Breville IQ Kettle – Pure

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  • German Schott Glass – high quality, thermal shock resistant
  • Soft opening lid slowly releases steam & prevents splashing
  • Ergonomic handle with lid release button
  • Cordless jug/360 Degree multi-directional base with cord storage wrap
  • Removable scale filter
  • Safety Auto Shut-Off and Boil Dry Protection


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This is a kettle that knows the ideal temperature for tea or coffee.

Five settings brew at the exact temperature for green tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, and French Press coffee.

Made from German SCHOTT glass jug, with a large 7-cup capacity, and a Hold Temp button to keep the kettle at your selected temperature for 20 – this kettle is always ready for that second cup.

Specification: Breville IQ Kettle – Pure

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions9 × 7 × 11 in






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3.7 out of 5
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  1. LMB

    This kettle is probably the best we have ever owned, mostly because the plastic-free choices are truly few and far between– if you want plastic-free you have to pay. Too bad it is not quite there in meeting quality expectations. Yes, pros outweigh cons, but it is not a five-star item yet. (Why it is so difficult for industry to deliver a reliable plastic-free water kettle for under 3 figures is a topic for another day).Pros: reliable, accurate, beautifully designed, no plastic in contact with water– all of the good things in previous reviews hold true.HOWEVERCon: nagging build quality/design issue with plastic screw covers along the top rim near the pourspout. Silly little plastic caps will not stay in place– the one to the right of the pourspout kept popping off– reminded me of a cheap automobile.THEREFOREI realize I could have returned the item, but now the burden is on me to start a return, package it up, send it back, and wait for replacement that might have the same issue all over again. So, now every time I open the lid, I am reminded that I paid top dollar for an item that just did not quite deliver. A minor frustration, but I hope the marketing and design people take note.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    The glass on this kettle cracked from heat stress after less than 2 months. Breville said they’d be happy to warranty replace the kettle but I’ve made 3 calls and 12 days later I still don’t have a replacement on the way. The fact that I have to keep calling to get status on a dangerously defective item is frustrating. Its been misstep after misstep on Breville’s part. first “sorry a step was missed in processing,” then “sorry there was a mistake in the shipping department.” I have several appliances from Breville and the quality of those is great but the customer service needs serious improvement.

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  3. Andrew Alexander Tenorio

    Do not purchase this product right now. They are shipping out products with defective lids. As you can see from reviews from others, this issue is seeming to pop up in every purchase for the past month or so. I bought it figuring it wouldn’t happen to me but this lid just refuses to stay closed. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

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  4. Tiffany

    It works beautiful and has a stunning design. I don’t have a negative word to say about its functionality and aesthetic. But the reason I gave it only three stars is that the lid of the kettle will not stay closed (something with the latch) and it was that was when we pulled it out of the box. Which is probably an isolated problem with just our kettle. As a device that carries boiling water, I am hoping the lid is designed to stay shut. I will be contacting Breville today due to the holidays to see what they can do. Here is yet again, another test to see if I will be brand loyal. I will update whichever way their response goes.

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  5. Bpaz

    Had this for almost 2 months and use daily. Very happy so far with this kettle. it makes the tea taste so much better then my old tea kettle did. I Like the glass so you can see the water boil inside of it. Also makes all my loose tea taste so much better by heating at different levels. I did have a few spots start appearing on the bottom inside of the kettle from the water I use but found a way on You Tube to remove the spots easily. Fill pot half full of water and add 1/2 tsp of cream of tarter. Bring water to a boil with lid closed and when finished open lid and let cool. Remove water and rinse out pot and it’s ready to use. It is amazing how the spots are gone so easily. You can use vinegar and citrus instead to clean by boiling, but have to rinse and then fill with water again and boil and toss water again to remove taste before you use. Cream of tartar does not leave a taste. I do dry the inside of my kettle after using daily just to keep it looking new.

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  6. Jane

    My friend has had this identical kettle for a year and it’s worked great for them. Unfortunately like many other reviewers the lid on my kettle absolutely will not stay closed. I’ve contacted Breville about it with the batch number (mine was 1719 in case that helps anybody else) to see if it’s a bad batch before I consider buying a replacement. Will update if/when I get a response from Breville.

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  7. Diller

    When my husband broke the glass to our $250 Breville tea maker, we didn’t want to buy another tea maker that expensive so we opted for a Mr. Coffee tea machine. It was not bad as far as getting the job done but after 6 months the thing started to occasionally go to sleep ie not work. The buttons and starting device seemed to be on the way out. So we decided to go with a Breville only this time the $150 version. After all how different can it be?.What a disappointment. First, the built in strainer has gaps on each side so when pouring the tea huge clumps of loose leaf fell in our cups. Second, the top to the kettle seems either permanently on or very difficult to take off thus leaving me to reach my hand in the long narrow kettle and scoop out the remaining loose leaf with my hand. The temperature was way to hot for green tea too. So after one time using it, I had to return it. Maybe if it costed $40 I’d excuse this lack of quality (even though I’d still return it) but if you love your tea as much as we do, save your $150 and don’t buy this poorly designed product.

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  8. D$

    I adore this kettle! It was a game changer for my tea enjoyment. Being able to choose the temperature with a touch of a button instead of trying to hold a thermometer in a kettle on the stove is delightful! The ability to get the correct temp for various teas has really improved my enjoyment of my tea. I love this kettle so much that I got one for a friend who was struggling to get proper temps for his teas. I like that the majority of this kettle is glass and metal instead of plastic and metal like other kettles I have seen. The only issue I have had is when I tried to remove the lid to clean it, I wasn’t able to get the silicone lip back in place and the lid sticks a little now when I open it. Moral of the story: don’t try to take the lid mechanism off!

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  9. jws

    We upgraded from the Breville “Crystal Clear” (single temperature) kettle once that one stopped working after about 5 years of service. We thought the temperature settings would be great for Aeropress/pourover coffee as well as different kinds of tea, and we weren’t disappointed. This works as advertised, and we love the clean look of the clear kettles.I was a bit worried that the base wouldn’t look as sleek on the countertop as the single-temperature version, but it looks just fine. The “keep warm” feature is also very helpful.The kettle is definitely on the more expensive side, but we got it on a Boxing Day sale, and so I would have no complaints other than the fact that the lid got complete stuck after only two months of use, and so we needed to contact Breville for a warranty replacement. The lid release button clicked in as normal, but the lid was completely stuck. I even tried pushing and prying it, to no avail.I will say that Breville’s warranty process was quite painless, and they shipped out a replacement in about a week’s time.

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  10. Layla Therese

    I splurged on this kettle about a week ago and I’m not sorry. I am a huge tea drinker and this kettle is a tea drinker’s dream. I hadn’t realized how badly my old, “regular” kettle was scorching everything. I actually boil water for my herbal tea on the green tea setting, because I don’t like my tea so hot that it burns my tongue. The flavours are so much more robust when you boil the water at the various temperatures. So far I’ve used the green tea and the black tea setting and no joke, my tea tastes so much better, and I never realized how much flavour I was missing. The water boils quickly and quietly, and the “stay warm” function is a dream… most of the time I’m doing other things while water boils and with this function I don’t feel like I need to sit and wait for it to finish… I can do whatever I’m doing and know the water will stay at the appropriate temperature. It’s very easy to operate and I love how big the carafe is, I only need to fill it every two or three days. I haven’t cleaned it yet, but based on the instructions it will be easy to do. It’s a lot of money for a kettle, but it’s very worth it. It’s sturdy, well-made and I expect it to last a very long time.

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  11. Karen BN

    I am pleased with this kettle but for one thing. I cannot get my hand inside to dry or clean the interior. Otherwise the quality and design are great and it boils rapidly. About once a week, I clean it out with vinegar so it continues to shine. I never cared if the inside of my old kettles were calcium coated because I couldn’t see them. Therefore I spend a bit more time looking after my new kettle.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    This was a very researched purchase and I have no regrets. We use this every day for various teas and Aeropress coffees, instant noodles, and for a head start on boiling water for pasta or potatoes, and it has surpassed my expectations. It is very nice to be able to adjust the heat required for expensive teas, instead of steeping them all at the highest temperature. I also enjoy the convenience of the Hold feature that keeps the water at the temperature specified for 30 mins, very handy! This kettle chimes when ready, so that’s a nice call for attention as well, if you are a perpetual multi-tasker like me! I love being able to see the water boil, although this is more of a “nice to have” but it does contribute to the attractiveness of the kettle overall, it looks very smart sitting on our granite counter top.

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  13. Pauline

    We switched to this kettle because we liked the idea of being able to see the water level and inside the kettle. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the German Schott Glass actually keeps the water warm longer than a regular metal kettle. That was a bonus. Also, we thought that being able to see the temperature would have been preferred – I used to use the temperature indicator for 115° warm water for active yeast. But now that we’ve used this kettle without the temperature indicator, we are enjoying the convenience of having buttons to push for different kinds of teas, French Press, and Boil.

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  14. Jeff McAndrews

    After being incredibly impressed with my Breville coffee maker I decided to take a look at the Breville Smart Kettle. No regrets.Pro’s:- Doesn’t take up too much counter space- Offers temperature settings for all types of teas, and French Press coffee- Easy to clean glass carafeCon’s:- None to date :)But is it worth it? My friends and I did a tea taste test. Side by side we compared brewing a green tea blend from David’s Tea with the Breville and a typical stove top kettle. The stove top kettle does leave a slightly scorched taste to the tea. However, it is subtle. This Kettle is for tea and coffee lovers who have an appreciation for the finer things in life.

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  15. Reviewer

    Great sleek product. I decided to go for this over the Breville BREBTM800XL Tea Maker. The other kettle even with great review had plastic parts in it and I was skeptical of having it immersed in hot boiling water. Therefore, this is one of the best product I have because of no palstics in it. Not even the measurement bar is present. Can’t go wrong with it. Plus it is a bonus that it has different boiling temperatures for different kind of teas. Love it!

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