Breville Electric Decanter The Sommelier

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  • Experience your wine at its full potential 60 times sooner with 90% pure oxygen
  • Time Efficiency: High concentration of oxygen significantly increases the efficiency of decanting (1 hour of traditional decanting equals 1 minute of the Sommelier oxygenating)
  • Carafe design for even oxygenation: Custom designed glass decanter infuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine
  • App for time recommendation: App to provide decanting time based on Country, Region, Varietal & Vintage or search the online database with 3M + wines
  • Adjustable countdown timer allows you to tailor oxygenation time to your specific vintage and varietal
  • 25 fl oz glass carafe


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Decanting wine just got smarter and faster.1 minute of oxygenation in the Sommelier is equivalent to 1 hour of traditional decanting time, meaning you can enjoy your wines just minutes after opening, rather than waiting hours for traditional decanting methods to take effect.One Hour of Decanting, Down to OneThe Sommelier is a new product from Breville that revolutionizes the decanting process. 1 minute of oxygenation in the Sommelier is equivalent to 1 hour of traditional decanting.

The Sommelier Uses 90% Pure OxygenThe specially designed decanter sends 90% pure oxygen through its center column and into its base allowing oxygen to access every precious drop of wine, rather than just contact through the surface.

Hand Finished Oxygenating CarafeThe unique carafe controls the oxygen flow up through the wine and fills the carafe.

This evenly exposes all the wine to the oxygen, not just the surface.Chemical FreeAir contains all kinds of impurities like moisture, dust, odors that can taint the flavor of wine after a long exposure.

The Sommelier  uses a chemical free process to remove most of these impurities.An Extra Dimension to Your SpiritsIf the mood takes you the Sommelier isn’t just for wine, also available is a smaller 200mL glass decanter.

Perfect for breathing life into your favorite whiskys or cognacs. Construction Materials:Brushed Stainless Steel base,Hand made Glass Carafe .

Specification: Breville Electric Decanter The Sommelier

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in






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  1. Dave Lakhani

    How much difference can a $500 product make on a $15 bottle of wine? Is this just a gimmick or is there something to it? Those are the questions I was asking myself when I pulled this thing out of the box. I’ve had really great luck with Breville products so I had high expectations of the product but was a little more skeptical about the actual functionality.I set up a small test with a couple of people. We all tasted the wine straight out of the bottle first, then tasted it after pouring it through a hand-held aerator and then put it into the Breville Sommelier, set the time and let it do its thing, finally, let a glass sit for 90 minutes.Out of the bottle the wine was fine but obviously need to open up a little before it would be ready to drink. Enter one of the most highly touted handheld aerators. Poured the wine through, let the bubbles settle … no real noticeable difference in the aroma or taste of the wine, I was a little surprised as I’d never done this test before. Then, I poured a small glass and let it sit and poured the rest of the bottle into the Sommelier, set the timer, using the instruction card provided, I set the timer for 1.5 minutes and let it go to work. A minute and a half later, I poured a glass and was very pleasantly surprised by how much the flavor of the wine had changed. The subtle notes of the wine were more pronounced and it tasted as if it had been decanted for a reasonable period of time. Everyone who tried it was surprised by the immediate difference. When I tested the glass that rested for 90 minutes, it is possible that by that time I was having difficulty tasting the differences but I have to say I preferred the wine that was decanted in the Sommelier. This is definitely a very useful tool if you serve a lot of wine and end up opening bottles without time to properly decant them.Warning, there is a tube with a hole that runs all the way through the decanter so be careful pouring your wine in or you’ll end up seeing a bunch of it on the counter or floor. Also, this only holds a 750ml bottle of wine at a time so don’t overfill.Set up is very straightforward but the instructions leave a little to be desired simply because they are not really clear. I like that they give you an extra air filter to replace the one that comes installed, for when it is time to change. Set up took about 3 minutes.Cleanup is very easy and both the machine and the decanter are very stylish. I think generally I’ll pour the wine out of the included decanter into another simply because the glass on the included decanter is not as heavy as the glass in a standard decanter and I suspect that replacing this decanter is not inexpensive.I gave this unit 4 stars because of the price, if I’m honest, I’d never have given this a second thought if I hadn’t had the opportunity to review it as a vine voice. Now that I have, I still wouldn’t pay $500 for it but I’d sure be thinking about how to justify it! I don’t begin to profess to know how much this actually costs to build but it is hard to imagine so much as to justify a $500 price tag. If you are a real Oenophile you may find this very useful. If you are a daily drinker or regularly host parties and want to maximize the flavors of your wine and don’t want to wait, this will do the job nicely. I’ll be using this regularly and will update my reivew with any additional findings over time.

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  2. William G.

    For wine enthusiasts – yes, oxygenating and decanting your tipple of choice unquestionably enhances the flavor (for most red wines) – and if the review of this speedy decanter was based SOLELY on the flavor, then go get one – NOW.But, there’s a little more to it…Pros:1.) Yes, flavor difference is there in terms of aromatics, – it’s noticeable, and it’s worth the minute or two (consult the guide in the box or online for a per-wine guide to how long) to properly “fix” your wine.2.) Super easy to set up. Plug in power cord, turn on unit, set the number of minutes. Done.3.) Power cord is fully removable. I really appreciate this.Cons:1.) The carafe is easily breakable, and it’s not cheap to replace. This thing came seriously well packaged, – and you can tell why. Just be careful with the carafe!2.) Cleaning the carafe is a pain. In fact, I highly recommend rinsing the carafe out as soon as you’re done drinking. There’s no easy way to get into the bottom except maybe with a thin cleaning brush – and even then I’d be scared of smashing the carafe. Just use warm soapy water if necessary, and swish it around to clean – and let it air dry (not that there’s a choice in terms of drying). I have honestly no idea how to clean it more heavily, and it’s hand-wash only… So far this hasn’t been a major issue, but… time will tell.3.) The build quality is somewhat suspect. The turning dial is a little “grind-y” and doesn’t feel especially well made, though it does work – though it’s quite sensitive so you need to be gentle with it. Also, the sides of the unit have some flex to them. From a distance it looks extremely classy, but up close and personal when interacting with it? Not so much, really.4.) It’s expensive. I mean it’s REALLY expensive.Overall, it absolutely does what it says on the box. No question. But there are some caveats. That said, if you’re a heavy red-wine drinker, this is a great investment.4 stars out of 5. Recommended, with provisos.

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  3. Sean Logue

     One of the things I really like about Breville is that they take risks. They make products for a small subset of the population. Of course, that means they have to price the item higher because they aren’t going to sell a ton of them. This wine decanter is a perfect example of that philosophy.Introducing oxygen to wine softens the tannins. Those are the compounds found in grape skins that cause that “puckery” feeling in your mouth. White wines are made without the skins, so they have far fewer tannins, making this fairly ineffective for whites.You can buy small wine aerators to do this, and they work. If you haven’t tried one, you should! The Breville is more effective than these and a heck of a lot more elegant, but it is a great way to give it a try.I compared this against the hand-held aerator and the plain wine. I found it to be more effective than the small aerator. It made little or no difference with white wine. With older reds, it was less effective, probably because aging also cuts the tannins. With younger, cheaper wines, it was very noticeable. It made them taste softer and far more expensive than they were. It is somewhat ironic that a device this expensive works best with inexpensive reds from the supermarket, but there you go!It also is a great conversation piece at parties, and makes a very cool scientific burbling sound when operating. Heck, it might be worth the cost just for that!

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