Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus Espresso & Coffee Machine, Gray

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  • SIMPLE, ONE TOUCH ESPRESSO MACHINE: Create exceptional freshly brewed Coffee or authentic Espresso at the touch of a single button. The capsule is automatically ejected after brewing, with only a short pre-heat time. The cup support is adjustable to four positions to accommodate different cup sizes. Deluxe version comes with an extra-large water and capsule container and chromed details.
  • ONE ESPRESSO MACHINE, FIVE CUP SIZES: One convenient machine for 5 cup sizes, depending on your coffee needs: Alto Coffee (14 oz),Coffee (8oz), Gran Lungo (5 oz), Double Espresso (2.7 oz) and Espresso (1.35oz). Each capsule delivers the finest roast and ground coffee sealed in a single-serve portion for optimal freshness.
  • NESPRESSO MACHINE TECHONOLOGY: VertuoPlus coffee makers use a patented extraction technology developed by Nespresso known as Centrifusion. Just insert a capsule and close the lever- when activated, the capsule spins up to 7,000 rotations per minute, blending ground coffee with water and producing the perfect crema to enjoy your favorite freshly brewed Coffee or authentic Espresso.
  • NESPRESSO VERTUOPLUS BY BREVILLE: Vertuo uses an intelligent extraction system that recognizes each coffees blend. Thanks to a barcode on the rim of the capsule, the brewing parameters are adjusted by the machine depending on the selected coffees. There is no need to change settings. This delivers the best in-cup result for your chosen variety – all at the touch of a button.
  • ULTIMATE COFFEE QUALITY: Nespresso follows highly rigorous standards in selecting coffee. We create hermetically sealed and recyclable aluminum capsules as an optimum way to lock in freshness and provide exceptional taste. As a result, we offer a wide variety of Nespresso coffees to satisfy every taste at any moment of the day.


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Nespresso introduces the VertuoPlus coffee machine using Centrifusion technology to create the ultimate brewing experience.

Just insert a capsule and close the lever — when activated, the machine reads the barcode on the capsule then spins up to 7,000 rotations per minute, blending ground coffee with water and producing the perfect crema to enjoy quality coffee in a larger cup.

The versatile machine delivers the optimal in-cup result in 5 cups sizes: Alto, Mug, Gran Lungo, Medium for Gran Lungo and Double Espresso, and a small one for Espresso, all at the touch of a button

Specification: Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus Espresso & Coffee Machine, Gray

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions15 × 11 × 16 in






15 reviews for Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus Espresso & Coffee Machine, Gray

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  1. SB

    We travel in Italy every year and come home wanting to still have wonderful Italian coffee and espresso but due to our busy lives don’t use our full service espresso machine everyday because of the time and maintenance. With our new Nespresso VertuoPlus machine by Breville our Italian coffee and espresso needs are perfectly fulfilled. We have used the Nespresso machines in Italy but this version is superior because it makes both Italian coffee and espresso just by putting what capsule size you want in. The coffee and espresso are at the correct temperature which was lacking in other versions. This bundle comes with the milk/cream frother which also gives the option of warm or cold frothed or unfrothed. The machine is simple and elegant in style. The Centrifusion technology of the machine reading the code on each capsule gives the perfect Italian coffee with crema or espresso every time. There are preset amounts of water but there is also a way for the user to determine more or less water and the machine will remember this setting until it is changed. There is little to no cleanup, the machine cleans itself beautifully and the pods are neatly dropped into the receptacle in the back for easy cleanup, you never have to fish the capsule out yourself. I recommend reading the user manual as there are some tips on the water tank needing to being placed and removed to and from the base at an angle and that the lid to the machine needs no effort to open as it is on a lever system that only requires the lightest of touch to open or close. The Nespresso coffee and espresso in the capsules are high quality coffee. The capsules are easy to order from Amazon. We enjoyed the sampler provided with this bundle so we could taste all of the choices and decide what we wanted to reorder. I am giving this as presents to friends! To conclude I would highly recommend the Nespresso VertuoPlus by Breville to anyone who enjoys Italian coffee and espresso.

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  2. Mike

    I own this machine and one from DeLonghi. Both machines are great. I experienced leaking around the base of the water tank and think Nespresso could have done a better job on the design. A simple o-ring would solve the problem. For those contemplating a VertuolPlus machine. The leaking can be resolved by removing the water tank to fill and, when reinstalling, press it straight down firmly. So why 5-stars? Simple, because it makes the best cup of coffee for a pod based machine. I also have 2 Nespresso Original line machines and this coffee is better to me than the Americano I can make with either of those machines. And it’s easier to do since you don’t have to heat the water separately before shooting the espresso shot into it. This is one button, full cup. For those of you who aren’t familiar, an Americano is simply a cup of coffee the way typical Americans drink it, made from a shot of espresso.We have this one at home and I have the DeLonghi in my office (it’s a color thing). I did notice one difference between the two. The Breville put out more water at any pod size then the DeLonghi. That actually accentuates the bitter notes in the coffee because, as a matter of chemistry, coffee always pulls sour first, then sweet, and then bitter. The trick is balancing the sweet and bitter. If you reprogram this machine to pull a few seconds shorter, the results are a deeper finish to your coffee. For me that means leaving about 1/2 inch at the top of my standard cup. From the factory, this machine filled the cup completely. Taste is subjective and to each their own, but for those of you who get this machine and find the coffee slightly bitter, this will change the profile. I do want to be clear, I’m not talking k-cup bitter here. It’s still a great cup of coffee even with default flow. Please remember, no pod based machine makes the best coffee possible. Nespresso VertuoPlus machines just make the best pod coffee possible today.Now for the caveat, if you use crappy chlorinated city water in any coffee preparation the heat will accentuate the chlorine. Don’t complain about the results if you don’t use good water.

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  3. CMD

    We purchased this product and when it works it’s great but we have now sent the product back two times for repairs and right out of the box after the second repair it’s leaking again. We purchased this in late November of 2018 and it’s either been in a shipping box, at repair, or unusable more than half the time we have had the product. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone as it’s a constant struggle with the repair team and their process. If the product was reliable and didn’t leak we would not have an issue with it but if we can’t even enjoy it what’s the point of having it. We are also now going to have to waste the cups($$) we do have because we can’t get this product to work after repair.

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  4. julie

    I’ve had this machine for almost 9 months:Pros: i love the look of itCoffee is decentFrother is easy and fun, although I never use itCons:Length of time to start/pour small cupIt’s not very hotSometimes there is WAy too much froth from the coffee it’s self, it’s like a cappuccino with bitter froth before you’ve added any milkExpensive maching and $1/cup of coffee, Cannot reuse the same cup to get another squeeze out of it like the Z-cupsNOW, just yesterday it’s leaking coffee from the back…. I’m trying to see who I can call – feel like there is still a warranty. Not sure how I feel about getting another one.

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  5. amber liz

    We absolutely love our Nespresso!! We describe this like a Keurig on steroids. The quality of coffee you’re getting is comparable to Starbucks, for a fraction of the price. The recyclability of the pods eases my hippie mind, and the steamer/frother attachment is so fun! I’m not sure I would have sprung for it if I knew I could purchase the machine without it, but having it adds a touch of class and opens up a ton of different beverage opportunities. We love our Nespresso and if you like convenient and delicious coffee with a great variety of pod options, check this out.

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  6. Mike Lagesten

    The Nespresso VertuoPlus by Breville added a whole new level of luxury to our home coffee bar. The quality of the coffee, espresso and latte blows our Breville espresso machine and Keurig machine out of the water.The VertuoLine capsules are reasonably priced and produce the perfect espresso with just the right amount of rich, frothy crema. Best of all, they’re not plastic, so your coffee doesn’t pick up any packaging flavours.The machine is very simple to set up and use right out of the box, and you’ll be itching to take advantage of the sample pack of capsules included with your purchase.The cup tray is easily adjustable to ensure your cup is at the proper height to avoid splashes while brewing. The spent capsules automatically eject into a built-in waste bin. Breville really has thought of everything with this one.You may notice the absence of negative comments in this review; that’s because I have none.As a final note, I strongly recommend that you also purchase the Aeroccino 3 milk frother. I have tested this with a variety of animal and nut milks, both warm and cold, and have not been disappointed.

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  7. Mark

    Makes decent coffee though could be hotter. Biggest issue is the water reservoir leaks with and without use. Nespresso was very responsive and sent out a replacement reservoir to see if that would fix the problem and it didn’t. Called back and they now are taking the unit back for repairs. Though good customer service I should not have to send out a brand new unit for repairs. Would much prefer a replacement which they would not give.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I don’t usually write reviews, however I was very skeptical about ordering this machine due to the low ratings on this product. I did some research online elsewhere and on the American Amazon which gave me better ratings so I decided to go ahead and take a chance on this machine.I must say, I absolutely love it! It comes with a starter pack of 16 pods of different flavours which is amazing for figuring out which flavours you like the best. The coffee is extremely good quality, tastes like going to an expensive coffee shop in Europe. The crema is very tasty and smooth and adds a very nice touch to your coffee. The machine itself is not too big and doesn’t make too much noise, warms up very quickly. It’s a nice touch with the automatic lid and pod disposal area at the back of the machine.Would definitely recommend if you really want a vertuo Nespresso but don’t want to spend more than 170$!!

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  9. Mamy

    The coffee machine works well and is simple to use; however the milk frother is not great. It barely heats the milk and even when filled to less than the lowest max line, it still manages to overflow out the lid. The seal on the lid is very poor and the leaking as been an issue since the first time using it. I would recommend the Nespresso machine but look elsewhere for a milk frother.

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  10. Pascal P.

    Fuite lente du réservoir, pas beaucoup mais pas normal. Echange facile avec Amazon. Le service a la clientèle de Nespresso voulait que le leur renvoie la machine complète…

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  11. Jonathan Tremblay

    Everything we’ve expected and more! Easy to use, look good, not noisy, easy to clean, functional. This package comes with several samples wich is very handy.

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  12. Chantelle Pierson

    Well worth the money when you think about how much you’re saving now buying coffee’s out and about.Love the streamline design, doesn’t take up too much room on the counter.

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  13. Mleue Lindeman

    Sooooo good! Looks great and tastes better. Yum!

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  14. Youjujun

    The lid is automatic, but it’s not working now!!!I only use this machine 2 times.

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  15. David Ellis

    I bought this as an upgrade to my original Deluxe Model – arrived quickly and well packed – love the automated coffee pod loader/ejector, and love the simplified look.

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