to address: A previous reviewer said it “cannot make lattes” because of the milk froth. I do want to address this. First, It absolutely can make a latte for the average person out there. Now, if you are a barista, or a person who demands only the top notch froth, yeah maybe this is where the machine is a bit less quality than full manual. When I made froth manually, I could make it absolutely perfect. It’s true, this machine cannot do it “as well” but does do pretty well. However, manual machines, often take twice as long to froth milk and it requires constant attention. This machine allows you to set the temp that you want the milk and the amount of froth. It automatically stops frothing at the desired temp. It’s really fantastic. It makes really nice froth IMO, but not great froth. You are trading this one aspect. As far as the coffee, I believe this makes better than I can manually becuase of the consistency. Now a barista can probably make a better coffee than this machine, but I cannot. I’m an average joe who wants more than coffee in the mornings, and wants nice quality with ease and quickness. This machine requires almost zero cleanining aside from the froth wand, and is super easy to run cleaning cycles on.Another note: You can always change your grind and coffee pour. For example, if you really want a stronger coffee, you can make the grinds smaller. However, this may cause less coffee to come out during extraction. However, the machine very easily allows you to simply go in and add brew time to the shot so that you get your complete two ounces. If you do purchase this machine, I highly suggest purchasing a 2 ounce (minimum) shot glass so that you can test your grind to extraction ratio. Basically if you aren’t getting two ounces, add time. Test when you get it with a small bag. Basically just assume you are going to burn through a test bag of coffee (use the coffee you plan to drink as results change with each bean type). Get it down pat and make sure you get your two ounces and you’re set.CREMA: This machine makes absolutely gorgeous crema. Even on my best “pulls”, I never got crema like this machine creates. Do yourself a favor if you get time, do a shot in a clear glass just to watch the crema bubbling underneath as it is pulled. It’s very impressive.These are my thoughts. If you have the money, get this machine. Don’t look back. I know the progression of thought. It’s this kind of “want, need, doubt, price, doubt, price, want, need, almost buy, back away, price, need, etc” kind of thing. I promise you, unless you are looking for excellence you will feel you just made the best buying decision you have in a long time. Personally, I think it’s better than a Starbucks drink (just my opinion) and truly, considering the price you pay for a Starbucks drink, this machine pays for itself in time. Also, be assured, it’s very well built. It’s a very nice, sturdy (very heavy), solid machine.

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  2. JAK

    I’ve had this machine for a little over three months. It makes great coffee and my wife and I have been very pleased with it, despite the cost, until now. After about three months of use, you will be prompted to change the water filter. Which should be a simple operation, except that you will discover you can’t buy replacements for the disposable water filter the machine uses. At least not in the US. I spent a bunch of time searching online, which only turned up posts dating back a year and more complaining about the same exact problem. The filter for this machine is out of stock at Breville’s US e-commerce site, and apparently this is a long-standing problem. Ditto the very few resellers (not Amazon) that claim to carry it. So I am stuck continuing to use my machine with the used-up disposable filter it came with, which presumably will give us worse and worse results over time. This feels like a result of some combination of corporate incompetence and terrible customer service.

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  3. BD

    Going back tomorrow. Doesn’t reach 195 F. Breville blames polar vortex lol. My home is 74 degrees at the moment and I live in AZ. Therefore is brewing sour espressos. The auto on stopped working for no reason. Neither Amazon or Breville were helpful. Breville said they could try to service it but they don’t think something is wrong and went to say this is not a professional machine and I couldn’t expect much. Hahaha for over $2,300 I should expect to the dishes even. Well not really but hopefully you see the point. Amazon support asked me to plug it in a different outlet. What??? The he asked me to hold the power butto for 30 seconds. Click!!!The frothed is just ok. The milk is frothy but not the silky kind you would need for latte art. I would’ve kept it if the temperature wouldn’t had been an issue but sour coffee and cold coffee is not what I am going for.Not worth the quality of coffee.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I just returned it (thank goodness for Amazon!). Day 2, went to make coffee today and grinder jammed again, it’s jammed at least 80% of the coffee’s I’ve tried to make. Fixed that after about 20 minutes of frigging around, now it’s not tamping at all. Tried making about 10 cups of coffee and couldn’t get a single one out.Issues (so far):1. I’ve made 3 drinks so far, the grinder has jammed twice (this was day 1) requiring at least 10 minutes of frigging around to clean it up. My Delonghi (this was supposed to be a replacement) never ever locked up.2. The frothing wand requires the milk jug to have a ton of milk in it to work. This means that I end up throwing out at LEAST a cup+ of milk every drink I make (I don’t like a ton of milk in my drinks, but this is my personal preference).3. The frothing wand also seems to bake on milk to the tip which isn’t cleaned during it’s auto clean. I’ve had to take off the wand tip and scrape the burnt milk residue off (gross) after each drink. It’s on the default milk temp setting.4. The auto cleaning of the wand also sprays water, milk everywhere and yes the drip tray is installed.5. Some of the video reviews online say that the side grind dial has on screen settings I can’t find them anywhere. So you end up just turning the knob randomly and hoping for the best. Next person that comes by and moves it will screw up the machine and I have no way to tell what setting I have now, other than making a coffee and seeing when the coffee starts coming out (between 8-12 second is supposed to be optimum).6. Make sure you buy the correct water filters. Despite Amazon listing the filters I buy as compatible with the unit they are not even close, so make sure you buy the correct ones. (another thing to return now)7. It is really tall, if you have under cabinet lighting likely it won’t fit. I knew this in advance and would have been willing to put up with it if it wasn’t so messy, spraying milk everywhere.8. It’s quite loud when it’s idle. If the radio is playing in the background no issues, but I can hear a fan noise coming from it all the time its on, I can hear it from across the room.9. Unit was leaking a little already, I didn’t spill any water filling it up.Likely there are more issues. For a $3200+ coffee machine it’s crap. Stay very far away from it.

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  5. Quigley

    OverviewWas looking for something to replace my 20 year old workhorse (RIP ECM Giotto…we had a good run) There was a time that the mere suggestion of a semi auto machine would get you shown the front door😂. I did a quite a bit of research…and took my chance on this machine.I didn’t get off to a running start…had a dodgy batch of beans from a local roaster. I ordered from my usual source…held my breath for two days while it shipped…and tried again. Success! This machine seems to like a slightly darker roast…but that woks well for me. I’ve never found a lighter espresso roast that I like. They all have an under taste…and aroma that I just don’t like.Crazy crèma…chest nut brown and plenty of it. I still have some fine tuning (slight increase to brew temp and slight reduction to the length of the pull (about 2 seconds less) but I had great espresso by the 3rd dial in. The auto foaming want produces better micro foam that you get in 3 out of 4 cafes these days.It is a pretty hefty investment…and time will tell if it holds up as well as my ECM…but I am very pleased with it.Pros• Fully adjustable brew temp, grind, milk temp and milk consistency• Produces exceptional espresso (with the right bean)• Semi auto frother creates great micro foam (this really shocked me).• Easy to set up…controls are very intuitiveCons• Price. But…if it lasts even half as long as my ECM…I won’t ever remember how much I paid.Recommendation – Would buy it again, would highly recommend.

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  6. Hibito

    So easy to clean and easy to use. Intuitive and makes AWESOME coffee. Price is steep but Breville products never disappoint. This is a great buy for anyone who likes to entertain or is a coffee addict. Think of how much money you could’ve saved from buying a cup or two a day in the future. This is worth the investment.

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  7. Brandi

    The machine has exceeded my expectations, it’s a very elegant machine and it’s more then enough for a home. It’s easy to use once you read the manual. I tried so far three of the coffees and they are all perfect. I love the features and touch screen. I suggest reading the manual and watch some videos on how to use it. And one more thing, try to maintain and clean it often for a longer life.One thing I really like is, I don’t have to run to Starbucks I’m dead winter anymore.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely amazing! Easy to set up, easy to use, pulls great shots and good froth. Features are great as well. Love the no mess auto tamp, froth and Americano features. Huge water tank.Just gotta make 500 $5 lattes to make it pay for itself. 🙂 I’ll have that done in a day.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Very good machine, makes great coffee, however takes a few minutes for the machine to initially heat up.

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  10. Dave K.

    Upgraded from a Saeco Intellia to this. What an amazing machine. Easy to use, and the quality of coffee is cafe level. It’s a fully automatic but had the character of a manual machine

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  11. Ruilin Cao

    bought and used it for about 1.5 years. milk frother broken and called the customer support line at Breville, on hold for over 1 hour and no one picks up the call…. will seek local service help.

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    This is a great unit. It arrived quickly and safely and was easy to set up. Definitely creates great foam with ease. The memory function works well to customize your brew.

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  13. Dr. Andres Gantous

    A thing of beauty!Only bad thing is that I am drinking too mouch coffee…

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  14. Juan De La Cruz

    Excelente máquina inmejorable, es para uso de casa y cuando tienes invitados

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  15. Amazon Customer

    Amazing machine that produces amazing espresso! Worth every penny.

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