Breville – Hot Wok 6-Quart Electric Nonstick Wok – Stainless-Steel BEW600XL

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  • Stainless steel base / Die cast wok bowl with Quantanium non stick
  • 6 Quart Capacity / 14″ Diameter (family size)
  • Removable temperature Control probe
  • Cook ‘n’ Look glass lid
  • Dishwasher safe bowl and lid
  • 1500W butterfly heating element heats up to 425ºF with 15 precision heat settings.
  • Voltage-110 – 120 Volts


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Similar to cooking on a gas stove, the unique 1500 Watt Butterfly Element of the Hot Wok distributes heat evenly up the walls of the wok, maximizing high-heat searing potential.

The heat-responsive aluminum layers maintain this high heat to sear food, sealing in moisture. 15 precision heat settings to 425 F emulate authentic Asian-style cooking.

Specification: Breville – Hot Wok 6-Quart Electric Nonstick Wok – Stainless-Steel BEW600XL

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 7 in






15 reviews for Breville – Hot Wok 6-Quart Electric Nonstick Wok – Stainless-Steel BEW600XL

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  1. Terri Olson

    Hi my name is Dean I am a real person from Woodbury MN. I can be contacted at [email protected]. I am writing a review of this product because I really like it, I have used it for four years and just bought a new replacement one. Interestingly, I do not use it hardly ever for its original purpose which was Asian cooking, when I bought the EXCELLENT “stir frying to the sky’s edge” by Grace Young to learn to Asian cook.Actually what I use this wok for every week is high searing meats. The wok has a powerful 1500W element meaning set on high sear – this really sears your pieces of meat and seals in the juices. The taste and flavor and texture is amazing. You cannot cook chicken better! I make sure not to overcook, taking out as soon as the inside pinkness just turns white (using chicken as the example) repeat: do not overcook as this wok on high sear makes quick work of your meats! Other than grilling I use this almost exclusively for meats. I typically use minced garlic if the recipe calls for it, but don’t throw it in until the last minute, otherwise it burns. For sauces you can use peanut oil for its high burn temp. I typically use some peanut oil and then some authentic juices or sauces depending on what meat I am cooking and what type of recipe. Soy sauce, Rice Wine Vinegar, Worsteshire, Red Wine Vinegar, etc. Expect some burning in any or all of these when cooking on high sear, that is normal. You can also brown meat perfectly on high sear to prepare for slow cooking, etc, very quick to brown.Lid heavy duty. MAKE SURE to use plastic or wood utensils. I used metal a few times and bottom of wok got coating taken off while hot. One gripe – little rubber inserts on bottom of wok to keep it balance come off easily and get lost easily. Once you lose one the wok will not stay flat anymore…Advice: One night some hot oil splashed out of the wok unto my girlfriends hand while she was cleaning the counter near the wok and I was adding another batch of cubed meat. Burned her badly…not wok’s fault. Please like my review!

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  2. Aunt B

    If I were able to give the Breville Hot Wok a rating of 10, I would!Put simply, this wok has changed my life! I know…that sounds goofy, but it really has. I am a single 40-something who used to barely cook. I would burn water…if you know what I mean. I hate clean-up, hate following recipes for 2-4+ and it being only for me, I hate waiting for things to cook in the pot and the pans and all the dishes…. All those dishes…Bluntly…I used to HATE cooking and being in the kitchen; well, that was up until my Breville Hot Wok arrived at my doorstep!No under-stating here, it is a large beast. It takes up real-estate!!It is like the 1970’s Cadillac decked out for the low-rider with fur and dice strapped around the mirror complete with shiny rims.It is HUGE!!! But I LOVE IT!!!! It has its own plot of land in my kitchen complete with fenced in yard and car port. It never sees the inside of a cupboard. I use it every single day! Yes, you read that correctly…I use it…I cook now…every day!!!This Wok has converted me from a fast food, microwave heating, just-add-water sort of gal into a veggie slicing, meat cutting, stir-frying woman!!!I can’t seem to find anything I cannot make in the wok that used to require the stove or microwave. Better yet, I have increased my veggie intake 1,000 fold. It is the only cookware that I have used in months.And the cleanup! OH MY how wonderful!!! wet a paper towel… wipe. DONE!!!!! That leaves washing the utensil I used to move the food around. Wha-La!!!! AWESOME!!!!!Other things for consideration:*It has a removable base. While unplugged and cold, flip it over, turn the lock. Remove the base.*You can clean the wok with a wet towel… it has an awesome non-stick surface so food does not stick…thus the wipe with a towel.*Please only use non-metal utensil in this masterpiece. What a shame it would be to ruin it by using a knife or metal spatula and digging up the surface.*It cost more than others out there…WELL WORTH IT!!*Heats up FAST!*Heats evenly, no “hot-spots” on the surface.*It is large, but cooks for one as easily as it will for 4.*Cooks food fast…I think that is a WOK characteristic. Meat sears and cooks in about 2-3 minutes. Veggies take about the same time. I can have a complete meal in about 5 minutes!!! (I even sliced up a potato and made “fried” potatoes in it with about a tablespoon or less of oil. Cooked them perfectly and in less than 5 minutes.)*comes with a booklet with some recipes*Cord is that Breville trade mark design. Has that “O” to pull with your finger so you never get near the outlet.*It is a WOK…and that means… big. I have not seen any woks that were “small”. The potential trouble is where to store it when not in use. I leave mine on the stove. I have a nonflammable cover that sits on my gas stove metal grill thingy (the gill that holds the pans/pots above the flame–that thing). So my wok is out 24/7 in plain view like the microwave and the coffee pot.. Microwaves/coffee pots sit out all day…why should not my awesome wok? :-)Overall I love this wok and highly recommend it. But before you buy it, make sure you want the Cadillac in the garage, and … make sure you have room for the Cadillac.

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  3. Dr. Jerry

    When we left China, I despaired of being able to stir-fry in America. This electric wok gets the job done! It heats well, especially for an electric, and the non-stick surface means I don’t have to use quite as much oil as I would in a conventional, cast-iron pan. It’s big, it’s heavy, the heating element is solid and easy to control, and best of all it comes apart for cleaning. It doesn’t get quite as hot nor is it as easy to handle as a cast-iron wok over a good flame — the way we cooked in China — but it’s the next best thing. Totally worth the money!

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  4. DrowsyKitten

    Update: third use the teflon has bubbled and melted…on low setting. This expensive supposedly high heat electric wok is a complete piece of junk. Ruined 15 days after the return window closed.Old review: This wok is pricey but well worth the cost. I read reviews on several electric woks before I selected this one. The wok does heat evenly, which is nice, and it gets fairly hot (nothing close to gas stove and traditional wok level hot). It’s a fairly heavy unit, very sturdy. Everything about this wok screams quality, down to the tiniest details in the heat selection dial. I’d absolutely recommend this for everyday home wok cooking. It’s gorgeous.One point that might be a negative for some of you, the wok has very high sides and a very large circumference so it’s quite large. This may not fit into your cupboards well, so make sure you have a good place in mind to store it.

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  5. Judith A. Curtis

    ; bought as an early Christmas gift, I already have one and do love it, It actually gets hot enough 425 degrees so that you can fry stuff in it, but also works great as slow cooker. A bit of a pain to detach the bowl from the base for washing, but I just empty, wipe out with paper towels, a bit of soap and hot water rinse and it is ready to go when needed. But I have been very pleased with Breville products

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  6. John

    I think this is a very good quality product and I’m pleased with it in a number of ways.1. It is heavy, made of excellent materials2. Very well-designed. Great form and function.3. Easy to clean4. Seems to reach a very good temperature for cooking.I have one major issue with it though. It’s not obvious when it is turned on. When you first turn it on there is a light. However, when the targeted temperature is reached the light turns off. If Breville would add a green light indicating that the wok is on then this would be a perfect product. On one occasion I left the wok on all night because I didn’t realize it was on. On another occasion I went to pick it up to move it and burned my hand.

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  7. Peter

    If you like Woks, You are Gonna Love this Wok.As reviewed in other places, and by other people on the inter-web………this is one Hot Wok.It comes in a beautiful card board box, with a picture of the product, and a bunch of words written on it…..Nice.Inside the box is another box made of Styrofoam, with the the product thoughtfully, and lovingly packed. Sweet.This wok works exactly as you might expect it to, but just a little better than that.Cheers to Amazon.

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  8. susana nadalini

    My ok is very nice, but I was surprised when I opened the box, which was in perfect conditions, I notice in the bottom a pieces of black plastic and a couple of screws, (look at the pictures) the wok has no scratches, nor the lid or the base, I found where the pieces of plastic came from, look picture, and it’s basically a cosmetic problem, I haven’t used the wok since I was away from home for two weeks. I thought of returning the wok, but that includes a big charge for shipping and like I said, to my understanding these parts don’t seem to affect the use of the wok, I would like your advise in this matter. I repeat to me it looks the wok will work, the base is in good condition, I don’t understand how this happened because the outside of the box and the wok itself are not damage.

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  9. Naomi

    Love this wok, i bought it as i dont always like to use the stove. This way i can just cook on the counter and not have to worry about messing up the stove top! Heats up quick and cook thoroughly.

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  10. JustG

    This was a gift for my husband who loves cooking Chinese food. He had previously used an stove top wok. Now, he won’t use anything else, his old wok hasn’t been touched since I gave him this one. Works really great and needless to say he absolutely loves it.His quotes: “Heats evenly” “browns really well” “I love it”

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  11. Dianne Coughlin

    So far great. It’s still a new appliance for me and I’m still learning to use it. That said, if I had my druthers, I’d like a smaller version — this one takes up a lot of space. Unfortunately, Breville does not make a smaller version.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    I am enjoying this wokI have a glass top stove that can’t keep my steal wok hot enough so I thought of giving this a try. Very happy so far. It heats up quick and evenly.I will update after more testing

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  13. Amazon Customer

    Cooks very well, and for an electric wok it retains and maintains temperature quite well even when very full. I have made several pad Thai meals, just delicious. It is very easy to clean, so far only a soapy cloth and dirt, that’s it! A minor concern at this point is that there are a few surface scratches on the non stick, and I have used only boneless meats and wooden spatulas. Overall, it is a winner.

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  14. james

    I love it! I use it everyday and i havent found anything wrong with it yet. If i could give 6 stars i would

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  15. James Burgess

    I recently replaced my old electric wok of 30yrs with this. It’s great. Heats up really fast and it can sear food on the high level which is great for chinese cooking. Couple of reason it doesn’t get 5 stars. The detatch mechanism is underneath the wok so you have to wait for it to cool down before you can remove it to wash the wok. Also, I always have to wrestle with the wok to put it back on the stand. The second reason I didnt give it a 5 is because it requires two hands to lift it.

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